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Exclusive: Liverpool Council claims no records of rescinded parking fines – 5 months AFTER parking fine scandal

Liverpool Community Independents memo notes Labour council’s farcical response

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Liverpool’s Labour-run council has told a group of independent councillors that it has no records of parking fines incurred by councillors and secretly rescinded – five months after the scandal of secretly rescinded parking fines incurred by fourteen Labour councillors broke in the local press.

A Liverpool Community Independents (LCI) memo, obtained by Skwawkbox, reveals the council’s farcical attempt to claim it has no information:

Summer meeting online, Sunday, 29th July, 7.30pm.

We will be holding an online meeting to discuss face to face meetings in the future, a possible social event, recruitment and funding. This looks like the best date because, by then, we will have had the first full council of the year and the Audit Committee at which the parking fines issue will come up. Can everyone put the date in their diaries please? A Zoom link will follow.

Full council.
We will be seconding a cross party motion on the damning Ofsted into Children’s Services and both proposing and seconding a motion on the proposed closure of rail ticket offices.

Parking fines scandal
The City Council has made a fool of itself by saying it holds no information on councillors’ parking fines being rescinded even though the information from 2015-20 has already led to a full Liverpool Echo exposé. Are they really telling us there was information for five of the thirteen years Labour has been in power in Liverpool but not the eight years either side of that period?
We have been accorded an internal review, almost certainly a whitewash and have written to the Information Commissioners’ Office.

Marked registers
We have ordered two batches of the registers that show who voted, but the City Council is saying it can’t find our third order even though we have given them the bank details and time of payment. We should have it resolved soon and will issue the relevant registers so our candidates in 2027 will have the information needed to win.

The LCI group stunned the Labour-run council in May by thrashing the Labour candidates in Garston in the south of the city and Orrell Park in the north, despite sewer-level Labour smear campaigns, so Labour’s desire to avoid scrutiny might be understandable. But as the memo points out, the scandal of 51 parking fines cancelled for at least fourteen Labour councillors broke in the local media fully five months ago:

The level of denialism is on a par with Labour’s determination to ignore the various documentary series that have exposed the ‘Labour antisemitism’ scam – and to punish anyone who dares acknowledge or show them – but hardly surprising given the Labour council’s appalling readiness to cosy up to Keir Starmer despite his repeated columns in the Murdoch S*n, which is hated and boycotted in the city and across Merseyside.

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  1. Red Tories
    With snouts in the trough
    Just like the Real Thing
    An excellent Liverpool band in the 70’s

  2. Why does everything involving the behaviour of Starmer and the Right Wing always stink to high heaven ?

  3. Here’s a list of all the (ex)councillors involved

    Cllr Ann O’Byrne, Labour – 17 rescinded tickets
    Cllr Barry Kushner, Labour – 7 rescinded tickets
    Councillor Gerard Woodhouse, Labour – 5 rescinded tickets
    Councillor Nick Small, Labour – 4 rescinded tickets
    Malcolm Kennedy, ex-Labour councillor – 4 tickets rescinded
    Joann Kushner, ex-Labour councillor – 3 tickets rescinded
    Joe Anderson, former Mayor of Liverpool – 2 tickets rescinded
    Councillor Wendy Simon, Labour – 1 ticket rescinded
    Councillor Lynnie Hinnigan, Labour – 1 ticket rescinded
    Councillor Sharon Connor, Labour – 1 ticket rescinded
    Cllr Joe Hanson, Labour – 1 ticket rescinded
    Cllr Anna Rothery, ex-Labour, now LCI councillor – 1 ticket rescinded
    James Noakes, ex-Labour councillor – 1 ticket rescinded

    Is this really a left/right thing?

  4. “The LCI group stunned the Labour-run council in May by thrashing the Labour candidates in Garston in the south of the city and Orrell Park in the north”

    Liverpool Community Independents ‘held’ 6 seats prior to the election and they fielded 9 candidates. Six (66%) of them lost their elections resulting in LCI losing half of their 6 existing seats whilst Labour contested all 85 seats of which 61 (71%) of them won giving them 3 more seats than they had prior the election.

    Prior to the election
    Labour held 58 seats and Liverpool Community Independents ‘held’ 6 seats.
    Following the election
    Labour now holds 61 seats and Liverpool Community Independents now hold only 3 seats.

    Please feel free to check out the figures for yourself.

    1. Herr Flick
      On another matter it appears there is no amount of trouble in paradise
      Zelensky has just been given a spanking by the Yankee Doodle Dandies
      Guess what happens next

      1. I’ve absolutely no idea what you are prattling on about. Please explain

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