Watch Oslo #Assange event here now

Watch below or on Skwawkbox’s Facebook and Twitter feeds to see Corbyn, Maurizi, Driver, Jonasson and others celebrate and pay tribute to wrongly-jailed journalist Julian Assange

Today a special event will take place in Oslo to celebrate the courage and achievements of wrongly-jailed journalist Julian Assange and to call for his long-overdue release.

The event is being streamed live and can be watched below:

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  1. Thanks, for this link, Skwawkie! I wouldn’t have known about it, otherwise.

    Wonderful speakers. Fascinating insights.

  2. The video didn’t work for me because it’s still streaming I think. En takk og hyllest til Julian Assange. Jerremy came on about 2 hrs 20 mins from the end of the live stream I accessed along with talks from Craig Murray, Andrej Hunko (an impressive German Linke-rep in the Bundestag). It’ll no doubt be edited and re-released when the stream ends. Thanks Skwawkie.

    1. Yes, I was ‘disconnected’ a couple of times, missed Craig Murray, but did get to hear Andrej Hunko, Stefania Maurizi, JC and – most impressive of all – Mansoor Adafyi(GTMO441).

      Pleased to see, JC got his customary standing ovation after his speech at the end. ‘I haven’t gone away…’

  3. Maybe there is some hope on the horizon

    The news that the FBI is taking fresh investigative steps came as a surprise to Assange’s legal team, given that the U.S. filed charges against the WikiLeaks founder more than three years ago and is involved in an ongoing extradition process from a maximum security prison in the United Kingdom so that he can stand trial in the United States. ……………..

    …………The case is now under the zealous guidance of Gordon Kromberg, a federal prosecutor in the Eastern District of Virginia, though the reopening of the investigation suggests the government has doubts that its case will hold up in court.

    A coalition of major newspapers around the world has urged the Biden administration to drop charges against Assange. Yahoo News reported that the Trump administration considered ways to kidnap or assassinate the journalist.

    1. “Maybe there is some hope on the horizon….”

      There surely is, SteveH. The entire event, even the dark film on the state-terrorism of the free-world’s imperial overlords, “Death in Camp Delta”, the Norwegian Guantanamo film (from Erling Borgen) was stimulating and encouraging. As Jeremy said, if good people keep the issue current (I’ve got a new poster on a window or two), like Nelson Mandela, Julian Assange will one day be a free man.

      And when that day arrives, the entire world will recognise the rottenness of the ‘American century’ and the lies the US power-elite promulgated (assassination of JFK, twin towers, invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the banking crisis, using Ukraine as a patsy to continue its completely unnecessary anti-Russia comfort blanket, etc., etc.. *

      * Notice, no intention from me of the most wicked, harmful and anti-science/ anti-health of its bully-boy ‘projects’, the covid con.

      1. ooops, ” no mention from me of the most wicked, harmful and anti-science/ anti-health of its bully-boy ‘projects’, the covid con.
        sticky fingers/brain.

      2. qwertboi – WTF has you being a f’wit covid denier got to do with Julian Assange.

  4. On another matter
    Pilot schemes for UBS Universal Basic Income are set at £1600 month
    Universal Credit is currently set at £650 month
    Our current safety net is roughly 40% of what it should be for people to live

  5. Apologies for this being totally off topic and refers to previous post, but have just read – and it’s been verified – that Keir Starmer actually appeared in the Ken Loach film ‘McLibel’ and also sat on the same panel as Ken Loach on ‘Question Time’ in 2016. Couldn’t write it could you!

    1. It may have escaped your notice but in 2016 Ken Loach hadn’t been expelled from the Labour Party for continuing to support the ex-members who under Corbyn’s leadership had been expelled from the Labour Party.

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