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Exclusive: Labour hijacks Bolton NE party, bypasses democracy

Party gives itself authority to appoint CLP officers who should be elected by members

The Labour party has yet again trampled on local member democracy – after Keir Starmer promised to empower members as part of his con to get into the party leadership – this time in Bolton North East.

Many members of the ‘CLP’ executive resigned in protest at the party’s manoeuvre to block a local candidate from the constituency party’s parliamentary shortlist – and the Labour regional office has informed all four hundred members by email that it has ‘agreed’ with the party’s national ‘Governance and Legal’ department that ahead of the ‘reorganisation’ of the CLP it will ‘appoint’ replacements instead of them being elected by local members as Labour’s rulebook mandates:

The eight remaining members of the CLP executive were not forewarned about the party’s manoeuvre and members believe the party already knows which ‘placemen’ and ‘-women’ it wants to install.

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  1. Another candidate for an Independent and a further step towards a hung parliament
    Once the CLP becomes untenable then the election campaign must begin, they literally have nothing to lose
    The biggest challenge now is who they choose to stand and the amount of publicity they can generate for them

      1. 246
        Meanwhile back in the Real World you are heading for a hung parliament
        Where the Socialist group will have you by the Sir John Halls

      2. Doug – You are deluding yourself. But even if that unlikely scenario came about which of Labour’s current policies do you imagine they are going to oppose❓🤔

      3. “which of Labour’s current policies do you imagine they are going to oppose”

        The Conservative/non-Socialist ones. Duh!

      4. Dave – I’m guessing there is a reason why you haven’t been able to quote any specific policies.

      5. 246
        You haven’t got any Labour policies
        Which part of the Sir John Curtice projection do you dispute, according to him Red Tories are deluded if you think a 9 point lead will give you a majority

      6. 1/5

        – more privatisation under the guise of “reform and “Clause 4 on steroids” policies

        “Britain is in full-spectrum crisis not because of a lack of ‘political credibility’ but exactly because of how Britain’s elites define credibility. For example, you can maximise the GDP contribution of formerly public utilities or you can ensure they are investing in the infrastructure which will make Britain a viable country for the long term. You can’t do both – so which is the ‘credible’ option?”* – Robin Mcalpine

        * A question which you should answer steveH if you were actually capable of answering a straight question. Come on. Don’t be shy. Which is the “credible” option and why in steveH world?

      7. Dave – I simply don’t accept the premise of your question. I believe in a well regulated mixed market economy, don’t you?

      8. 2/5

        – anti-redistribution policies
        – pandering to anti-refugee racism policies

        “Do you recall when the Blairites told us that once Labour eschewed all nasty thoughts of regulating extreme libertarian capitalism it would romp ahead in the opinion polls? Corbyn was duly smeared and jettisoned, and it took Starmer once elected about five minutes to show that he had simply lied in pretending to share Corbyn’s interest in social justice. The Labour Party has now been dressed in the Union Jack, has pandered to anti-immigrant racism, has embraced the hardest of Brexits, has become an unequivocal cheerleader for Israel, and declared itself primarily concerned with the interests of businessmen” – Craig Murry

      9. Dave – I suppose that all depends how much credence you give to the 2yr old ramblings of Craig Murry

      10. 3/5

        – anti-Semitism policy against Palestinians
        – imperialism policies

        “Consider the contrasts. Starmer spoke of Israel’s “lively tradition of debate, dissent, and disagreement,” and said the current Israeli government “is showing the difference progressive politics can make in power.” That government has labelled Israel’s six leading human rights organisations terrorist groups. It plans to demolish an EU-funded school for Palestinians in the West Bank, bulldozing 16 other schools too, while approving 3,000 new homes for Jewish settlers. For Starmer to single out the government that blockades Gaza, starving its people of electricity and basic essentials, as offering “humanitarian” assistance to the strip reads like a cruel and contemptuous joke. Palestinians are at best objects of thin pity (Starmer wants a two-state solution for them, after all). They are not human beings with voices: when virtually the whole of Palestinian civil society calls for boycotts of the state that dispossesses them, they’re castigated and dismissed. Colonial thinking works like class society, by coding people differently along a hierarchy of rights. It would not be acceptable for Britons to be treated like this; Palestinians, though, are playthings for other people’s political wrangles.” – Barnaby Raine

      11. Dave – Has it never occurred to you to ask yourself why despite his many decades of relentless campaigning Jeremy Corbyn has never achieved anything of tangible benefit for the Palestinians?

      12. 4/5

        – economic policy

        “This is neoliberal thinking of the most basic, dogmatic, mantra-driven and unchallenging type. The message could not be clearer. He thinks that everything that Labour once stood for will not be embraced by him, his team or any government he leads. We will instead get austerity, shrinking services, growing inequality and  kow-towing to the markets, bankers, and the supposed entrepreneurs in big business whose sole objective is to gouge out their companies for their own private gain.” – Richard Murphy

      13. Dave – I’ve followed Richard Murphy’s blog for many years and I suspect that he would be the first to admit that he isn’t a politician. Have you forgotten that the electorate rejected Jeremy’s 2019 manifesto and that Richard also didn’t hold Jeremy Corbyn and his team in very high regard.

      14. 5/5

        – union policies
        – public services policies
        – pay policies

        “No mention of Brexit. Nor of the decline in the quality of our democracy. No mention of the assault on trade unions or so many other freedoms. Or come to that the decline in many public services, let alone the pay of those who work in them, unless the first heading was to encompass all that. Instead, she offered a simple two-issue analysis with a focus on Red Wall seats. Not good enough…..

        …..So, Labour’s promise is to be outside world trading blocs, to balance the budget, to never run a deficit to promote growth and to cap investment at levels set before inflation hit and which have not been revised since when they were inadequate in the first place.
        That’s it.#

        Adam Posen, who chaired the meeting, asked in his first question how Reeves would tackle the problem of chronic underpayment to staff in the NHS and elsewhere which was crippling public services. She never answered. I think we can safely assume she has no intention of doing anything about any of this.

        And her sops to green issues are all related to growth in green manufacturing and never to the changes in society that might be demanded.

        In summary, Reeves gave no real hint whatsoever, as to where she thinks growth might come from, and yet everything that she says, is dependent upon her, finding that growth in an economy, where there is no reason at all for it to happen.

        And worse, in one of the few statements that she made that gave a hint of her policy thinking, she said she wants to encourage the growth of savings in shares in the UK because she thinks that this will unlock the potential in small businesses in this country. As a result, she indicated two things. One is that she has adopted the ideology of Margaret Thatcher. The other is that she does not understand that share capital, particularly in the form in which small savers can invest, does not now almost ever provide any working capital for business.

        Reeves is a person out of time, out of ideas, and right now with no answer to any question that might reasonably be asked of her. It’s very depressing.” – Richard Murphy

        Let me know when you want some more steveH

      15. Dave – You are being politically naive, I guess like the rest of us you are just going to have to wait for Labour to publish its detailed manifesto.

      16. Dave – Unfortunately you have also conveniently forgot to answer the question about which of Labour’s current policies you imagine that the SCG will vote down❓🤔
        Please refer to specific policies. For instance do you think that the SCG will attempt to vote down Labour’s new Employment Rights Bill or the introduction of sector pay and conditions negotiations?
        (If you are unsure about Labour’s policy platform I’m quite happy to provide you with a fairly comprehensive list of Labour’s current and proposed policies)

      17. Doug – Don’t be silly, haven’t Curtis and many other polling experts also pointed out that it isn’t really valid to try and extrapolate the local election results to how people will vote in a general election because for a whole variety of reasons people vote differently.

        Here’s the results and analysis from the latest Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll.

        Westminster Voting Intention (28 May):

        Labour 43% (+1)
        Conservative 28% (-2)
        Liberal Democrat 12% (-1)
        Green 7% (+3)
        Reform UK 5% (–)
        Scottish National Party 3% (-1)

        Combined Net Approval Ratings (28 May):
        Keir Starmer: +8% (+4)
        Rishi Sunak: -14% (-3)

        As Spring turns to Summer, Labour maintains a healthy advantage over the Conservatives in our latest Westminster Voting Intention polling.
        Since early April, Labour’s lead has consistently held in the low to mid-teens, while the party’s vote share has remained steady in the mid-40’s since late March.
        The Conservatives, meanwhile, have struggled to poll above 30%, having only done so once (32% on 16 April) since the start of the year. The 16% polled by the Liberal Democrats in the week after their successes in the May local elections now looks more like a blip than the start of an upward trend. Their vote share falls one point this week to 12%, back where it was in the week before the local elections.
        Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s approval rating, which had been rising steadily since March, suffers a second consecutive weekly drop, with his latest rating of -14% the lowest he has held nationally since 26 February. Labour leader Keir Starmer sees his rating gain four points to +8%, while Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s rating remains unchanged at -13%.
        Keir Starmer has also extended his lead over Rishi Sunak as the person Britons think would be the better Prime Minister to eight points, 41% to 33%, his largest lead since 12 March.

      18. 246
        14 point lead gets you the slimmest of majorities under FPTP, Boundary changes and Scotland
        That is wiped out by the 30 seats held by the Socialist group
        Schadenfreude, can you imagine how much pleasure they are going to take in shafting you horrible fuckers

  2. It’s NOT a political party, its an extortion racket. No subscription without representation.

    There’s a certain someone on these boards brags about how he’s a member and I’m not.

    Soft bastard doesn’t understand that he actually PAYS to be ignored and shat all over**, whereas I have as much say in the racket’s “party’s” direction as he does.

    Zilch. Nada. Diddly-squat

    **Sickos enjoy that sort of thing, so it’s no surprise, really.

  3. Sorry folks- got given a phone and the bloody keyboard’s tinier than me old one (but newer& better specced), was meant to read:

    Soft bastard doesn’t understand that he actually PAYS to be ignored and shat all over**, whereas I have as much say in the racket’s “party’s” direction as he does.

    Zilch. Nada. Diddly-squat

    **Sickos enjoy that sort of thing, so it’s no surprise, really.

    Sorry folks

    1. Toffee – I’m quite happy with the vast majority of Labour’s current policy platform and I’m looking forward to these being confirmed when in due course Labour publish their new manifesto.

      1. I don’t give a fuck what you think, hence me not asking you.

        Speak when you’re spoken to, nonce-friendly goat worrier.

  4. Send us a 200 word statement…

    Well if you’re that way inclined there’s no need for chapter & verse. Be conservative with it

    “I’m a wannabe tory who despises the left” ought to impress the reptiles sufficiently.

  5. Heir Starmers NONCE party MP at it again sex offender Geraint Davies has bean suspended for sex offences against 5 women Starmer will probably give him a job in Bolton LABOUR THE PARTY THAT PROTECTS SEX OFFENDERS like John Woodcock/ Keith Vaz/Neil Coyle

    1. Wasn’t Davies MP for Croydon until 2005?
      Croydon? Now isn’t that where ……………?

      1. Interesting how this only took a couple of hours to stop being the main story on the BBC website.
        Not first on UK news section nor, even, on the Wales section.
        I guess that it could disappear altogether by tomorrow.

      2. It’s disappearing rapidly. Only on the “news” and “Wales” pages now.

    2. Brian61, don’t forget Starmer also protected Savile from prosecution and destroyed the case files, he’s apparently also done the same with the Swedish Assange case files. Mandelson also had a very deep and close relationship with Epstein……

      That’s Labour for you.

  6. It seems reasonable to observe that the recent public statement that Labour would be more Tory than the Tories was in reality a euphemism and that the real meaning is that the Labour Party will be more Oligarchic than the Tories.

    We have gone from gerrymandering the rule book and dumping on due process standards and principle to enable the Patricians in the Labour Party to pick and choose who can and cannot be a member through to bypassing (a) internal democracy in which the aristocratic Optimates at the top of the Party select co-opted yes men/women and sycophants to run local Party Units for them and (b) external democracy in which the same process is applied to locally elected Councillors.

    There can be little doubt, given this trajectory and the enthusiasm in which this pompous elite embrace authoritarian Stasi like legislation to curtail popular plebeian opposition, that the same process will be applied to the voting rights of those they consider subjects should this cabal of degenerates ever be elected to office.

    1. Dave – “It seems reasonable to observe that the recent public statement that Labour would be more Tory than the Tories was in reality a euphemism and that the real meaning is that the Labour Party will be more Oligarchic than the Tories.”

      Really, who was it that made this ‘recent public statement’? Can you provide a
      direct quote and link that supports your assertion?

      1. The party’s press machine was happy with the ‘real conservatives,’ message. Some Starmer Stan apologists have said he meant it in the context of simply wanting to ‘conserve’ things, but you know exactly how they wanted it to come across in the Times, Telegraph. Starmer, or someone close on his behalf has produced columns behind paywalls in these pro-Tory newspapers. He’s clearly going for the Tory vote, wants to get Tory establishment brownie points and approval. And as for the UK left, who’ve waited patiently for a Labour govt , they’ve seen their party stolen and will get none of the 10 pledges that got Starmer over the line in the leadership race.

        Rachel Reeves is promising Osbornomics+ and more austerity, winning praise from 6 jobs ,gazzillionaire George Osborne. And this love-in seems to be mutual. Fund managers, billionaire private healthcare investors, are throwing money at the party too for some ungodly reason, we can only imagine why?

        The real tragedy here, is that Labour rarely get power, and if Labour win next year, it’ll likely be for one hugely disappointing, frustrating term under Starmer, Reeves. Then 20 years in the wilderness again, while Starmer , Reeves and Streeting leaving parliament to make big coin from the vested interests they’ve served while in power.

        The whole thing is a sham and a disaster for anyone on the progressive left. The unions need to move against Starmer before these events unfold. It doesn’t have to be like this. There’s literally little to lose when Starmer and Reeves are vying to be more Tory than the Tories.

      2. Andy – Putting aside for the moment that I think you are talking nonsense what (if anything) are you and your comrades offering as a credible alternative.

      3. Andy – I’m guessing there is a reason why all you can find to quote is spin. 🤔

      4. Dave – Neither of which support your assertions.
        Have you found that direct quote that I asked for yet?

      5. SteveH
        There were loads of headlines giving precisely that spin to what Starmer said. Did Labour demand corrections or refute? Nope, because they are happy being called Tories.

        Labour MPs and shadow ministers can often be seen glancing for Tory approval in the HoC, with helpful interjections and ‘I agree with the Hon member etc, etc…’ – Starmer has turned an already barely democratic two-party system into a uni-party system, where any Tory is welcome to cross the floor to join his right-wing gang. The losers are the British people robbed of democratic choice.

        I notice even guardianistas are waking up to Starmer’s BS. Starmer emphatically pronouncing that the UK will NEVER rejoin the EU, like it’s solely HIS decision, wtf? The man is a complete moron. If Corbyn had definitively ruled out even rejoining the CU or SM the Blairites and guardian crowd would have jumped on him.

      6. Andy – Is there a reason why you are quoting spin rather than what Keir actually said?🤔

      7. steveH

        Though I’m surprised you had to ask seeing as it was you who posted the link earlier in May. Shall we put that down to another [ahem] “senior moment”?

        After over thirteen minutes of a laying out a litany of failed Tory policy policy contexts – from more privatisation (“Clause 4 on steroids”, referencing Blair’s failed anti-public ownership/control policies); business friendly (ie less regulation, one example being the more recently announced policy of house building on green-belt land); downgrading of redistribution; and the well past its sell by date war mongering NATO – in which he signaled very clearly he intended to double down and continue doubling down on what does not work, at 13:24 we come to the bottom line:

        “And if [all] that sounds Conservative, then let me tell you: I don’t care.”

        Re-packaging old stale Patrician paradigms which have already failed and re framing them as “progressive” was bad enough. However, inter-spacing that pile of crap with generalised motherhood and apple pie platitudes which is the stock in trade of all snake oil pushing carpetbagger politicians merely emphasised just how dire matters are if this is what is being touted as the ‘alternative Government’.

        Even metaphorically wrapping himself in the flag was unconvincing from someone who has publicly made it very clear that his loyalties lie not to the Country but to the wider WEF/Davos Oligarchy.

        Meet the new the new Government, same as the old Government.

      8. ……and to preempt your next lame question steveH:

      9. You’ve been repeatedly told, prick.

        Neither Andy nor anyone else here is standing for election. Therefore they don’t have to offer anything.

        We know what keef’s offering. He’s told us.

        He’s told us he’s conservative. What ALTERNATIVE is THAT, you complete fucking quilt?

        Fuck off and die screaming.

  7. This may be of interest, from FQextra:
    … which says, inter alia
    In recent months, British Labour MP John McDonnell filed a FOIA request with the CPS to learn whether then-Director of Prosecution Keir Starmer was informed about the advice Paul Close gave the Swedish prosecutors not to question Assange in London, and about the fact that the Swedes considered dropping the extradition case in 2013.
    With regard to Keir Starmer, the Crown Prosecution Service replied to the British parliamentarian that a search of the documentation has revealed no indication that the CPS hold information on whether Starmer was informed about those key decisions relative to Assange. However, “We hold 59 boxes of information pertaining to the case of Mr Assange. The team concluded that it would not be proportionate to review all of these in depth in keeping with the provisions of the FOI [Freedom of Information] Act”.
    If they could just be bothered to go through it all, the question would be put to bed one way or the other.

  8. Assange.

    Judge has ordered the CPS to come clean concerning key evidence that was destroyed. Guess who was in charge when it started?

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