Video: ‘We pay 100 million for you and what for?’ Chuck challenged during walkabout

Well said!

As protesters found themselves unlawfully arrested on the coronation weekend, at least one managed to make it far enough to challenge the Establishment’s new figurehead:

The identity of the protester and owner of the video is unknown but the clip was published on the ‘Now This’ TikTok stream

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  1. Choose a side
    Are you on the side of those responsible for Diana’s death
    Or not
    They get away with murder because no one wants the Monarchy, but the idea of another politician as President is worse
    Name someone who could be our ceremonial head of state
    Someone who could come in with a mission to improve our Communities
    So Tim Berners-Lee would be charged with organising free Internet for everyone
    Mary Berry could teach us all to cook
    Andy Murray would organise Tennis in State schools
    Blah blah fishcake

    1. Michael Rosen.

      Took the Irish several goes, but they finally got it right with

      Mary Robinson

      Mary AcAleese

      and, presently

      Michael D Higgins.

      All three have done Ireland proud.

      Doesn’t have to be a politician. In fact, with the trash we have – JC excepted – we should stipulate –

      ‘No politicians – ex, or otherwise – need apply.’

  2. It was £250m.
    £150m. of that was for the security cost.
    God Save the King !

  3. Paraphrasing Benito Juarez, the difference between a monarchy and a republic is that when a president commits a wrong the people get ride of him/her at the ballot box.
    But when a King/Queen does wrong the monarch silence the people.
    I found it appalling that David Lammy and Lisa Nandy refused to commit a Labour Government to repell the Public Order Act was Labour to enter government at the next General Election.

  4. No other Monarchs have a Coronation
    Should have been told to put his hand in his pocket

  5. Read a good piece (Counterfire) with the working class being militant circa 1916 & then the Russian Revolution funny how the Royals decided to make Coronations public events for the first time (1917) perhaps as a distraction and to divide the working class?
    There are thousands of great human beings out there in society who do lovely stuff voluntarily for their community and for free.
    So perhaps we could elect from these a non-political Head of State and why not share it out as a rota each taking a turn for 6-12 months (?) and we could have diverse categories from which someone at the top of the polls could take their turn eg working class, BME, LGBT+ & Disabled and would be a nice surprise for a foreign bigoted Leader to meet our diverse first citizens.
    Think we need to join the 21st Century.

    1. Could choose 12 per year. One or each identity that has smashed the idea of a United working class. Different golden leader each month. Sorry, the Ukranian selected should be the same person each February. If I have too few(12) we can have a new calender. Stonewall and HnH can decide how many months in a rainbow year. Instead of Easter we could have Pfizer Sunday. Everyone will be happy.

  6. Crowned by a servant of GOD Justin Welby whose flock are rife with pedophilia

    1. True enough. Just remembered, the Bishop of Bury was one of the king’s mentors. He’s languishing in one of Charlie’s dungeons. Time for redemption and release. He could get a job, on work release, teaching orphans gymnastics.

      1. And don’t forget ol’ big lugs wote letters of support for convicted pederast bishop of Gloucester, peter ball.

  7. Re. monarchy and coronations …
    It really is time that this country grew up.
    Referendum now !!
    That’s the demand of “Republic”.
    It’s bizarre that small Caribbean nations get a referendum but we are denied one
    [So far !!]

  8. To quote Marina Hyde in the Grauniad …
    “Labour leader and former lawyer Keir Starmer couldn’t say whether he did or didn’t condemn the arrests. A lack of clarity that suggests once again that Starmer’s favourite position is not so much sitting on the fence as locking on to it”.
    . Why are we not surprised !! ??

    1. Do try and keep up with events at the back there.

      [Hint: Keir Starmer is at present the leader of the organisational entity formally known as the ‘Labour’ Party].

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