Skwawkbox will broadcast Liverpool May Day rally live

An earlier Liverpool rally

Skwawkbox will broadcast the Liverpool May Day workers’ rally tomorrow, Monday 1 May. For coverage, go to the Skwawkbox Facebook page, starting from around 1pm.

Those wishing to attend in person should go to Derby Square, Liverpool in time for the start of the march. The gathering will return to Derby Square for speeches.

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  1. Commendable skwawkie. Great! Will you edit highlights and put it on a non-facebook page after the event?

    FYI Firefox-users could load the Facebook Container extension to prevent Facebook from tracking your activity on the web, they don’t call it ‘surveillance capitalism’ for nothing. This technology is being used against us and our democracy.

    1. QTB, thank you. Any idea how to get Rumble to work? I can get the ads but then the screen goes black. I’m old and in the way and my neighbor’s teenager has left town. I have no idea how he expects us oldies to cope.

  2. God bless the Celtic fans and I was born a Rangers fan
    If you want to know the shelf life of the Monarchy in this country, check out the line up for the Coronation Concert
    C list Rock stars and Slebs

      1. wobbly
        Go on I’m not sure who Kitty and Miranda are
        Just overjoyed Cliff Richard has been sidelined along with Prince Andrew
        I downloaded the Rumble App, mainly for Russell Brand

  3. Seems old habits are dying hard…

    Two Labour constituency parties have made a formal complaint about the selection process for two key Scottish seats.

    The constituency parties of Rutherglen and Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse have written to Sir Keir Starmer and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar.

    They say they have been “inundated” with complaints by local members about a “lack of transparency”.

    The Scottish Labour Party said the process was properly administered.

    In the letter, seen by the BBC, the Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) claim that members are concerned about the “integrity” of selections and say they “cannot continue campaigning until this matter is resolved”. They also say there has been a “lack of involvement of local members.

    What’s the point of writing to anus & anas? As if they’re gonna do anything about it…It’s happened with their blessing, no doubt.

    1. Yes, Sarwar’s Scottish Labour is as different than Richard Leonard’s as Starmer is to Corbyn. Under Sarwar Labour has only 22 MSPs, an all time low.

      Respect for those members that refuse to campaign as long as the party overrides local selection.

  4. The Jocks deserve better than this. Their long history of fighting for socialism has been almost totally written out of Labour and Trade Union history. All those decades of guaranteed forty-plus seats have gone, perhaps forever. Heartbreaking stuff for our comrades, in the North and their friends, internationally. Something must evolve from this ongoing disaster. Mmm?

  5. Sunak ahead of Starmer
    Starmer cancels pledge on Tuition fees
    Beginning to look like return to Austerity by Red Tories
    They do not care about winning GE, the fucker has Kinnock written all over him
    To all those Union leaders who have enabled him, we hope your Sorry arses are kicked into Row 27 very soon

    1. Doug, at last a chance to reply. Kitty was allegedly the name used by a well-known tennis-loving pop singer when signing in to Elm Guest House in 60’s and Miranda was allegedly a pet name for a former very high-ranking Labour politician in his wild young days. Face flushed with the full bloom of youths.

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