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Labour Twitter loses blue tick

Party at centre of storm yesterday after false claims in local election campaign on social media platform

The Labour party’s ‘blue tick’ marking it as an authentic account has disappeared from its Twitter account. The party was at the centre of a storm yesterday when the social media platform had to attach warnings and ‘context’ to misleading claims in Labour’s local election campaign on the platform.

It’s possible the disappearance of the tick is an effect of Labour’s infamously poor ability to organise, which led to mass data breaches and the loss of sensitive member information to criminals and the loss of control of its systems for months, causing it to fail to pay Twitter’s charge for blue-tick verification – but it’s also possible that the party has been at least temporarily penalised for its and its leader’s rogue behaviour, dishonest claims and reported racism:

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  1. Back to JC and what happens next
    More than anything else we need JC’s natural heir to be ready to step forward when the Political and Financial elites are brought down
    Young, Bame and Female, no need to change the offer, the world will be crying out for Peace and Prosperity
    If he does launch a party, with him as Chair, then it needs to be before the GE, simply to add to the forces against Starmer, beginning of the endgame is a hung parliament

  2. This is ridiculous, everyone is losing their blue ticks if they don’t pay Elon Musk and what principled person would? See how many media operations have them in a weeks time when the legacy ticks have gone.
    It disturbs me that political influencers crowdfund for help with their expenses but have a blue tick at $8 a month confuse me.

    1. Thanks for highlighting the paid-for nature of twitter’s ticks, but, just for clarification, this is unlikely to be principled stance by Sir Keior Starmer.

      I doubt that the rt. hon. Member for the trilateral commission and alleged-leader of Labour chose to relinquish his party’s blue-tick for *ethical* reasons. He’ll happily go-along with any dubious ‘quality system’ that any billionaire comes up with.

    2. Twitter’s blue ticks were almost always bought. You think Twitter was good before Musk? He’s just brought it out in the open instead of backroom IT folks taking a bung. $3k upwards. I’ll take $8 a month if I want it. The subscription gives a few things free users don’t get too.

      And besides, did blue ticks make you believe sources prior to this change?

  3. No, this due to blue ticks now moving over to a subscription service, only those paying £11.99 a month or those affiliated to twitter will keep them

    Even the pope has lost his

    1. So labour cannot afford a blue tick now – they are using
      whatever money they have
      (1) spying on us
      (2) paying for scurrilous adverts

      Shame on them

      1. I wonder just how many more rodents have their hands out after their shithousery in shoehorning in both keef – but before him – the toerags…

        From £13.5m reserves to a £4.8m deficit in less than three years?

        Now, I know lawyers aren’t cheap…

        By the way.
        .Did any of those labour (“friendly” to keef) MPs what lost their seat in ’19 get the “parachute payment of the type tess may handed out to those rags what lost their seats in ’17??

  4. Doug – “Back to JC and what happens next”

    I predict NOTHING is what will happen next.

    1. 246
      I predict a hung parliament with Socialist group holding the balance of power
      Unions will then force Red Tories to pack their bags

    2. “Doug – “Back to JC and what happens next”
      I predict NOTHING is what will happen next.”

      You think ‘the left’ should be doing something? No, quite the opposite!

      Next month’s elections and the expected gain of 1,000+ seats (by Sir Eeyore Starmer) is happening. Labour’s newlabour re-run of losing 5m votes pro-rata is happening (again).

      History is repeating itself. First time (blair) was tragedy, the second time (trilat Starmer) is farce.

      This is the time in the film where ‘the left’ just watches and enjoys their opponents’ destroying themselves.

      Not much to do atm.. Where’s me popcorn?

  5. Why pay elong for something they do anyway?

    More private sector involvement in the NHS gives keef a blue tick. Not re-nationalising rail, mail and the utilities gets keefs’ “labour” another.

    …Failure to support striking workers – yet another. Plus many, many more for the multitude of toerag values they either openly support at best, or will rigidly adhere to at worst

    (Before you bother h, don’t. Nobody likes you, and everybody’s bored shitless of your usual bingo card stock answers)

  6. I know nothing of Twitter and its “blue ticks”, thank goodness.
    I do, however, find it interesting that, for all its faults (and there are many) the US system seems to give a little more access to information that does that of the UK.
    An interesting court declaration obtained by “SpyTalk” –
    Any chance of getting “Salisbury” information out of HMG?
    Silly question.

  7. As others have pointed out, the blue tick verification has, as a consequence of Elon Musk’s ownership, become a paid feature – see
    This ranges from $8/month for personal accounts to $1000/month for corporates. Though the removal of blue ticks has been threatened and not enacted up until now, Musk has recently enforced this policy. Many organisations, including for example The New York Times, have determined that this is not a justifiable expense and I suspect the Labour Party have also come to this conclusion.
    There are countless examples of egregious behaviour by Labour under Starmer that this site does well to unearth without having to confect outrage over what is most likely a non-story.

  8. “confect outrage”

    Yeah, alright. All the bile-filled rage in the posts so far is rather disconcerting and makes me quite afraid for the safety and mental well-being of labour MPs, especially keef. 😕

  9. Toffee, I was pointing out that posts akin to “Starmer wet the bed as a child” (ie non-stories) detract from his pre-meditated failings, in much the same way that Labour’s dog-whistle attack on Sunak as a paedophile enabler gloss his substantive and demonstrable real shortcomings.
    (and I have no evidence that suggests the LOTO or indeed any MP endured unintended juvenile nocturnal micturitions, it was just an example)

    1. Favourite joke about Nocturnal Mucturitions
      Me and 4 brothers shared a bed, my only ambition in life at that time was to be allowed to sleep in the shallow end

    2. While the consensus of posts (including yours and mine) generally refer to the probability of the tick being removed through lack of payment (for whatever reason) skwawkbox raises the point that:

      “but it’s also possible that the party has been at least temporarily penalised for its and its leader’s rogue behaviour, dishonest claims and reported racism”

      We haven’t heard the reason from elong himself (personally I couldn’t give less of one if I was severely constipated as I don’t use the platform and have no intention of doing so), but he (muskrat/twitter) was quick enough to call the BBC out quite recently.

      Hardly “confecting outrage”. Unless of course, you’re a devotee.

  10. Raab’s spewed it, I see. I guess he keeps his (multiple) ministerial pensions in that case 😒

    ONLY two out of the right complaints were upheld – and they were flawed, he bleated.

    Typical shithouse trick from a typical shithouse.

  11. ‘Blue ticks’ seems a rather apt description of these RW’ers infesting the PLP.

    Small, spider-like creatures which feed on the blood of humans. Only these ate the ‘blue’ Tory version.

  12. Has anyone observed the lesser spotted Tory snowflake
    Posh boys and Chinless wonders really should stop spitting out the dummy
    As Danny Dyer said, Cameron, where the fuck is he
    Spineless and Gutless

  13. ❗DIANE ABBOTT SUSPENDED ❗by Labour after letter suggesting Jews do not face racism

    1. The following is what Diane Abbott published earlier today

      Racism is black and white
      Tomiwa Owolade claims that Irish, Jewish and Traveller people all suffer from “racism” (“Racism in Britain is not a black and white issue. It’s far more complicated”, Comment). They undoubtedly experience prejudice. This is similar to racism and the two words are often used as if they are interchangeable.
      It is true that many types of white people with points of difference, such as redheads, can experience this prejudice. But they are not all their lives subject to racism. In pre-civil rights America, Irish people, Jewish people and Travellers were not required to sit at the back of the bus. In apartheid South Africa, these groups were allowed to vote. And at the height of slavery, there were no white-seeming people manacled on the slave ships.
      Diane Abbott
      House of Commons, London SW1

      1. and here is the link to her retraction/apology

        “I am writing regarding my letter that was recently published in the Observer

        I wish to wholly and unreservedly withdraw my remarks and disassociate myself from them

        The errors arose in an initial draft being sent. But there is no excuse and I wish to apologise for any anguish caused

        Racism takes many forms, and it is completely undeniable that Jewish people have suffered its monstrous effects, as have Irish people, Travellers and many others

        Once again, I would likely to apologise publicly for the remarks and any distress caused as a result of them.

      2. There has been a mixed reaction from the RW of the party

        Labour MP for Barking Margaret Hodge said her statement was “deeply offensive and deeply depressing”. The Jewish MP added that Labour leader Keir Starmer’s “response is right”, adding: “No excuses. No delays.”

        But John McTernan, previously Tony Blair’s political secretary, called it a “swift and appropriate apology”, and it should be “accepted in the spirit it is offered”. Abbott, the first black woman ever elected to parliament, had been subjected to “vile racist abuse throughout her career”, he noted.

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