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Turns out that trying to out-Tory the Tories isn’t popular. Who’d have guessed?

Starmer/Reeves less trusted on the economy than the appalling Sunak/Hunt

The latest poll by Opinium shows the Keir Starmer/Rachel Reeves combination is more toxic to voters than the Tory pair of Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt – whose recent budget has compounded hardship and misery for millions struggling under the effects of Tory budgets and economic recklessness.

Sunak/Hunt are trusted with the economy by more people than the faux-Labour pair:

As on the ‘best PM’ ratings Skwawkbox covered yesterday, ‘None of these’ and ‘Don’t know’ score more highly than either.

It turns out that trying to out-Tory the awful Tories, instead of presenting a vision of the change that most people know is needed, is not popular or convincing. Who’d have ever guessed?

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  1. I mean, WHAT is their problem? (Apart from being so utterly shite)

    By keeping schtum, the corporates, the toerag die-hard cohort of upper and middle classes don’t trust keef not to spring a tax hike on them (As f’ing IF)…And the working classes KNOW they WILL spring one on THEM.

    1. …..and yet the polls that have published subsequentlyhave told an entirely different story.

  2. Tories vote Tory.Starmer and Reeves haven’t quite crossed the floor yet which is why they aren’t getting the support from fed up Tories. However they have moved so far to the right with their half baked policies, their disgusting purges and their total distain for democracy that they are not getting support from Labour voters either hence their appalling ratings .

    1. Smartboy, Tory voters are fed up with Sunak & co but, they know what they get when they vote Tory, no surprises there. Hunt has still found a way to lower taxes.
      Starmer & co on the other hand are an unknown quantity, as nobody can trust a word they say. Hence, come to a General Election those that traditionally had vote Tory will revert to type and vote Tory. While many traditional Labour voters aren’t going to vote Labour because of trust issues.
      What Starmer’s needs to realise is that many seats on the “red wall” felt to the Tories because the incumbent Labour MPs had failed their constituents for ages.
      Hence, if their present Tory MP is hard working and is delivering for the constituents, they are going to vote Tory as they have already experienced the New Labour type of MP and it didn’t work. Hence, why would they trust Starmer, and vote Labour?

      1. Reply to Maria
        I agree with most of what you say but I think you have over simplified why Labour lost in 2019 – in my opinion we lost mostly due to the vilification campaign waged against Jeremy Corbyn by the establishment and the Zionists who were aided and abetted by moronic Labour MPs who did not have the wit to see that their vicious tirades about the party and its leader damaged their own prospects of re-election.
        The only good news for me on election night was the fact that so many of them lost their seats.

      2. They even have a name : Shy Tories.

        Who’d admit they support this govt? But many will.

        Usually, we have six week election campaigns, six weeks in which Starmer will be tested, and Labour’s support is very, very soft. They ain’t got no appealing policies. Starmer is lucky that establishment lackey Sir Ed Davey is leading the Lib Dems and not a Charles Kennedy trying to take the progressive vote.

        If they U-turn on the pledge on scrapping tuition fees as expected, you can imagine the ‘youth vote’ abandoning them too. There is only so much punching left you can get away with.

  3. All Starmer and the other Blairites are doing is to reinforce Tory policies, what a surprise! Austerity works for the corprate sector, increasing profits, whilst strangling the economy. Common sense tells anyone that if you increase prices, that takes more money out of people’s pockets, if they have less to spend, that means fewer sales, fewer sales means in the eyes of Neo-Liberal politicians more austerity – a self defeating philosophy that can only end in disaster.

  4. Labour’s poll leadings have halved since October 2022. Now down to an average of 17%.

  5. An article about polls and its like tumbleweed.

    Very strange.

    Perhaps it giving the “wrong” result?

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