Has Labour been hacked again?

Press office sending weird countdown timer to hacks and Twitter account changed to same logo, while press office not answering calls. Hacked, or just desperately trying to get some press engagement?

The Labour party may have allowed yet another hacking attack, after its press account starting sending a strange black and white countdown timer to journalists showing a dead tree surrounded by fallen leaves:

The same image has appeared on the party’s press office Twitter account:

The party press office is not answering calls.

Labour has already notoriously suffered a number of criminal hacks that led to the sensitive data of its members being in the hands of criminals and many of its systems being inaccessible for many months, so a further hack would be a serious embarrassment to the party. The main party Twitter account currently bears a banner promising a ‘greener, fairer future’ – a sick joke considering Starmer’s stance of cosying up to energy companies and refusing to renationalise the sector – so perhaps the dead tree is a reference to that.

The only ‘GPC Files’ reference Skwawkbox has been able to locate is a file extension for ‘gaming mods and macros’.

However, the Twitter account appears to be still retweeting inane party messages. Is it, as some have mooted apparently in jest, a desperate attempt to generate some interest in Starmer’s ‘more of the same’ political void, or has Labour’s slack approach to security led to yet another successful hacking attack?

Update: apparently the logo is indeed a lame publicity stunt by Labour, relating to issues with the Tories’ use of government credit cards – an unfunny joke when Starmer and others have accepted donations from Tory-supporting private health interests and Starmer withheld details of donors during the party leadership election, while Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves was forced to apologise after failing to declare multiple donations properly.

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  1. Wonderful. The logo could represent British politics in general and it is time for the citizens to elect independent MP’s, MSP’, MWP’s & councillors in the next election. We need cooperation through consensus and not the continuation of the status quo which will arrive with Labour-In-Name-Only.

  2. Fuck the Labour Party, after the FormbyReport and the Forde Enquiry Report, and after Stürmer’s lies and antidemocratic behaviour and racism including targeted Antisemitism against anti Zionist Jewish members, bullied, suspended and expelled at never before seen levels, while the MSM provide cover by not reporting or obfuscating that people are being targeted because they are Jewish but are critical of apartheid Israel.

    That logo is apt a dead tree with all the life giving leaves on the ground.

    I am still hoping that something will come from the group action case against the Labour Party of which I am a part.

  3. GPC relates to Government Procurement Cards, the credit cards certain people get for procurement item under £20000,

  4. Stunt indeed. The dead tree is a skit at the Tory logo. So it seems the Labour Party will make some explosive revelations about the Government Procuration Cards, so explosive it will kill off the Tories.

    Given how Labour has behaved since Starmer was elected, I’m not holding my breath and expect a damp squib. (They’re not trying to win here, but just trying to give the impression they do).

    “Ed Stone” energy here.

  5. Noticed the house was out in force to cheer the cross dressing sniffer gripping a helmet. Didn’t see whether JC and the backbench bolshies joined in with the fun. Anyone swerve the bash?

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