Comment: the best of responses to ‘Supertanskiii’s Hitler pics and her lame excuses

‘Centrist’s attempts to blame others are feeble – but she’ll no doubt get away with it

The so-called ‘centrist’ known on social media as ‘Supertanskiii’, who was among the ardent participants in the anti-Corbyn antisemitism scam, has been in the spotlight after being exposed posting images of her in Hitler pose alongside a man wearing an ‘I love Hitler’ t-shirt:

She has attempted to excuse what she did by blaming someone for taking the pictures ‘without my consent’ in a ‘private space’ – the Glastonbury festival! – in a supposed ‘betrayal’ and that the images were stripped of context ‘to make it appear that you’re something you’re not’:

Ms Tanskiii also claimed the images were ‘stolen’ from her ‘private, locked’ social media.

But it seems she posted the pictures to her own open social media and regardless who took them and where, there is no dispute that she actually posed like that.

And she referred to them in a post several years ago as a warm memory, as Twitter user Ali Dogan pointed out:

Other Twitter users have had no hesitation having some fun at her expense or pointing out her past hypocrisies, including one from less than a year ago when she criticised a Tory despite apparently ‘forgetting’ her own brush with nazi clothing, and the weakness of her excuses – and a video posted by the original finder to demonstrate that she had the images on her open social media with no privacy settings:

But since centrist shamelessness knows no bounds, fellow Starmer fans – who would be demanding beheading if a left-winger had done it – have been defending her conduct – to an appalled but unsurprised reaction from the left and any other sane observers:

And even more appallingly, it seems likely she’ll get away with it. Where the so-called ‘mainstream’ media would be generating rolling coverage for weeks if anyone on the left did something half as revolting, they are ignoring the right-winger’s antisemitic gestures as resolutely as they ignored the racism, cheating, lies and rigging of the Labour right that were exposed by Al Jazeera’s The Labour Files documentary series.

No, Keir Starmer will almost certainly not be suspending her…

As one left-winger succinctly put it:

She’ll get away with it. We are in the middle of an epidemic of moral fraudulence.

The UK remains broken with no sign of repair.

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