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Video: Mexican president accuses Smeeth and group of antisemitism ‘campaign’ against Corbyn

“The most important thing is to make people aware how all this works and how many of these associations are managed from abroad for political purposes.”

Obrador points during his speech to a tweet highlighting the US funding of the UK organisation that declared him ‘Tyrant of the Year’

In a dramatic video, the President of Mexico points out what the UK media won’t – despite even the Starmer-commissioned Forde Report coming to the same conclusion – that antisemitism was weaponised to attack lifelong anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn.

And he noted that Ruth Smeeth, one of the prominent figures in the antisemitism ‘scandal’, runs Index on Censorship. The organisation, which receives money from the same US government organisation that funds the Mexican right against the left-wing Obrador, recently declared the democratically-elected Obrador ‘Tyrant of the Year’ for 2022:

Obrador’s comments, with English subtitles by Skwawkbox

Smeeth was also the MP who stormed out in anger – not ‘in tears’ as described by the UK ‘mainstream’ media and accused Black left activist Marc Wadsworth of antisemitism, saying he had accused her of a “media conspiracy” (her quotes) after he spotted her handing a document to a right-wing hack. Video evidence showing the truth has been ignored by the ‘msm’ but Smeeth quietly deleted her accusation.

Despite the false media representation and the easily-viewable evidence of what really happened, Wadsworth, who played a key role in bringing Nelson Mandela to the UK to support the family of murdered Black teen Stephen Laurence, was expelled from the Labour party. Smeeth was recently given a seat in the House of Lords by Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Foreign journalists have commented on the matter where those in the UK have ignored it

Despite Obrador’s comments taking place more than a day ago and the group being tagged into at least one tweet with the original video, Index on Censorship appears to have ignored them instead of making a rebuttal. The organisation has been contacted for comment.

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