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Video: Starmer receives Tory mag’s ‘Politician of year’ award, to whoops from ‘fellow Tory’ MPs

After again cosying up to right-wing rag the S*n, Starmer goes to Tory Spectator bash to receive award to delight of ‘fellow Tories’

Fresh from renewing his betrayal of the Labour movement, Hillsborough families and the people of Liverpool by yet again cosying up to the Murdoch S*n, Keir Starmer went to another Tory event on Wednesday evening – the annual awards of the Spectator magazine, which numbers Boris Johnson among its former editors.

And Starmer didn’t just attend – he received the ‘politician of the year’ award – to whoops of delight from the assembled audience of Tory MPs, commentators and no doubt representatives of businesses and ‘think tanks’ pushing the privatisation of the NHS and everything else that once made the UK decent:

A senior Labour left-winger told Skwawkbox:

Of course he got politician of the year from his fellow Tories. He’s one of them and he’s made it more than clear that keeping billionaires and big business safe and rich is his priority.

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      1. Heartfelt, no doubt.

        Anyhoo – Take THAT, Ian Byrne.

        …Not MP of the year as voted for by fellow MPs, oh no.

        Politician of the year, as voted for by a bunch of fuckwits at a toerag rag who – like keef – wouldn’t know a policy if it kicked them up the arse.

        No wonder keef hates the left, they don’t give him anything except the contempt he deserves, because they see him for exactly what he is – A freeloading parasitical narcissist; unable to refuse a freebie from any quarter and only too willing to accept accolades off those who he’ll shape policies and behaviour to obtain his thirty pieces of silver in the first place.

        At least Iscariot topped himself…


      2. St.H It’s starmers award for supporting the Apartheid state of Israel murdering children on a daily basis the murder of children in yemen he supports racists in the LP towards black and asian and the wrong jews in the LP It’s his blatent way of saying to the working class fuck you your all fucking scum,You must be dew your award soon st.h GLOYT OF THE YEAR

  1. Re Jeremy’s fundraiser:

    November 2, 2022 by Carole Morgan, Organizer
    Dear friends and comrades,

    As you may remember from the update I posted at the end of September, Richard Millett has now dropped his defamation claim against Jeremy. But although the settlement vindicated Jeremy and cleared his name, he has been left with an enormous bill for the work undertaken by his legal team in preparing his defence over the last three and a half years.

    The total bill was originally in the region of £1,477,000. Jeremy has managed to negotiate fees charged by the lawyers but he remains liable for £900,026. We have already paid some of Jeremy’s bills in full, together with a portion of those remaining but that still leaves Jeremy having to raise a further £775,000 for the outstanding amount, including potential corporation tax……

    Please donate something if you can

    1. Allan
      I have already done so, to the original crowdfunding and to this one to cover the costs Jeremy incurred to fight the case against him – a case which in the end the litigant failed to pursue.
      If I have to give again I will do so willingly and would encourage others to do likewise. We are many and if we each give a little it will be enough to clear these costs.
      Solidarity with Jeremy

  2. Came across this on the Guardian’s website a bit earlier:

    The yacht, the wedding and £29m: Michelle Mone’s life during the Covid crisis

    However the Guardian has chipped away at the edifice of the denials. A two-year investigation establishing the couple’s links to PPE Medpro culminates today with newly leaked documents indicating that Mone and Barrowman secretly received tens of millions of pounds originating from the company’s profits, which were sent to the Isle of Man.

    The documents state that Barrowman received at least £65m in PPE Medpro profits, and transferred £29m to an offshore trust that, bank records indicate, benefited his wife and her adult children.

    In early January 2022, the Guardian revealed further details about Mone’s links to the PPE Medpro contracts. Leaked files appeared to show that, despite their constant denials, Mone and Barrowman did appear to have been secretly involved in the company. By then it had also emerged that the gowns supplied under a £122m contract had been rejected after a technical inspection and never used.

  3. Just brought meself to watch the clip…The speed at which he’s out of his seat 😲 The announcer has barely got to the first ‘r’ in ‘smarmer’ before the stoat’s out of his chair and on his way to receive his trinket.

  4. By his friends shal ye know him ….
    The “Castrator” and the sneering SteveH.
    Some friends !

  5. It’s nothing new all LP front bench are fucking Torys it’s his award for destroying the LP

  6. Well, well. I look forward to receiving my award as Opera Singer of the Year from the National Tone Deaf Society.

  7. Starmer is a liar whose word means nothing , a dedicated Zionist who is happy to give Israel unconditional support even when it means condoning apartheid and the killing of Arab children.
    Starmer has expelled Anti Zionist Jews wholesale from the party on the grounds that they are “antisemites”. He has done this in order to undermine their criticism of Israel but has trivialised and cheapened genuine antisemitism complaints in the process.
    He is a racist who has alienated our BAME members and supporters, an Islamophobe, an obsessive Blairite and anti democrat who disregards any conference policy he disapproves of, ignores party rules and expels socialists like anti Zionists on concocted “antisemitism” grounds.
    He is a member of the powerful Trilateral Commission, is a multi millionaire and has has used the Labour party to further his own career and agenda.
    Therefore if Starmer is “politician of the year” it should be a cause for concern for all of us as doesn’t say much for the state of UK politics or the calibre of our politicians.

  8. Thing is – as folks have pointed out- Zionism has
    NOTHING to do with Judaism.

    I am a Roman Catholic who attends Mass every Sunday
    and the first reading is from what we call
    “The Old Testament” which we share with Jews and Islamists
    hence the appellation “Children of the Book” .

    The prophets do not mince their words when criticising those
    who crush the poor and disadvantaged …

    1. Correction – Muslims/Moslems not “Islamists”, which is a pejorative term coined to tar Muslims with the brush of violence.

    1. Given that 48% of working class voters chose to vote for Boris in the 2019GE compared to the 33% of their number that voted for Corbyn it might prove to be a vote winner. 😉

  9. …………..a case of shameful electioneering, trying to appeal to the white working classes; even the CBI & other Tories say we need more cheap labour to work in the Hotel & Leisure industry or even the Care Industry or the NHS or even Farming. This is all the fault of Brexit when those stupid, selfish working classes, voted the wrong way.

  10. So a Tory rag voted a Tory MP- Idiot of the Year…..

    Definitely headline news. Meanwhile the Earth dies and the Ukraine War rages on…..The UK in 2022.

    1. If anyone, it is us who’ll die. The Earth will be just fine. In fact it would probably be a lot better off without us!

      1. Thank you, PW, for spreading the word about The Master, George Carlin (RIP). I think a memory of this routine was rattling around in my subconscious when I wrote that. (And in Bill Hicks’s too, when he came up with his “We are a virus with shoes” routine!)

        And if we were a narcissistic society back when this was recorded, imagine how blown Carlin’s mind would’ve been to see how narcissistic we could become after Woke is chucked into the mix!

  11. The Brexit vote, the 2019 GE vote etc. are long in the past now.
    The UK is in a real pickle, but the EU is no better.
    The US, despite its strategy of tempting companies to relocate to the US from Europe with large subsidies, is following where the UK and EU leads.
    No point blaming the “working class” for the situation. This has been in the making for decades and the chickens are coming home to roost. Constant “economic growth”, constant further enrichment of the super-rich, in fact the whole globalist project, was bound to end in tears at some point.
    Looks like that point has arrived.
    ………………. and now someone who believes that it can all be cured with minor tinkering get an award for being “politician of the year”. You couldn’t make it up.

  12. The problem about Brexit was that it was a”Hard” one and not one
    that reflected the wishes of the voters.

    Even when the problems of the Irish border became apparent – ERG
    still insisted we cut ourselves off entirely from the EU. Did they
    think that ALL those who voted for Brexit wanted that sort of policy?

    The public were quite happy to vote for Corbyn’s Labour Party when
    its policy was not to cut off all relations to the EU . The crazy REf2
    idea is what did for the Labour Party in 2019 plus of course the sustained
    attack on Corbyn..

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