Liverpool dockers win hugely-improved pay deal

Strikes work

Liverpool dockers march on the Labour party conference in September. Image copyright Steve Walker

Liverpool’s dockers have voted to accept a massively-improved pay deal from Peel Ports, after months of resolute strike action. The deal means a pay rise of between 14.3 and 18.5 percent, depending on ‘skillet’.

Congratulations to the dockers, whose solidarity, spirit and determination have been an example. Now on to postal workers, rail workers, nurses and everyone else fighting against the Establishment for decent pay and treatment in the absence of meaningful parliamentary opposition.

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  1. 🙂 Excellent news, to wake up to! Nothing else to add. Skwawkie said it all!

    Except to say – that’s what Solidarity achieves!

  2. Great News!
    However, I checked on a Google search to see if this huge news was being reported on any MSM this morning. At the top of the search is the press briefing from Unite which had been posted 10 hours ago. By 6.00am this major news still hasn’t hit the main online news headlines. Keep spreading the news!

    1. JulieT, I don’t expect the MSM to report it. If anything the MSM will be quiet as to no promote the idea that organised Labour can win.
      Hence, as you say we need to spread the news.
      Solidarity with the dockers in Liverpool and with all workers seeking better pay and conditions, when we stand united we win!!

      1. You are absolutely right Maria! MSM are not on ‘our’ side … not even the Morning Star, it seems! Probably this was a government directive rather than just the MSM acting on their own (financial) interests. It has been a similar news blackout on the cost of living protests going on in France and the Netherlands lately.

        And of course we are now also seeing the rapid dismantling of Twitter and Facebook as ‘public squares’ where many people have become used to sharing important news. All part of the plan I am sure …

  3. And peel were previously trying to palm the dockers off with a very generous offer of something like (less than) half of what they eventually got.

    About time those who earn the money, got</b
    the money, instead of those with the money hoarding the money.

    Kudos and solidarity, Liverpool dockers 👍

  4. Wonder if smarmerite labour will claim victory for them – like they claimed victory when young rashford shamed the toerags into keeping the vouchers for feeding hungry kids?

    I don’t think they’ll have the cojones, this time.

    Who needs smarmerite labour? They’re a hindrance – NOT a help. 😒

  5. The “Labour” Party don’t seem interested in this news either – nowhere to be seen

  6. Delighted to hear this news – it shows what can be achieved when workers make a fair wages claim, show determination and act in solidarity.

  7. Whittakers a realist and he knows when hes beaten and hes a very strange recluse who I knew and did business with many years ago when he set up and Peel holdings flogged a couple of properties to me in Turn village Edenfield nr Bury.This was in the eightys and property had slumped after Thatchers austerity houskeeping measures.even in the good areas…Similar to todays slump manufactured in Westminster.and at the expense of the working class….The main difference now is whos pulling the strings?
    I have never thought of him as greedy but then again hes a old man now and maybe hes still living with his closely guarded fortune thats become a obsession.
    I hear that hes moved from living on the moors in isolation to living in the isle of man “…a long way from his Lancashire Catholic roots and old friend’s…..says the man hiding away in the middle of nowhere! Land.Good morning and another day in paradise?

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