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Ian Byrne and football legend Fowler launch ‘Scouse Kitchen’ to feed hungry families

Pilot in Byrne’s West Derby constituency will be followed by roll-out across Liverpool

Foodbank hero and MP of the Year Ian Byrne has joined forces with Liverpool FC legend Robbie Fowler to launch ‘Scouse Kitchen’, a community kitchen for hungry families in West Derby, Liverpool ahead of a city-wide rollout.

Byrne received the MP of the Year award for his work feeding hungry families through the ‘Fans Supporting Foodbanks‘ project he co-founded and his landmark ‘Right to Food’ campaign – and a generous donation from Fowler, a well-known socialist, has funded the pilot and will also support food pantries in other locations across the city. Community Kitchens are one of the five demands of the Right to Food project, so Byrne is showing he’s about action as well as ideas.

Scouse Kitchen is inspired by the wartime model of social eating and will take place between Tuesday 11 October and Thursday 13 October at St Celia’s Junior School in Tuebrook, West Derby, Liverpool, running from 5pm to 6.30pm.

The concept has been influenced by the research of Professor Bryce Evans at Liverpool Hope University, who believes communal dining could replace foodbanks in tackling food poverty in the UK. Evans said:

The Scouse Kitchen will use the principles of social eating we saw in Britain during the 20th century to trial an alternative way of tackling food poverty. Community kitchens were successful during wartime and the years after, and they operated in complete contrast to the foodbank model which has emerged in the last 15 years.

Foodbanks offer invaluable support to those in need of emergency handouts, but they provide basic food and there is a stigma around using them due to people sometimes being required to prove they are ‘poor enough’ to access them. Social eating takes a more holistic approach. It allows you to serve fresh, healthy food in a community setting which improves people’s physical and mental health whilst also combating fuel poverty at a time when many foodbank users are reporting that they are unable to use appliances to prepare or store food.

In late 2020, Ian Byrne also spoke to Liverpool professor Ian Sinha about the impact of hunger on children even at a cellular level:

Football legend Robbie Fowler threw his support behind the initiative, which he and Byrne believe has the potential to change the way we tackle food poverty in this country. The former Premier League star made a large donation to grassroots community organisation Fans Supporting Foodbanks, to fund food pantries across Liverpool and to run the ‘Scouse Kitchen’ trial.

Byrne said:

The Scouse Kitchen pilot we are running this week in my West Derby constituency is a much-needed intervention for many families living here. I have mums, dads and carers in West Derby who cannot afford to put food on their family’s table, and I wanted to provide this opportunity for them to sit down together as a family in a restaurant setting and eat a meal together in dignity, for free.

We know that food poverty causes endless problems for children, affecting their educational attainment and life chances and leading to poor health, reduced life expectancy, malnutrition and obesity.

Food poverty also has a huge impact on human dignity and social cohesion in our polarised nation of food banks next to investment banks. Too many of our people experience despair and humiliation every day and my aim with this project is to provide a safe space in which West Derby families can eat together in dignity. Social eating, such as we are trialling in the Scouse Kitchen, is an important step forward in how communities respond to hunger. It has none of the stigma too often associated with foodbanks and gives families an opportunity to eat together around a table. Dignity is key and we believe this model of social eating will provide that. Food pantries are also considered to offer a more dignified response to hunger than foodbanks, and we now operate several such pantries across Liverpool.
“In terms of my longer-term goal of ending the food poverty, I am leading Right To Food campaign in Parliament which aims to see an end to hunger in the UK. One of our five key demands is to introduce Community Kitchens across the country, and I see our Scouse Kitchen as the first step in achieving that.

The Scouse Kitchen trial is designed to be a healthier, more sustainable, and less demeaning alternative to the foodbank, where people can sit, eat, talk and ‘break bread’ together. Fowler said:

I am delighted to be able to support the fantastic work of Ian Byrne MP and Fans Supporting Foodbanks in this way. The Community Kitchen idea is inspiring, and I am proud to be part of it. Too many families in Liverpool and across the UK are really struggling to put food on the table and that is completely unacceptable in this day and age. Food pantries and Community Kitchens provide dignity as well as food to those who are struggling, and I am humbled to be able to help.

Dave Kelly, Chair and co-founder of Fans Supporting Foodbanks, said that the aim is to roll out the concept nationally as well as across Liverpool:

Massive thanks to Robbie Fowler from all at Fans Supporting Foodbanks for this very generous donation. We hope that the piloting of a community kitchen here in Liverpool can serve as a template going forward for a national rollout across the Fans Supporting Foodbanks network.

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  1. My favourite MP….with his feet on the ground and not in the trough like most of his fellow Mps.Hes a real asset and example of what labour could have been under a Jeremy Corbyn government after a clearout of the garbage in the PLP.I would expect that the knight of the realm will make short work of getting rid of Ian Byrne before the general election along with any real leftwingers who are becoming increasingly extinct.

    1. Is that the same Jeremy Corbyn you’ve slagged off on numerous occasions – ie hundreds and hundreds of occasions – during the past three years or so since shortly after you started posting on here just a few months before the 2019 General Election?

  2. Birkenhead MP Frank Field would use food banks to flaunt his charitable side and curry votes. At least these fellas are in this for the right reasons. Best of luck to them.

  3. Robbie Fowler Socialist? Try Robbie Fowler Property Owner & Developer. I had the pleasure of throwing him & his drunken mates out of the Bankhouse pub (Dingle) after they trashed Johnny Tsi’s drum kit.

    1. As an ex-drummer myself, knowing how much even just a half-decent kit can cost (good cymbals can cost hundreds of pounds), did they pay for the damage?

    2. Leave it out Steve, it’s only socialist scallys having a large. Everyone is a socialist wit in scouse utopia. Apart from your mayor and.. I suppose you had to be there. Let it lie Steve. Just lads on the town , just a different way of showing respect. Up the revolution, wack. I heard that Stan Boredom bloke once. It was really funny I was assured. What about that funny man and his dad… eh, eh?

  4. Ian Byrne is a good lad. I suspect that Joseph is correct in thinking that Starmer would dearly like to be rid of him.
    Meanwhile Truss, who is in competition with Starmer for the title of most useless politician of the century, has just called an urgent meeting of NATO. No doubt she will want to discuss cheese.

  5. Goldbach…..Truss and the other clown from Surrey…kwasi are destroying what little is left of the economy…this is the opposite of the midus touch “.IF theres going to be a urgent mtg it should be a learning session for basic mathematics and the “art of politics” to reach a understanding of how humans interact and the word gluttony “in relation to banksters and the unelected power brokers.
    absolutely amazing times and can’t wait for the tribute act in drowning street.

    1. It seems that NATO is intending to supply “air defence system(s). The US had already said that it intended to do so, so it looks like the meeting was for the provision of what I believe is called “optics”.

      1. goldbach – It seems that NATO is intending to supply air defence system(s).

        This is good news!

      2. What would be good news is if Biden and his Nato allies negotiated a settlement with Putin/Russia which addressed their security concerns etc and brought all the death and destruction to an end, which they could have done in the first place and prevented it all. But THAT of course wasn’t their plan/objective!

      3. Allan – Putin has been the architect of his own destruction.
        What threat, Nobody was going to invade Russia, they are a nuclear power.
        Do you think that Putin the wannabe imperialist would have dared to invade Ukraine if they still had a nuclear arsenal?
        There’s a reason why Putin’s only ‘friends’ are other corrupt and despotic dictators.
        Who in their right mind would ever trust Putin?

      4. “optics” as in eyes. Surveillance – the legacy of the (yuck-awful) American Century. Surveillance (global) capitalism is it’s big Brother.

        The announcement’s just propaganda for the masses tho intended to make the likes of steveh feel assured and the Russians aggrieved.; US Spy Satellites already provide minute detail of everything that counts.

      5. The arrival of the CPR’s very own billionaires causes me concern too SteveH. Xi Jinping is every bit as opaque and unaccountable as any other 1st-world leader (but Biden’s in a special class as a decrepit POTUS). At least China used effective (very low cost) medicines to cure people with c-v-d, they didn’t scam pretend (non) vaccines that cause the unnecessary deaths of far more people than coronavirus ever did (or could: 99.67% survival rate).

      6. qwertboi – You know where you cab stick your anti-vax f’wittery

      7. qwertboi – For someone who claims to have expertise in this field you are remarkably ignorant. Having dispensed over 3,437,728,000 vaccine doses the Chinese have now developed their own mRNA vaccine. I wonder why?

      8. qwertboi – ” At least China used effective (very low cost) medicines to cure people with c-v-d, they didn’t scam pretend (non) vaccines that cause the unnecessary deaths of far more people than coronavirus ever did (or could: 99.67% survival rate).”

        What a load of evidence free bollocks

        Have you seen what is happening in China NOW? – Watch the video
        “Patients build up outside entrances as hospitals in China struggle with rising COVID infections
        More images emerge of the situation overwhelming the health system in China as COVID continues to spread through a large population which possesses little immunity to the virus, while concern grows about how accurate the country’s data is over the outbreak

      9. I see that you avoided addressing the main point I was making. So perhaps you could remind us how the US reacted back in 1962! And ‘invading’ Russia has nothing to do with it! But having Nato and nuclear weapons on your doorstep DOES. And YOU know it!

        It only came to light a few years ago, but I’m sure you’re aware of what happened in 1983:

        The Soviets thought Able Archer 83 was a cover for a real attack

        For many, Able Archer 83 was one of the most realistic exercises NATO had ever conducted. It was so realistic, in fact, that the Soviet Union believed it to be a cover to hide preparations for a genuine nuclear attack. Due to this, they readied their nuclear arsenal, with the Soviet 4th Air Army loading nuclear weapons onto combat aircraft.

        As I said earlier – which you avoided addressing – all the death and destruction could have been avoided if the US/Nato had addressed Russia’s security concerns, which the US/Nato created in the first place. And you are of course aware that numerous people have been warning during the past twenty-five years what would happen if Nato kept on expanding eastwards.

        Invasion, my arse!

      10. Allan – Really, when did NATO announce that it was going to place nuclear weapons on Russia’s border. How’s Putin’s imperialist ambitions going. So far all he seems to have achieved is the opposite to what he intended.
        All the death and destruction would have been avoided if Putin had stayed within his own borders.

      11. You know where you cab stick your anti-vax f’wittery”

        I’m not ‘anti vaxx’. As a biochemist, a significant part of my income has been derived from working on nanochemical and vaccine research projects.

        Covid ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines: they neither reduce infection nor reduce severity of illness (in fact they cause the opposite).

        They are highly dangerous, untested, mRNA-centred ‘experimental’ (cos K knows what they are doing to people) drug therapy. They have never been used successfully on humans nor tested effective on any other mammal.

      12. qwertboi – “As a biochemist, a significant part of my income has been derived from working on nanochemical and vaccine research projects.

        Really, which specific field of nanochemistry and vaccines are you researching?
        For someone who claims to have expertise in this field you are remarkably ignorant. Having dispensed over 3,437,728,000 vaccine doses the Chinese have now developed their own mRNA vaccine. I wonder why?

      13. Caitlin Johstone in a post today (well yesterday, now):

        ‘US Rejection Of Moscow’s Offer For Peace Talks Is Utterly Inexcusable’

        This is inexcusable. At a time when our world is at its most perilous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis according to many experts as well as the president of the United States, the US government has no business making the decision not to sit down with Russian officials and work toward de-escalation and peace.

        This rejection is made all the more outrageous by new information from The Washington Post that the US government does not believe Ukraine can win this war and refuses to encourage it to negotiate with Moscow.

        Yep, Nato are determined to keep on fighting to the last Ukrainian. And SteveH is with them ALL the way!

      14. Allan – Why?
        What would it achieve, Putin’s already shown that he can’t be trusted.

        There’s nothing stopping Putin from ordering his troops back home.

      15. You, along with just about everyone else on the planet, KNOW that THAT is not gonna happen, so why do you keep spouting such totally asinine and pointless garbage.

        There are three ways it could end: 1. One side or the other is defeated; 2. A nuclear holocaust; 3. A negotiated settlement which addresses Russia’s security concerns.

        And it’s the WEST that can’t be trusted! You just come out with total crap ALL the time, and of course spout the false narrative of Biden and Co and his US allies and the MSM. Neither the US or Russia want the other one right on their doorstep. Obviously! Oh right, and Putin just supposedly decided that he wants to resurrect the Russian Empire about two months after making the following proposals, which the US/Nato refused to negotiate:

        – NATO guarantees that it will not deploy missiles in nations bordering Russia. (They are already in place from Slovenia to Romania, with Poland to follow)
        – NATO to stop military and naval exercises in nations and seas bordering Russia.
        – Ukraine will not become a member of NATO.
        – the West and Russia to sign a binding East-West security pact.
        – the landmark treaty between the US and Russia covering intermediate-range nuclear weapons to be restored. (The US abandoned it in 2019)

        As John Pilger said (prior to the invasion): ‘These amount to a comprehensive draft of a peace plan for all of post-war Europe and ought to be welcomed in the West’

      16. Allan – You can carry on apologising for the murdering and corrupt Putin as much as you like.but as you’ve acknowledged yourself Russia was never under threat. This is all about Putin fancying himself as a great imperialist leader, stealing Ukraine’s prime agricultural land and securing Ukraine’s rare earth deposits.

      17. That’s all yur capable of doing, isn’t it – ie Lying! Yes, and I suppose John Pilger and numerous OTHER people are apologists for Putin. Anyway, I’m obviously wasting my time given that yur a full-time paid shill for the Establishment, who is of course paid to spout the fraudulent narrative of the fascist elite. Hopefully the tide is beginning to turn:

        France: Mass protests erupt in Paris against NATO, demands for exit

      18. Allan – ….and there was I thinking you were a leftie, I hadn’t appreciated until now that you were promoting fascism.

        “The march was organized by the right-wing Les Patriotes (The Patriots) party led by Florian Philippot, the former deputy head of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.

      19. Caitlin Johnstone put it like this:

        This time the US is on the GOOD side of a war! Also, goo goo ga ga I am a little baby with a little baby brain.

      20. Don’t get too excited. Most of the “missile” strikes over the past 3 days have been conducted using “mini-missiles”, also known as programmable drones. Air defence systems are pretty useless against these weapons. The provision by NATO of air defence systems, which could take months to be commissioned, may be “good” for the manufacturers, and the optics would be served (allowing the US and Europe to show that it is “doing something”) however, it will have minimal effect on the outcome of the conflict. It’s a pity that the US and UK put such pressure on Ukraine to fight, fight, fight. The Minsk agreements were a perfectly acceptable way out, as was the draft agreement arrived at in Istanbul. Even an agreement a couple of weeks ago, when Russia-allied troops ceded some ground in Kherson Oblast and around Krasny-Liman, would have satisfied then optics by allowing Ukraine to claim that Russia had been made to come to the table (despite the fact that it was Russia that had repeatedly tried to get Ukraine to the table) could have satisfied the optics for Ukraine.
        We now have the prospect of a major Russian move within a couple of weeks rather than the dancing around that we’ve had for 6 months. Of course NATO doesn’t care because it’s Ukrainian soldiers who are being sacrificed.
        Meanwhile, we have one contributor here doing what he calls “virtue signalling”.

      21. goldbach – “We now have the prospect of a major Russian move within a couple of weeks rather than the dancing around that we’ve had for 6 months. “

        Will that be as ‘successful’ as the last one?🤔

      22. goldbach – Oh dear, whatever. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯
        I still anticipate that Putin the wannabe imperialist will get his arse kicked again. What is it that you admire about about a corrupt arsehole like Putin, where does he fit in with your vision of a socialist Utopia

      23. Just came across this Forbes article from Feb 15th this year. Here’s the first few paragraphs:

        ‘Putin Says He’s Willing To Negotiate—But Won’t Rule Out War’

        Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday he’s prepared to engage in further diplomatic discussions as the West scrambles to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but Putin refused to rule out the possibility of war.

        Putin said he’s willing to negotiate with the West on several security measures, such as a potential U.S. commitment not to deploy intermediate-range missiles in Europe, at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a welcome sign of moderation after Russia said earlier Tuesday it will pull back some of its troops at the Ukraine border.

        Responding to a question about whether there’s still a chance of war in Europe, Putin said “of course” he doesn’t want that to happen, but whether or not war breaks out hinges “on how this dialogue continues,” referring to NATO members’ refusal to meet Russia’s core demand of blocking Ukraine from joining NATO.

        Needless to say, the ‘scrambling’ was just a ruse to deceive Joe/Jo Public! Mind you, I don’t think much – if any – of the MSM was reporting this stuff at the time. I mean the last thing they wanted is to have their collective tens of millions of readers and viewers and listeners aware of the fact that Russia had security concerns and that the US/EU/Nato were refusing to address them, and that their refusal to address them would almost definitely lead to Russia invading Ukraine, and WAR.


        As for the demo in Paris and what SteveH said in response to my post…. this is a guy that supports and defends the fascists now running the LP, who are ALSO all for MORE and MORE death and destruction and devastation in Ukraine. I mean what can you say about such people!

      24. This is from a few days ago and well worth checking out (26 mins):

        Jeffrey Sachs: end Ukraine proxy war or face “armageddon”

        Jeffrey Sachs joins The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Maté to discuss escalating nuclear rhetoric in Ukraine proxy war, the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, and why a diplomatic off-ramp is more urgent than ever.

    2. History will show that Washington’s treatment of Russia in the decades following the demise of the Soviet Union was a policy blunder of epic proportions. It was entirely predictable that NATO expansion would ultimately lead to a tragic, perhaps violent, breach of relations with Moscow. Perceptive analysts warned of the likely consequences, but those warnings went unheeded. We are now paying the price for the U.S. foreign policy establishment’s myopia and arrogance.

      Ted Galen Carpenter

      1. Allan – The only threats to Putin were to his ego and the worry that the Russian people might start to look over the border at their free and prosperous neighbours with envy.

    1. Steve H….you are so yesterdays “politics….Do you not realise that the western world is in a flux and rising against the failed neo liberals threats of war.ITs not left or right in international politics its survival and going to the old fashioned labels “leftie” shows your acute ignorance of whats actually happening in the streets.Not everyone lives in a Caribbean bolt hole but I living in the Mekong delta of jungles mountain’s and rice fields have more understanding of world events and left and right than a old fascist endeavour labour party member such as yourself.
      You are the epitaph of the failed and morally corrupt labour party whether you get into drowning street or not.your time has gone former comrade .!

      1. Toffee – Thanks, but no thanks. I have no interest in your version of ‘Animal Farm’.

      2. SteveH13/10/2022 AT 11:48 PM
        Toffee – Thanks, but no thanks. I have no interest in your version of ‘Animal Farm’

        Once again…You’re always saying I’m the one “obsessed” by you 😙🎶

        As for your version of ‘Animal Farm’ I suppose there’s a niche market (of the repugnant) interested in that sort of thing. 😒

  6. Thanks God that we still have MPs like Ian Byrne, no afraid to speak out and declare that the right of everyone to food is paramount.
    That working families are struggling to feed themselves in the fifth economy in the world should be an scandal, but the MSM remains quiet about it.
    Both Tories and New Labour talk about economic growth, but who benefits from it? Certainly no the working families that cannot afford to put nutritious food on the table.

    1. Yes, but we don’t all have paid researchers like yourself tracking the news or whatever 24/7!

      God, yur such a complete dildo! No, on second thoughts, make that such a complete WANK!

  7. Many thanks also to Ian Byrne for opposing the return of U S nuclear weapons to England after an absence of 14 years.

    Please ask your MP to sign the relevant Early Day Motion by using the link below.
    With your help, we can help ensure that this dangerous idea is quietly dropped.

    Thank you.

    1. Says something when CND has to campaign for voters to ask their MPs to avoid the risk of US nuclear weapons returning to UK. Starmer has already been instructed on the issue by the TC, no doubt.

    2. I doubt my photo-op MP will take any notice, she rarely does, but I’ve sent it to her anyway. Thanks for the link.

    3. Regardless of what you think of the War in Ukraine –
      the case for the abolition of nuclear weapons is
      currently obvious.

      There have been comparisons with the Cuba crisis –
      but as someone whop lived though that – they are NOT
      the same.

      In Kruschev we had a leader who had had experience of
      the battle field and of strategies. and knew the impotence
      of planning, . He also had principles – of a sort – even if
      they were ones the West could not agree with. In contrast
      Putin has NO principles – when tackled with the incredulity
      of someone in his government who asked him if he had any –
      he gave him a cold look. He is corrupt and has been from the
      beginning – and power mad. Corbyn had him bang to rights
      in Chechnya..

      Too right the West should have behaved differently as he
      came to power but they were only interested in their percentage
      of Russias resources as the dirty money generated from it –
      started sloshing through the City of London.That was all they
      were interested in – and yes they did treat Russia badly – and
      NATO should not have installed as many bases in the East . However
      that does not absolve Putin who acted against logic when he first
      \attacked Ukraine in 2014 and then again in 2022 and
      yet claimed NATO had no reason for their bases..

      It is 1939/40 all over again as Stalin invaded Poland in cahoots
      with Hitler – as they carved it up between them. Then Russia
      held onto their bit after World War Two ended and it is now part
      of Ukraine. It is no secret that the Russian Federation thinks
      that country should be wiped out as an entity and be part of

      However – I think that the US should have no part in
      telling Ukraine what to do – it is not THEIR citizens
      who are being murdered by Putin or giving their lives
      as part of his Army

  8. I am not sure that Britain has a nucluer defence system under their control even.Uncle sam supplys…charges and most importantly controls “.Do the British and European govt have a army outside the control of the USA?….Reality is a wonderful idea and the
    ” King with no clothes. “is a reality of the USA or whoever pulls the strings and funds the unelected world order.

      1. The senile old molester in Washington dc is now blatantly talking up the unelected world order and is even setting out the War plans for nations like China and Russia who do not bow to the almighty USA and their unelected world order.RT today article sets out the plan from uncle joe Biden….and even threatens former allies who dont comply….How have we reached this position were War is the endgame for world leaders?

      2. Joseph – Ask the wannabe imperialist Putin who you are so fond of. What is it about corrupt, authoritarian regimes that attracts you.

      3. “Joseph -You’d know all about that living in Cambodia.” – a comment by someone who lives ………. remind me of where that is.

    1. Joseph – the “independent” nuclear “deterrent” does not exist. The hardware is made in the US. The control systems are made in the US. The weapons can only be used when the appropriate authorisation is received, and that is the prerogative of the US president. We should be grateful that Truss has no control over them ……………. however, that leaves us with Biden, which isn’t a good look.

      1. Goldbach, there will not be a world war. There are today moves afoot to have peace talks brokered by Erdogan. And the World Bank have just released the figure for the restructuring of Ukraine, something like $350bn. Guess what country will get most of the contracts for restructuring and the bank loans?

        It’s what the US does, only this time it was quite a cute move to get most of Europe to pay for the cost of the war and have no US troops suffer the losses. But the US will get the rewards in the end, they always do.

      2. So it looks like France is the only European nation with their own nuclear weapons detterent and the only ones who are still allies of the world order and dont have to apply for permission to defend themselves.I repeat “How as it come to this war to solve disputes and permission from a unelected cabal who are no longer keeping in the shadow especially as joe Biden is singing their praises according to R.T News and Global news China…last week.!

      3. Joseph – ….it isn’t my fault that you are do gullible

      4. I’m sure that you are right in saying that there will not be WW3. In fact, in recent days, Biden, Sullivan and Blinken Idiot have all talked about the need for negotiations. If they do get together in Istanbul again , and if the US/UK does not throw a spanner in the works again, any agreement will fall very far short of the deal that was almost arrived at in Istanbul in March. I suspect that the US has the crazy idea that there can be an agreement that is a rehash of the Minsk Agreements. That will never be accepted now.

      1. goldbach – So what exactly are you hoping that we will glean from this long paper?

      2. goldbach – For those of us who either don’t have the time to wade through it or just can’t be arsed could you give us your synopsis.

      3. goldbach, sorry to need to ask, but you’ve used several acronyms recently that maybe I should know, but I don’t. wrt, SCO??

      4. qwertboi – Sorry. SCO = Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

    1. I’m not surprised that Jeffrey Sachs gave his oft-repeated interview to grayzone. Extra to his leadership role on the Lancet Convid19 Commission, he’s been peddling the Wuhan lab-leak+ hypothesis since q3 2020.

  9. Steve H your fascist traits of ignoring the written word in articles or books shows your increasing intolerance to “learning”
    Now who was that made a bonfire of books and learning could it have been Adolf Hitler and the SS or do we go back to the reformation and see the destruction of nearly a thousand years of British history and arts on the alter of fanaticism in the plundering of the monastrys and places of learning..?Hidden behind the bonfires is a seething cauldron of “hate” against the people.

    1. Joseph – You’re the one who admires the authoritarian dictators and you’re the one who has felt the need to resort to hyperbole in the vain hope that it will prop up your rather bizarre pseudo Communist ideology.

      1. Mr Steve H hall.?….Just read article in RT news
        France “will not use nuclear weapons if Ukraine is the target of a Russian nuclear weapon”And thats from Macron whos now facing a lash back from USA and the rest of the warmongers” .Same source Tulisa Gabbard walks away from the warmongering democrats and refuses approach from republicans!Looks to me like the simplistic labels for left and right wing don’t apply anymore amongst our western world politicians.!…Lets just call them neo liberals and fascists?

      2. Steve I am not a communist although I support any country that supports the people…which is becoming increasingly rare and distressing for us that believe in the “struggle” of the working class who are the majority but treated as “invisible” especially by you
        You need to get out more and broaden your reality sunshine lifes! not that simple that you can put us in a box…Night shift over and out.

      3. Forget him, Joseph.
        He still lives in a world where Russia is a communist country.
        Where dishing out insults substitutes for reasoned argument.
        Where disinformation is never questioned.
        Whether he/we like it or not, this is the century of Asia, of the SCO and OPEC+.
        The century of increasing authoritarianism in Europe and North America, where dissent will be met with a crackdown. Where dissenters are already turned into non-persons. In the UK, it’s looking like the powers that be are ready to jettison Kwarteng and Truss and install Starmer – Regime Change – then the crack down on dissent in the LP will look like small potatoes …………… which is what we’ll be left eating.
        He’s still quite young so he will find out the hard way a few years down the line. Even the middle class of the small nations on the edge of the Caribbean will feel the pressure.

  10. Whoosh….Looks like Labour have lost the Muslim vote, the Scottish Vote, the Red Wall Vote, the Left Wing Vote and the Liverpool Vote…..

    At least they’ll get the Waitrose Shopper Vote I suppose:

    North Evington (Leicester) council by-election result:

    CON: 49.6% (+32.7)
    GRN: 25.8% (+20.0)
    LAB: 22.5% (-49.8)
    LDEM: 1.4% (-3.5)
    TUSC: 0.6% (+0.6)

    Votes cast: 6,934

    Conservative GAIN from Labour.

    1. The raw data is wonderfu baz2001 The North Evington council election result is exactly what starmer-LabOR (™️) deserves. If repeated at a general election (unlikely), Labour would be dead in the water and buried at sea at the moment of death.

      As an aside, he’d have fewer votes than the LibDems if all he had to rely on were the Waitrose loyalty card holders and brain-dead/ inattentive traditional Labour voters!.

      I’m tickled pink. That ‘new’ party is promisingly near. (I hope Truss calls a Dec General Election soon).

      1. and – Waitrose Loyalty Card holders is probably a bigger demographic than Guardian Readers . Starmer’s days are numbered.
        He probably won’t last as long as the wonderful righjt-side-of-history Jeremy Corbyn!! 😃😃😃😄😄😋😋

    2. The fooking STATE of the toerags….And smarmerist labour can STILL manage to spunk almost 50 (FIFTY) points in a council by-election.

      Smarmerist labour lost a similar amount of support in a Bolton(?) seat not so long ago, so it simply cannot be put down to a single local issue….Unless, of course, those seats were previously held by diehard smarmerist types as highlighted in the Al Jazeera documentaries.

      IF smarmerist labour win the next GE (God forbid) it WON’T be by this landslide these experts tell us it will be. They might get a majority of a dozen – maybe two – but certainly no more.

  11. Hmmm…

    Allan – You can carry on apologising for the murdering and corrupt Putin as much as you like.

    And your excuse for supporting the would-be child-starver keef IS??

    but as you’ve acknowledged yourself Russia was never under threat. This is all about Putin fancying himself as a great imperialist leader,

    And yet keef surrounds himself with union flags. He wants to dismiss anyone from the party who puts NATO under any sort of scrutiny. He dismisses, from his own party, Jews – on the ridiculous pretext of antisemitism and futhermore, does not tolerate ANY criticism or scrutiny of Israel’s abominations in occupied Palestinian territory; choosing to hide behind the false label of that equating antisemitism.

    Seems to me keef believes imperialism’s quite acceptable to the right people/nation.

    stealing Ukraine’s prime agricultural land and securing Ukraine’s rare earth deposits

    And yet he’ll happily allow privatisation to flourish; meaning the wealth of the nation will be diverted to those who already sit on the riches of Croesus while producing NOTHING – despite being elected on a pledge to renationalise.

    No difference between russian oligarchy and UK plutocracy. Both are kleptocracies by any other name.

    So DO pipe down

  12. Joseph okeefe …14/10/2022 AT 7:45 AM
    Mr Steve H hall.?….Just read article in RT news
    France “will not use nuclear weapons if Ukraine is the target of a Russian nuclear weapon”

    I’m pleased to hear this 👍

    WHY should France nuke Russia in the event they nuke Ukraine?

    Ukraine ISN’T France.

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