Murdoch hack’s anti-left smear collapses after TORY MP says no assault took place

Dom Hauschild claimed protesters were violent toward Michael Fabricant – Fabricant says no, but claim not yet withdrawn

Murdoch hack Dom Hauschild’s attempt to smear left-wing protesters as violent has collapsed embarrassingly – after supposed victim, Tory MP Michael Fabricant – said the supposed assault didn’t happen.

Hauschild claimed that Fabricant had been ‘pushed quite violently’ by anti-Tory protesters at the party’s conference in Birmingham, a ‘really dark’ incident.

But Fabricant tweeted to say the claims were untrue – and that even the shouting by protesters only happened because he had been sent the wrong way, as others were quick to point out. And he added – though his government appears to disagree – that protest is a right in a democratic country:

Times Radio talking head Hauschild, however, has not deleted his claim at the time of writing and had not replied to a request for comment.

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  1. Glad that Fabricant has chosen to be accurate.
    But in case anyone is thinking he has suddenly become a saint, it’s worth pointing out, his correction has given him an immense amount of social media exposure.
    And it might not do him any career harm in any sudden Tory realignment that occurs in reaction to Truss’s/Kwarteng’s corrupt cock-ups.

    1. Bernie, you are right Fabricant isn’t a saint, he is a Tory and he does as Tories do: look after the upper class at the expense of the working class.
      However, faced with the prospect of voting for a Starmarite candidate or a Tory, I rather chose a Tory than a Labour fascist.

      1. Reply to Bernie and Maria V
        Whatever Michael Fabricant’s motivation he told the truth. Its a pity there weren’t more in Starmers Labour willing to do the same.

  2. SteveH: “We need MORE INFORMATION!!!!!”.

    We all know he’s gonna say it…right?

    1. Yes Ken Burch inevitable! Ha, ha, ha!
      Funny enough if you saw the Labour Files, Angela Eagle’s supporters pulled a similar propaganda stunt claiming her to be subjected to homophobic abuse at a Party meeting that she actually never even attended.
      Eagle wasn’t even willing to be as honest as Fabricant, and used these lies as part of leadership bid smearing Corbyn and his supporters.
      Eagle even claimed she was targeted by vandalism by Corbyn supporters on her building that occured merely on a communal window space – not specifically the Labour office.
      Liverpool police didn’t even support many of her wild accusations.
      As Ken Burch alludes to, our sites resident troll would never demand more information when the smears are entryist neoliberal.

  3. What the hell is that under Hauschild’s nose? Is he on a diet of rats, or guinea-pigs, and forgot to wipe his mouth?

    Like a fifteen-year-old’s first attempt, at a moustache.

    That’s it, he eats mice. Wipe your mouth, lad. Use your napkin, not your sleeve.

    1. Very good George. Thanks for the chuckle.

      I thought it was one of the British Airmen from ‘Allo ‘Allo. Given the story, that’s clearly a smear on the poor airmen. Sorry chaps.

  4. Well calamity truss and her doormat kwasi have done a U turn on handing out free money to their pals.I have never seen a more pathetic bunch of imbeciles ever in government.Step up mr starmer tribute band. to show us just how bad things are .in labour
    look to the banksters whom are closing the shutters and hanging on to our money..thats if youve got any.left after the years of Tory corruption and robbery.Watch the banks go bust and sterling” fail “along with the euro.
    I am being deadly serious about those who will keep our money after the piracy of the world banks in communion with the world order looting of gold,diamonds and dollers from Russian government and private citizens…as they did in Cyprus and wonder why ordinary people in the West are finding it difficult to acess their own money and valuables…..I am angry and having severe doubts now about offloading my smallholding in France due to the nature of a western casino economic games being played out before my eyes.and alerting me before I handed over my farm to a bunch of criminal banksters who are active in defrauding their customers of their money and valuables….German banks and Swiss banks avoid like the plague and remember they are heavily involved in international money markets and transfers unbeknownst to many of British customers sunning themselves on the costas and the Caribbean.?I know how this sounds but even small amounts in accounts are under threat especially if you use a cash machine…….Warning to everyone watch out theres a theif about “

  5. I am tempted to say that for the best part as vile as they are the Tories Usually puts the Fake right. If that was a NEO-Labour Party TORY any time since 12 September 2015, they “would have been lynched or beaten into hospital, to tell the story, in Parliament, the next day, without a wince, limp or a bruise. And beaming with joy as they tell of their Horrific Ordeal!

    1. Dunno about the relationship, but I do know;

      Her sister works for the Tory party in Mozambique, brother is a civil servant.

      Mum and Dad are quite discreet (OBE and CBE), but older members of the family show she is buried deep in the establishment.

      Her paternal grandfather was German-born Dr Ekkehard von Kuenssberg, a founder and president of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Her maternal grandfather was Lord Robertson, a High Court of Justiciary judge. Her great-uncle was Sir James Robertson, the last colonial Governor-General of Nigeria.

      She did a news course in the US where she worked on a political program for NBC (possible CIA enrollment?)

  6. Reply to Tony
    Thanks for this disgusting reminder of how the state broadcaster, the BBC, and the MSM colluded with the Tories, the PLP, Southside, the Zionists and the Establishment to deprive us of a Socialist Government led by Jeremy Corbyn. I also hope that all those who swallowed their lies and smears and voted for “Boris” reflect on this in the hard days ahead.
    Hauschild is an amateur compared to Kuenssberg where defaming the Left is concerned but Murdock probably has high hopes for him – he seems to be learning fast not to let the truth stand in the way of a good smear.

      1. As per GE2019, all taken care of, Manufacturing a GE win has never been so easy MSM, MSSM, MSPolls will take care of the shocking Truss v BlueKeef, just as they did Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn.
        I mean really Truss v BlueKeef, have they no integrity, couldn’t they at least choose someine half inteligent, then again that probably isn’t such a good idea!?

      2. Reply to Steve H
        I turned away from politics because of Blair and Iraq. I could never vote Tory so most of the time I just didn’t vote at all. I think many people feel that way about Starmers Labour and many members ex members supporters and ex supporters will just stay at home come the next election
        Also as I have posted previously in my opinion Starmers remit is not to form a government this time round ( or even the next time ) – it is to rid the party of socialists and AntiZionists so that the party is totally neutered when it eventually gets into power.
        That is why we have paid trolls on this and similar sites all day every day posing as socialists and urging us to leave the party and name calling and insulting those who do not.

      3. Smartboy – I’m struggling to see what you ever hope to achieve by doing nothing.

      4. Reply to Steve H
        You are absolutely right of course – I really regret the years I and hundreds of thousands of others left the party. We should have stayed and fought Blair. By walking away we gave him a free rein to war monger and accumulate his millions – all he was really interested in in my opinion
        That is the reason why I am still a party member – I now see that walking away will play right into Starmers hands. I am one of the socialists they haven’t been able to pin an “antisemite” label on (yet) so I and others like me are bombarded on left wing sites by paid trolls who claim to be socialists too and who demand that we resign.
        The whole thing is disgusting – if they can’t get us out on fake antisemitism charges they try to get us to listen to fake socialists who want to aim to get us out by urging us to resign – but having watched Al Jazeera’s Labour Files NOTHING they do would surprise me.
        They have no honour or decency and I genuinely fear what they would do if they ever got into government.

    1. Remember when you NEO-Labour Party TORIES ran your VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn with support of the MSM and MSPolls? Do you think that out of a group, where one or two of them were possible PM material, that after the deliberately over extended leadership campaign, the worst possible person is selected rather than the best or at least good/acceptable!?
      Do you really think that, that charade had nothing to do with who the commissioners decided the next PM will be?
      And that someone so blatantly incompetent was selected, without very good reason. Someone so incompetent that BlueKeef won’t even have to demand a snap election, the bloody TORIES will do it for him!
      Don’t you think that a mere 25 points lead over TRUSS is an embarrassment and nothing to crow about?
      3 Months!

      1. nellyskelly – ….and your excuse for Corbyn trailing way behind Boris in the polls was?
        By your own admission you and your cohorts like Toffee have FA to offer the electorate. You’re a sad waste of space.

      2. nellyskelly – All I can see from you is a load of rather desperate excuses and nonsense from you. When will you have something credible to offer the electorate, sometime never?
        I voted for Corbyn in 2015, 16,17 & 19 did you?

      3. So you keep telling me, but why would you tell me something that is so blatantly inconsistent with your own posts, and why bother saying something that is private and untraceable, either way. You voted UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) as much as I will vote NEO-Labour Party TORIES, over my dead body!

      4. Reply to Steve H
        You know why Jeremy Corbyn lost to Johnson. You shame yourself by gloating over the success of the concerted campaign against him.

      5. Smartboy – I’m not gloating about anything. As a Labour member I supported and voted for Labour in the 19GE and despite some concerns I would have been delighted if Labour had won.
        The ones who plotted against Corbyn at Labour’s HQ were by and large Union appointees and absolutely nothing to do with me. It appears that despite the revelations in the ‘leaked’ report those same Unions have given these miscreants nice cushy jobs.

      6. Reply to Steve H
        The only person I can think of who got a union job was Emilie Oldknow but this was understandable given that the employing union was Unison – they like her are an absolute disgrace, a pitiful excuse for a Trade union (and always have been)

  7. The difference between Blair’s and Starmer’s ascension is
    a) Starmer is no Blair in terms of connection to the public – he is a [placeholder].
    b) he is not getting elevated during relatively stable times

    He’ll get his single term and probably sooner than expected (maybe January) and as no sane person on the Tory side would relish taking over right now I think the realisation will dawn that they might as well start their time in the wilderness sooner rather than later. So, Starmer 2023-2028 at best. If things turnaround then the Tories could be back in power as early as 2025, with a new leader and having Starmer carry the stench of the current crisis that is really going to play out over the next eighteen months to two years.

    1. Tim – I’m looking forward to a Labour government enacting their policy platform.

    2. The PEOPLE are desperate, even on the left all I see is Middle Class people telling us how much we will suffer. Besides that The PEOPLE who are still in their Zombified MSM Sheeple Slumber, going to the polls to vote for BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen are expecting their Promises, HOPE, and a UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) instead they will get MORE Lies, MORE Austerity, NO HOPE, and The Thatcherite Neoliberal NEO-Labour Party TORIES!
      I give it 3 Months Maximum before the first Riots! How much BlueKeef Hates Protests and Freedom of Speech, he will do a loop on riots and I am convinced he will order bloodshed! If we look just at The Labour Files, it gives us more than enough on what those people are capable of. Anyone who votes NEO-Labour Party TORIES deserves what is coming to them because it ain’t going to be any easier than it is now and it will prolong the suffering of The PEOPLE by another 10, 20, 43 years with another BLiar era Slumber and Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State!
      End it here and now, then and only then without Sabotage can The PEOPLE start putting a party and Unions together the Unions all part infested with NEO-Labour TORIES will then be, by default disaffiliated, and they can to be disinfected and reshaped to our will! We don’t have enough time for creating a party, but we can nominate a temporary home/Party to vote for just as the NEO-Labour Party TORIES’ dagger up the sleeve, with Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn we could run our own Project VoteXtoStopOnePartyState!

      1. nellyskelly – The reality is that there simply isn’t enough of you to make any significant impact at the ballot box.

      2. I’m not so sure about that, VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn did pretty well for your lot so lets wait and see.
        Parliament has been a Neoliberal Panto especially since 12 September 2015. Everything Orchestrated and Manufactured by Dodgy Neoliberal One Party State Elites.
        Do you not wonder why out of the 6 they chose the dumest and most incompetent of the bunch over the longest live MSM Political event ever, especially when there were at least two more inteligent and more competent, than Truss?
        Well the answer is quite simple: So that BlueKeef can have his Manufactured 25 point lead, and call a snap ellection, because of her incompetence. I do hope the TORIES call a no confidence before he gets his long awaited grubby opportunity!
        That is why I asked you is it not better to Lose with Dignity in Tact, than to Win by means of Corrupt and Ill Gains?

      3. nellyskelly – Don’t be so naive
        It was Sunak who ensured that he was up against Truss in the run off for the Tory leadership and it was the f’wit Tory membership who voted her into office.

      4. Yes of course SteveH, is he the “Labour/Red Wall Brexiteers” of this round? You need to pull your head out of MSM’s Arse, old boy!
        ‘It was TORY membership that voted’ Phhh wah hah hah hah! Yes, okay SteveH of course they did, which ones?
        Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State!
        Same ghouls just a different day!

      5. Rant? Is rant a synonym for something you don’t like to hear, because you do use that an awful lot, as another of your stack of get out of jail free cards.

      6. nellyskelly – I’m simply describing what I see.

        Redfield & Wilton Strategies
        Labour lead by 38% in the Red Wall, up from 15% two weeks ago.
        Red Wall Voting Intention (3-4 Oct.):
        Labour 61% (+12)
        Conservative 23% (-11)
        Reform UK 3% (-4)
        Liberal Democrat 7% (+2)
        Green 4% (–)
        Other 2% (+1)
        Changes +/- 19-20 Sept.

      7. I already told you that BlueKeef will be the next PM, you don’t impress nor annoy me with these figures from the Corrupt, Propagandist Mainstream it means nothing to me. However that won’t stop me and many others from Sabotaging and Campaigning against BlueKeef and his ~195 Starmerstruppen, not now and not when they are in Nr10, and that will be when it gets easier and we become more, as people come down with a waking thud.
        3 Months!

      8. nellyskelly – Thanks for acknowledging Keir Starmer’s successes and for taking the time to reiterate how much you are neither impressed by or in the least bit annoyed by the consistent lead that Labour has enjoyed in the polls for the last 10mths. Thanks for also confirming that a Keir Starmer led Labour Party being on course to have a landslide win in the next general election is of absolutely no consequence to you.
        It is gratifying that you have also acknowledged that your campaign in favour of another term of Truss-Economics will continue to be ineffectual.
        Given that by your own admission you don’t have anything at all to offer by the way of a credible alternative then what possesses you to campaign against a strong Labour government with a sound policy platform that will benefit the many when the only realistic alternative is another Conservative Party government that has been captured by very right-wing ideologues.

      9. Well yes you will considder winning by corruption and ill means a celebration!
        BlueKeef came into that Party as the PM after the GE2019 VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn and the rest Sabotage and Theft.
        Liz Truss is just as much a part of those con-artists’ long-game!
        If you feel proud of your ill gotten gains against an opponent like Truss, then that is your prerogative.
        Personally I could not bear the shame of knowing what they have done to get BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen into Nr10.
        Shameful Utterly Shameful!
        C’est la Vie some people have no morals and that is just that I guess.

        PS. 3 Months to the First Riot!

      10. There is ONLY ONE Difference between the NEO-Labour Party TORIES and the Conservative Party TORIES and that is that BlueKeef and Co are one Fuck Off Dangerous Pinochet style Mafia, Chile may have a Socialist President and Government but behind the scenes Pinochet’s Mafia still run the country!
        BlueKeef and the Commissioners are no different! That is why you will be crushed and dumped, that kind of behaviour will never Sabotage or Intimidate another Socialist Party from within!
        The only Sabotage will be us until The NEO-Labour Party TORIES are no more! Their remnants could try from the outside, but we can see them comming!

      11. nellyskelly – Your having a laugh. By you and who’s army, according to the polls you and your comrades are a small fraction of 2%.

      12. Of Course according to the Unverified, Unregulated Propagandised Polls. Only trouble is the Polls have never needed to take the “2%” into consideration for an accurate Poll as much as they need to now, that they want BlueKeef to Win and not the opposite want Corbyn to Lose.

  8. SteveH – if that means putting in PR immediately as expressively determined at conference and then calling a general election straightaway so that we can be shot of the cosy LabourTory duopoly, then yes, otherwise the old adage “same shit, different day” seems apt.

    1. Tim – Back in the real world what on earth would you hope to gain from a future Labour government calling an early GE when ‘the left’ have yet to get their act together. To date ‘the left’ are unable to offer anything resembling a credible alternative. You are going to have to accept that you need to build trust and learn to walk before you can run.
      Personally I’m reasonably happy with Labour’s current policy platform and I look forward to them implementing it and winning a second and third term.

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