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Daily Mirror uses pic of Kwarteng – that looks nothing like Kwarteng

They’re both male, black and wearing suits but resemblance ends there – and Bernard Mensah’s pic is posted under Black History Month ad

The Mirror newspaper has had to be corrected by Tory Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng after featuring a picture of a different black man as him.

As Chancellor, Kwarteng holds one of the most prominent positions in UK politics and has been all over the news in the last week after his disastrous budget benefiting the wealthiest.

But the Mirror presented a picture of a completely different black man as him, leading Kwarteng to point out, ‘That isn’t me’:

Ironically, the picture appears under a header inviting readers to ‘Explore Black history and celebrate Black culture.

Skwawkbox understands that the man in the picture is Mr Bernard Mensah, a banking executive.

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  1. Liz Truss was right about one thing, this mini-budget further displays the real talent that the Tories have on their front bench.

  2. A witty response. The problem is the Tories don’t see black people as a victim underclass as exemplified by Rupa Huq and The Mirror showing a black ‘banker’, not a (say) cleaner shows we are going along with the Tory mindset.

  3. i’m well aware of the different favial features so before anyone gets the wrong idea – just google kwarteng and click on the images.

    In just about every picture it’s the same suit & same tie as the bloke in the photo…Different glasses, mind.

  4. I think the Mirror’s article is more than just shoddy journalism . In my opinion it shows a racist mindset. They didn’t see a man they just saw a skin colour.
    The Mirror is regarded as a “Labour” supporting paper. Given the deep rooted racism in Starmers Labour that Labour Files exposed the inherent racism of the Mirror in this instance is unsurprising.

  5. Look the mindset of keir starmer our knight of the realm hasnt progressed beyond Dis and Dat which for our younger veiwers was a portrayal of black Americans as a stupid illiterate underclass much the same as the “thick paddy irish only fit to tarmac your the fiftys…although with the Irish its still the labour party 2022.but must remember we are dealing with dinosaurs.
    I know where these barstewards are coming from and its fascism in its most raw and unapologetic stance..I am coming back to Britain now I know I can get back to my home in Cambodi now putin s cured the virus. but I would dearly love to get stuck into the fascists in Britain and Ireland whilst I am there and no apologys for my wish to trash someone into next year and show the younger genration how to” deal with thugs.Even an old man should show more passion than the calamity carrerists of the so called socialists in parliament.they’re a bloody disgrace and time is short and running out for the majority working class..

    1. Joseph, Welcome back. We have got to smash em all over again, in all their chameleon shapes. These are dire times but the strikes are solid and well supported by the workers, regardless of MSM attempts to disparage them. Dark days ahead, but who is surprised. Let’s hope that our foreign correspondent keeps his distance because it could get messy and we need different polls when the boots and batons start flowing.

      1. Oh dearie, dearie me. For goodness sake get a grip on reality and calm down.

      2. Wobbly I am coming back to Britain if all the borders are open without covid passports.or having a object rammed up my nose penetrating the membrane as a “test”
        .I havnt booked yet but will do as soon as my property in france is near to the final sale,.The last sale fell through due to my lack of planning on the covid restrictions on using a “notary” outside of france who could authenticate my signiture on the final completion…..its been a nightmare although my wife was an estate agent in Dorking for many years and I bought and sold property in Ireland and the earn a few crumbs after leaving my company in Surrey..I have hopefully solved the problems of being a Gypsy of the departure lounges especially as the Red tape and ability to control our own money is severely restricted and limited.All part of the control mechanism of the world order.,were only they are allowed to cross the borders without jumping through hoops.I will have to be careful and be on my best behaviour and not revert to my usual methods of dealing with authority so as to get back home to Cambodia asap….god willing.

  6. Wow? This feeds into the “they all look the same” mantra! The Mirror ysed to be a reputable newspaper for Labour,That’s gone now, not a peep about the Forde report or Labour files!! Kevin Maguire has been supporting Starmer since day one! The Deputy Editor has turned in his socialist readers!!

    1. Other than the labour party being more to the right wing fascist that permeated both neo liberal parties conservative and Labour party theres nothing to choose between them.except the knight of the realm being even more dangerous than calamity jane truss theres nothing to say about either of these parasites infecting the parliament.other than the sooner they self destruct the less casualtys amongst the working class..

      1. I believe that Headroom hates us much more than No Profiles Liz.

  7. Well hes certainly copied the Zimbabwe’s former leader Robert Mugabe on how to ruin a economy overnight.
    Kwasi is certainly another nit from Surrey .Strange that they always appear to be arrogant with fresh air between the ears.just like the en..titled nit from Oxted Surrey.I wonder if hes got the same drinkeys problems as well as “our Keir” who didnt have a beerfest in Durham thirty miles away from were he was ruining a former rock solid labour seat Hartlepool…..and needed a swift one to stop the shakes..!

    1. Joseph – It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the voters in Hartlepool were were well and truly pissed off with Labour after they had treated them with contempt. Corbyn reinstated Mike Hill so he could stand in the 19GE despite the fact that he was still under investigation for being a sex pest. We also shouldn’t forget that the by election was called because Hill the sitting Labour MP resigned prior to his employment tribunal hearing where he was found guilty of being a sex pest.

      1. And sod-all to do with having a misogynist remain candidate foisted upon them by keef – in a 70% leave seat.

        (And labour MPs refusing to campaign/canvas for him).

        No. Not a bit of it. It’s all Jeremy’s fault – even though he’d had the whip removed seven months prior to the by-election…


      2. Toffee – Don’t be a numpty. The by election was called because Hill had to resign for being a sex pest so it was fresh in the voters minds. You can make up as many excuses as you like but it won’t alter the fact that Corbyn treated the Hartlepool voters with unforgivable contempt when he reinstated Mike Hill whilst he was still under investigation and was subsequently forced to resign for being a sex pest before being found guilty at an employment tribunal.

      3. Toffee – It’s all Jeremy’s fault – even though he’d had the whip removed seven months prior to the by-election…
        Yes it was Jeremy’s fault
        I think you are mistaken. It was Jeremy that reinstated the whip to Mike Hill in Oct19 whilst he was still under investigation, do you have a link to Hill having the whip removed subsequent to this because my recollection is that when Hill resigned in March21 he was still a Labour MP and that he wasn’t administratively suspended from the Labour party until May21 following the results of the Independent Expert Panel’s enquiry into Hill’s breach of parliamentary standards–offices/standards-and-financial-interests/independent-expert-panel/hc-12—the-conduct-of-mr-mike-hill.pdf.
        This wasn’t a trivial matter the employment tribunal ordered Hill to pay his victim £434,435

      4. Thing is steveh Mike Hill MP was ordered to pay more than £434,000 to a parliamentary worker he sexually assaulted, harassed and victimised. The then party leader applied the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle and, maybe foolishly, trusted Hill’s claim of innocence. Hindsight might show Jeremy’s decision now to be questionable, but he was absolutely right to apply the principle.

        And while we’re seeing how inadequate Mike Hill’s word was, did he not retain the seat at GE19 and later supported Keir Starmer in the 2020 Labour leadership election and Angela Rayner for the deputy leadership?

        Maybe Sir Keir spoke-up for the assaulter MP?

      5. qwertboi – I already know about the level of compensation he was ordered to pay his poor victim, I told you that above,
        Hill was still under investigation when Jeremy reinstated him, only in your La-La-Land could that ever be acceptable. However you are right that it does draw Jeremy’s lack of judgement into question.
        Hill held onto the seat with a reduced majority. He lost >6,000 votes and his majority dropped from 18.3% to 8.8% with a very similar turnout I presume that because he was reinstated by Corbyn those that voted for him were duped into believing he was in the clear. Whichever way you look at it it was unacceptable to reinstate the whip to Hill.

        Your pathetic insinuations about Keir speaking up for Mike Hill are both disingenuous and untrue.

      6. Birds of a feather….. just a pity that one of them’s likely to be King Charles’ First Minister quite soon, despite turning the Labour party into “a criminal conspiracy” against its members (fewer every day..)

      7. qwertboi – You’re desperation is palpable, you should stick with your anti-vax bollocks.

      8. The ‘palpable’ bit’s good (as a dour Scot, I thank you), but it’s not desperation, it’s disgust.

        Even away from the million or so people who watched The Labour Files already, indignation and repulsion are reasonably common reactions to Sir Keir and – happily – they can both be contagious/infectious , so here’s hoping…

        (and as for the other thing, the MHRA and widespread-adverse reactions and even ‘SUDS’ will have the last word on that – unless legal stuff happens in years to come (as it should))

      9. qwertboi – Didn’t most of the wrongdoing actually occur when Corbyn was leader, what specifically are you accusing Keir Starmer of?

      10. Steve H……I am still worried about “Janet” the General dogsbody who made the tea….swept away the muck inside the offices during the so called campaign and went up to the attic with the good “doctor” to clean the attic on the instructions of the brilliant Secretary of the constituency Hartlepool and leaked the scandel to Guido Fawkes “.The labour party even made the front page in much of the mucky media….but still no sign of Janet”

  8. Poor ‘oul Kevin Maguire, eh? Hasn’t been a good week for him, or his ‘newspaper’, has it?

    First he runs his mouth off about JC at Conference, and gets pounced on. Now, this.

    You’d have to be made of stone, not to laugh.

  9. what specifically are you accusing Keir Starmer of?

    Tough one. Where to start?

    Oh, how about…

    Nonce enabling.
    Toerag enabling.
    The wholesale dismissal of democracy AND natural justice.
    Spying on people.
    Shutting down dissent
    Imposition of candidates.(see democracy)
    Refusal to oppose toerag policy
    BRAGGING about SUPPORTING toerag policy (see toerag and nonce enabling)
    Wasting party funds
    Losing membership hand-over-fist
    Woeful by and council election record

    …Need I go on?

    Oh, ok then


    And being a horrendously nasally-voiced, block-headed, greasy, worthless prick.

    Your turn.

    1. Toffee – 🥱 So nothing specific that you can provide any credible evidence for 💤

      1. What do you think he (Toffee) is, a state prosecutor at the DPP? (‘credible evidence’ indeed!)

        If he was, he’d have access to more than enough evidence of Starmer’s offences/ lawbreaking and dodginess from just the five years Starmer was DPP.

        As it is, he should be made do a stint as PM (a short one, please), so the entire planet can see what a dangerous, lawless and ethically vacuous person he actually is. Two weeks that’s all it would take. They’d stick a prohibition order on him as soon as his two weeks probation was completed.

      2. qwertboi – Well thanks for the pointless diatribe but what I asked you above was Didn’t most of the wrongdoing actually occur when Corbyn was leader, what specifically are you accusing Keir Starmer of?
        A nice try at avoidance and distraction though.

      3. Wrongdoing? Whose? Mike Hill’s? On that, Sir Corleoni Starmer is not accused of anything (so far) I think.

        BUT to get a clearer idea of Sir Kier’s failings re the Labour party, you might watch The Labour Files (any or all of the episodes),

      4. I’ve watched them thanks, I was struck by how similar the format was to the one that Wade used for the Panorama ‘documentary’

      5. I accuse him of being behind everything on the Al Jazeera documentary. Plus making up policy on the fly

        Plus not prosecuting savile and the two toerags.

        Plus reneging on his ten pledges

        credible evidence indeed. From the whinging little shite that moans about the Al Jazeera documentary a hatchet job but refuses point blank to say why – despite the reams of evidence against the slimeball provided in said film.

        So where’s your rebuttal of the evidence, bellend?

      6. Still to name a single instance of keef whipping MPs to vote AGAINST the rags 😙🎶

    2. Inebriated “. Toffee needs urgently added to the crime sheet as its the main reason for the disappearing act during the Black death” covid con that Dr Putin cured in a matter of days of invading Ukraine…
      ..just a reminder to Steve H don’t forget your booster jab this winter and give us all a break from the treacherous right wing propoganda. Please?.Just been listening to Ill Divo and wondering Why marin who had previously been used as a pin cushion for the vacinne in the USA and Mexico and had a immediate reaction to the vaccine that nearly killed him.should then come to Manchester and have another jab that finished him and the group of singers who have gone into obscurity.I havnt heard from Katherine Jenkins either whom I used to watch from the “concerts in the park” in Haywards Heath every year?….did she have a jab?

  10. Steve H, obviously, hasn’t been able to get hold of a copy of Oliver Eagleton’s excellent book, where he is, otherwise he wouldn’t have to keep using this tedious mantra :

    ‘Didn’t most of the wrongdoing actually occur when Corbyn was leader, what specifically are you accusing Keir Starmer of?’

    Most of the accusations against Starmer, are answered in the book.

    I do wish Steve H would read it, and give us all a break.

    As a taster – JC’s Whip removal wasn’t decided by Starmer. He was dithering on whether to do it or not.

    Remember, at the time, JC had been suspended by Starmer – or was it Evans – then unsuspended, by the NEC – then – Starmer dithered and dathered.

    The BoD ended his intellectual anguish by walking into the room and telling him to ‘withdraw The Whip’, which he did.

    Now, since when have the BoD been affiliated to The Labour Party? Since when does an unaffiliated organisation get to have a say in Labour Party governance, Labour Party procedures?

    Since when does – any – unelected, unappointed person – a stranger – get to have a say in Labour Party governance and procedures?

    Is Keir Starmer the real leader of The Labour Party? Who does he owe his allegiance too? The Labour Party or The Likud Party. The UK, or Israel?

    So many questions answered by reading Oliver Eagleton’s book.

    So many more questions raised by reading Oliver Eagleton’s book.

    I do wish Steve H would read it, and give us all a break.

    1. George – Have you only just come across this book? I watched a long format interview (1hr18mins) between Novara Media and the author about 3 or 4 months ago and decided there wasn’t much to be gained by buying his book.

      1. George – No I haven’t read the book, I thought I’d already made that clear

      2. I pre-ordered the book, and have read it a couple of times, now. Always something new. Always raises fresh questions about Starmer. Perhaps, those questions may be answered in a follow-up.

      3. George – Maybe they will, if there is one.
        If you enjoyed it so much perhaps you should consider contacting the author to encourage him to write a sequel. Oliver has a twitter account
        Failing that you’ll just have to keep your fingers crossed.

      4. SteveH 02/10/2022 at 4:18 pm :

        I wasn’t asking a question. I was merely making a confirmatory statement. Musing.

      5. Yes, Oliver Eagleton is a prolific and insightful journalist. Avoiding most social media like the plague, I tend to check with Muck Rack to make sure I don’t miss too much of his product.

        Well said George P. Our friend, steveh, obviously does not realise what he’s missing out on (FWIW I suspect the CIA follow him closely; he has his finger on more pulses than most).

    2. I have Oliver Eagleton’s Twitter account, thank you. I have had for some time.

      Thank you, for the thought.

      One you may be interested in, yourself, is Steven Downes’ Twitter account. He’s the editor of ‘Inside Croydon’. Doing sterling work exposing Starmer & Co’s amateurish newspaper hacking activities.

      Well, worth a ‘follow’.

      That’s if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

      1. On the subject of books, I have enough to keep me going while I wait for – the much postponed – ‘Sabotage : The Inside Hit Job That Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn’.

        He’s being kept, very, busy with updates as more information emerges, almost, weekly. Latest publishing date is, the 28 Feb 2023.

        James Schneider’s book – ‘Our Bloc, How We Win.’ – was a good read. Unfortunately, for James, much of what he wrote has been taken over by events.

        There’s never a dull moment with this Labour Party, eh?

      2. The UK Labour Party is dead, that thing that wriggles and squirms, in the darkest corners of Westminster corridors, when you accidentally catch your foot on it, is the dead skin of the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19), infested with the Parasite The NEO-Labour Party TORIES. Be careful when you do though! That thing spews bile!

      3. Unverified, Unregulated, means nothing.
        But you could try to answer:
        How does Putin, Russia and the “war” in Ukraine create the Energy Crisis in the UK, when we only import, or perhaps even, ‘used to’ import, 4% Gas, 9% Oil, 22% Coal from Russia?
        How is there an Energy Crisis when the Privatised Energy Providers report record Profits of £Billions?
        How will it help us to have a partial Public Energy Company that will be tendered out for partial Privatiisation, when we already have an existing Energy Infrastructure, why not work with what we already have, for prtial Renationalising, rather than creating just another money spinner for BlueKeef and palls? It is the most Typical Neoliberal Sticky Dirty Trick of our times, and the Zombified MSM Sheeple just lap up the Neoliberal Propagandist trickery of the Mainstream Polls. So be it, the cities will be ablaze with riots in less than 3 months if BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen take the keys for Nr10, the most corrupt shoddily Manufactured Government ever anywhere!

      4. nellyskelly – Instead of asking me questions that you already think you know the answer to if you’ve got something you want to tell us all then just do it. The stage is all yours, have fun. 😏

      5. As I said above and it was you who made the claim that it is because of “Putin’s War” I am merely asking how.
        It is you who is Poster Boy for BlueKeef’s promises. You made the claims that you can’t answer simple questions to. If you don’t have an explanation that’s okay, just say that you don’t know the answer and I will keep searching for something believable. Nobody knows everything.

  11. much of what he wrote has been taken over by events. “

    Which goes to prove that the democratic left still has Life Force and still terrifies the unipolar superpower fighting for its life with scam health emergencies (well 1 recently) and scripted wars.

    Starmer is a key part of these PtB’s DESPERATE endeavours. Corbyn made them realise that Democratic Socialism isn’t quite dead yet. They’d hoped it was.

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