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Video: BBC panel chuckles as guest recounts anti-Catholic history during coverage of coffin procession

Throwing a stool at a preacher and driving Catholics out of Scotland is amusing, apparently

The BBC’s coverage of the queen’s coffin procession through Scotland included a section in which the guests and presenter laughed merrily about violence toward Catholics and driving them out of Scotland:

Prejudice and discrimination against someone for their religious beliefs was not uncommon in Elizabethan England. But such beliefs are a protected characteristic under equality law in this television age.

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  1. Yes, I heard that on the video. Do we know who those ‘guests’ were?

    Related : Two people arrested, yesterday, for expressing their counter-views on the reading of The Proclamation.

    A woman in Edinburgh, and a man in Oxford.

    The woman held up a home-made sign disagreeing. She would have stood a better chance of getting away with it, if she hadn’t used a ‘bad word’. Tut! Tut!

    The man, simply, asked – not very loudly – ‘Who elected him?’, but loudly enough to be heard by two or three civilian security thugs, who pounced on him.

    The police became involved. He was arrested and questioned. When it was discovered he was an upstanding member of the community, he was ‘unarrested’.

    That may not be the end of this story.

    Freedom of Speech – and all that.

    1. The worst of he Neo-Middle-Class pile-on assaults I ever experienced on Twitter was, …remember when Saudi Bombed that School Bus, with British Made Weapons, well I poured my heart out using words like fuck, fucking and twats. I was truly raging at seeing this news. Well to say I was ripped apart, is an understatement, uneducated scum, filth, your sort, blah, blah, blah.
      So I simply posted ‘and how do you feel about those poor dear children blown up on their way to school’, which released the Guilt Rage. Needless to say that every one of them was blocked.
      What was striking was the things they we’re saying to me, if I was a flower, was far more hurtful and nasty than any cuss word could ever be! It is a bizare thing that those Neo-Middle-Class pompous twats would rather rage over words, than children blown to pieces, it’s quite sickening!

    2. George – Regarding your urging people to vote “yes”
      If you look at the principle established when Serbia made application to the International Court of Justice, the Scottish government has the right to declare independence and it should be respected in International Law.
      Of course, I don’t imagine that they would make such a declaration.
      Equally, they would not be breaking international law if they chose to hold a referendum on independence without the “approval” of the UK parliament.
      Again, I don’t imagine that they would do this.
      My bet is that they will wait for the economic situation to really unravel as a result of the falling value of sterling and, when polls start to show a consistent majority favouring a referendum, make the move then.
      2 years or so?

      1. At the moment, polls show 60% support for a ‘Yes’ vote. This time next year, if not before, would seem appropriate.

        If a Referendum is called, without Westminster’s consent, and it goes ahead, anyway, I fear for Trusses’ mental health. It seems fragile enough, as it is, and she’s only started the job.

      2. What’s the monarchy got to do with a Yes’ to Independence vote? The Scots/Nats, inc. the 2 big fish Salmon & Sturgeon both want to keep the monarchy & the pound. Scotland Independent of London but not Brussels.

  2. I cannot say, I am surprised. Despite all the political correctness Britain is the most class ridden society in Europe.
    What the political correctness has done is to effectively divide the working class into different communities that compete against each other, rather than against those that oppress them.
    The monarchy is the institution that underpins class as its core states that some people are born to rule and the rest are born to be subjects.
    Of course racism exist but most black communities are very much among the less affluent, if you are one of the few lucky blacks that are well off somehow you suffer racism less.

    1. Exactly it has become impossible to have 2+ way conversations, and I am sick of it.
      This might be controversial, to some, but we don’t need woke rules to make us understand and communicate with each other. If someone says something that you don’t like, you tell them, don’t jump on them and go for the jugular, THERE’S NO NEED for persecutions, you try to debate, if if gets too heated move on with YOUR life, they certainly will.
      If they said something worrying or ilegal report them, that is the Police’s work.
      Wokism is very close to fascism, in that a select few decides the flavour and everyone else is EXPECTED to fall in line.
      Also, we are at a very strange and blurry line or circle, really, where all the ‘wings’ overlap and that there is The PEOPLE If we could just communicate we’d see that we are not all that different.
      However ‘The Left’ has been taken over by the Neo-Middle-Class occupying everything Socialist/Communist and the self importance of what I presume are rich kids living with mummy and daddy in the posh side of town, judging by the tripe they put out, is all too obvious.
      Where are The REAL PEOPLE, The straight A kids (not a necessity just example straight Ds have acieved much in life and straight As have fallen in life, its just more divission tools) who has to leave school to become the breadwinners, etc! Why is nobody attracting and giving them reporting and writing skills, so that we can see some real Politics Emerge!?

  3. Getting back to the original – this is appalling
    behaviour by the guests and panel. Do they
    not know about the sectarianism which still
    lingers in somer areas of Scotland? It used
    also to linger in areas of NW England but
    fortunately seems to have disappeared
    from there now.

    One place it has NOT disappeared in is
    of course Northern Ireland – but obviously
    the Panel cannot join the dots .. too stupid.
    Do they not realise how delicate the subject

  4. Half of under 35s in the UK are ready to riot, 35-44 shows 40% will join them.

    It’s almost like they are deliberately trying to incite…

    Stay safe all

    1. I worry about protests and riots, it’s playing into their hands, whereas a general strike well planned within each community, regardless of Politics, etc we organise food, health, emergency, etc, etc and the entire Nation withdraws in every aspect of the economy, no Amazon, no popping out for a bar of chocolate.
      We can call it a celebration of the Community,.
      I tell you what, we cut Britain’s Economy at the main artery of the City we’ll have them crawling the streets begging us for normality, under our terms!

      But something everyone can do right away, yes you too qwertboi ;), is to start a personal revolution of NEED over WANT, simply stop buying what you want and only buy what you REALLY need.
      If we could make that a mass movement, it would take a month or so for the City to realise that something is amiss and once our demands are met people can return to their Material Desires or mybe not.

    2. It is interesting how the age group has changed it would normally be 18 to 25, but 35 to 44 wih children and households, it is indicative of the sheer desperation, there simply is no HOPE and no CHOICE, thanks to VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn and One Party State. Those young people, with their 2.5 young to teen children now prepared to go and fight in the streets, how much heartache will come of this!? It is heartbreaking!

  5. As an aside…Anyone seen the truss thing attempting to curtsy before king Brian?

    Jesus! Now I’m not one for all this bowing curstying and genuflection palaver…But FAFS!! The imbecile looks like she’s just finished lugging a half-ton of cement in a wheelbarrow for a mile, non-stop.

    Bears a frighteningly uncanny resemblance to that episode of The thick of it (Did Ianucci know what was coming?) when the Nicola Murray character can’t even properly walk for the five yards to place a wreath at the cenotaph – even after rehearsing it for hours on end.

    It’s a wonder truss can push out a turd ffs.

  6. Well done Skwawkbox for highlighting this – the more “casual” racism is highiighted theore aware people will become of it

    1. What can I say George awful!! The only small mercy is that she wasn’t physically harm. Let’s us hope that she wasn’t been arrested and facing a criminal record for “breaking the peace” or something similar.
      On an openly fascist state she would have been hit, but them perhaps the UK is more evolved and physical violence isn’t needed. Just the threat of getting arrested and a criminal record to destroy your working life is enough of a deterrent for most.

  7. This is thought provoking and shows the power of Neoliberalism, and quite possibly what we’d have seen if we had PM Jeremy Corbyn!
    One thing is for sure the day he was elected would have been the end of kinder, gentler, nicer, trusting in “the good” of people!
    I think they would have assassinated him! Especially where Bojoke flew immediately to Ukraine to cut the deal with Russia and essentially causing the war, he would have had them around a table, with a perfect deal for both Russia and Ukraine, that would have fucked off some serioisly high and mighty Neoliberal Mafioso!
    Neoliberalism is a Conn Trick, Neoliberalism is a Nasty Murdering Bully!
    The only way we will ever get rid of those bastards would be to Cut their Lifeline STOP SPENDING UNLESS EXTREMELY NECESARY!

    1. President Nixon ordered the CIA to overthrow the government of Chile.
      But the irony is that the CIA and the U S military ousted President Nixon. That is not the official version but it is what actually happened.

      Nixon was lucky, however, as the original plan of the CIA was to have him assassinated. This failed when the assassin, Edwin Kaiser, backed out when he was informed who his target was to be.

      Frank Sturgis of the CIA, one of the Watergate burglars, confirmed this in a 1977 interview:

      1. Serves them right! The Evil of the West is worse than anything else that ever existed. And they keep Propagandising it away, I say bring on the New World Order BRICS! It is high time!

      2. Yep totally agree. It is the US quest for unipolar world hegemony that has and continues to create misery in the world via bunch of psycopaths working throughout the US administration. The President is just the face of the machine – the last two have been half senile. BRICS will of course prevail, it’s just a matter of time lo- the jury is probably out on the question of whether a BRICS run world will be better but where we are is shit with politics broken in the uS and the UK. The US is an empire in decline and empires in decline do stupid things and the question is whether we are all annihilated bya climate catastrophe or a US initiated nuclear Armageddon.. The other alternative is that sheeple just wake the fuck up. Caitlin Johnson is a superb on these sorts of question analysing all the crap going on and sometimes very funny – worth following her blog if you don’t already.

      3. Yes, sometimes one has to also beggar in despair the question, is it just humans who are absolute nasty pieces of shit!
        Rejoice the Socialist South America and then for some mad reason they go and kill half the population. There are no “safe” factions, leaders, places, people. It is a volatile planet, full of nasty little volatile humans, in a volatile galaxy, in a volatile universe and possibly in a volatile multiverse. We are so goddamned insignificant and pointless that one would think that we’d have learnt humilty as our natural default.

  8. In 1689, parliament passed the Bill of Rights Act & ever since it has been illeal for the Monarch or their spouse to be a catholic. For three & a half centuries it has been legal to discriminate against Catholics. No other religion is discriminated against in law. Imagine if Guy Fawkes were Jewish? Effigies of a catholic are burned regularly & discriminatory employment practices still exist.
    I am a Catholic & have lived on Merseyside since 1976; I was born in Bristol. Jack Straw once referred to me as ‘that troublesome scouser from Bristol’. There are no sectarian marches in Bristol nor the West Country & our football teams have no religous bias, not so in Liverpool & not so in Glasgow (see my brother Jimmy). I was shocked & dismayed when I saw the Orange Lodge marching on the streets. I did not understand.
    I became a youth worker & then a Lecturer & seconded to work in a C of E High School in Blackburn; my 2 year brief was to establish a Media Centre teaching A Level Media & Politics; Film Studies; Drama & English Literature. A studio area plus editing facilities were acquired & the venture a complete success, as within 2 years large numbers of students were attaining over & above grade C. I was asked if I wanted the new job as Head of Media, I was delighted & agreed but then there were complications & the offer suddenly withdrawn. Was it because I rode a motorcycle in from Liverpool & parked it outside the headmaster’s study? Was my hair too long or because I wore an ear-ring? Perhaps it was because I disliked being called Sir. No it was far worse but they wouldn’t tell me & my contract had been completed. I was told ‘never to return’. Why? ” Weeks later I received a letter from a member of staff who I had worked closely with, she had realised that I probably was a little confused but I shouldn’t have told them I was a Catholic!’ Disbelief.
    Meanwhile, back in sunny Liverpool I was playing rugby for a local club, with links to a Protestant School. I became club captain until one Saturday night in the club house, after a big win against local rivals I mentioned that I was a Catholic. The piano player stopped & time stood still. I played one more match the following week, but was informed after the game that I was no longer club captain. Goodbye.
    My father’s family are Irish Travellers aka Gypsies. I was called ‘Pikey’ @ school & last summer, when the Gypsies camped on a local site, I was again addressed as ‘Pikey’ It must be the ear-ring. The class struggle is not over, but neither is this.

  9. PS.
    A number of my wife’s friends refused to attend our wedding because it was being held in a catholic church,. Don’t you just love the woke liberal left?

    1. Reply toSteve101704
      They weren’t friends – she’s better off without them

  10. I have made this comment frequently so I’ll just cut and paste it in future – what can you expect from a pig but a grunt?

  11. There is a lot of intolerance regarding Religion –
    some atheists hate religion of any sort and top
    of the list is Roman Catholicism. Sadly – some
    \do belong to the liberal left!

    A lot is pure ignorance – there was a series of
    films about Tudor times a few years ago and
    a favourite saying of the ignorant was to refer
    to “The Catholic Fundamentalists” when talking
    of the films. I used to shout at the radio a lot
    “The term is anachronistic you numbskulls
    but if you still wish to use it they were ALL

    However people do change. A friend would not put
    his foot in a Catholic Church or ANY church for that
    matter. However by the time his children had grown
    up – he was much more tolerant and quite equable
    about one of them marrying a Catholic in one.

    1. Theres somthing grotesque about driving an old ladys body around Britain when in a civilized society she would have been in the ground or incinerated days ago.IT sickens me the disrespectful attitude of the political system that pushes this absurd the expense of decency and traditional common sense.

  12. Nellyskelly I presume that shes been stuffed or the body would have caused havock and thats why the monarchy disgust me,anything to stay in power because at the final anylisis they are treated Godlike from afar and will go to any lengths to control,even shunting a old lady round the country like a waxwork house of horrors.

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