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Sky News reports demo for justice for unarmed black man shot by police as royalist march

Despicably misleading reporting by major news station

Sky News has this afternoon claimed that a mass march for justice over the murder of unarmed black man Chris Kaba by the Metropolitan Police was a march by royalists in honour of her and the new monarch. The prolonged description ignored the protest banners – and the fact that the crowd was almost entirely made up of black people:

The video was published on Twitter by Franklin Saint, who said he was ‘lost for words’.

Musician Chris Kaba’s car was chased down and rammed on Monday by police in Streatham, who then shot him dead. He was unarmed. The murder has received little media attention because of the death of the queen – and now a march to demand justice for his death has been coopted by the media as a supposed show of grief and support for an Establishment figure who died peacefully in her old age and surrounded by her family.

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    1. Holby, I usually prefer an ‘incompetence’ explanation to a ‘malice’ one too, but this is a major player in the oligarchs’ synchronised-MSM – SKY News – that we’re talking about here!

      SKY’s reporters and film crew knew it was mainly-black demonstration about the unjustified/unexplained shooting of Chris Kaba by the Metropolitan Police, but DECIDED to misreport it.

      The Oligarchs need to misinform – especially during a ‘cost-of-living’ emergency, or when Labour has /had a good leader that challenged the oligarchs’ near-total control of everything. They’re ruthless!

  1. … and the BBC has turned into Izvestia
    [or … The NATO Broadcasting Corporation]

  2. It was a bright cool day in September, and the clocks were striking thirteen…

  3. Disgusting!
    I think we are all now sick to death of our Black brothers and sisters being killed by the police world wide.
    Solidarity to those fighting for Justice For Chris Kaba!
    Enough Is Enough!

  4. Reported-

    Atheist Keir Starmer avoids reference to God in pledge of loyalty to King Charles III

    Labour leader was one of a number of MPs who opted for the affirmation as Parliament met for a rare Saturday sitting.

    Looks like he has similar problems with The Ten Commandments to those he he’s had with his Ten Pledges.

    1. Another piece of treachery from Starmer. Two years
      ago he was the best Zionist he could be – or words
      to that effect. Now that surely implies a belief in
      the deity – whether a Christian Zionist or a Jewish

      Now he is apparently an Atheist! Will anyone trust
      him after that?

      1. That isn’t quite what was reported at the time

        [Keir] was the only leadership candidates not to say they described themselves as a Zionist. “I don’t describe myself as a Zionist but I understand, sympathise and support Zionism,” Starmer replied. This provoked ‘ooh’s in the room.

        whilst the left’s candidate RLB said
        “I also agree with a secure Israel alongside a viable Palestinian state… I suppose that makes me a Zionist because I agree with Israel’s right to exist and right to self determine.”
        RLB also said
        Asked about the Labour whistleblowers who appeared on Panorama, however, Long-Bailey was willing to criticise the leadership. She said: “I don’t think the party gave the right response. We should not have called out or attacked former members of staff… We should apologise for how we behaved. We should settle any claims that were made.” She also confirmed that she would welcome Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman back into the party, saying what they “have been through was absolutely shocking”.

        Read the full report, it’s quite enlightening.

      2. Jewish religious zionism came after Hurzl zionism, biblical zionism is not quite the same as Herzl zionism. Biblical zionism would be satisfied with Palestine as it was the Holy Land of Christians, Muslims and Jews.
        After all Israel was only ever a Man and his 12 Sons, in ancient goatherd fables, collected and bound into a fantastical trilogy used for religious practices.
        As Herzl, most Zionists are Atheists.
        The irony of Zionist Christians and Jews is that they forced their god’s hand, because their messiah is supposed to come/rise and lead the Jews to their promised land, who knows where that would be, it could be Miami, Cape Town, Ethiopia, Scotland, etc, etc, etc, nobody knows until he gets here. Then again if a man suddenly appeared in some town today saying that he is the messiah, he’d find himself drooling in a padded room!

    2. BlueKeith has always denounced god, he was in trouble for appologising going to a church service recently, as an Anti-Theist my self, as much as I hate to say this, I agree with him, God does not belong in politics, God should exist within the personal realm only and away from children under 18 when they can make up their own minds and are of age to escape potential fundamentalism.

      1. On his decision to commit UK forces to the US-led Iraq invasion Blair said : “If you believe in God, it’s made by God as well.”

        Enough to make anyone question their Christian faith.

      2. That was always the oddest thing about religious people, they believe whatever happens is their gods will, that their god knows their thoughts before they even pulled a trigger.
        Then they believe god forgives them for all their sins and for the act that he already knew they were going to commit, before they were even born. The thing that always worried me about that, was out of control violent crimes being committed everywhere.
        My father scared the shit out of me after telling me the story of that fella who wanted to kill his son on the altar, because my father was forever “speaking to god” when I mustered the courage I asked him does god speak to you?
        Yes he said!
        Fuck! I said in my head!
        And then everyday I wanted to know what god told him, looking intensely for the slightest instability, in the man!
        He had a HUGE BBQ to boot! 😂

  5. I am not excusing Sky News for what they claimed –
    carelessness over truth in the News is as bad as
    deliberate mis-representation. Callous laziness from
    Boris Johnson was what led to a young mother
    Zahari-Ratcliffe being imprisoned in Iran for many years.

    Whatever the case – Sky News later (viz 11/09, 0.31hrs)
    ,presented the march -correctly – for what it was as a protest
    at the shooting of Chris Kaba.

    1. If this was at 01:30/without an apology on the daytime news, it is futile and questions should be asked.
      Only there is no one who will ask the questions.

      1. You’re right nellykskelly, and I think BBC radio news did something similar: No mention of the demonstration until after independent media sites like skwawkbox and black groups ran with stories like this. It’s maybe an omen, but this weekend is the 21-year anniversary of the Twin Towers’ demolition known as 9/11

        Just as most Regular-Joe people still believe the official narrative – despite its gaps, inconsistencies and impossibilities – this psy-ops mislabelling of a demonstration is small fry to the perpetrators in comparison.

      2. It is frightening how quickly they can make things either dissappear or turned into a clownery! All that hard evidence showing how and prooving that jet fuel cannot burn hot enough to melt steel, the dancing, celebrating Israelis etc, etc, etc. Anyone who dared investigate, ask or speak out about it was immediately smeared, lied about, ridiculed, outcasted, etc. Those people are not David Icke, Joe Rogan etc they are scientists, architects, surveyors, etc, etc.
        What strikes me is the patern of events surrounding these sacred cows, it is worrying! I think if there is a thing in time that has rules/laws/condemnation about them being researched, questioned, spoken out about, then they are EXACTLY the things that we have to be researching, questioning, speaking out about!
        I wonder just how much of our history written by the Elite Class is nothing but part truths written without the “warts and all”. For me it’s always Churchill, I can’t say that I was a fan prior or shocked to learn of his true facts, but the image of him was different, I was Furious that my education, that I hated so much, toped it with a that giant cherry.
        What hope does the families of this man and that boy have in this corrupted fuedalist New Age of The Old World Order?

  6. Football cancelled as a mark of respect for HM, but not PGA Golf & NOT Test Match Cricket. Why Football? I wonder what would have happened if she had died during Wimbledon fortnight?

      1. Agh shoosh now qwertboi, about all that cost-of-living nonsense. For now the nation is mourning the death of the queen and celebrating the old prince and new king!
        Nobody’s suffering is more important, we’ll rob that man murdered by police’s protest footage to show the world our queens mourners and the poor just need to die quetly and out of sight, nasty little bastards, trying to rob the queen of her life in Profoundly Unecesary Pomp & Luxury remembered!

  7. Can anyone name one Royalist march and especially when the Nation has been “told they are in mourning for the the queen” “”.Sycophantic grovelling and BBC and Sky hysteria but I have never ever heard of a Royalist march..?…maybe theyve flipped back to the civil war and royalists and roundheads…typical idiot reports😢😢

    1. The whole political class are a bunch of cowards. They know an unelected head of state and unelected second chamber spits in the face of the idea the UK is a meritocratic democratic country.

      Royalists are deriving pleasure from the idea republicans find this whole thing nauseating. But rest assured, change will reform it away eventually. There surely has to be an elected second chamber at some point and a radical slimming down of the monarchy..

      Maybe sooner than they think. All that’s needed is a PR voting system and representative parties to chose from instead of the corrupt big two.

      1. Andy – Given that 80%+ of Labour’s members and all the big Unions now support PR then which of the 2 main parties do you think is most likely to introduce PR?

      2. SteveH

        Is the Lab conference cancelled? I read the Lib Dems have cancelled theirs. It’d suit Starmer just fine I’d imagine.

      3. Andy – Not as far as I know. I see no reason for them to cancel Labour’s conference. The LibDem and the TUC’s conferences were cancelled because both of then would have clashed with the Queen’s funeral.

      4. SteveH

        Well, it’s expected to be a difficult conference – held in Liverpool, so likely subject to big protests. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do cancel, using the current events as their excuse. The Tories would then have to do the same though, and Truss may want go to at least one conference as leader.

      5. Andy – We’ll see soon enough whether you are proved right, but I doubt it.

      6. Scheduled to start on the 24th running for 5 days.The funeral is on Monday, the 19th so, who knows?

      7. “which of the 2 main parties do you think is most likely to introduce PR?”

        Which ever one doesn’t have Keir Rodney Starmer as its leader.

      8. qwertboi – Thanks for your carefully considered and coherent response. 🙄

  8. 24th falls just outside the enforced 2 weeks of “mourning”, so there would be no justification for cancellation. (By that, I mean cancellation of the conference as opposed to cancellation of dissenting opinion.)

    1. It ‘ll likely depend on whether Truss agrees to cancel the Tory conference. Labour won’t want to leave the publicity stage to the Tories to get the usual post-conference bounce. The Lib Dems should have rescheduled theirs, imho, too.

  9. Concerning Zionism and what Starmer claimed –
    Im sure I read somewhere that Starmer said the was
    “going to be the most Zionist that there is”.

    He never said what kind of Zionism though and I
    know there are many differences – as has been said.

    Can’t remember where I read it but that he said this
    DIRECTLY AFTER he was elected I do remember.

    I note that what’s quoted upthread was what
    candidates promised during the leadership

    So another campaign promise from Starmer
    abandoned – and within a record few days as
    I recall. It may have been after a visit to JLM or
    LFI or similar that he said it .. ?

    I also remember him being asked when he was
    also going to visit JVL and the answer was – there
    was a lot to do – and he would come round to it.

    Hmmm pigs .. etc ..

    \\\\\\\ 🐷 //////

  10. Regarding Starmer and his views about Zionism –
    maybe I was thinking of this statement of his ?

    “I support Zionism Without Reservation ..”

    This is reported in the following article – dated AFTER
    his election. Absent is the “nuance” about Zionisim
    which he previously included when answering questions
    about the subject during his Election campaign.

    Very VERY interesting article in retrospect ..

  11. “I am a zionist – Without Qualification”.
    That is what I recall him saying.
    Shameful, though it was.

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