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Sultana’s 20-1 result in first trigger vote sees Harpin mocked for response

Former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns sums it up best

The constituency party of Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana, who has been appallingly treated by the party leadership and the Labour right, held its first trigger ballot meeting this evening. It was a romp for the left-winger, with a 20-1 result in her favour.

This will have been a matter of some bitterness to right-wing libel-hack Lee Harpin, who has been criticised for an apparent obsession with seeing the Muslim woman MP ousted – and was a matter of some merriment on the left at his expense.

One tweet about Harpin’s ‘obsession’

Harpin, who has tweeted extensively about the prospects for the removal of Ms Sultana and other left-wing MPs, responded to the result by grasping at some kind of deferred gratification, claiming that a source said the real ‘first big test is next Tuesday’.

Another tweet about the ‘obsession’

This apparent coping mechanism was promptly mocked – and perhaps best summed up by former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns, who makes ‘owning’ Harpin look routine:

But others joined in admirably:

No doubt the Labour right, which considers the West Midlands its particular fiefdom, will now be rigging and breaking every rule it can think of to rig the next meeting against her, but for tonight the congratulations belong to Zarah Sultana.

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  1. Congratulations to Zara, the vote obviously reflects the high level of support that she enjoys amongst members in this Branch.

    1. Said from my first seeing and listening to Zara after her 2019 GE win, she is top notch 🎉🎉🎉

    2. Congratulations to Zara, the vote obviously reflects the high level of support that she enjoys amongst members in this Branch.

      …Now, little ones, would you like to see some baby goats? 😒

  2. Delighted for Zara .
    However Starmers Labour’s lack of response to Lee Harpin’s behaviour is disgraceful but typical. Zara is a Socialist Muslim woman being undermined with glee by the male political editor of the Jewish Chronicle. She has not had one word of support from most members of the PLP.
    If Zara had been a Jewish Right winger being undermined by anyone the PLP would have been elbowing each other out of the way in order to stand beside her to show support.
    Clearly in Starmers Labour Muslims count for nothing and if they are Socialist too like Zara they will get no support whatsoever.
    Furthermore if Zara ever utters one word of criticism of Lee Harpin or makes any negative comment about his treatment of her I fully expect that she will be expelled from the party for antisemitism.

    1. Zara is a Socialist Muslim women
      Perfect as leader, to bring out the Lee Harpins
      British people will react to the attacks accordingly when it comes to the GE
      Young people will be back and voting with Zara and JC as spiritual leader/ Chair of a new party who under FPTP would win 75 seats at first try

      1. Absolutely 100% Doug, I do think that, the 10/15 UK Labour Party MPs, clinging on for dear life are fully aware that we would make massive headway off the hoof.
        The UK Labour Party is DEAD (RIP 13 Dec’19), those same 10/15 UK Labour MPs are still speaking UK Labour Party, but they can only offer Neo-Labour One Party State TORY, I fear that is an injustice and it may go against them in future! Whereas if they would just be that little bit more courageous than they are and start a new Party free from Parasite Neo-Labour TORIES, they could speak AND deliver New-Party
        We were extremely lucky to have had the Faux Pas that was Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership win, we can be Guaranteed that the Neo-Labour TORIES will not let that fish slip through the net again, not now and not in another 43 years!
        We have many experienced Comrades who could set up a Party in no time 650 Candidates and Activists by the 100K, but what is holding them back, why is there no urgency!?
        I fear that it is BLiar’s “Any Labour…….” fallacy? Are they deluded that the Thatcher Reagan flavour Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour One Party State TORIES are the same Party as what the Democratic Socilaist UK Labour Party was?
        Honnestly HOW! Those are two Polar Opposite Parties, can they not see the damage of delay!? Are they Careerist? We are seeing a lot of movement action going on, we see the new small parties, we see the unions takling and striking, but when I hear them say someting like if Kier wants Labour to win he…. I just think WTAFF, ThePEOPLE have already lost again! Long before any GE!
        How can they hard talk UK Labour Movement and then in the same sentence associate with a Neoliberal TORY Party!?
        Liberal Left they call them, fuck off! They are Thatcher Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State Neo-Labour TORIES!
        There is NOTHING liberal in Neoliberalism!
        There is NOTHING centre/bogus ‘centrist’ in Neoliberalism!
        There is NOTHING Left in Neoliberalism!
        There MOST CERTAINLY is NOTHING Liberal fucking Left in Neoliberalism!
        The sooner People stop whorshiping the WORD ‘Labour’ the sooner we can get on with a new chapter.

      2. nellyskelly – Maybe the members of the SCG aren’t following your recommendation to set up a new party because they quite like being an MP and don’t want to lose their jobs. You only have to look at the TUSC’s results in both the General and Local Election of 2015 to appreciate what utter drivel your post is.

      3. Aww Bless, there you go again. we have no Party to compare any of my comments with. You must feel truely threatened by my anti-Neoliberal, anti-NeoLabour, anti-BlueKeef “drivel”, why else would you even bother!?

      4. nellyskelly – I am simply pointing out that when the TUSC stood 135 parliamentary candidates (and 619 local authority candidates) in 2015 that they all lost their deposits. I’m struggling to see where the threat is. 😏

      5. So Does that mean that we’ve not learnt a lot from those and any other Ellections to date?
        No! Not at All! 2015 was pre-HOPE Britain, and right now is post-UK Labour Party’s Death Britain
        Not only that but, the very people who Killed the UK Labour Party, (RIP 13 Dec’19) are now occupung it’s dried up, wriggling and squirming, propped up remains!
        You know full well that The UK Labour Party won GE2019, you and every other fucker who Sabotaged and finally Twisted the Dagger with your VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign!
        You know regardless of what the unverfied, impartial Polsters and MSM had to say about Red Wall voters that the number of NeoLab TORIES who said they would never vote for Corbyn, for 4y3m 24/7, far outshined the few in the red wall who had their heads in a spin by BLiar, Mande, Cbell ‘s Remoaner SpinPorn!
        There are loads that needs to be considdered, but as I said we have many experienced people ready to go, and once they do a party will materialise in no time!
        AND YOU? What have you got?
        A Nation Full of HOPE for CHANGE and a pretentious party of TORIES, trying to sell “Labour”! I am okay with that actually, I would love to see a Party before the GE, I doubt that will happen, my personal forecast is 2 decades.
        What I can and will guarantee you is that your Middle-Class & Up NeoLab TORY Party are going to profoundly disappoint millions of ‘lower classes’ and ‘UNDESERVING POOR’ voters, and there will be Riots, BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour TORY Party will go down as one of the bloodiest, most whicked and most hated Political Parties in British History!
        They will design their own destruction. Which sad for all those who will get hurt and banged up, for BlueKeef’s beloved 10 years, but the end of One Party State and watching them fall appart and disintegrating as they lose total control of Britain, would be a most welcome sight!

  3. Congratulations Zarah Sultana MP. Eleven years into your membership of my former party, you beat the beast. Well done.

    Never relax. They’re still coming for you, Zarah, but well done to you and your comrades for your recent victory.

    Now, isn’t there a Stop the War Coalition statement that you should re-sign?

  4. It’s the members of Zarah’s CLP that deserve praise and heartfelt thanks here.

    Even in the middle of a malignant, carcinogenic, highly virulent and destructive tumour (or, as the wonderful SW puts it “the Labour right, which considers the West Midlands its particular fiefdom”), health and recovery are possible.

    The orthomolecular ‘medicine’ in this context is not pharmaceutical poisons, but democratic socialism. Congratulations to Zarah Sultana, the co-Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group.

      1. And why would we do that? One Establishment junkie talking to another embellishment junke (by special Appointment of the World Economic Forum/trilateralcommission). You think Vine is a journalist or that Sir Keir’s a proper leader of Labour with anything unscripted to say?

      2. qwertboi – There are non so blind as those that refuse to see. Whether you choose to watch it or not is entirely up to you, nobody is compelling you to do anything.

      3. I hope that shrieking ‘NOOOOO’ clip of keef can be put to good use by someone with the correct tools.

        #Are you gonna stick to, or revert back to, any one of your ten pledges?

        NOOOOO!! 😱

        Are you EVER gonna whip your members to vote AGAINST the toerags?

        NOOOOO!! ‘😱

        Will you be banning the morning murdochs from conference at Liverpool this year?


        If savile was alive today, would you prosecute the dirty arld bastard?


        Will you give hungry schoolchildren a free school meal?

        NOOOOO!! 😱

        Any chance you spell out a policy?

        NOOOOO!! 😱


      4. There are non so blind as those that refuse to see.


        And what did keef have to say about owen jones calling him a conman in that clip?? It might be owen (the phoney) jones – but jones has more sway than you & me.

        And don’t forget: “An industrial dispute…..In Coventry!”

        68% Want the utilities renationalised – And that includes those toerags who’s votes keef’s desperately courting…More so, it could be said, than anyone left of mussolini.

        So don’t pontificate to others who’ve already heard the pig fart.

      5. Why would anyone want to put themselves through that torture?

        An insomniac, I could understand, but – what is it – an hour(?) of Starmer’s lies and waffling would be a bit extreme, even, for an insomniac.

  5. Well done to her.

    More shenanigans in the NEC elections : turnout in 2020 was 129.5k, this time it was 69.9k – a decline of 46% in just two years!

    Nothing coming out of Southside can be trusted. The party is in woeful state democratically; captured by the aggressive, utterly ruthless right whose only obsession is with disenfranchising the UK left in their own party.

    The left needs to organise. The right forced STV for NEC elections for purely out of self-interest, not principle – but the ‘ more representative’ logic they deployed needs to be thrown back at them by demanding PR for Westminster. Starmer and Reeves are little better than a Tory insurance policy. The Tory plan may even be for a Starmer sham govt to further privatise the NHS. His leadership really is that sketchy & potentially sinister

    1. …and yet the STV system has resulted in the varied political leanings of the NEC’s CLP Reps being much more representative of the politics of the membership, a thankful end to the divisive winner take all factional system that existed before. What’s not to like?

      1. SteveH

        But you’d accept their motivations for its introduction were purely in seeking factional advantage?

        That is to say they were seeking to prevent a re-run of 2018 when the left won all 9 places.

        Where – and by whom – is the count conducted? Is there any kind of transparency about rejected ballots etc? Really don’t trust Labour’s right to lose anything fairly, they seem to be inherently unscrupulous – their instinct is to rig the game.

        They certainly aren’t principled supporters of PR otherwise they’d support its introduction for Westminster.

      2. Andy – But you’d accept their motivations for its introduction were purely in seeking factional advantage?
        That is to say they were seeking to prevent a re-run of 2018 when the left won all 9 places.

        Not at all.
        I would see it as the removal of factional advantage either way. If you believe in democracy then surely you must agree that the NEC’s CLP Reps should be representative of the whole membership and not just one faction.
        If you believe in democracy how can a fairer voting system that reduces factional advantage for all sides be considered a retrograde step?

        Where – and by whom – is the count conducted?
        The management of the balloting processes for national all member ballots are contracted out to an independent organisation. Labour HQ doesn’t have any involvement in the counting process.
        This was also the case when Jeremy was in office

        They certainly aren’t principled supporters of PR otherwise they’d support its introduction for Westminster.
        You are of course entitled to your opinion but lets see what happens at conference.
        Last years motion on PR was supported by 83% of the membership but unfortunately was defeated by the Union’s block-votes. The Unions were following their policy at the time.
        However in the meantime all the main affiliated Unions (incl. Unite, Unison and CWU) have voted to change their policy and now support PR for General Elections so they will be voting alongside the members for the adoption of PR this time, not against.

  6. What’s not to like?

    keef smarmer.
    fat dave.
    fat luke
    Wholesale centrist shithousery
    tory attitudes
    tory policies
    wee steve h

    …Not an exhaustive list

  7. I am simply pointing out that when the TUSC stood 135 parliamentary candidates (and 619 local authority candidates) in 2015 that they all lost their deposits.

    Allow me to simply point out to you that out of seven by-elections contested, keef has lost deposits in two.

    That’d translate to smarmerist labour losing deposits in around 210 seats in a general election.

    210 seats. Two-hundred-and-ten seats

    Not far off the total seats after the ’19 election that keef helped sabotage – and that you sneer at Corbyn for.

    1. Toffee – Well it might if you live in La-La-Land but back in the real world its a load of bollocks

      1. Oh, ok, gobshite. .

        I live in enger-land. The place where I can speak to real people who are directly affected by his ineffectiveness and impotency, and gauge their opinion – rather than rely on selecting smarmer-favourable media puff-pieces over on the other side of the planet, where people give as much of a fuck about keef there than they do here.

        Even news anchors have begin to call him boring to his fucking fizzer and he can’t even give a spontaneous answer to it.

        People either don’t know who he is, or they don’t want to know.

        What a load of abject shite he and his clique are.

        So before you start spouting your pro-smarmer shite – remember, you’re not here. You have no friends or anyone real to speak to to gauge the opinion of British citizens.

        You thought you knew all about it post brexit, pre-2019.

        And you got that badly wrong too.

        So best you keep schtum and be merely regarded as the idiot we all know you to be, rather than type your incessant, repetitive shite and remove any doubt.

      2. Toffee – I see that you’ve run out of arguments again 🥱

  8. My bad – it works out closer to 185 lost deposits.

    But still…

    185 constituencies that show <5% for smarmerist labour.

      1. What is?

        That keef lost deposits on two out of seven contests? And if it translated into a GE it’d be around 185 seats?

        Nope. Them’s facts soft shite.

        Two deposits lost
        One seat lost
        Two seats held onto with vastly reduced majorities.


        Unless you know better? Let’s hear it…😙🎶

      2. Toffee – As you already know (hopefully) it is idiotic to attempt to extrapolate these bi election results to a General Election.

      3. Do you remember what VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn did to the UK Labour Party, do you think that the Neo-Labour Party TORIES who manufactured it and 4y3m of 24/7 propagandist attacks, can handle something similar?
        Do you think that the Middle-Class minus the UNDESRVING POOR lower class peasants are enough to win a GE?

      4. nellyskelly – I’m guessing that you mean 4 years and 3 months but i don’t know what relevance that has to anything, do you?

      1. Who the fuck are you to preach about patience being a virtue?

        You – who DEMANDS people read your shite and answer your questions while you don’t do anybody the same courtesy.


      2. Toffee – Or more to the point , who are you to preach about anything.

  9. Toffee – As you already know (hopefully) it is idiotic to attempt to extrapolate these bi election results to a General Election.

    Except were not talking about one or two….were talking about seven BY-elections. Of which keef LOST DEPOSITS in TWO – Despite holding clear second places in both seats previously.

    Losing a seat to the rags for the first time in its history…

    And barely managing to retain two others with VASTLY REDUCED majorities…

    ALL against THE most corrupt government in all history.

    So much for keefs’ twenty point lead, the expert centrists said he’d have. Or his fickle four point lead – or whatever it is this week. It hasn’t and it’s not translating into gains. It’s not defeating government votes (especially not when you continue to ABSTAIN or SUPPORT the fuckers).

    So it’s NO wonder there’s NO appetite for keef the dullard.

    Deal with it.

      1. Do you really prefer Liz and her RW Tory think-tank policies?

        You gonna tell me the difference between smarmerism and conservatism?


        Then SHUT UP.

      2. Decimated UK Labour Movement, decimated The UK Labour Party, decimated Socialism, decimated the UNDESERVING POOR, decimated Support For the Unions and Strikers, decimated Freedom of Speech, decimating CLP Charitable Causes and Fund Raisers, decimated his 10 Pledges, decimated Trust, Solidarity, Unity, decimated the meaning of Opposition, etc, etc, etc…..!

        ….and you say, what, now, about policies!

        You remind me of one of those little jumped up middle managers who are chasing a carrot far too big for him, all Mr Cool, Calm Collected, when it is quiet. He knows everything about everything, and then in rolls the rush and the little red faced panting thing has lost all touch with reality and has heart disease by 32 written all over it!
        Why do you even try to big up a thing that is as broken as BlueKeef and as broken as the Neo-Labour Party TORIES? Can you see that breadline creeping up and catching you? Well that’s not going to help, not in our lifetimes, petal! The only thing that could save us now is a time machine!
        And NO! That’s not a thing!

      3. Toffee – Labour’s policies

        Jesus wept. And you call others gullible??

        Who hasn’t keef sold out yet? Other than the toerags themselves?

        Labour members?
        Labour MPs?
        Grooming/ gang rape/ nonce victims?

        Oh, I know….ultra hard-right zionists.

        Why? Because they’re ultra hard-right. And they hate brown-skinned Muslims. 😙🎶

      4. Toffee – Well given that you don’t even have a party, never mind any policies you would say that. You’ve got nothing else to offer.

      5. “with two thirds of voters expressing a dislike for Corbyn.”
        What fucking planet are you on!
        I guess if BlueKeef was a Socialist and worth a mere smidgen of who Corbyn is, it would be ‘189’% of voters expressing a dislike for him.
        I take it that is from one of you totally biased and unverified Billionaire Pollsters! You do understand what applies to Planet Middle-Class won’t just magically become truth, just because you believe it to be!? Can you hear the Flock calling you!?

      6. nellyskelly – The same polls that StatsForLefties and SW quote.

      7. Reply to Steve H
        No Steve H, Toffee is right. There is no difference between Tory policy and Starmers Labour’s policy.
        Policy made by the membership at Conference e,g. the policy related to Palestine is simply disregarded by Starmer if he doesn’t like it .
        He had the cheek to try to justify this by saying Conference was only supreme when in session. He is a piece of work as bad as any Tory who never misses an opportunity to demonstrate this.

  10. Given that at the next GE the only alternative to Keir as PM will be Truss,

    Keefs’ gotta last that long…😙🎶

    Do you really prefer Liz and her RW Tory think-tank policies?

    Given. that keef hasn’t opposeda single de piffle vote or policy, what make you think he’ll oppose a truss one? 😙🎶

    1. Toffee – Keir will be able to implement Labour’s long list of excellent policies when he’s PM.

      1. Keef…..PM.

        Fuck me, you’re funny you! I’ve got a hernia through laughing so much. 😒

        Now, answer what you were asked.

        What makes you think keef will oppose any truss policies when he hasn’t opposed a single de piffle one?

        Answer that – and nothing else.

  11. Toffee – Well given that you don’t even have a party, never mind any policies you would say that. You’ve got nothing else to offer.

    I’ll point you towards the 17 & 19 manifestos as my policies. The ones keefs’ strived to distance himself from, in favour of a neo-tory portfolio.

    But of course, keefs’ a credible alternative isn’t he? 😏

    What, with his overriding non-aggression pact with the REAL tories. 😙🎶

    1. Toffee – ..and who’s going to implement these policies, you and skellynelly?

  12. These policies you’re sneering at are the same ones you claim you yourself voted for.


    Like you voted for Corbyn.

    Twice. (And I didn’t + something else you think you can lord it over me for)

    And for someone who only voted keef as best of a bad bunch you’ve certainly convinced yourself that the sun shines out of his arse; of his nigh-on infallibility.

    And as smartboy says. Keef does as he pleases because conference is only sovereign when it’s sitting.

    Yet he sacks his own MPs for allegedly making up policies on the fly

    So remind us who shithoused the disastrous second referendum through and HOW?

    Then remind us WHY….And what the result of the shithousery was?


  13. And now his piss-weak excuse for NOT sticking to his renationalisation pledge is ‘the pandemic’..

    What a fucking stoat.

    But hey!! green paper!! Because ten (broken within as many weeks) pledges means you can trust keef…

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