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Labour lets slip that Brown’s renationalisation call nothing to do with Starmer

Labour right tries to spin Gordon Brown’s call to renationalise energy to solve the corporate greed crisis as not ‘out of step’ with Starmer’s spineless refusal to call for renationalisation of energy

The Labour regime has tried – and failed – to attach itself to former PM Gordon Brown’s widely-praised call for renationalisation of the energy sector to solve the current corporate greed crisis impoverishing millions more people in this country.

Brown made the call last week, filling the vacuum created by Keir Starmer’s effective invisibility and the absence of any kind of solution from the Labour leadership. This week, Starmer eventually broke cover to air a suggestion that would save the poorest households 8-18p per day when people are facing increases to their energy bills of hundreds of percent despite low wholesale energy prices despite rocketing producer profits.

Brown’s call – for a temporary renationalisation during the crisis – was pale and tame compared to the real opportunity to solve the problem permanently by fully renationalising strategic industries such as the energy sector, but it was so many light-years above Starmer’s timid dripping that the Labour right tried to pretend Brown was floating the idea in collaboration with the Starmer regime.

But that idea crashed and burned as Labour sources let slip to the BBC that Brown’s call had nothing to do with Starmer or the party regime:

Evoking the banking collapse of 2007-08, Mr Brown said the government could “operate their essential services from the public sector until the crisis is over”.

The BBC understands the announcement of Mr Brown’s suite of proposals was not co-ordinated with the office of the Labour leader.

Despite the obvious nonsense of continuing to try to link the two, right-wing Labour MP Chris Bryant tried to claim that Brown’s call for renationalisation and Starmer’s determination not to renationalise were not ‘out of step’:

When asked if Mr Brown’s suggestion of nationalising energy companies was out of step with the party’s policy, backbench Labour MP Chris Bryant said: “No, I don’t think so… It may not be exactly the same hymn that we’re singing, but we’re certainly signing [sic] from the same hymn book.”

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  1. Of course its nothing to do with the
    official Labour Party! As someone said
    on the “Not the Andrew Marr Show”
    (I think?) its Browns Presbyterian back
    ground coming through.

    Whatever Brown did while in Govt – he
    has spent his time since in helping others –
    eg Education Charities and NOT in lining
    his pockets like Blair.

    1. HFM – “Of course its nothing to do with the official Labour Party!”

      Thank goodness for that!
      Gordon Brown’s so called solution makes next to no sense. Brown’s solution is that the state should absorb the energy company’s losses, and then restore them to private control when profits return. That is madness

      1. Looks like the witchunt running out of steam and the neo liberal nightmare is turning inwards and consuming itself
        .Fascist regime doesn’t seem to mix well with neo liberal thinking
        .Browns a bigoted oaf and its not in the least bit suprising so close to a General election that they are panicking .
        the beast has turned on the vast amount of the activists have dumped the labour party.and left.So sad 😢 really to see the remaining smucks funding the shitshow.into oblivion.

      2. Joseph – It makes one wonder why you bother to spend so much time obsessing about the Labour Party. 🤔

      3. “the energy company’s (companies’?) losses”?
        They seem to have been making rather large profits from what I’ve seen.
        However I will need to take a tablet because the essence of the comment is sensible.
        The strategy should be that all essential services that are not susceptible to genuine competition (i.e. energy, water and public transport) should be under public ownership. This would enable better coordination of the service countrywide, long term planning and the introduction of sensible pricing structures.
        It’s madness that the price of a train ticket differs dependent on what time of day you travel, when you book the ticket or which direction along the route you travel. Equally, it’s madness that energy pricing structures make it cheaper per unit if an organisation uses huge quantities of electricity (or gas?) when we should be trying to use less.
        And, while we’re at it, get rid of the ludicrous CCT requirement.

      4. Steveh, I agree. See what you can do. Good show, pip pip.

    2. @HolbyFan

      I’m sorry, but you need to wake up and smell the ashes.

      Christians are burdened by a conscious.

      From a thirty aecond search.

      Brown has;

      Unusual links to the nuclear industry. Via his brother and Ed Balls father in law.

      In 2008, The Jewish Chronicle declared ‘the top spots’ on their second annual list of those who ‘wield the greatest influence on British Jewry. Brown was 29th.

      Was inspired by Gertrude Himmelfarb (neoconservative).

      In 2006, Brown wrote in the s*n “as well as supporting our police, security services and armed forces in the front line of the war on terror at home and abroad, we also need to mobilise the power of argument and ideas to expose and defeat the ideology of hate.” How much have we seen that last line used against us in recent years?

      Is an LFI member.

      Attended 1991 Bilderburg and 2020 WEF meets.

      A take away quote from 2020 WEF meeting

      All these [environmental] things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago.” Jane Goodall

      Trust him at your peril.

      Oh yeah, he flogged our gold. That’s gonna come back and haunt us badly as a nation.

  2. Maybe the hymn was “I Surrender All.”
    Or “Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted.”
    No, no, it must have been “Trust and Obey.”

    1. Goldbach, on your earlier point about it being ridiculous that the price of a train ticket vary depending on the time of day, I think such variation is overall a net benefit. Just as off-peak electricity tries to spread the load across a finite supply so too does variable pricing encourage those who can to travel outside of peak times. It would be a massive expense (and renationalised, one that we would pay rather than having the funds to do more valuable things) to have sufficient capacity for everyone to travel at the most popular times and without a comprehensive reservation system the amount of rolling stock would need to be much increased (only to sit idle in times of next to no need). It may be that the prospect of overcrowding is sufficient to spread the load but I think variable pricing dependent on time of day is reasonable (whereas post should have a flat rate that cross subsidises delivery to more remote destinations)

      1. I take your point, and there are some complex considerations when it comes to exactly how a public rail system should be organised. However, my experience of the Spanish rail system (a few years go) was that the prices were standard regardless of time of day, and they were very low compared with the UK (even compared with the lowest priced tickets in the UK).
        Regarding the matter of capacity, I’m not sure that your comment is valid (I’m also not sure that it isn’t). Are there any studies to indicate how many people don’t travel by train currently as a result of trains being full? In my experience, the companies keep on selling tickets when the trains are full and you end up standing in crowded conditions, unless some young person takes pity (that rarely happens).
        Regarding trains “sitting idle”, this happens all the time in both public services and the private sector (or, at lest, it should. If everything was running at capacity we would constantly find that children were unable to find a school place, we could never get a table at a cafe, the fire service couldn’t attend fires, etc. etc.
        Systems need “slack” or the will inevitably collapse at some point.

  3. Can someone remind us what PWC was called
    Catatonic Spineless Invisible Charlatan Loser
    Two Cheeks
    What does the Memo say today

  4. Foe the Record
    Obama and Brown could have changed the world
    Instead they chose to save the world they live in
    Bent as a Nine Bob note

    1. Well Brown was dealt a rough hand ..
      but he has had plenty of time to
      think about what he did and did not

      A suitable hymn? “Amazing Grace” ..
      – which applies to all of us let it be

      1. Iceland was the only country to jail bankers after the crash of 2008.

        Iceland was the first to recover after said crash…

  5. When are the labour right going to admit they backed a damp squib.
    We all know it shouldn’t be up to Gordon Brown to suggest a ‘temporary’ re-nationalisation of energy companies. The current leader should have said this sooner. As much as it’s kind of inadequate at least Brown has suggested a solution. Meanwhile Starmer is saying Rachel Reeves will be the best Chancellor the country will ever see. I’m sure Brown appreciates Starmers vote of confidence in him

    1. A temporary nationalisation. What’s that? A 5 minute nationalisation or 500 years or just until enough public money has been sucked out of the system to make it worth privatising again.

    2. Backofbeyond, I thought that GB was aTT calvinist but he must have passed when he said that.

      1. Above post should have read , have been pissed. phone edits itself.

  6. So will Brown be punished for making new policy in the way that Sam Tarry was punished, or is that just for Socialists?

  7. As someone recently said what is missing today is people who offer IDEAS (like Corbyn did).
    Brown’s a political lightweight, his Laissez Faire approach to the banks contributed to the financial crisis (when Govts made massive state interventions to spend trillions bailing out the private debt of banks and transferring it to the public eg US and we’re still paying).
    And Brown neglected the Left Behind areas, plus voted to bomb Iraq etc and undermined Corbyn (slagging him off in public thus condemning millions to continue to suffer under the Tories) but at least he has some timid thinking.
    We Should take energy into democratic public ownership (giving staff and communities a say with Energy Users Councils) and would only cost £2.6b but I would prefer with no compensation.
    With the privatised industries WE GET WHAT WE’RE GIVEN!
    And have a 20% Wealth Tax (brings in £86b) and regulate the Financial Sector plus have a Financial Transaction Tax (brings in £250b).
    This is what Left Wing Democratic Socialists will fight for as Right Wing Labour perhaps lack the political bottle and offer merely crumbs!

  8. Practically, you ‘buy back’ the energy sector and thereby have all the cash that would otherwise go to overpaid directors and shareholders though take on the debt from the buy back or, as some would suggest, just reclaim ownership without payment (and while few will shed a tear for hedge funds, pension funds and the small individual investors who were persuaded to validate the great sell-off will create issues). On balance I think we should take back energy (outside of an energy crisis rail would be the lowest hanging fruit) though, as noted earlier, energy is a particular strategic resource, one that need not simply be run for the people but by the people, given the assistance to generate their own, untethered from the global energy market and the disposition of the ruling party.

  9. Bazaar, these are massive sums (dwarfing even 18p a day). For clarification, is the transaction tax the ‘Robin Hood’ tax that was proposed after 2008? I seem to remember that the 250bn was a global rather than national figure (though I imagine both would be greater in 2022)? And on the wealth tax, is that reaching the parts that other taxes don’t reach ie inherited/residual wealth rather than earned income, in which case is it proposed as a one hit tax or on a more regular basis (which I think would be a genuine case of precipitating an exodus from the uk unlike the scaremongering around income tax hikes)?

    1. A simple change to the taxation system would secure a huge increase in tax revenue.
      It is easy to ascertain whether large corporations are avoiding tax by notionally making their profits at the “head office” or the “wholesale facility” in Jersey or wherever. Any company using this loophole should be required to pay tax as a percentage of UK turnover.
      (A certain coffee company seems to make all its profits in Switzerland whilst running coffee shops all over the UK.)

  10. According to the Telegraph’s Janet Daley : Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is on the verge of a cataclysmic split

    Sure hope so.

    And it’s Keir Stamer’s party now, is it? Not bad considering he only became a member in 2015 – for reasons that are hard to fathom given the fact he obviously isn’t a socialist or even on the left for that matter.

  11. It wasnt until 2017 that Brown “admitted” to being beguiled by a US intelligence officer that he knew the Iraq invasion was wrong. Does that mean that for 14 years he believed that the invasion was right? He sure voted for it. Wolves in sheeps clothing comes to mind.

    1. And who can forget his genius financial move in selling off most (all?) of our gold reserves at the bottom of the market about 15 years ago?

    2. At Camp David 2007, Shrub said after his meeting with Brown;

      In the long run, the way to defeat these people is through a competing ideology, see. And what’s interesting about this struggle — and this is what I was paying very careful attention to when Gordon was speaking — is, does he understand it’s an ideological struggle? And he does.
      As he said to me, it’s akin to the Cold War, and it is, except the difference this time is we have an enemy using asymmetrical warfare to try to affect our vision, to try to shake our will. They’ll kill innocent women and children so it gets on the TV screens, so that we say it’s not worth it — let’s just back off. The death they cause makes it — maybe we just ought to let them have their way. And that’s the great danger facing the world in which we live, and he gets it.

      (I do love the “see”. Reminds me of gangsters from Chicago)

      Apart from being a tissue of lies (NATO murders with impunity), maybe Brown thought that brow bashing arguements with subdue them? He believes that poverty is not the driving force, rather ‘twisted ideas’. Who knows, maybe he stupidly thought? It’s better than no thoughts ala Shrub.

      I’d be inclined to think it was stupidity, but it’s just as likely it’s malice. Stonor Saunders was unhappy with his use of her book;

      Stonor Saunders told the Eye she was “dumbfounded” at Gordon Brown’s apparent use of her book. She added, “If it is a sign he believes that some kind of dialogue is better than strafing and bombing, then good – but to look to my book for that is a complete contradiction. It tries to deliver a polemic about how ideas can be mismanaged and abused.”

  12. To be expected….Especially after smarmerite labour despicably tried to claim that young rashford shaming the govt into continuing with the school meal vouchers was all their doing.

    But we know what keef REALLY thinks about kids going hungry at school.

    Horrible, muculent, gutless bastard that he is.

  13. Oh, and a hymn is a song in praise of god.

    Those bastards have no god…except the dollar. And there ain’t no hymns mentioning dollars. .

  14. ” “No, I don’t think so… It may not be exactly the same hymn that we’re singing, but we’re certainly signing [sic] from the same hymn book.”

    Well, it’s probably NOT Jim Connell’s little number on page 36 of the Socialist Sunday School Song Book or this youtube version here.

    Klaus Schwab wouldn’t like it.

    1. And on a completely different topic .Hows it possible in one of the wettest cloudiest countrys on earth were it rains continually that the media decide that Armageddon has arrived and ban hosepipes.because the sunshines more than three weeks a year without a deluge of rain ☔.Look to your privatized strategic planning and look at the obvious….profiteering…lack of maintaining the network and massive leaks of water,pollution of rivers.etc etc..Same with big oil fracking and the war machine all under control by proffiteers The world must be laughing at the UK shouting drought its almost as illogical as flogging sand to the Arabs.Storage capacity and leakages,poor maintaince are causing a drought …not the weather which you should enjoy not bemoan.You will be believing in a killer virus next which Putin cured by invading Ukraine .. “For health reasons”

      1. Joe, I’ve just dropped my 88 yo Dad off at the local Leeds-Bradord Airport so he can fly over to France and see his grand kids for a few days. Thing is, profiteers seem to ‘own’ the public road that a motor vehicle has to use to get anywhere near enough to departures for an exceptionally fit but nevertheless aged and proudly independent person, my dad, use. Net effect, they charrged me a fiver (incl 83 pence VAT)to be able to do this. A whole fucking fiver! This is how Exploitation works in the UK today: It’s both a pre-requisite and a key feature of nearly every activity that life makes possible.

        Stay in Cambodia Joe. No matter how many flagrant violations of human rights, how much authoritarianism becomes mainstream, or how low Cambodia is graded in the 2015 International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) global rights Index, it’s probably a fairer, far more humane society than the profiteers’ petri dish we call the United Kingdom.

        Should I write to my Labour MP and councillors to complain – or are they ass much enablers of this as the billionaires who benefit from it?

      2. qwertboi
        Local airports used to be owned by Local Authorities
        One to think about as once Aviation moves to a sustainable fuel source, the world will then truly be our Lobster and fortunes will be made which should come back to the councils

      3. Yes, Doug, I will add airports to my list of essential public services that should be under public control …… plus ferry ports and the ferries to the Scottish islands.
        And surely it’s time to prevent the ferries to and from Ireland (S&N) from charging different return prices dependent on which side of the Irish Sea you start your journey.

      4. Joseph, on the topic of the colossal leakages the water companies were paid to fix and then ignored, I was surprised and delighted to hear that the scandal is being vigorously and articulately exposed by Feargal Sharkey of Undertones fame.

      5. qwertboi
        Big Pharma
        Labour manifesto is clear we need to end the abuse on a global scale, the science and regulation has been completely captured
        Military Industrial Complex
        No More Wars
        The Yankee Doodle Dandies would have to go back to Free Enterprise and Making Things

      6. Doug, a good start would be to set up a national pharmaceutical manufacturer to churn out generic drugs.

      7. I will be staying in Cambodia quertboi and I cannot imagine living anywhere else…possibly Mexico?….Philippines?but I have no choice other than to take the jab or test which I will never do .I am perfectly healthy but find trying to wrap up my papers and property abroad to be extremely difficult especially here.It would have been nice to visit my home in France and relatives in Britain and Ireland but like many others here we dont bow to pressure from the New world order or WHO ….We will persevere and I am absolutely delighted that I managed to join a democratic socialist party in Ireland thats tipped to win the next election.I hope your father enjoys his trip to france and sympathy for the exorbitant rip off at the airports which as a councillor in the Gatwick airport area I spent many hours trying to sort things out being a member of Gatcom the local community regulater on noise polution and night flights.etc etc!…and rip off parking charges.

      8. goldbach, when you say “ Doug, a good start would be to set up a national pharmaceutical manufacturer to churn out generic drugs”, it’s worth noting that we should ALSO step outside the pharmaceutical model. By and large, pharmaceutical drugs treat and manage symptoms and do not directly fix or address the cause(s) of the illnesses/disease that produce them.

      9. Yes, for a number of the most frequently prescribed pharmaceuticals, that is the case.

      10. Anti depressants and flu jabs
        It’s debatable how efficacious they are, very little research apparently
        My auld man towards the end became very bloody minded and refused all of his drugs and refused to go into hospital
        Miraculously he got better than he had been for a good while
        Turned out no one had reviewed his medication for Yonks and I mean years
        When you tell the story you get a lot of similar cases
        Isn’t there a GP Surgery in Brighton who is ground breaking on Social Prescribing

  15. Starmer’s finally going to call for Ofgem to be prevented from allowing a rise, capping prices at current levels – doesn’t that undermine the regulator? It’s welcome, but what took them so long? Have the focus group policy testing results finally come in?

    The Tories have that big majority though and it’s unlikely the parliamentary party’s first move will be to inflict a big defeat on either Truss or Sunak. Also, Labour’s demand would carry a lot more weight had he stuck to his 10 pledges with the threat of popular renationalisation programme looming over them. Giving the Tories and said energy companies a compelling reason.

    1. Andy
      They only have two motivations
      Greed and Fear
      The market has failed, therefore ‘Creative Destruction ‘ kicks in and companies go bust, then we get them for buttons
      Question is ‘why should we the consumer take any of the pain foe your failure’ time to put your big boy pants on and take responsibility for the fuckery

      1. Sure, both parties have let the public down in terms of energy planning.

        But Starmer’s and Labour’s rejection of nationalisation is letting the Tories off the hook now.

        The credible threat of an incoming Labour govt renationalising would’ve worked wonders in holding down prices.

    2. Andy although I detest the lacky strummer its seems strange that the BBC say that the labour party plans are not costed.Was anyone costing “billions to the Ukraine on weapons,or handouts and tax credits to Big oil, pharma and numerous so called private utilities that like the railways handouts and subsidies nobody “costed” …old fashioned social security for no competition Capitalism on steriods and we fund it all without costing.bugger all.
      I wonder if Starmer and the misfits ever consider a properly costed social security system for the working class without having to jump through hoops.?Maybe that would be a little difficult for pea brain Reeves whos known as a great mathmatician when it comes to her payments from the parliamentary Trough.

  16. Yes I know that Gordon Brown’s record is far
    from good – however is there any proof he made
    money from schmoozing with some of the
    institutions referred to above?

    So far as I know from reading his wiki page all
    the money he made was channeled into Charity
    or Not-for-Profit organisations ..

    Whatever the case the article makes some good
    points in comparing him with Starmer and the stark
    difference between the two.

    1. It’s mostly his motive that’s not so good HFMw. Must admit, I didn’t feel comfortable realising the wretched truth about Gordon at first either, having been used to defending him against Blairites and extreme liberals generally. But now I see him for what he is: A Part-Player in Establishment politics – only marginally different than Starmer.

      The ‘financial crisis’ didn’t just happen (neither did 9-11/ ‘war on terrorism’ or covid). When it did he sprung into action, amazing the entire world with a super-supportive (to financial capitalism) strategy. “Too big to fail/ATM’s not working/breakdown of civil society” This script had been prepared (probably by the same charlatans that scripted the offensively wrong Covid Narrative. Our friends on the right call them the ‘deep state’, those of us that are genuine socialists might not, for they are simply ‘the Few’, the Powers-that-Be, the Ruling Class or the Establishement.

      Whoever they are, the World Economic Forum and the billionaire-Oligarchy behind it are the main benefactors.

  17. The 2008 Crash had its roots in the US – and the
    insane way the money men*** were allowed to behave
    with their “bundles” of useless “investments”.

    The UK had instituted a body plus mechanism
    to regulate the finance industry (the FSA I think?) which
    was vociferously opposed by the Tories. They opposed
    any regulation in principle of course- where what they
    should have been doing was looking closely at it –
    because it was too weak. Whatever the case the
    FSA was not enough to save us from the Crash.

    Not sure what Brown should have done otherwise
    than save the banks? If he had let them fail the
    victims would – in the short term – have been the
    poor and vulnerable for am afraid these are the folks
    who ALWAYS suffer.

    And of course the sufferers from austerity DID suffer
    the most and that was what was so sad about what
    was done to Corbyn. He was a person who always
    always thought of the poor and vulnerable – both in the
    long and short term.

    Incidentally I think some US financiers did go to
    gaol on account of the 2008 Crash?

    1. NVLA and several economic and symptoms
      Bodies and numerous experts critiqued Gordon’s strategy and -in the main – concluded that he gave a painfully neoliberal (third-way, pro capital reaction. Even his Chancellor was threatening mega-extreme Austerity as it was being delivered. RW Labour would have been every bit as unpalatable As the libdem Coalition which necessitated Jeremy Bernard Corbyn.

      FWIW, as a socialist Scot as soon as Brown did a Starmer with his Better Together script in the inderef , I know GBrown was not what I’d previously hoped. My
      auntie Sadie did indeed call him a class enemy, which, to a democratic socialist means “beyond the pale”. I agree with her

    2. Holby central What a shame some banksters went to the wall….maybe a short Hymn vicar?Poor little leaman bros playing monopoly money along with all the other scum.and fannie mak and fredie may hoovering up all the dodgy debts on behalf of once again the ordinary joe..And now weve got the same in China with dodgy debts and property mortages that were blind debt.Maybe a final hymn vicar and a cup of tea…because weve seen it all before.

      1. I wasn’t sympathising with the US bankers
        who went to prison – if anyone did – I was contrasting them with OUR bankers who
        got away without any sanction applied to

        The US were much stricter with the
        Oligarchs who infested our Money Markets-
        I remember O’Donnell commenting on
        that. Of course in this country they were
        strongly linked to the Tory Party – as Corbyn
        remarked – so it is not surprising that
        nothing was done – they were too busy
        schmoozing with them in their fancy
        Mayfair houses.

        As for Labours austerity measures – they were
        nothing like the Tory’s! Almost the first thing that was done was a reduction in VAT by Chancellor Darling. We were doing OK in 2010 by the time the Tories got in – that stupid note left by
        whatshisface was completely wide of the mark ..

    1. Bugger off….Steve H….its all a lot of hot air from the unelectable labour party.
      Do you really think that the country will turn to that greasy lawyer and looser just because you think they have no options…!

    2. Steveh, oh dear. I was going to tell you about Proudhon. I thought you were ready. As usual, I was wrong. Still I won’t give up. Cheerio.

      1. wobbly – I haven’t a clue what you are prattling on about, are you sure that you do?

      2. Steve H like strummer you need to cut out the drinking….and perhaps the liquid lunch “ever popular amongst the Starmer labour party…..You might then get a grip and think of a socialist policy such as nationalization of strategic Utilities….

  18. Switched the TV on to BBC news before…smarmer was on.

    Within three minutes he shoehorned in the bullshit about how he knows what it’s like for families to struggle…his father was a toolmaker (oh we know keef) a s his mother was a nurse.

    Channel was switched to ITV…And five minutes later he’s on there…

    And within just two minutes he repeated the very same bollocks. Almost word for word.

    …Oh, and we got the same shite about being in government re: MPs joining picket lines – the backsliding hypocritical lying little shit.

    So now you know what’s coming in his long speech later on (For those who can be arsed with the arsehole who was formerly DPP 😴😴😴)

    But you already knew it anyway, so I don’t know why I bothered.

    1. Oh, I forgot to say that in the GMB interview smarmer said his dad only worked in the tool factory. (On the been he said his dad was a toolmaker)

      But on both interviews he didn’t say that he owned the factory.

      His continued reluctance to establish that fact might just have something to do with his reticence and ambiguity on MPs joining picket lines…

    2. Toffee I have never listened to the deadbeat and never will.ITs all choreographed and the” idiot board “especially for him to read out his funders wishes..The leader of the Labour party is a maggot and those that voted for him peabrains and thats why I would hope that any body with a grain of intelligence wouldnt vote for the labour party.for more of the same with a special boot in the face for a united Ireland.The snake should be very careful about pissing off the Irish…” we never forget “

      1. Joseph, I didn’t go outta me way to watch/listen to the twunt – Good god, man! I’m not some sort of masochist!! 😧

        I only switched the tv on and he was on….The only reason I listened to him prattle on on the other channel is because I was in the kitchen making a cuppa tea – else he’d have been switched off the instant he appeared; which he immediately was the second I returned and got hold of the remote.

        As I say, it took him less than two minutes to repeat the mind-numbing bullshit he spouted a few minutes earlier on the beeb.

      2. Toffee – For some like yourself it appears that ignorance really is bliss,

      3. And for others it’s abilundantly clear that harming disdvantaged children isn’t a problem.

        So shut your fucking grid.

      4. Let’s see…

        Shithoused the second referendum, thereby costing the election.

        If that wasn’t reason enough to fuck the greasy bastard off, his ten pledges made him even less valid.
        Then there’s the purge….

        …And the stitch up of candidacies – AGAIN, shitting on democracy.

        And of course openly and shamelessly BRAGGING about supporting de piffle.

        While ABSTAINING on more votes than he’s whipped to oppose…

        …HAS he whipped to oppose the rags yet? I don’t remember one…

        Then there’s sacking MPs for:

        A/ Going against a single-line whip – again to ABSTAIN instead of oppose

        And B/ For the heinous crime of visiting a picket line.

        …And lest we forget, keef thinks it perfectly acceptable for poor children to starve; ORDERING the labour peers to ABSTAIN – AGAIN instead of even showing a tokenopposition

        …And horrible, supercilious condescending CUNTS like YOU – NONCE APOLOGIST – have the fucking GALL to tell me I ought to be voting for the fucker AS WELL AS lending me ear to the abject, woeful SHITE he spews?

        Get. Fucking. Bent.

        Go on – fuck off and DIE.

      5. Toffee – I find it rather amusing that you wear your badge of ignorance with such pride.

      6. That’s rich, you calling anyone ignorant. You don’t know who Proudhon is!

      7. timfrom – FFS. Who are you trying to impress with your ‘intellectual prowess’?🙄

      8. And I find your happily accepting children will go hungry to make you nothing short of being a nonce.


      9. Toffee – ….and there you go again.Your inane diatribes say so much more about you than they do about anyone or anything else.

      10. Whatever.

        What do you think your acceptance of keef – who not only would allow children to starve but ORDERED so-called labour peers to not even make a token protest vote against it- thinking that in some perverse way he believes these sorts of despicable disgusting actions might win him a vote (but only yours) says about you?

        What do you think your overzealous, desperate, bleating protests and excuses about keefs’ non-prosecution. of the nonce savile says about you?

        I know what they both say to me.


        Nonce – with a very much misguided superiority complex, and a frankly disturbing, unhealthy, obsessive keef fetish.

        I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      11. Toffee – So you think that token gestures are the way to go, jeeezzz is it any wonder that the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ find it so difficult to make any consistent progress

        You are the one that keeps bringing up Savile, not me. Is it really “overzealous, desperate bleating protests” to point out that you are wrong and besides pointing to the official enquiry report also pointing out that both Savile’s victims and their solicitors disagree with your lies. You are the one guilty of desperate histrionics, not me. I’ve simply pointed out that you are lying.
        I wonder how Savile’s victims feel about your lack of respect for them.

        Does running around shouting “nonce” make you feel like a ‘real man’, what a desperate little saddo you are.

  19. New Tory scandal revealed:

    Not a UK citizen?

    Not eligible to vote in U K elections?

    Never mind, because you can still choose the next U K prime minister:

    “Under party rules, these overseas members do not need British citizenship to cast a ballot, nor the right to vote in a UK general election.”

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