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Breaking: Starmer responds to energy bill crisis – with a promise of daily 8-18p reduction

Labour leader breaks cover to make pledge

Keir Starmer has broken cover from his holiday today to respond to the energy bill crisis that has put millions of people in fear and desperate hardship.

But Starmer’s ‘promise’ has been rightly criticised for its feebleness:

‘Dr Unpleasant’s response might even have been too generous. Depending on the tariff in question and how you calculate the saving, it could be as low as just 8p a day. Labour reportedly plans to reimburse the energy companies some £113m for their ‘loss’ on additional tariffs, shoring up outrageous company profits yet again.

The announcement was met with wide derision, of which these tweets may be the pick:

Starmer is utterly out of touch and shamefully cowardly – or simply uninterested – about what real change is needed and how to achieve it.

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  1. More than anything Starmers crass promise shows he doesn’t care in the slightest about the real suffering of ordinary people. He is a multi millionaire and his family is not going to be cold or hungry this winter unlike millions of others. Instead of promising a reduction in energy bills in the unlikely event of Labour being elected in 2 years time he should be doing everything possible now to try force the government into real action which would help keep people fed and warm this winter. He won’t of course – somebody might mistake him for a Labour leader.

    1. He is a multi millionaire and his family is not going to be cold or hungry this winter unlike millions of others.

      Course not. £25 daily allowance for food. Heavily subsidised scran (& ale) in the commons. Heating/water paid for too …Life of riley, those bastards. Small wonder they have no bastard idea.

      Should be like Sweden, where they get a wage and that’s it. They so much as get a taxi instead of the bus in Sweden and it’s a national scandal.

      1. I completely agree Toffee It wouldn’t be so bad if they offered good value for money – most of them don’t. They serve nobody but themselves and milk the expenses system dry.

      2. They serve nobody but themselves and milk the expenses system dry

        But but but….It’s within the rules

        Whereas some poor sod being overpaid on their claim get an arbitrary £50 fine civil penalty…And the slimeball wants to jail them for TEN YEARS.

        Boils my piss so it does.

      3. Can London constituency MPs who don’t claim for a second property put their utility bills on expenses?

  2. I’m sure this miserly offer is going down well with the government. Johnson, Zahawi and the other bloke go to a pretend getting tough meeting with energy suppliers and come out with as predicted nothing. The next day Starmer offers this.
    Unless there’s other meaningful help with the crisis, Like I said the govt have nothing to fear from the so called opposition. Too scared to tackle the cowboys running the companies and too scared to upset the right wing media.

  3. Starmer’s more interested in disowning the socialist ‘continuity Corbynism’ platform he ran for the leadership on, than he is in doing what’s best for the British people.

    This lying toad should face mass CLP votes of no-confidence.

  4. Saw this elsewhere.

    Both Starmer and Johnson are posturing. Both have a flash slogan, with blame stitched in.

    Nothing remotely statesmanlike from either of them

  5. I hope one day both Johnson and his bagman starmer get their comeuppance and they deserve “for what we are about to receive” we should be truly grateful
    or will justice be served on both of them and the parasites in parliament.

  6. … gotta keep making the rich richer yer know …
    What else would we expect from this creature!

  7. Ofgem
    Could immediately stop disconnections for energy crisis debt until May 1st 2023
    They could prevent applications for a warrant to enter your home until all available help and support has been exhausted
    They could set the cap at the old rate or anything in between
    The government could ban share buyback schemes, levy 100% windfall taxes and reinstate Universal Credit £20 week, cap prices and introduce multiplier limits on corporate pay
    Blah blah fishcake

  8. Right Wing Labour are grotesque.
    They make a nice living off the backs of diverse working people, trying to police us, and keep us in our place whilst offering CRUMBS as the Neo-Liberal Capitalist Tories carry on with their drive for cheap labour.
    Right Wing Labour is irrelevant, Jeremy Corbyn let the left wing democratic socialist genie out of the bottle, and Mick Lynch, from the RMT and others have let the diverse working class out of the bottle, we refuse to be poor anymore!
    What happens in Islington could be pivotal, Labour won’t let Jeremy stand for Labour so (a) JC stands as an independent and we have 620 JC Independents (not standing against Left Labour MPs) or (b) a JC led Peace & Justice Party or (c) a new JC led Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party and in a, b, and c the Left would have a brand name (The Tories & Labour have one after 100 years but Labour’s has been captured by the Right).
    But as a fallback and possible (d) if a, b, or c don’t materialise, the Leftish unions could form a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.
    The Tories, Right wing Labour, and Lib Dem’s have NO ANSWERS only the Left have!

  9. And the ultimate irony is this: –
    All the dire things that the Tories and their media chums predicted as a consequence of JC becoming PM are occuring under this shambles of a Tory “government” – for want of a better word, – and the solutions are to be found in Labour’s 2017 and 2019 manifestos and Starmer’s deceitfully abandoned Ten Pledges.
    One could not make this up, but those members of the PLP and the party bureaucrats described by Nandy as “honourable people”, who worked so hard for Tory election victories, need to be called to account.
    PS. Rather than “government”, perhaps the best term is “regime”, which is more in keeping with our approaching banana republic status.

  10. He’s back….and is polishing a MASSIVE turd – One to save the plebs a pittance…

    …Oh! Thought you meant the other gobshite.

    As for the nonce apologist…Probably *ahem* tending to his flock 😙🎶

    (And yes, wee gobshite, I’m more than aware the the collective noun in your case is herd not ‘flock’, so don’t bother you pedantic two-hat)

    1. Yes, I thought it noticeable that this seems to be a step too far even for a certain regular poster to try to defend it.

  11. Trust me Joe Public will never forget just how ineffective Starmer has been on this one. Labour has really ballsed this crisis up. Dragging out old Brown to do the talking was not a good look when the “leader” the Party was clearly called for. A man who says he wants to lead the country but won’t give up his holidays when we are facing a real emergency. He’s laughable. Starmer is dead in the water he will never recover from this he’s the albatross around the Party’s neck.

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