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Starmer only a point ahead of the abysmal Truss in latest poll

Hapless Tory leadership candidate channelling Thatcher and obsessed with cheese has almost eradicated Keir Starmer’s lead over abysmal Johnson as party’s lead falls too

Modified from an original image by @agitate4change

Keir Starmer’s already-poor standing with voters has fallen dramatically after the emergence of Liz Truss as the challenged challenger most likely to be inserted by Conservative party members as the next prime minister.

Truss is infamous for a string of cringe-inducingly bad media interviews – and of course for one of the most comically-painful conference speeches in history, one that left even fellow Tories bemused:

Yet even a Truss-led Tory party is enough to cause Starmer to cause Starmer’s ranking collapsing, with a fall of nine points in just the last two weeks and Labour’s polling falling to only three ahead of the Tories – an appalling performance mid-parliament against any Tory government, let alone one run by a set of liars, clowns and lying clowns like the one currently in its death-throes:

Truss has also been criticised for channelling Margaret Thatcher during her campaign to persuade Tories to pick her – in one case ludicrously wearing an exact copy of a notorious Thatcher outfit. While this might appeal to the Tory brain, imitating the Milk-Snatcher should guarantee the revulsion of huge parts of the country blighted by Thatcher’s policies and her war on working and vulnerable people alike. Yet Starmer’s thin lead over Johnson is falling apart, despite the easy ride he receives from the media.

The news led the left’s satirical genius ‘The Agitator’ to tweet a biting reference to the Labour right’s claims that under any other leader than Jeremy Corbyn – who unlike Starmer faced an unprecedented tsunami of media smears – Labour ‘would be twenty points ahead’:

It seems the public sees through Starmer’s Tony Blair tribute act, even compared to Truss’s Thatcher one.

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      1. Steve Richards – You could try reading the article that I have linked to.

        Labour are thankfully still on track to be the largest party which is undeniably a very considerable improvement on the disastrous defeat that Labour suffered in the 19GE when for the the first time ever more of the working class voted Tory than voted Labour.
        FFS they preferred Boris to Jeremy.

      2. I don’t know why somebody thinks that reading Stats for lefties’ original article that lambastes the Labour right for making stuff up* makes Keir Starmer look less ineffective.

        * OOOPS, I’m getting my Forde Reports and my Stats for Lefties articles about “centrist celebrities, commentators, activists and politicians who argued in 2017-19 that Labour under Corbyn should be 20 points ahead in the polls – often when Labour was ahead in the polls” mixed up.

      3. Two Cheeks
        They preferred Baby Trump to PWC
        Doesn’t bode well for next GE

      4. Doug – I see you’ve had to resort to propping up your feeble nonsense with playground taunts again, FYOS Grow Up.

        What is undeniable is that the electorate preferred Boris to Jeremy. I may be wrong but I don’t recall you getting your knickers in a twist when Corbyn was miles behind Johnson in the polls but now you’re wetting yourself because in your opinion Keir hasn’t got a big enough lead
        Thankfully we’ve now moved on from those days.

  1. I said Starmer would have a big problem v a new Tory leader who will be able to say Bojo the clowns antics are now all gone and past cock ups are ‘nothing to do with us’. I’m assuming Starmer’s strategy is the two Tory candidates will damage each other so much before Septembers announcement he will then coast to an election victory. We shall see.

      1. Fair point. It’s just when you have a strategy of being the alternative to a congenital liar and all round incompetent rogue and he is suddenly removed it’s a problem. You have to start again and rebuild your offering in the eyes of the electorate. Against a relatively ‘clean skin’ this could be tricky. At the moment watching ‘Trussak’ kick lumps out of each other and providing lots of ammo for the future is a good move, but after September a new approach may be needed.

      2. PC – Well given that the bookies seem to think that the Tories are going to be kind enough to elect a congenital idiot who can just about manage to cope with an auto cue on a good day but can’t think on her feet and is uncomfortable in her own skin I’m guessing that finding a new line of attack won’t be very difficult.

      1. ………….and yet in the same poll Keir is 6% points ahead of Sunak

      2. wobbly24/07/2022 AT 9:26 PM
        Sunak will cream him, if he hasn’t already done so.

        SteveH24/07/2022 AT 9:30 PM
        ………….and yet in the same poll Keir is 6% points ahead of Sunak

        Seems like someone’s already creaming themselves…

  2. Some colleagues comment on Liz Truss:

    Dominic Cummings, who has known her for a long time, remarks:

    “She’s about as close to properly crackers as anybody I have met in parliament.”

    “She is the adoptive child of the ERG (European Research Group) and all the other batshit groups on the right of the party”

    Quote from Conservative MP who considers himself on the right of the party.

    “I know all politicians do it, but she is a wholesale appropriator of credit she doesn’t deserve” according to one senior Conservative MP.

    “Liz Truss reminds me of a Conservative leader but it is not Margaret Thatcher” by Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer, 24 July 2022.

  3. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda…20 points ahead. 🙂

    Now, about The Forde Inquiry Report. We can only assume it was bad for Southside Labour.

    They’re not talking about it. Neither, the broadcast, or print MSM are talking about it, apart from one or two, very, feeble attempts.

    The only substantial reports are two separate articles in Middle East Eye, one private blog, Jacobin online, and, of course in our very own Skwawkie.

    Otherwise – nothing, nada, nix, nul, zilch!

    If it had been the other way – ‘Corbyn spat his gum out on the pavement!’ – we all know it would be wall-to-wall for weeks.

    Tha Tories wouldn’t have got a look-in.

  4. Skwawkbox – Starmer a point ahead? – amazing – given his lack lustre performance, his lack of policies and his non personality this is really surprising.

  5. If Truss gets it it’s really only a matter of time before Starmer is PM and he knows it. He’s not perfect but he’s played a canny game.

  6. Fr. Dougal would never have hidden his sponsors until after he gets the members votes, boasted of being the only living British member of an economically hard-right billionaires pressure group or mis-represent himself as a Unity candidate then immediately declare war on everyone who didn’t agree with him on everything.

    Father Dougal would have been a better leader of Labour than the UK’s only Trilateral Commission member could ever be – and Father Dougal didn’t get everything right:

    Father Ted: What was it he used to say about the needy? He had a term for them…
    Father Dougal a-la-Rachel Reeves: A shower of bastards.

      1. Back in the real world……. Keir Starmer is still an abject liar (10 Pledges), a warmonger (Ukraine and against good non-centrists members in Labour) and still says one thing and does another (takes money from some v unpleasant people without telling us what he’s promised them for their dirty money, claims to have had the ‘vaccine’ and lies through his teeth (every time he talks)).

        Keir and the ‘real world’ don’t get on that well. He prefers questionable arrangements with questionable people whose mothers are disgusted by their choices) and bureaucratic processes (the way borderline psychopaths often do).

        Bit of advice SteveH: Don’t ask questions that you don’t like the answers to.

      2. qwertboi – Why would I care one way or t’other about your misguided assertions.

  7. Labour’s leads in the polls are built on sand. And a full Tory press onslaught in a GE campaign would be like the tide coming in.

    You wonder if Starmer and Reeves ever, in a quiet moment of introspection/reflection, seriously ask themselves : why would anyone support us? Where is their core demographic they are trying to appeal to? Tory voters? When push comes to shove, they’d surely rather support the real thing?

    Starmer has obviously infuriated the left by abandoning his 10 Pledges – the resultant apathy could easily destroy them at the ballot box. More recently, he’s lost the London #FBPE crowd, by championing what he claims are the ‘many advantages’ Brexit offers? Coming from a man many believed to be an arch-Remainer, a man who wanted to foist another referendum on Leave voting areas, this is quite a shift in view.

    The few Lib Dems he’s won over probably aren’t too impressed with his recent rejection of proportional representation.

    Starmer’s only real political talent seems to be that of serially disappointing people who foolishly trusted in him.

    1. Andy, Starmer’s real political talent is for lying, which he does with impunity. Of all the older Tories I know, and that is quite a lot in my work, not one of them would ever vote for Johnson again, at the same time not one of them would ever vote for Starmer, because they trust him less than Johnson and know he’s a lying bastard. However, they quite like the thought of Truss as PM because she is promising them tax cuts. At the same time they would never vote for Sunak, because of his skin colour. Yes, they are racists as well as selfish bastards.

      1. Have they also passed on their thoughts on whether they would ever contemplate voting for Jeremy.

    2. Andy – I would be surprised and disappointed if they weren’t constantly reviewing their election strategies but I do agree with you that the left’s apathy and failure to actually do anything constructive could easily spell the end for them. Why do the left so often have a problem getting their vote out?

  8. Next week back to deserting the Unions, shitting on Nurses and the NHS from a great height and slowly but surely being found out by electorate

    1. Doug – Your observations aren’t very accurate. The actual polling tells quite a different story.
      After 2 years Keir is now consistently ahead in the polls whilst after 2 years Jeremy’s polling went into terminal decline which culminated in the historic loss of 60 seats.

      1. Two Cheeks
        We will see how PWC manages to overcome his role in the 2019 2nd referendum batshitshow, if you think people have forgotten your a bigger idiot than your boss
        Make Brexit Work says Keir Starmer
        F7ck 9ff you 50 faced #$%^ responds the electorate

      2. Corbyn went from within 3000 votes of becoming PM to having the sjohoise starmer and co sabotage the 19 election.

        Keef has gone from shite to even shiter. If he was any use at all he’d have won at least four of those by elections. He’s managed to turn one seat blue and barely hold two seats by vastly reduced majorities.

        Oh, and lose clear second places in two others.

        …When he’s kept his deposit, that is.

  9. Jeremy Corbyn was too hasty standing down, after GE19. Being an honourable man, he said he would, and he did.

    In hindsight, what I would like to have seen is his name remain on the ballot against all challengers. Debate the issues alongside Starmer, R L-B, Nandy, Philips(Gawd ‘elp us) and the others – whose names I can’t remember, now.

    Hustings all over the country. Debates on all the issues – including antisemitism.

    I have a very strong suspicion he would have wiped the floor with all of them, and made mincemeat of Starmer and Nandy.

    Of course, that’s all ‘pie in the sky’, now, but there’s, still, a case for having a debate – or series of debates – between JC and Starmer.

    We know what JC’s position is on everything. We have not a clue what Starmer’s position is on anything. Or if he holds a position, he could explain – why – he holds that position.

    The debates could include the reasons for JC’s suspension. Indeed, one debate could be dedicated to that, alone.

    Two non-partisan reports, have, now, cleared JC of the accusations levelled against him. The EHRC Report, and, now, The Forde Inquiry Report.

    Why is he, still, suspended?

    1. George – It was also pie in the sky back in 2020. There was a poll during the leadership campaign that asked Labour Party members – How would you vote if Jeremy Corbyn was on the ballot paper alongside KS, LN & RLB.
      The response was RLB’s vote collapsed Jeremy got about 30% of the vote and Keir Starmer still won in the first round.

      1. I’m guessing he remains suspended because Keir thinks that Corbyn is an electoral liability.

    2. George, we know that isn’t going to happen, we know Starmer would never agreed to debate with Corbyn one on one.
      Corbyn isn’t a great public performer but he has honesty and integrity and it comes trough and more importantly he has policies.
      In contrast Starmer is empty on policies and we know he is lying because his lips keep moving.

      1. Maria, there’s, actually, a vid on YouTube of JC at the Oxford Union debating ‘Socialism’ with four or five Tory nobs.

        He does very well – slapping them around a bit, in the process.

        Never underestimate JC.

  10. Let’s have a debate – or series of debates – between Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer, then.

    1. George – What purpose would that serve, I very much doubt that Jeremy will even stand at the next General Election.

      1. Don’t be ridiculous. You have no idea what Jeremy Corbyn is thinking.

        That’s, simply wishful thinking on your and – I suspect – Starmer’s part. He has no more idea, than you have.

      2. George – …..and neither have you. You may have had a point if I had claimed to know, but I didn’t and you don’t. Better luck next time.😏

      3. How do you know I don’t? Your life seems to contain an awful lot of unsubstantiated and unprovable conjecture.

      4. George – You are more than welcome to try and prove me wrong. Please feel free to knock yourself out.

      5. ‘George – …..and neither have you.’

        How do you know I don’t? Your life seems to contain an awful lot of unsubstantiated and unprovable conjecture.

      6. Now you know how others feel, when they’re confronted with your constant drivel.

      7. George – You mean the drivel that you are self evidently incapable of countering

      8. George – I’ll leave you to ponder on that one then, I’m off to bed.

      9. SteveH “What purpose would that (a televised debate between Sir Keir and Jeremy C) serve?”

        It would reveal at least two things:
        i) That the Labour right has NO ideas (and is, indeed, a Blair tribute act that would make the 2010 Cameron coalition seem related and linked to the WC;
        ii) what an abject liar and charlatan the Labour warmonger-in-chief Leader is.

        Of course it could never happen. Starmer is an ethical agent who works on only one level. If there’s nothing in it for him he won’t do it). He’s the perfect example of a “what’s in it for me” merchant. However it proceeded and whatever the wonderful Jeremy said or did, Sir Keir WEF Starmer would be reduced by the venture.

        It’d be a biblical (Matthew 7:5) moment. Beams would be removed from tens of millions of eyes in a single moment and Sir WEF ,would be begging the tohries for a parachute drop into a safe seat.

  11. Having been cleared twice, there is no logical or quasi-legal reason to continue with the suspension.

    Keir Starmer is showing himself to be the coward we always thought him to be. It needed the intervention of the Board of Deputies to put an end to his dithering, in the first place, over the suspension.

    He’s, either, leader of the Labour Party, or, he’s not.

    1. George – Starmer’s decision to suspend the whip from Corbyn was a political one not a disciplinary one.

      1. Also, in suspending JC, Starmer breached the conditions detailed in The EHRC Report. He got involved.

        He’s on a very ‘sticky wicket’ himself – as you English say.

      2. George – Not it didn’t.
        You obviously haven’t grasped the difference between a political and a disciplinary decision. One lies well within Keir Starmer’s remit as party leader and the other one doesn’t

      3. Both leaving his reputation in tatters. Not what someone who is serious about becoming PM needs or – should – want.

      4. George – In your mind maybe but I doubt that most people really care that much. We haven’t heard much from the SCG and I haven’t heard so much as a squeak from Corbyn’s Islington North CLP, have you?

      5. Steve H “Starmer’s decision to suspend the whip from Corbyn was a political one not a disciplinary one….”

        You’re right. It was also a strategic move. Eejits like me and 200,000+ other former members would be more likely to leave Labour and open it up to Rockefeller politics and Klaus Schwabs’ World Economic Forum of billionaires and their lackeys.

    2. Conjecture, again.

      I suspect the SCG have been warned – on pain of suspension. You know how easy that is, these days.


      I have.

      1. Yes – but you’re not getting it. It’s for socialist eyes only.

  12. How do you know I don’t? Your life seems to contain an awful lot of unsubstantiated and unprovable conjecture.

    1. and that is a reply to what?
      give me the time of the comment you are replying to and I’ll do what I can to respond.

    2. “Your life seems to contain an awful lot of unsubstantiated and unprovable conjecture”

      It’s called ‘wishful thinking’, ‘self-delusion’ or, my favourite, “a mandelson” GP.

  13. Merseyside Pensioners Association :

    Speculation is rife in #Liverpool about which @Keir_Starmer will visit the city.

    Will it be the one who said he wouldn’t write for the S*N, or the one who wrote for the S*N?

    The one who wanted public ownership, or the one who said it was a bad idea?

    The one who said….?


  14. In this poll he’s a point behind Liz Truss.

    Q Which of the following would you prefer as PM?

    🔵 Liz Truss 38% (+12)*
    🔴 Keir Starmer 37% (-4)

    *Compared to Johnson’s final poll on 15-17 July

    Via @SavantaComRes, 21 July (Reported by Stats for Lefties on Twitter)

    We wait to see how it goes ….

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