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NEC finally to see what’s left of Forde report. First indications are that it ‘both-sides’ what happened

Two years late and after what Corbyn supporters fear have been redactions and reductions, NEC members finally set to see report on investigation – but Starmer moved the goalposts long ago

Labour’s national executive is today to receive the Forde report on the sabotage, racism and misappropriation of funds by right-wing party staffers during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – two years after it was first promised.

Current and former members of the party disgusted at the conduct exposed by a leaked report on the conduct of the staffers have long feared that the delays have covered amendments and redactions that would excuse what was revealed in WhatsApp messages and emails – and the first indications are that it ‘both-sides’ the events, recognising the appalling attitudes revealed but claiming that party saboteurs and abusers suffered an injustice as well and that there was:

little evidence of mutual respect and a great deal of evidence of factionalism, so deep-rooted that the party has found itself dysfunctional…

deplorably factional and insensitive, and at times discriminatory, attitudes…

However, we do also accept that the messages’ authors were not given a right of reply before their messages were included in the leaked report; that was a clear breach of natural justice.

Keir Starmer’s party has already changed Labour’s rules to deprive members of the expectation of natural justice in some of its disciplinary processes, so left-wingers will have little sympathy. Starmer also changed the terms of reference of the report, forcing Forde to include the leaking of the report in his investigation and conclusion.

And the report appears to try to turn the clear sabotage revealed by the leaked internal report into criticism of the left as well as the right, attacking what it calls:

a culture of intellectual smugness which exists at the extremes of the political spectrum the party represents.

Skwawkbox will bring further details as they become available.

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    1. SW – Could you please publish a link to the full report as soon as it is available?

  1. Hmm. “Yes, they were racist, misogynistic bullies, but they should have had a chance to comment before being exposed as such” doesn’t feel like a great defence.

    1. Ultraviolet, Indeed so let’s soften the blow so they don’t sue us for calling them what they actually are, racist, misogynistic, lying bullies.

      In fact let’s pay them off and make sure they get a job at Unison.

      Wonder how much Forde got for that barrel of shite ?

      1. Far be it from me to be cynical but IIRC didn’t chilcott get a fair few nicker in overtime ?? 😙🎶

    2. It’s not. You’re right. It’s how corrupt systems protect themselves.

      As a living, organic, vital, ethical organisation, Labour is dead.

      When future historians examine this, the two-year-plus delayed Forde Report will be cited as evidence of Labour’s corrupt morbidity.

    3. Perhaps we are seeing black ops from the Right of Labour probably to appeal to Right Wing Labour members and to give them ‘arguments’ however dubious?
      But these officers still SECRETLY used members/union members money for THEIR Ergon House Project WITHOUT the permission of the Labour Leader & the NEC which some suggest is very serious?
      Perhaps from their considerable experience of the Right some socialists especially in Labour will just not believe them?
      George Orwell wouldn’t be amused and perhaps ‘1984 Updated’ (?)

  2. The Left were working their socks off to WIN!
    Some of the Labour Right were not as the original Forde leaks (The Canary) shows, and highlighting The Ergon House Project.
    Perhaps Mr S is trying to present himself as neutral and above the fray?
    When some would suggest he was and is well in with the Right?
    The Ergon House Project shows some Right Wing Staff used Labour members/affiliated union members money SECRETLY without the knowledge and permission of the then Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, his team, and the NEC?
    Some suggest these are extremely serious charges?
    It’s almost funny, when Useless Ed Miliband was the Labour Leader, the Left gave him every chance and didn’t criticise him ONCE in public for years, contrast this with how a significant number of Labour’s Right Wing MPs and some staff treated Jeremy Corbyn?
    I left 10 seconds after the Neo-Liberal Lump of Wood became Leader but I am sure many Labour members and trade unions like Unite plus their members are demanding justice over this!
    Labour Forde Report (1984)?

    1. Hmmm .. so it is published when most of the
      MSM is concentrated on the disgraceful
      behaviour of the Tory PM .. who will
      replace him and the factional misbehaviour
      in the Tory Party?

      Hoping it will be brushed under the carpet

      1. Not a chance in hell HolbyFanMw….thanks to people like Skwawky it’s out there. But I bet you anything the MSM will keep quiet about it.

  3. Forde’s stance is “seeing both sides” as you suggest
    but there are still ongoing legal problems with some
    ex-staffers plus accusations from others about
    sexual harassment and NDAs – which they had
    refused to sign.

    Our “sceptre-ed Isle” is in a mess as alleged in
    previous “Dateline London” BBC TV program.

    Whatever you think of Royalty – Prince Harry was
    correct in his statement about global rights.

    But it does appear that now the “Many” are
    fighting back.

  4. If you want to see media at its worst… Read the Guardian article on this, and then read the Independent’s. They could be talking about two totally different ones. The Independent’s is far better. The Guardian still hasn’t got over Corbyn.

    1. It is probably worth reserving any judgement until we have had the opportunity to read it ourselves.

      1. You can download a copy of the full report here

      2. Why BlueSteveH, what is troubling you so about the analysis of Steve Walker and Skwawkbox? The truth? Or the facts maybe?

      3. nellyskelly – What’s your problem, do you need someone to lead you by the nose and tell you what to think?

      4. How sad, is that what you sheeple do in your MSM world?
        That wasn’t an answer to my question, are you ACTUALLY capable of answering a question with a relatable reply or just farts and fluff bubbles?

      5. nellyskelly – Are you saying that people shouldn’t read the report themselves and make up their own minds.

      6. Where did I say that?
        Where did I suggest that?
        I asked you a very simple and your second reply is even further away from anything that is relatable or an answer! Answer the quetion or be quiet, go and read your SUN in lambskin or something sheeple do!

      7. nellyskelly – What’s your problem then. My encouraging people to make up their own minds is just that and nothing more. It is not a reflection on the various opinion pieces published here or elsewhere. I’m simply encouraging people to read the full report for themselves before reaching any conclusions. Why do you appear to have an issue with this?

      8. Oh for Fuck’s sake! I asked you a question and from that, all this!
        I did not insinuate or say any of what you accuse me of, if you sit quietly, do you hear voices? If you do you can get help.
        You pet are off your Mellon! Retire from Trolling you SUCK!

      9. nellyskelly – I’ve answered your question above. Your inability to tell us all about the credible alternative that you are offering is going to hold back any electoral success that you may hope to achieve. More lost deposits?

      10. nellyskelly – My point is quite a simple one – Everyone should read the full report for themselves and reach an informed decision. You trying to make it into something else is your issue, not mine.

      11. “Why BlueSteveH, what is troubling you so about the analysis of Steve Walker and Skwawkbox? The truth? Or the facts maybe?”
        I asked you what is the problem with SW/SB’s analysis what are you infering to be inadequate? Or misinformation? Or whatever the hell you think is in the report that SW/SB are not reporting?

      12. nellyskelly – I’m not insinuating anything I’m just encouraging others to read the document for themselves and reach an informed decision.

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