Breaking: Post Office workers to strike in July

Post offices across Britain to close in national strike for “dignity and respect” and against massive pay cut

114 Crown Post Offices will close across Britain for one day in July, as workers strike against a massive real-terms pay cut.

Today (27 June) the Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents Post Office workers, served notice to the employer that strike action will be taking place on Monday 11th July, after workers facing a pay freeze for last year voted overwhelmingly to take strike action by 97.3%. 

Additionally, a management pay offer of just 3% with effect from April 1 2022 and a £500 lump sum fee has been rejected as being woefully inadequate for what amounts to 2 years of real-terms cuts and with RPI inflation being 11.7% for May. The Post Office made £35 million in profits during the pandemic (2020/21).

This is the third national strike by Post Office workers in 2022.

CWU Assistant Secretary Andy Furey said:

No worker wants to be in this situation, but Post Office bosses can’t be surprised that callous decisions are challenged by our members.

This dispute is about dignity and respect for hard-working employees – essential public servants who, as key workers, provided unprecedented customer service during the pandemic.

Our members feel betrayed and will not tolerate their living standards being smashed by people in charge of a public service that due to our members’ efforts made tens of millions of pounds in annual profits.

There is more than enough money for a reasonable pay rise – implementing this pay cut is a management choice, not a necessity.

Our message to the public is that this action and any inconvenience caused is 100 per cent the fault of the Post Office leadership. “To Post Office bosses, our message is: get real on pay, get round the bargaining table for meaningful negotiations and settle this dispute, or further action will be taken.

CWU Post Office workers join the growing number of workers across industries taking action to defend their jobs, pay and conditions in what is rapidly becoming a summer of discontent well on the way to a de facto general strike – yet shamefully unsupported, and even opposed, by Keir Starmer and the Labour front bench.

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  1. 97.3%!!!

    RMT vote for strike action was (only) 89%!

    There’s gonna be trouble at t’mill. Toerags WERE warned… Wouldn’t be surprised if the bastards tried to change the law to make it >75% or more in future.

    Not that it’d deter the determined…

    1. It would more than likely be done courtesy of BlueKeef and his merry band of Neo-Labour Party TORIES. I swear to gods and fairies, this Neo-Labour TORY Party is far worse than the “toerags”. Pure Filth, the lot of them, Elites whorshipping Scumbags!

  2. Rail now Royal Mail …a double Lammy?

    BA also, likely teachers and binmen next?

    A general strike could realistically be on the cards.

    Meanwhile… Starmer remains silent, as on everything important. Only the trivial generates any twitter activity from him.

  3. Lammy you vile Twat!. This is brilliant News! They will now attempt to change Union laws and dismantle anything and anywhere the working classes can organize

    1. I am sure they would Andrew, the only problem with passing draconian anti Trade Union laws is the real possibility of wild cat strikes.
      The problem with wild cat strikes is that the workers striking don’t need to give notice to the employer. Workers could strike for weeks even months. Of course the TUs would need to be careful in that officially they cannot call for strike action, but unofficially they can still organise.
      I witnessed Spanish workers engaging in wild cat strikes during Franco’s government and winning them. They weren’t recognised Trade Unions, but still UGT, CNT and CCOO managed to efficiently organise, the strikes were solid lasting weeks and some time months.
      Thus, the Tories can pass all the laws they want, when workers are determine and have enough their is not stopping them.

  4. One caveat…

    Those capo bastards at the JCP and the disability deniers will no doubt commit the shithouse toerags’ vindictiveness by sanctioning those poor sods who didn’t get their appointment letters on time – or at all.

    Happened to a mate’s daughter a few years back…

  5. When six Tories are allegedly seriously contemplating defecting to Sir Keir Starmer’s new, New Labour outfit, you know the establishment is firmly in control of both parties. Laughing in the face of those who believe in the pretence that the UK is some sort of genuine representative democracy.

  6. Love the way the RMT’s Mick Lynch has humiliated the vile toerags who make up our MSM with such aplomb. So much so many are imagining what it’d be like having Mick as Labour leader.

    Blairites like Lammy et al would no doubt quickly dub his supporters ‘the Lynch mob,’ which given the state of Westminster, I’d imagine most would revel in.

    1. Andy what is essential is the workers capacity to inflict pain on the capitalist class and the workers capacity to endure pain.
      When striking workers can count on the wider community to have their backs that they aren’t going to lose the roof over their heads and can still put food on the table to feed their families, the capitalist fold because they cannot sustain their economic loses.

    2. Love the way the RMT’s Mick Lynch has humiliated the vile toerags who make up our MSM with such aplomb.

      To be fair, most of them – but especially the hopeless kay burley on sky news (Hasn’t got the brainpower to be an idiot, and makes Dorris & truss look positively perspicacious ) – make it piss easy for him.

  7. BRAVO! National strike anyone, care food, medical, emergency, food etc planned and arranged within our direct communities/wards.
    We give them NOTHING but deserted streets. Lets make the bastards come out into their deserted streets and beg us for a change!

  8. The idea Mick Lynch did anything special when addressing the media is a non starter
    Refusing to allow them to frame the story is not Rocket science
    Going on the attack against establishment glove puppets should be rule No2
    Rule No1 is your in a class war, put them under the same scrutiny, name and shame bosses and Ministers, cast light on their political affiliations and donations
    Stop playing fair is Rule No3

    1. Oh right, like when Jeremy denied there was an anti-semitism crisis in the LP:

      Labour in crisis over ‘anti-semitic’ scandal: MPs demand Corbyn gets his ‘head out of the sand’ after Red Ken is SUSPENDED for claiming Hitler backed moving the Jews to Israel

      Jeremy Corbyn tonight denied Labour was facing an anti-Semitism crisis despite being forced to suspend his old friend Ken Livingstone for claiming Hitler was a ‘Zionist’.

      Senior Labour MPs tonight expressed horror at the attempt to play down the explosive row, which has rocked the party just a week before crucial elections.

      Former minister Ian Austin told MailOnline: ‘Just seven days from polling day and instead of knocking on doors like the rest of us, Ken Livingstone is treating us to his weird views on Adolf Hitler and his offensive views on Jewish people.

      ‘The media are talking about nothing else, the party is having to suspend people on almost a daily basis and Jeremy thinks there’s no problem?’

      Mr Austin continued: ‘It looks like a pretty big problem to everyone else. Labour’s reputation is being destroyed and instead of pretending there’s no problem Jeremy needs to act and he needs to act now.’

      John Woodcock, a senior backbencher, told MailOnline: ‘Many thousands of Labour members will be bewildered by the hideous remarks of Ken Livingstone and are looking to Jeremy Corbyn to swipe the moment and tackle Labour’s anti-Semitism problem.

      ‘He must not bury his head in the sand in the face of this madness.’

      I wonder what would have happened if Mick Lynch had defended Jeremy and dismissed the claims of A/S as being politically motivated and a smear campaign.

      1. Just came across this really poisonous black propaganda piece on Haaretz from February 2019:

        ‘You, Jeremy Corbyn, Have Led Labour Into Authoritarianism, Mob Rule and Institutionalized Racism Against Jews’

        Some of your own advisors told me that they believe you’re an anti-Semite – but want to try and change you. But you can’t be changed. You’ve torn up Labour’s commitment to anti-racism, and now, after 13 years, I’ve torn up my party membership card

        It has now become clear that under your leadership, the party has been corrupted and indoctrinated by people who are authoritarian in their approach to politics, encourage democratic structures that lead to bullying mob rule, and above all else, are racist towards Jews. That racism may well be a result of the latter two philosophies.

        History is clear to me that when political events like this begin with Jews, they never end with Jews. All minorities should, and I believe will, eventually have significant reason to worry about your rise to the leadership of the Labour Party.

        There can be no racial, social or economic justice whilst anti-Semites have completed a hostile takeover of the greatest force for achieving those aims. Anti-Semitism is a corrosive conspiracy theory that blocks the achievement of all justices.

        You, Jeremy Corbyn, represent the ultimate betrayal of Labour values.

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