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Streeting, LFI slammed for happy tweets from Israel with no mention of murdered journalist

Shocking footage showed Shireen Abu Akleh shot in head by Israeli troops, but no interruption to right-wing Labour MPs’ glowing tweets

Labour right-winger and reported leadership wannabe Wes Streeting has been enjoying a paid junket in Israel this week – but he and pro-Israel MP group LFI (Labour Friends of Israel) have been slammed for a series of shiny-faced tweets of his visit with no mention of the murder by Israeli soldiers of Al-Jazeera journalist Shiren Abu Akleh.

As the world reeled at horrific footage after Abu Akleh was shot in the head with what appeared to an exploding ‘butterfly’ bullet of the type used by Israeli soldiers, Streeting and LFI posted a string of images of him smiling with Israeli government officials – each of which prompted disgusted responses by Twitter users challenging the appropriateness of the visit and the apparent lack of interest on the part of either Streeting or LFI in condemning the country’s murder of journalists – over fifty in recent years – or reporting on any challenge to the government officials about the actions of their troops.

LFI did retweet two MPs who had expressed sadness at Abu Akleh’s death but carefully avoided blaming Israel for her death. Skwawkbox was unable to find any mention of the incident by Streeting. The reaction of other Twitter users was scathing, with hundreds of appalled responses – of which just just a handful of examples are shown below:

Israeli forces have even attacked Abu Akleh’s funeral procession:

Shame on the entire Labour right and Wes Streeting and LFI in particular.

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  1. And not a word from Streeting and the LFI, or from Starmer and Lammy (who is rumoured to be Shadow Foreign Secretary) on the institutionalized discrimination against Palestinians in Greater Israel (from the River to the Sea), or the eviction (ethnic cleansing) of Palestinians who live in Masafer Yatta which has now began under the shadow of the assassination of Shereen Abu Ackleh. See Middle East Eye on this.

    Meanwhile, Gen Secker is up for expulsion by the Labour Party; see Jewish Voice for Labour.

    1. Absolutely barbaric cold blooded slaughter of yet another JOURNALIST attempting to expose truths. Murderous forces continue to suffocate facts of their wanton criminality and theft HIDDEN from as many people as possible.

      INTERNATIONAL LAW BREAKERS. Crimes against humanity. APARTHEID continues in 2022. International shame.

      Of course Starmer is OK with that. He FAILS to condemn the criminals in any substantive SUSTAINED way, because he Sir Keith Starmer is a fraud, a hypocrite, a dissembler bulbous with bilge, dishonesty, and indecency. Starmer, antithesis of integrity

    2. Streeting is in Greater Israel to study its health service, a site of institutional discrimination against Palestinians. Not a word on that either.

    3. Regularly watch
      they have been spot on about Shireen Abu Akleh’s murder, who is responsible , and have just shown Shireen’s last report for al Jazeera about Palestinians who’ve been through NINE Nakbas- uprooted from their homes not just once but NINE times. Al Jazeera covered today’s Nakba commemoration from Palestine.

  2. Not only Streeting.

    Starmer and Lammy seem to have lost their voices and the power of their Twitter-fingers. Not a word from the leader of the Labour Party, and his Shadow Foreign Secretary, on this despicable murder.

    Now, the murderer is demanding to be a part of the murder investigation. That’s a new one I’ve never come across before.

    1. and yet still, STILL, S T I L L
      some hope to make a silk purse out of sows ears.
      btw, Lammy, Thornbury, Gardner, Fischer & McDonnell, Streeting, Rayner et al enthusiastically propping up Keith. They’re all parroting Starmer “has integrity”. They r furiously defending Keith with LIES as energetically as they can manage. Their lot NEVER defended Jeremy against lies. More than enough to expose their aims were NEVER ours.

  3. George Peel, the more general silence from Labour was deftly pointed out by Guido a few days ago – – noting that it had been over 40 days since Labour had issued a press release. That the Tories have attempted to throw themselves into a flurry of half-baked policies to distract from partygate (from Rwanda to C4) is not in doubt, but the lack of substance from Labour, disastrously throwing everything at partygate, gives the lie to the hot air about them having any response to the cost of living crisis. A government flailing and an opposition failing is an untenable status quo – if there are no principled MPs on either side of the house prepared to call out this paralysis and demand the replacement of their leaders then those of us who put them there need to amplify the call for them to be removed.

  4. And in Occupied East Jerusalem, the IDF have just attacked mourners & pall-bearers emerging from the morgue “live” on Al Jazeera, preventing any procession to the church. A hearse has taken Shireen’s body there instead.

    Quite shocking behaviour – and for the IDF that’s saying something! It seems designed to provoke a backlash and I say, bring on the next intifada!

    1. The British Army is called just that -a British Army -so why call the Israeli army a “defence force” when it is nothing of the sort. It is an army like any other.

      1. Are the Israeli army and the IDF two separate entities then? Of course, in reality they’re no more “defensive” than NATO!

  5. …to discuss the future of the left in both our countries

    ..Yeah, as in: If we get our way, there won’t be any left’ What a godawful, subvirate creature, that weasly screeching is.

  6. What an awful labour party we have created were a young journalist shot dead by Israeli government forces is of no interest to the majority of the PLP and HQ.The fact that labour friend’s of Israel is a respected organisation inside the labour party says everything about the labour party and dont forget its been there a long time whilst Palestinians were killed and slaughtered under many different leaders although they still mainly right wing rather than the fascists that grabbed power now.No wonder they got rid of Corbyn even though they havnt silenced him yet.?

  7. It is all we need to know. If anyone votes Labour while Starmer and co are in charge the individuals will become complicit with murder.

  8. I’ve tried twice without success, but I’ll give it another go.
    Remember Rachel Corrie !!!!!!!!

  9. Shireen Abu Akleh;RIP; Julian Assange; Peter Obourne. When will truth be allowed a platform to speak to power? Protest & dissent is being made illegal with the blessing of our ‘right honourable’ MPs. Time for the pitch forks & tumbrils Comrades to make it a hot summer of discontent & street protest.

  10. The open fascism of the Apartheid state of Israel – Together with the staggering hypocrisy of today’s pro-Zionist Labour Party – are doing untold harm to the Jewish people in the UK.
    Many Jewish people must be apalled by what is taking place.

    1. johnsco1
      You cannot be Jewish and a Nazi, there is no such thing as the Jewish State, these people share no values or history with the Jewish Community
      It’s important what you call them, but never Jewish

      1. The first “Basic Law of the State of Israel” declares:
        “1. The State of Israel
        a) Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people in which the state of Israel was established.
        b) The state of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, in which it actualizes its natural, religious, and historical right for self-determination.
        c) The actualization of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

        These are their words … Not mine.
        I never used the word “Nazi” in describing Israel.
        Nazi means “National Socialist” in the context of Hitler’s Germany.
        Israel’s crime is the characteristics of an Apartheid state …. as so-recently stated by Amnesty International’s report.

        There is no one such thing as “the Jewish Community”.
        There are many different characteristics of Jewish Communities …… of which support for the Zionist State of Israel is just one (which not all Jews support).
        Check out the web-site of Jewish Voice for Labour for a more knowledgeable and in-depth conversation.

  11. What’s in a word? Murdoch Media is calling Starmer’s lapse ‘Curry Gate’. It’s not Party Gate’ because Starmer didn’t Party & it’s not ‘Beer Gate’ because he only had a sip & didn’t swallow. ”Party Gate’ can only be applied to Boris.

  12. The live footage of Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral on Al Jezeera & the complete lack of coverage on Western MSM & zero comment & condemnation by our ‘right honourable’ politicians’ brings shame & dishonour to our democracy if its cornerstone is Freedom of Speech & a Free Press/Media. Our journalists & politicians are without integrity & proven cowards in the fight & a free & open democracy is but an illusion.

  13. Al Jazeera documentary – The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh | Fault Lines
    On May 11, 2022, Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was reporting from the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank when an Israeli soldier shot and killed her.
    The Israeli military would eventually admit it was “possible” she was killed by their fire.
    But Abu Akleh was also an American citizen and her killing has brought into sharp focus the United States’s handling of her case.
    In The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh, Fault Lines spoke with witnesses from that day and took questions to the White House and State Department about whether the US will investigate her shooting. (Duration 38 minutes)

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