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Starmer hit by revelations of ANOTHER lockdown gathering

Meeting where Evans and others were ‘carrying on like there wasn’t a pandemic going on outside” took place less than six weeks after ‘beergate’ gathering in Durham

Keir Starmer and his regime have been hit by another lockdown-breach scandal after details were leaked of a meeting not even six weeks after the now-notorious ‘beergate’ gathering in Durham, according to a report in Politico.

The meeting on 10 June last year, to discuss the sacking of staff and other ‘restructuring’ under the non-satirical heading of ‘Organise to win’, took place at Labour’s ‘Southside’ HQ and involved at least fifteen people including David Evans and senior members of Starmer’s ‘LOTO’ (leader of the opposition’ team.

At the time, the government required staff to work from home wherever possible but this was ignored despite staff raising concerns about the meeting breaking lockdown laws then in force, with one staffer stating:

It was bizarre how they were carrying on like there wasn’t a pandemic going on outside,” the person said. “They all seemed as clueless and indifferent as those pictured in the Downing Street parties, and just seemed like failing to practise what they preach.

Staff also reported that no sanitisation measures were taken and stickers marking out supposedly safe working distances were ignored. Starmer is under investigation by Durham police and has tried to head off negative publicity by claiming he’ll resign if fined, but this has been exposed as a scam – the force does not issue fines for old lockdown offences, even if Starmer is found to have broken the law.

The party has claimed no rules were broken in the Southside meeting, but this could well end up being another Labour event investigated by police.

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  1. Creatures of the night Mandelson, WMD Blair, and their Starmer, never expected their media would reveal their secrets. That’s why, since the parasites were “advised” to give ZERO opposition to Johnson, re anything important, eg Covid-19 fraudulent chumocracy, profiteering, and more arming of foreign despots, the parasites went hard on Johnson’s parties, feeling smug Establishment media chums would never snitch.

    How WRONG the frauds were.


    1. Signpost
      You’d think what went on in the past/present with the media and their attitude towards the party they’d have learned how not to trust them. Yet Starmer advised by Mandelson (and no doubt Blair) to cosy up to them just hasn’t worked. Even the most inept follower of politics would have known this. Starmer is lucky he hasn’t got hacks camped up outside his house 24/7 like what Corbyn had to put up with.

      1. ” but this could well end up being another Labour event investigated by police.”
        I’m guessing it won’t, and even if it does it will come to nowt.

      2. BackofBeyond, perhaps Starmer & co are under discreet surveillance already.
        Starmer and Rayner attacking Johnson over partygate would have forced the Tories to take their gloves off. They aren’t attacking Starmer over beergate as it would draw attention back to them.
        However, I expect a few months before the next GE (for the Tories to decide timing) to be regaled by the MSM with tales hinting at financial/sexual improprieties from some Labour front bencher or another including Evans and Starmer.

      3. Back of beyond, here’s one video of Starmer running out from his hedge he was hiding behind while journalist calls him a hypocrite. There are at least five more, not including some of Rupa Huk sprinting away from
        journalist asking her about Starmer’s hypocrisy. Embarrassing lumps both of them. BTW have u noticed, Evans and Starmer always looks as if they’ve soiled their pants of what WMD Blair is full.
        But Starmer manages to sound as if he’s forcing one out. They both need the mother of all plugs to keep it all in.

      4. Starmer revealed in May 2021; “Anneliese Dodds would not use the 2017 or 2019 manifestos as its starting point” = dump pledges he made to deceive some people.

        Starmer said “We can’t hug someone from the past.”

        He’s happy to worship creatures from the past though like Mandelson & Blair all at the same time🐍☢️🐍☢️🐍☢️

      5. Backlighting IT wasnt difficult to “cramp out”on corbyns house being that its just a ordinary little house in London.The knight of the realm has a mansion in Surrey with security patroling the grounds from the grand entrance to the” estate “..IT wasnt rocket science to work out just how unsuitable this plant was for leader of the Labour party especially has he flaunted his wealth and privalage before the peasants “voted for a knight of the realm and bent man to go to for coppers.

      6. BackofBeyond, there r vids of Starmer RUNNING AWAY from journalists Qs re his Covid-19 rule breaking hypocrisy. A security man checks behind Jeith’s hedge first, then Keith runs to his waiting chauffeur. Photographers recorded everything. Journalist repeats Qs. Keith’s chauffeur drives Sir, quickly away. It’s been covered in MSM, so u can find vid of at least three days since Keith was rumbled. Can’t miss it. HUGE THICK GREEN HEDGE surrounding Keith’s large Islington house. Other days Keith’s dressed in all black running clothes to be able to run faster out of his big house to his chauffeur.

    2. That’s not a true comparison, is it? The reptiles were left with no choice. It’s quite possible that some politicians would find that waking up and seeing a tent in the garden would think that Amazon we’re delivering dreams.

  2. Replacement slogan:

    “Organise to Scorch the Earth. Piss off.
    Join the Tories. Retire into comfortable, millionaire obscurity”

  3. I don’t think I ever stopped bleating about partygate partys on here even after many had forgotten
    .I am still hoping that the missing 13million will be looked at one day and that the rigged leadership election looked as much criminal activity has gone on under starmer and Evans and it will be brought out into the open when the Data scandel hits the courts or the labour party goes bankrupt..The leaks from HQ are still happening and hopfuly the metropolitan police will be involved this time around .to investigate the knights version of “lockdown partys”

    1. Joseph, you’ve got to admit that our democracy is fragile when both parties have the same anthem. The Beastie Boys,
      ‘ You’ve got to fight for the right to party’.

  4. wobbly, I just found this video in youtube I cannot wait to see if Starmer and Rayners would be included in a new version.

  5. These captions are priceless…fatty evans looks like hes always breaking wind and the knight looks like constipated with stomach cramps?….
    I wonder just where they are getting the “take out” curry from but I would try another outlet..!

    1. Would be brilliant if anyone lists SIR Starmer’s top 100 lies. Be interesting trying to rank Keith’s lies from petty to downright criminal🍖🥂🍔🥂🍻🥩🍹🐍🍺🍷📸📸📸

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