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Breaking video: Javid says ‘conversion therapy’ appropriate for trans people – and links it to sexual abuse

Despite saying he didn’t agree with electro-shock treatment, Health Secretary says ‘inhumane’ so-called ‘therapy’ can be appropriate for trans people

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has told Sky New viewers this morning that the government is not banning so-called ‘conversion therapy’ – which can involve hitting the brain with electric shocks – for trans people, because doctors have to be free to use it if they think it’s appropriate.

Grotesquely, he linked the potential need for the ‘treatment’ to the possibility that children have been sexually abused, as if giving electric shocks to abused children would be anything but monstrous:

Interviewer Kay Burley responded that she expected the story to continue to develop during the day. That will hopefully be an enormous understatement.

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  1. “Grotesquely, he linked the potential need for the ‘treatment’ to the possibility that children have been sexually abused, as if giving electric shocks to abused children would be anything but monstrous…”

    Not only is the man an idiot Tory, he’s an idiot human being. Let him write down, and publish his reasoning, in full.

    My guess is, he’d be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

    1. You are an optimist to hope that a government spokesperson promoting the use of ‘Conversion Therapy’ (a useful guide/overview) warrants sectioning by the Mental Health Act.

      In a world where biometric surveillance is being implemented and used by behavioural psychologists for governments and corporates to ‘manage’ society (well, people) this is merely the announcement by a hard-right neoliberal government of a new mainstream method to control the population and its intention to deploy it.

      Wait for it, SteveH will be here shortly to post that conversion therapy is a very humane, well-tested and highly effective method of “curing” deviancy – then you will know that this is a strategic measure devised by the neoliberal ruling class (“elite”) to tighten their control, privilege and power and that it is their intention to deploy it.

      “Then they came for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people, and I did nothing, for……”

      1. qwertboi “Wait for it, SteveH will be here shortly to post that conversion therapy is a very humane, well-tested and highly effective method of “curing” deviancy”

        Don’t be ridiculous. What have I written on these pages or anywhere else that could possibly justify your erroneous accusations? Please feel free to quote me in your evidence.

      2. SteveH: We all know full well that, if Starmer decided Labour needed to go hardline transphobic to win- and we don’t know that he won’t do that, since his policies are essentially Tory now, like his meaningless “one-off” windfall tax that won’t go nearly close enough to covering the cost of the unnecessary Tory rate hikes, or his sham of a “Green New Deal” that stopped being green when he made it clear it will mainly fund more nuclear reactors even though nukes can never be green- you will defend it- as you defend the despicable practise of punishing people for associationg proscribed groups- none of which ever did anything wrong, actually- BEFORE they were proscribed, including Labour Against the Witchhunt, a group whose only offence was helping people defend themselves against what everyone KNEW were false accusations of AS.

        In the Thirties, you’d have defended everything Stalin did, including the Moscow Trials, the Gulag, the betrayal of the antifascist cause in Spain and the Pact.

    2. I do think that the conversion therapy needs to be fully tested in parliament,preferably with the use of a twelve volt battery attatched to the lower regions on all mps and a free fact finding trip to Disneyworld were most of there ideas come from.

  2. This Sick apology for for a man, let alone Health Secretary thinks giving electric shock treatment to abused children is “a much more sensitive approach to Trans” (people)!
    He’s not fit to be in charge of an elastoplast, let alone a Health Departmant!

  3. A couple of weeks ago, there was an Article on Conversion Therapy followed a couple of days later an article about 30% of Homosexuals were abused in childhood, and I am sure there was also something in that vein for Trans! I actually thought then this is a government plot to kickstart conversion therapy!
    What is it with humans that can’t keep their noses out of other people’s lives, people should be free to be who they are or want to be! BlueKeef will probably pipe up with a loopholed and beloved 10 year prison sentence for anyone who refuses Conversion Therapy! Everything, The PEOPLE died and fought for, Peterloo, Cable Street, Stonewall, etc, etc has been destroyed since BlueKeef the appeasing TORY prevented all forms of Opposition in his Neo-Labour Party!

      1. You’ll have to ask the authors of the MSM trash in the first link, I only mentioned my observation on the headlines I saw, I did not aim to label, I aimed to converse, your labels, my labels, none of it mean a thing to me, you are a human, you get the respect I receive, just live and be happy!

  4. I’m not sure of the timeline, but could this be yet another distraction – from his pronouncements today on ‘morality’ as regards the hike in NI contributions, and reports on the effects of the ‘2 child’ benefit policy… Am I the only one who sees a total vacuum behind those empty eyes!

  5. Prime Minister,Trade secretary,Arts ,Chancellor,Home Secretary, Health Secretary and all the others who have managed to squirm there way into British Political system are of the worst type that this country has ever had to endure,lies jibberish lack if knowledge and own agendas!
    Keep them away from the button for all our sakes if this is what private education turns out!

  6. All this is very confusing to me .. there are those who
    wish to give drugs which put off puberty to under age youngsters who have “definitely” decided they are
    “trans”. (“Mermaids” are all for this!) I would be
    against this and would wish the youngsters to by all
    means identify themselves as trans but leave off the
    drugs and surgery till they are older and have matured.
    To be honest giving drugs to under age young people
    is – I think – child abuse.

    It is often the case that youngsters who are gay become confused by this and think their feelings are because they are trans and they need time to sort it all out. I would DEFINITELY be against electric shock treatment but
    surely encouraging them to talk to someone about their feelings would be OK? Also – sorry to go on about transactivists AGAIN but there are some who
    deny there is such a thing as a gay woman and tell them they are really men and should admit it!

  7. So, some doctors can use further physical abuse against victims of former physical abuse?

  8. The Tories are Neo-Liberal Barbarians and apart from some unions and often their grassroots there is no real opposition.
    There is an empty void particularly in politics in England.
    I like the developing democratic Socialist Breakthrough Party.

  9. I’m disappointed you didn’t allow my comment. I’m a Democratic Socialist, active in the Labour Party for Corby taking roles in CLP and branch, set up Momentum branch locally. Left party after 25 years because of Starmer. (Twitter handle: @patacusack). My stance on the issue of women’s rights and those of children with gender dysphoria is different to those on the center left, based on biology. Debate has been stymied o n the issue and continues to be in some areas obviously.

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