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Javid to cut NHS to pay for C19 testing

Tories use pandemic as cover for slashing NHS

Health Secretary Sajid Javid plans to cut the NHS to pay for the Tories’ test and trace fiasco, after the Treasury decided the Department of Health must carry the cost.

Non-emergency ‘elective’ surgery and hospital building will be cut back.

The news comes as the government pushes ahead with its plans to accelerate NHS privatisation and remove scrutiny of the contract award process while converting what’s left of the service to a US-style system of ‘integrated care systems’ that rewards providers for reducing services provided. Unsurprisingly, the conversion plan is supported by Keir Starmer’s right-wing Labour.

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  1. How many will die? How many £billions are now squandered? NOW … do all those alleged “lefties” regret running scared, coming to heel, lying down, rolling over and expecting their tummies to be tickled by their lying, fear wielding masters?

    Some will continue bleating “woe is me” through their masks, but their numbers are dwindling fast. Shame on them.

    1. Whether RT-PCR or lateral flow – wide-scale testing for coronavirus infection is useless. Clinically futile; pathologically pointless and biochemically unable to detect illness or infectability.

      One thing they are good for is cutting underfunded NHS budgets even further.

      1. Well done querboi tactful !as ever holding the true socialists as one.united.
        ,I could learn a lot from you in bringing us together.unfortunately my background and experiences makes for a battler but never a leader..I

      2. quertboi.Vaccines “…I note Bill Gates is rowing back on “The vaccine” saying it has not been as effective as it should be and there are problems.Thats coming from a man that donated nearly 2 billion to promote the vaccinations.Now he thinks that this version should be treated like “seasonal flu” …
        I think that its finaly getting through that the vaccinations were more about massive profits for years to come for Big Pharma ” and the enforcement of draconian laws against the people than anything to help people ..
        And those suffering from seasonal flu developing into Pneumonia and left untreated like my two brothers in so called Care homes to die terrified and alone.You personally and many others have taken a lot of shit and anger for trying to help.I just ignored the people who lined up for the jab and kept my opinions to just a few because it was part of our training in not interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign country…..Those that tryed to help friend’s and some relatives like my wife were met with the same abuse in Britain that you have had..ITs strange that many followed the propoganda and bought into it from the very same people who brought us dismantling the welfare state,the AS scam and draconian laws..and the attempted distruction of the former working-class movement of the Labour party and their Unions which were all part of the people of Britain and Ireland….I do hope that people realise that not all of us have a “agenda” like Bill Gates,the President of the USA and all the others in the neo liberal alliance of one world government in the West.

    2. If Corbyn had been elected I think the Covid deaths would have been cut to 50k and Care Home residents would not have been treated callously.
      Of course you two could have tested your theory by volunteering without masks on a Covid ward and how many NHS staff on such wards didn’t make it?
      You insult them and socialists.
      The old order Neo-Liberalism is dying.
      But the new cannot yet be born.
      Perhaps we are all being tested.
      And only the stars will ride the storm.’

      1. I agree. Corbyn would have reacted very diligently and several hundred thousand lives would not have been lost to the disease.

        He would quickly have realised that for most of the population (everyone without immunosuppressed immune systems and the elderly or people with co-morbidities) the survival rate of covid is over 99%.

        He would never have forced 300,000 hospitalised elderly into care homes that were unable to provide adequate and appropriate care, would never have allowed a massive increase in the use of “unlawful” DNRs, never have forced/encouraged the over-60s to use a experimental vaccine (as is the case in France and some German states) and never have allowed the NHS to promote a dangerously wrong covid narrative.

        Moreover, he would quickly have realised that the entire covid narrative business case was not, as claimed, about health, but instead about achieving increased biometric control, reduced access to health care and increasing the uptake of as yet untested vaccines – with possibly extensive harm to the vaccinated .

        In short, the covid ‘pandemic’ that we have been subjected to would not have happened.

    3. Off again with your vile covid denials? Is that tin foil hat a little tight cutting off blood to your brain old chap.

      Maybe instead of foaming at the mouth with your daily BS and lies about covid-19 you go have a nice lie down hopefully in a locked dark padded room with a nice jacket that laces up the back!

      Might like to go work on a red ward with no PPG. I keep on asking I am sure there be happy to show you what it’s like to drown in your own body’s fluids.

      By the same virus, you daily claim isn’t deadly etc. But they’re all lying to you, aren’t they? The sheer twisting of your logic trying to explain away medical facts with no basic understanding or medical knowledge well apart from google and certain American weird web fellow believers. It makes me smile every time I read the latest rant.

      Well have fun and hope that non-existent virus doesn’t get you!

      1. DG – Maybe you are being a little unfair to qwertboi. He has told us in the past that he is a ‘scientist’ working in the field of alternative quack medicine.

  2. 2 really good letters in today’s Guardian about Angela Rayner’s recent sickening outburst:

    “Police like that used to be called stormtroopers”.

  3. Nick Forbes quits
    13 members have got rid of Newcastle Council Leader and Temporary Embarrassment bag carrier
    Well if its that easy why don’t we get on with it

  4. All the Govt has to do is reclaim the fraudulently awarded Covid Contracts. Including the £37 billion for a useless fucking app.

    In the meantime the Rt Hon Leader of the Opposition, Sir Savile Saver Starmer, also agrees that Tests should be paid for because the Country cannot afford to pay for them. He sent Johnson private letters of support right through the pandemic.

    1. Noted though that “the country could afford a breathtakingly selfish above inflation pay rise for MPS and the vast majority voted for it .Vote , dave Nellist
      .Get out and get Dave in parliament where he can “kick ass”

      Dave will make a good team with jeremy Corbyn who now must realise that Labour are finished.
      Dave Nellist Whos only looking for the average wage of us serfs. in the erdington former Dromey feifdom.of trough feeding councillors and a pathetic right wing Labour party MP Dromey who hopfuly can rest in peace unlike the people he was supposed to represent…..God save your queen.comrades.!

      1. Dromey, rest in peace?!?!

        I hope the arsehole gets basted hourly by Satan himself*. People like this deserve no less!

        *I don’t believe in religion or deities, but if I did…

  5. The big story at the moment is the Nellist turn out in erdington dromys feifdom and uncle tom Twatson.We still need boots on the ground which the left wing socialist ex members are famouse for.We can win this for the working-class and socialst movnment TUSC and Dave Nellist will show the trough feeders what a mp should represent…The overwhelming working-class people of Britain.

    1. Boots on the ground – well said Joseph! This is an election worth fighting for.

      If we’re not careful, Dave’s campaign wil be lost in the mist. I think there are twelve people competing for this seat – and democratic socialists should committ to making Dave Nellist the person that wins the seat! Boots on the ground!

  6. Yesterday evening (Monday) I did a zoom meeting with a couple of Labour MPs, peers and members of the SHA. What they revealed was just how bad this NHS bill will be, far worse than I knew and I thought I was clued up. It was scary. As care for the vulnerable is now (and dentistry) that’s the model for our NHS.

    The bill will not only break up the NHS, it will allow private health care providers to sit on board making decisions without any oversight or accountability – that went well over the two years of the pandemic, with the Tories awarding their mates contracts without any scrutiny. Parts of the bill is not even specified, so nobody knows how it will work in practice. The emphasis will be on private profits, cutting services and just as in the US, healthcare costs will sky rocket.

    The Labour party are in ths just as much as are the Tories. We know Starmer is being backed by Martin Taylor a hedge fund manager, with a £10m stake in United Health, a US health care provider, looking for a £1b stake in our NHS – just as Corbyn had warned in 2019. With a few notable exceptions (Richard Burgon and Nadia Wittome are leading the fight in the Commons) we cannot rely on the Labour party. Some of the PLP have been persuaded that the reforms are no threat to the basic “free at the point of need” principle and are deluded about these reforms. Some are bought and paid for by lobbyists (Starmer), but most are frankly, just too stupid to fully understand the implications.

    Our day of action this Saturday 26th February, in many towns, cities and other places. SOS NHS.

    1. Read this tweet and who backed Starmer and the interests they have in the @NHS

      “Privatisation & Labour Together Investors: Clive Hollick is founder of The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) a “progressive” think tank. Trevor Chinn is Policy Advisor. Martin Taylor compiled the IPPR report on Public/Private Partnerships.”

      “The IPPR has called for the private sector to take on a much greater role in the delivery of key public services. It insists there should be no ideological barriers to private sector involvement in “core” public services such as clinical and intermediate health care etc.”

      ” Sir Clive Hollick, founder of IPPR, in 2005 became a managing partner at private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR). 2006, KKR & partners bought the Hospital Corporation of America for $31.6 billion. Hollick is a major shareholder.”

      ” Martin Taylor was instrumental in the rolling out of PFI. His latest hedge-fund holds an amazing $17 billion worth of shares in the Hospital Corporation of America, now the largest provider of privately funded healthcare in the UK.”

      “2020: Martin Taylor Hedge Fund Crake Asset Management – which has a portfolio value of $1,885,662,000,000 – holds $17,664,000,000 worth of shares in HCA HEALTHCARE.”

      ” Martin Taylor was instrumental in the rolling out of PFI. His latest hedge-fund holds an amazing $17 billion worth of shares in the Hospital Corporation of America, now the largest provider of privately funded healthcare in the UK”

      ” Sir Trevor Chinn, IPPR Policy Advisor, is also senior adviser to CVC Capital Partners ltd, a global private equity and investment advisory firm. It’s headquarters are in Luxembourg. It has 19 current investments just in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.”

      “An influential Labour Party group with links to the party’s leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has been fined £14,250 by the UK’s Electoral Commission after failing to declare more than £800,000 in donations within the required 30-day period.

      There are just seven investors – Sir Trevor Chinn, Martin Taylor, Sir Clive Hollick, Sir Paul Myners, Simon Tuttle, Richard Greer & Sean Wadsworth, A total of £1,055,492. Why was £800,000 hidden until February 2021?”

      Taylor, Hollick and Chinn were the major backers of Starmer’s leadership campaign. The details of which he kept secret until after his victory was announced.

      Starmer is a snake.

      1. A snake who surrounds himself with vipers. This Vipers Den is the ‘new management’ of the once socialist Labour party. “They run this town and everyone in it. Their deals are as sordid as their business, and their reputation is enough to bring a grown man to his knees, forcing him to beg for mercy.”

        He’ll never be Prime Miniser.

        A geat find baz2001.

      2. I suppose Trevor Chinn could call himself an advisor to “Mossad Israeli Spooks with his delivery of brown envelopes to Labour mps via Labour friend’s of Israel…..
        the delivery of funds to Labour leader to buy his election was little more than rigging an election for the leadership of the Labour party.and should have been declared null and void in a democratic party.

    2. So Jeremy Corbyn who was vilified for even mentioning it was right (once again)- they are going to sell off the NHS.

  7. “Well I never saw THAT coming!”

    ….Said nobody, ever. And of course, keef….Well, he never, too. Not that he intends to do much about it, other than support it.

  8. Thanks Nemtona for reminding all of us the jewel in the crown of the former working-class movement the Labour party and its NHS legacy.Shame on the PLP.

    1. Toffee Establishment creep of the bottom feeders profession judges and lawyers talks about savings “of benefit claimants? Beggars belief
      Toffee could your goodself cancel the chauffeur for tonights outings and get the Chef in for a simple supper for two?Mi lauds worried 😟 about ones savings going down?…you can always “eat cake”

      1. I’m afraid I’ve already had to sell the jalopy and give the chauffeur a damned good thrashing before selling him on to the plantation, dear boy.

        As for the chef , well he won’t be making the main course tonight – he IS the main course.

  9. At every turn the Tories use a crisis of their own making to cut public services( Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine repeated time after time). Even though they squandered these billions on putting money into friends pockets, the actual fact is, that money was created out of thin air, so who are they going to pay it back to??

    Fake economics peddled to keep people poor, whilst rigging the system to make the rich ever richer.

    Our government doesn’t need to raise tax in order to spend, and this pandemic has proved that, this is just pretending they need to borrow in order to spend, and even if they did transfer the so called debt by buying bonds,(which would be a political choice to do so), the question then arises arises where do they get the money to pay back the money with interest on those bonds? The answer is simple, they type numbers into people’s and businesses accounts, just as they do each and every day the private banks make loans. Money is created out of thin air and Neo-Liberal politicians lie when they say that governments such as our’s don’t have money of its own. Where did it come from then to pay for the banker’s crash, when the whole world banking system had seized up? That said of course they didn’t need to use Quantative Easing, a posh name for electronically printing money, it was done for the same political reasons as today.

    Lying to people to suit their political purposes!

  10. I see Sir democratic socialist leader of the round table thinks RT should be banned as he defend fascist democracy in the UKRAINE.and shares his fascism with parliament..I wonder what mr partition as folks in Ireland are now calling him would recommend for the most popular and trusted party in Ireland….blank out the voices of Sinn Fein or just go with traditional negotiations and gun them down in the streets and declare an amnesty for British Crown forces.This snake Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is a “offence to the democratic will of the people of Ireland” and Britain and just might get inside doors of Downing street itself if he’s not Stopped.The Government must look very carefully at the funding for the Labour leader if he survives to the next general election.

    1. Joseph – …..and yet you are the one who is supporting Putin, a real life fascist dictator, whilst pontificating about one that you’ve made up.

      1. Steve H I don’t need to support putin,I support the Russian people who are entirely correct in defending its borders and its cousin’s in the
        Republics against Ukrainian fascists incursions backed up by Nato camping out on the Russian borders
        .The USA will soon realise that the treatys that were signed by Russia and China make formidable opponents if the West decide that the Sanctions will work…The USA may find that Sanctions are a two way street and Russian oil and gas are a formidable force to ensure that sanctions are not a one way street
        .China is the world’s largest oil importer and Russia the second largest exporter I am sure that with China,Russia and Venezuela somthing can be used to slap down western expansion and aggression.
        The Chinese people are already expanding the pipline into Siberia and talks with Venezuela are proving useful amongst socialist comrades.whos only wish is to live in peace without western imperialist aggression.

      2. Joseph – What a load of mealy mouthed bollocks. What is it about authoritarian dictators that the self proclaimed guardians of ‘the left’ like yourself find so appealing.

      3. Well Steve H Hall…..trouble sleeping 😴and I am not surprised with the stupid rants about Russia.and constantly trying to think of ways to defend the “indefensible” You and I know that the twin superpowers of Russia and China combined make a result of Check mate…..or slam dunk for the alliance of Russian oil and gas and the largest importer of oil and gas in the world China.Now toddle back to bed sunshine 🌞

      4. Joseph – What is it about authoritarian dictators that the self proclaimed guardians of ‘the left’, like yourself, find so appealing.

  11. The cheap and nasty Tory party have a visceral hatred of the NHS
    Repeat Ad Nauseam
    Thats your platform, build on it
    Unfortunately until JC and the Unions grow a pair then they are equally responsible

  12. No one in New New Labour are worried about cuts to the NHS, the private sector, armed with free market zeal, will step up to the challenge. New New Labour are perfectly happy with the private sector taking over NHS services.

      1. Why then have they been asleep on the job whilst the Tories finalise their American takeover of the NHS? You appear to be happy to defend them, perhaps for the same reasons.

      2. rotzeichen – You obviously don’t follow what goes on in parliament very closely (if at all).

      3. I have been a health campaigner that is well aware of New Labour’s position on private health companies within the NHS, with their weak argument that the NHS has always had private practices in care delivery, the difference being they were payed directly to receive money for their salaries not profits for share holders. That said I wonder how those doctors now feel when they are employed by Centene an American for profit company, and where are they going to make cuts to pay for their profits?

  13. Steve H Hes up early again and cant sleep.I wonder if hes got buyers remorse with the knight and his shadowy cabinet.IT must be tough cut off from the west country for a Bristol boy 👦and from what I understand of steves attitude assimilating with the natives would be difficult especially as many prefer to dump the Crown in the Windys were steves version of devils island in the Caribbean bolt hole is….god help your queen?

    1. Joseph – I generally get up at around sunrise each day. On the contrary I find it much easier regularise my sleep when the daylight hours are more or less fixed as they are near the equator. I wake up each day feeling quite refreshed. Don’t you find he same where you live.
      I don’t know which planet you are on but on this one we are only 4hrs behind UK time.

      1. goldbach – I am quite certain that it is currently 4 hours, however it will be 5hrs when you switch to BST.

      2. Now I’m really puzzled. I asked Mr Google and he assures me that the difference between GMT and EST is 5 hours.
        I could have sworn someone said a good while ago that you were in Jamaica. I could have sworn that Jamaica is (or at least used to be when I was in the Caribbean) on EST. It does irritate me on the odd occasions when my memory fails me.

      3. goldbach – That explains your error, we are on AST (Atlantic Standard Time) where I live.

      4. Hilary – I have been quite open about it, we left the UK last year.

  14. Support the Big NHS demos this Saturday 26th!
    Under the Tory NHS Bill 42 boards will be set up around the country with private sector reps on them.
    Wonder who will win the contracts?
    Heartbreakingly I envisage set charges for NHS services with a few petty Squeeks from Right Wing Labour.
    This is literally the battle of our lives.

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