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Tories rush to defend Starmer over Savile – but call him ‘Keith’

Bob Neill and co like Keith, he’s a kindred spirit – but they can’t get his name right

‘Keith’ Starmer

Tory MPs have rallied to Keir Starmer’s side after Boris Johnson accused him in the Commons of letting rapist Jimmy Savile off the hook when Starmer was head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) – but at least one of them managed to call him by the name disgusted left-wingers have long used to dismiss the Stalinist right-winger and his lack of political substance.

After his fellow Tory MP Julian Smith had condemned Johnson’s claim, Sir Bob Neill chipped in with his own contribution to the defence of his fellow knight of the realm – but called him ‘Keith’ Starmer:

With friends like that, who needs enemies what is Keir Starmer doing in the Labour party, let alone leading it?

In case anyone thinks that Bob Neill is just so committed to defending Labour leaders against that his intervention is no comment on Keir, sorry Keith Starmer, here are a few of his own comments smearing Starmer’s predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, as found by Twitter user @jrc1921:

No, Tories defend Keir Starmer because they recognise a fellow-traveller, or at least the absence of any threat to their interests. And of course, Tories talking about eroding trust in politics can do one.

And for absolute clarity, there is no evidence Keith was personally involved in the decision not to prosecute Jimmy Savile. Then again there is no evidence anyone was personally involved in that decision, but the CPS deleted all the records and claimed this was for data protection reasons. But there is no doubt at all that Starmer was head of the CPS – as he never tires of mentioning – when the decision was taken.

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  1. De piffle didn’t say smarmer refused to prosecute, but that he failed,/b> to do so. Keef’s alright continually telling us the buck stops with de piffle as he’s at the top – but so was keef when the CPS didn’t prosecute savile, killer plod, and (potential) lawbreaking toerags.

    As for his (smarmer’s) bragging about prosecuting terrorists, well he point-blank refused to even allow a private prosecution against babar ahmed, but instead ‘outsourced’ ahmad’s prosecution to the US.

    …Sound familiar? That’s because he feels the same way about Assange. A journalist that needs protection – NOT prosecution.

    1. The dirty LabourRight suppress the Forde Inquiry Report, throw others into the ‘long grass’, ‘outsource’ fixing their (often embarrassing) problems and fail to protect that which they would cherish if they were not pro crony capitalism, authoritarian neoliberalså of the worst type.

      Renegading 10 Pledges? That’s entirely down to the notional ‘leader’ himself. Charlatan.

    2. At PMQ’s Johnson replied :

      “I don’t want to make heavy weather of this but I’m informed in 2013 he apologised & took full responsibility of what happened on his watch”

      Which is quite a good reply. For if Starmer had nothing to do with the decision; no review, not even a cursory review, why did he personally apologise? Either he was remiss in his duties or did see the case details? You’d imagine a high-profile case involving a celebrity, i.e. something likely to bring press & controversy would normally go to the top of any organisation?

      1. To be fair to Starmer – he was apologising because
        of his position as Head – the normal response to
        the failings of an organisation.

        There is a difference between Johnson assertion
        and Starmer’s position ..

        The fact that this was not respected in Corbyns case
        shows the hypocrisy of the right wing.

    3. I strongly advise all to read the LEVITT REPORT , by Alison Levitt QC in 2013, on the CPS at time Starmer resigned as DPP, detailing shortcomings in treatment of young women with sex abuse claims by investigators WHILE STARMER WAS DPP, AS STEVEN SAYS HERE. THIS INCLUDES THE INVESTIGATION INTO SAVILE WHILE STARMER WAS DPP, EVEN AS THIS PARTICULAR INVESTIGATION WASN’T CARRIED OUT BY STARMER HIMSELF.

      So one of history’s most prolific sex offenders escaped prosecution on Starmer’s watch because of failures of process.

      1. I am staggered Brian precious when you say the PMs wife was a victim of worboys the most prolific convicted rapist in Britain.The fact that Starmer once again at CPS sat on his hands along with the saville case….And non of the Labour party new?what else has this man done!ps dont send a list it won’t fit on here

      2. There is STILL a failure off process regarding Rape victims –
        they are just not believed. I watched the TV program about
        Rape and associated processes. It featured four cases and for one of
        these which the CPS followed through it seemed to me (and
        the police) that it was an open and shut case and
        he would be found guilty – his behaviour had been so
        outrageous. The police were horrified he was found innocent ..
        (and I was too) and they wondered where they had gone wrong ..

  2. Now HERE’s an outright whopper of a lie from de piffle.

    Labour’s Dame Angela Eagle says if the PM needs the police to tell him if he attended a party in his own flat, “why should we believe he is a fit and and proper person to have his hand on the button of our independent nuclear deterrent?”

    Boris Johnson takes issue with that, saying she had campaigned to install a prime minister who wanted to get rid of the nuclear deterrent altogether – Jeremy Corbyn.

    I haven’t watched PMQs for some time…But I just wonder what illeagle’s reaction to that was? It wouldn’t surprise me if she shook her head in denial, the godawful rodent.

  3. Toffee-

    There’s also the case of Gary McKinnon, the autistic IT expert who had gained unauthorised access to US military databases, hoping to find information about UFOs.

    From the article(link) below:

    “Theresa May suddenly withdrew the extradition order, concluding that “after careful consideration of all of the relevant material […] Mr McKinnon’s extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with Mr McKinnon’s human rights”. Starmer is reported to have reacted with fury. The next day he boarded a plane to Washington and met with Holder’s deputies to plead that this episode should not jeopardise their future relationship.”

    Starmer seems fully immersed in these sketchy international power networks. A Trilateral Commission man with a history of acting on US issued orders.

    1. Yep, I remember that case – didn’t know about the greasy one buggering off to DC, though.

    2. Given all we know re Starmer, above all his throwing of GE19 – superb tweet by Damo – that Starmer is a spook would come as no surprise.

  4. Yes and I would argue Oliver Eagleton writing on Starmer (Novara Media, 2/3/21) absolutely nails it?

    1. His attack line today was that Labour, unlike the Tories, are now the party of high economic growth and low taxes.

      No wonder the Tories sat looking bemused. Starmer doesn’t seem to get the priority of the Labour party is fixing public services, not getting into a tax cutting competition with the Tories. The wealthiest and corporations are never going to trust Labour over the Tories to protect their wealth anyway.

      And Reeve’s 5% VAT cut off energy bills won’t make much difference to the cost of living crisis – bills are going up by 200%. It’s not progressive, since the more gas you use (eg. a mansion) the larger the cut.

  5. Question: Would he use Trident if we were attacked first?

    My response: What would be the point of doing that?
    Not only would it pointlessly kill huge numbers of innocent people but it would also probably mean that we would be attacked again. Does anybody think that would be a good idea?

    Question for Sir Bob Neill MP:

    What would you do if you fired a nuclear missile and it went off course and hit a completely different country, perhaps this country?

    “British nuke-capable missile flies in wrong direction—toward the United States—in failed test”

  6. I see the security guards at Great Ormond Street Hospital are now going out on strike because of racial discrimination. I wonder if their local MP will be joining them on the picket line. (That’s Holborn and St Pancras!)

    “In a few hours we go out on strike for six weeks and yesterday a few of us launched legal proceedings against GOSH for indirect race discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.”

  7. The “false & baseless” three-word mantra is echoing round the MSM. For the second day running Cathy Newman on C4 news has used it when asking a Tory (today it was Gove) if they’d like to distance themselves from the remark. She’s really invested, like a close family member is involved! The worst, most craven newscaster on tv.

  8. PS I seem to recall Newman, along with the entire MSM, not having the slightest problem with false and baseless slurs when it came to the anti-semitism smears inflicted on the previous leader of the Labour party…

  9. When Sir Keir Starmer was chief honcho @ DPP it was his business to know what Jimmy Saville was ‘up to’ with his chums in the West Yorkshire Police. Every pop star knew what was happening, even ‘Johnny Rotten’ & ‘Syd Vicious’; it was an open secret, but he was too powerful & too important to be prosecuted, like the MPs & Civil Servants in Number 10 Boris & Cressida have ‘Fixed it’.

    1. Yes, and for a brief moment she looked like she kinda liked it, as though she wasn’t used to intellectual males standing up to her!

  10. Craig Murray has some interesting insights:

    “The British Establishment likes Starmer. They can’t allow Boris Johnson – who is fast becoming a liability to them – saying true things about Starmer which they wish to be buried. Watching their propaganda apparatus act in unison to defend Starmer, and reconfirm in the popular mind the binary choice between their blue puppet and their red puppet, has been fascinating viewing.”

    “It is remarkable that the media has never got as excited about any of the lies told by Johnson, as they have done about what is in fact a rare example of Johnson saying an interesting truth. Starmer was indeed, as Director of Public Prosecutions, responsible for the non-prosecution of Savile.”

    1. If Savile had been prosecuted, would we be told that Starmer had nothing to do with the decision?

  11. Reuters gave their answer as to Savile’s prosecution –
    about Starmer’s degree of involvement and he
    apologised afterwards on behalf of the CPS – just
    as he should. But this is different from personal
    involvement – as Johnson very well knew.

    The crowds outside who mobbed Starmer used
    Johnsons words as a stimulus. What Johnson was doing
    was the “Dead Cat” trick – he used dog whistle politics
    just as when he accused Muslim Women of
    being “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”, Despite this
    resulting in a four fold increase of Anti-Islamic violence
    in the week following his article – he never apologised
    nor has he apologised for what he said at PMQ.

    Apart from Johnson being taken to account – and apart from
    the rioting this has also resulted in the familiar smears against
    Corbyn and McDonald being dragged up again. Thus Corbyn
    was friends with terrorists and McDonald was a gun runner
    for the IRA – or some such rubbish.. in other words another
    “dead cat” ruse to deflect peoples attention for what Johnson

    So this is one dead cat against another dead cat! So where
    does this leave UK politics – as a pile of dead cats on the table!
    No wonder people despise politicians and the system.

    Starmer has plenty to answer for with his hollowing the Labour
    Party out from within…and going back on his “ten pledges”. He
    has also discriminated against a section of the Jewish
    Community and harassed a number of their members as well
    as behaved abominably towards some very loyal LP
    members .. I could go on and on .. he is evidently a useless
    political leader and does not have a clue as to how ordinary
    people think …

    1. I agree with Craig Murray in the case of Assange ..
      there was no secrecy about what Assange was trying to do
      and the outrages that it uncovered .
      But as for Savile – from what Reuters said Starmer
      looked through the police reports and believed them .
      The irony is that Savile managed to worm his way into
      the Establishment – who were fooled by him and this
      included Johnson too. It is not necessary to believe
      what Johnson said to believe that Starmer is a conniving
      and deceitful Labour Party leader -Johnson WAS correct
      in that comment.

      And not just the Establishment – while I was waiting to see
      a consultant in outpatients in the 1970s I got into conversation
      with an elderly lady – a friend of Savile’s mother apparently.
      She was very proud of the fact and hoped he would visit her
      during her forthcoming hospital stay .. oh the irony! Mind
      you neither she nor I were part of the Establishment and
      did not know any pop stars.

      I agree also that when lies were told and smears about Corbyn –
      the Establishment gathered together and agreed with all the
      lies in spite of the untruths and obvious illogicality of their thought

      PS I was interested in reading Murray’s opinion of Duncan’s
      Memoirs – I am in the middle of Sasha Swires Diary excerpts
      as a Ministers wife – in the middle of which she says apropos
      to the then 2015 LabourParty leadership contest: “Watch out for
      Keir Starmer.”

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