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Senior whip’s staffer calls for left MPs to be out of party

Left must show solidarity with the Corbyn 11 after Chris Elmore assistant Cal Parrish ‘celebrates’ prospect of their removal.from party

A right-wing staff member of Labour MP and senior party whip Chris Elmore has deleted Twitter comments he made that he would ‘celebrate’ the removal of left MPs from the party – and claiming that he was the victim of a ‘pile-on’ after he was questioned about the appropriateness of his tweets when he works for a Labour MP.

Cal Parrish responded to a tweet by the left ‘SCG’ group of MPs calling for the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn by expressing his delight at the prospect of the whole group being out of the party:

When asked about his connection to Elmore, Parrish does not appear to have denied it and instead appears to have complained journalist Aaron Bastani was inciting a ‘pile-on’ against him – but this can only be discerned from Bastani’s responses, because Parrish subsequently deleted his original tweet and locked his account:

Parrish’s problematic history goes further than today’s tweets. He has also tweeted excitedly last year about the publication of a book about the now-defunct ‘Change UK’ – a rival party to Labour formed by Labour and Tory defectors, often referred to as the ‘Tinge’ party because of racist comments by one of its founders – tagging in its former-Labour co-founders:

Skwawkbox contacted Chris Elmore’s constituency and parliamentary offices for comment and to confirm Parrish’s employment status, but no staff were taking calls and no comment has been provided despite voicemails. No way was available to contact Mr Parrish directly but his account still claimed, at the time of writing, that he works in Parliament:

Skwawkbox view:

Bad enough that an entitled Labour staffer feels free to talk about expelling all left MPs from the party on the day that the party’s national executive is meeting to vote on Corbyn’s future. But Elmore’s position as a senior Labour whip connects him to Keir Starmer’s decision to keep the party whip withdrawn from former party leader Corbyn. His comments and subsequent indignation at being challenged are beyond inappropriate and Elmore needs to take action – and to comment on employing a staff member who gushed excitedly about a ‘Tinge’ book. Solidarity with the Corbyn 11.

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  1. The Motion for the NEC to restore whip to Jeremy Corbyn has been defeated 23/14 with 1 abstention

      1. Doug – Has someone actually won a case and been awarded compensation yet or is this just wishful thinking on your part?

      2. SteveH
        You forget my dog is going to kick Temporary Embarrassment’s arse in the forthcoming leadership election

  2. Hmm, Cal Parrish – Born in Lincoln, Raised in Telford. I’m guessing his Dad was in the RAF.

    1. Would a current Labour Party staffer, really, think it is a good idea to buy that book?

      I suppose they would. So, long as they’re not called Jeremy Corbyn, or a Socialist, they’ll get away with anything.

      1. PS mind you it is a pretty sad piece of shit, that alone should be an instant Dismissal even if he probably only seen the book on Amazon and thought that will wind a few Lefties up, Not sure why, I just think he is a sad bastard, as most of them are.

    1. Morally absolutely….financially possibly. The Apartheid State of Israel will bail them out have no fear.

  3. No particular surprise.
    But in or out JC & Left MPs are marginalised.
    Have they the political bottle to create a new left wing democratic socialist party which would attract hundreds of thousands of members and could make history?
    As one of my union members said in such a discussion, with the climate crisis and potential wars we don’t have time to wait for the Left in Labour to turn things around.
    As things stand citizens have no real choice – you can vote for any of the 3 main parties you like as long as its’s Pro Neo-Liberal.
    We need a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party to offer a GENUINE choice to diverse working people.

    1. Bazza. Forget about any change coming from the Labour Party. It will HAVE to come from the Unions one way or another.

      1. So we should be good little sheep and accept a Tory-lite at best party masquerading as a Labour party and vote for them NO WAY.

        If these unions want to walk away and support this lot then go ahead you need us far more than we need you!!!

        There and socialist unions still thank god. I suspect if JC and a couple of socialist MP’s jump ship it will give the final push for these small socialist party’s to go mainstream.

        Will it take time to build back up to realistic number of MP’s again? Hell yes were talking 10 years at least…

        I am guessing and staying and trying to make Labour course correct back is a not possible anymore! It’s gone to far the right the vile right-wing cancer too deep with clowns like this in charge. Sorry the old Labour party is no more this zombie party with a red rosette remains and nothing else it’s terminal the quicker it dies the better.

        There is much hard work ahead but better something authentic, real and offers hope to the people than something fake and the quicker we all accept this and stop wasting our time with this Tory-lite Labour party the better.

  4. VERY disappointed in vote going against Corbyn – I really thought
    they had more sense ..

    No wonder Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer were absent. It was a stitch up.

    1. Jeremy Corbyn is way too good to be trapped in That Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY SCUM Party! Just by looking at the Vile Onslaught on his and Laura’s Twitter Accounts, All the usual screechers from 2015 t0 2020, I think they were convinced we were just going to go away, but we are getting stronger every day, we are not the Few, we just need to realise that, there is a lot to take in and process from that 4y3m of CONSTANT battle and it is coming together just nicely. Just as this NEC defeat has put a line under the matter and Jeremy is now an Independent and we can continue with the Battle, so too do we have to Defeat and Unseat The Thatcherite Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM, it would be good if we could Unseat both TORY SCUM Parties, but will we have the PAL numbers by then!? We need to Push The PAL members and get registered and Candidates to cover every seat. I am hoping that by now most People have come to Realise that they are not dealing with The Right of The Labour Party, but an entirely Polar Opposite Parasite Party, and they sucked the Host, The UK Labour Party DRY. Now we need to boot them, not for The Labour Party, but for Democratic Socialism/Socialism.

  5. “SteveH25/01/2022 AT 5:10 PM
    The Motion for the NEC to restore whip to Jeremy Corbyn has been defeated 23/14 with 1 abstention”
    Maybe it’s the start of Alzheimers, and you have forgotten that you have reported this a few times already. My sympathies.

  6. Corbyn does have an on-going Court case which is in a state of
    Limbo – maybe this will be the time to start it up again?

    So we have a right wing Tory welcomed into the Parliamentary Party while a
    dedicated Labour Party member is excluded ..

    Furthermore – lies are told about the EHRC report – in that anti semitism
    is endemic – it was a not in the report.

  7. Elmore lived in Vale of Glamorgan and stood there as PLPC embraced by a the Labour right cartel there. Owen Smith also grew up here. Elmore then got parachuted into Ogmore,(20 odd miles away) a safe Labour seat, something that upset many local activists. Before becoming MP he spoke glowingly of R.Reeves and supported the tougher on sick and disabled people than the tories. Son of a small businessman he has the same outlook as a right wing tory.

    1. If Mr E doesn’t recognise that there are 2 welfare states, ours the w class one – deliberately meagre, stigmatised, under attack, and the upper class one, tax reliefs, tax concessions, subsidised to the hilt & luxurious (Big Business gets £97b a year) then along with Ms Reeves perhaps as Nye Bevan may have said: “He is too stupid to be an MP?”

  8. If Corbyn or others start a PROPER Labour Party I will join, as will hundreds of thousands of others. Now is the time – the alternative is tory or tory. REmember tht othe parties hsave been founded and memberships have booled recently. COme on \jermey, fight man!

    1. Yeah, of course Joe, and I’m sure he/it would receive lots of support from the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the BoD and the CAA and the CST et al and be in government in next to no time!

      Be real ffs Joe!! Yur talkin’ out of yur posterior. Literally!!!

      1. The vile right wing press will attack us no matter what we do. Tory-lite is still Tory NOT Labour a rosette is just that a empty symbol when there is no ideology attached apart from slightly less Tory than Tory’s.

        So the BOD will lie and attack as will certain middle eastern countries because the left wing terrifies them all!!!

        We know all this don’t we let’s be honest?

        What we should be doing is stop appeasing them. They attack us demonstrate it’s a lie. They smear us point it out then never accept a interview with them stopping playing there games is key.

        They lie show the truth they don’t want to print or show it publish yourself online tell the people why your doing this. Show them to be just propaganda arm of the Torys NOT journalists!

        No more appeasement and cooperation with the press has to END. They don’t want to be honest fine accept it move on this running scared and playing by there rules has to STOP and now!!!!

    2. Joe – Have you ever thought why the socialist candidates who stand for parliament against Labour lose their deposits.

      1. SteveH-

        Er .. that’s because the consensus was that Labour were still the only game in town, the only realistic political vehicle.

        2015 and Corbyn’s election , then the 2017 GE changed perceptions. 580,000 members – the largest political party in Europe may have been dismissed by Labour’s right but we know it was something special, a big achievement. And an indicator of the hunger for a genuine choice, crushed by the establishment maybe, but still there waiting to be tapped into.

        It showed there is literally no need for Labour to move sharply to the political right to win. It’s purely the desire of those running the show who’ve chosen this Blairite path.

        If a new party is started and if it gets things right: messaging ; cost of membership (needs to be low) and is youth focused, it’ll quickly become a unstoppable colossus and gobble up Starmer’s weak putrid offering.

  9. I think we need to look at the developing situation in the party where control of selections is being drawn into the centre.
    As usual, some on the left underestimate the vile cunning of the right. It would not surprise me if the pretext is found, or multiple pretexts are found to deselect left MPs in the run up to the next election. An alternative would be for them to be suspended for alleged misdemeanors, thus taking them out of any running whilst under suspension. This would create a veneer of legitimacy for such a situation.
    In either case, the question would become a matter of ” How would they respond?”

    1. I don’t think the penny has dropped yet by the SCG,because their retirement from the House of commons is being planned by the Labour leader. and they don’t seem to comprehend the message “No Socialists welcome” .
      IN the short time left they should use their position of MPs to form a new Independent Labour party….ITs honourable and obvious,and maybe they can tempt Jeremy Corbyn as a recruitment sergeant but that shouldn’t be too difficult as there are hundreds of thousands of ex members hoping for a new party…We see a classic example were I am staying in Koh tonsay island were the rich are getting ready to bulldoze the small business hoteliers out of existence with their family’s for a large Hotel chain who act like Gods and have the power to control and destroy the lives of many working-class class people even here.The message is international “For the few and not the many”

      1. If the SCG don’t move soon then they could find themselves out on a limb and without a job. Personally I think they are cowards without a backbone. With one or two exceptions.

      2. baz2001 – On the contrary, history tells us that they will “find themselves out on a limb and without a job” if they follow the advice of yourself and Joseph.

    2. Ludus57, I am expecting that Bell Ribeiro-Adi, Kate Osamor and Apsana Begum will lose their respective trigger ballots, since they are representing safe Labour seats.
      I am not going to be surprised if well known left members in their CLPs are going to be prevented to attend the trigger ballots in their branches on the excuse that perhaps they are in arrears.
      Plus some affiliates will trigger then too. We will have to wait and see how many members of the SCG lose their trigger ballots.
      I hope that they decided to stay and fight and join PAL.

  10. Quote :

    Labour’s NEC approved new guidance for parliamentary selections today that will see the control of longlisting taken from local parties and given to national and regional executive committee members instead.

    Another power grab centralisation. And it flies in the face of Starmer’s near-commitment to open selection in the leadership campaign. When RLB promised open selection, Starmer nodded along, and said we definitely need to increase local democracy in parliamentary candidate selection.

    There are drug Kingpins whose word is more trustworthy than Starmer’s. What an absolute rogue of a man.

    Although SteveH seems to love this trail of broken promises for some ungodly reason.

    Kinda beyond being angry at this point. Expect the very worst from Starmer-led Labour and you’ll never be disappointed.

  11. I see parish is a pro wrestling trainee.

    Another one of those puerile pre-pubescent imbecilics, that scream & shout and fling themselves to the floor, pretending to be hurt even less convincingly than any footballer.

    Easily summed up in one word.


  12. If the Spanish can do it so can we, we dont need 100s of MPs just get enough to tip the balance and scare the buggers whit less, it wont take much, they are a bunch of cowards with a bunch of spineless offshore trolls to back em up, if a party was started we should just target seats of ministers and the particularly vile, yes Jess I mean you.

    1. mrmoose66 – I may have agreed with you if the UK used a PR voting system like Spain, but we don’t, we use a FPTP system and until that changes you are on a hiding to nothing.
      If we had a PR voting system for general elections I see no reason why a ‘socialist party’ wouldn’t get 15 to 20 seats on a first outing and may well find itself in the position of holding the balance of power but as things stand you just don’t have the numbers in the necessary concentrations to achieve anything under FPTP..

      1. Yes and what you right wing morons forget is the same applies to YOU!

        Kick out all the soloists then no money, no workers in the ground. Have only-right wing yes men and women in the party and no policies the people say why waste a vote on you? You don’t represent us, you hate us and attack our beliefs sod voting for that!!!

        Then the once great Labour party of Tory-lite zombie version anyhow will fall apart they will all be attacking each other clawing each other in a desperate display of right wing behaviour it’s alwase the same! Desperate to save there own worthless skins and keep the gravy train running. Hell yes they will lie, cheat and demand we save them or let the Torys in!!

        They forget 2016 & 2019 when they did what? We remember! It will be fantastic and incredibly sad to watch and you lot will have no one but yourselves to blame.

        There are not enought Tory-lite centrists to support Labour the damn Libs showed this your both fighting for the same small vote pool!!! Oh yes plus a few Torys whoopie, yes some socialists that still believe or have been fooled by your party’s lies will vote for you because there scared or blinkered about reality.

        No matter what you do what you offer or the lies you tell remember this. There doomed by there own hands and efforts all we have to do is…..


        We will treat you all as you have treated us with contempt, with lies and smears we will ignore as we will ignore you all. It’s gone beyond hate or anger I am at apathy! I don’t care any longer and speaking to many socialists, your cult of new Labour 2.0 Tory-lite are in for a big shock…

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