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Forde report delayed AGAIN, 18 months late and not even complete – and will not cover right’s actions anyway

Inquiry should have reported in July 2020 but QC commissioned by Starmer says it’s only ‘largely completed’, despite repeated promises by party that it would be released

The interminable wait for the findings of the Forde Inquiry continues – the investigation originally commissioned by Keir Starmer immediately after his regime began, supposedly to look into both the allegations of a leaked Labour report on the conduct of the Labour right and, inexcusably, to hunt down those who leaked it.

The inquiry’s report was supposed to be released in July 2020, but has been delayed again and again amid accusations of political interference and cover-up, while it has been watered down and will now reportedly barely touch on the conduct of the Labour right and instead focus on the nebulous ‘culture’ of the party – an outcome that Starmer no doubt intended from the very beginning.

The latest false promise of the report’s release was that it would be presented to Labour’s national executive (NEC) tomorrow, but this has now again been pulled – but Forde’s message to the NEC reveals that, almost two years from its inception and fully eighteen months late, it is not even completed.

Forde has written to the party to say it is ‘largely completed’ – and to deny, surprise, that there has been any political interference (well, apart from changing the purpose and scope, of course):

Forde now says he hopes – it’s not even a promise – to ‘deliver’ the report in February. Not ‘publish’, merely ‘deliver’ it to the party – which is no doubt busy looking for the biggest and boggiest patch of long grass it can find.

NEC member Gemma Bolton wonders whether this means the report has been rewritten, as the NEC had been told it was complete and the last delay was because of the Information Commissioner:

we were previously told that the only delay was the outcome of an ICO investigation relating to data breaches from the leaking of the report. So is the report now being rewritten? Are parts being removed?

The crimes perpetrated against party members working under Corbyn for change and a country desperately in need of it look likely to remain without even ‘official’ confirmation, let alone the reckoning members and ex-members are entitled to expect.

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  1. When was it originally to be issued, July 2020?

    I don’t think it will be published at all as long as Sir Keir-of-the-Few Starmer remains leader of Labour.

    The man is a scoundrel and a lickspittle to the parasites known as ‘the elite’.

  2. A year ago Forde wrote to Dave Evans and said….

    “We have considered whether any aspect of our report can be disclosed despite the existence of the ICO’s inquiries. However, after careful consideration, we consider there is a real risk that even partial disclosure of our report and findings could have the potential to prejudice the ICO’s work. As soon as its inquiries are completed, and resolved, we will provide a report.”

    Forde gave every indication that the report and its finding were complete a year ago and now he is saying that it is “largely completed” and can’t yet be published.

    Well blow me I didn’t see that one coming.

  3. Hmmm.

    Chilcot took his time, too IIRC. Nice work if you can get it.

    1. That looks like a socially useful business opportunity, that does.

      (Socially useful if it keeps him out of Downing St.)

      1. If it would keep all of that Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite TORY Party out of Downing Street, I would buy 10 for myself, not all in one go mind!

  4. The Forde Report will be kicked under the Extra Plush Rug with the Dust, “Leftists”, “Undeserving Poor” and all Black. Muslim, Gipsies, Travellers, Other Minorities including Black and “Fringe” Jews, because This Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite TORY Party is for White Upper Middle Class Far Right Zionists ONLY!

  5. The leaked report is widely available just read the sodding thing and stop letting these bastards play games with you. If you want to read it just go onto and search “on the left with jeremy corbyn” it is posted there and facebutt

    1. Andrew
      Dont forget the leaked report was a summary by the authors of the available evidence and they had their own agenda
      Whoever has the original source material holds all the cards, they could bring down Red Tories in a blink of an eye

  6. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive.” (?)
    Some of us saw the gist of the early Forde Report before it was locked up up by the Right, perhaps the report seriously worries them?
    As some suggest it PROVES that some Right Wing Labour staff undermined Corbyn’s GE election campaign in 2017 along with a significant number of Right Wing Labour MPs who had been slagging JC of in the media in public for years?
    These Right Wing Labour Barbarians in my view went on to live comfortable and well rewarded lives after condemning millions to economic misery.
    Perhaps as John Lennon sang: “How do you sleep?”

    1. As much as I distrust social media, I’m tempted to set up a temporary email and register for the MeWe site Andrew mentions above, just to look at whatever is there and claims to be a ‘leaked’ draft.

      One thing is certain now. I no longer feel like I need to see the Forde Report. I know the party’s current leadership is corrupt to its soul and that it, together with all the choreographed plp MPs doing their chicken coup dance for BBC News and Current Affairs cameras, would both both be implicated by publication of the Forde Report – if said report were honest, meticulous, complete and tue, which after such a long and mysterious ‘delay’, I no-longer expect.

      Thank heaven I left the starmerLabour party. Starmer is besoiling Labour and the Forde Inquiry Panel and Secretariate too.

      1. One thing is certain now. I no longer feel like I need to see the Forde Report

        Exactly! Everything forewarned about smarmer has come to pass. His bluff was called before he became leader.

        The only thing that he (half) hoodwinked me on was the antisemitism palaver, as a pre-brexit, pre-leadership candidate he kept relatively quiet about it, allowing fatberg & the others to stir that shit up.

        Wasn’t a/s led to him resigning from the shadow cabinet…

        But, being the valiant, cunning perspicacious box-of-tricks he is, he abandoned his brexit pretence and concentrated on the antisemitism charade almost the second he shithoused his way to his zenith.

        But no doubt we’ll hear how it wasnt him dropped brexit, but how Corbyn forced him to stamp out the hundreds of thousands of cases of a/s and purge the same amount of (predominately left-leaning &Jewish) members as his ‘priority’.

        Except his priority has been to give the rags carte-blanche to do as they please. He’s put the ‘stain’ in ‘abstain’.

        Don’t need no report to state the bleedin’ obvious on those counts.

      2. Qwertboi, part of me agrees with you, the fact that it hasn’t been published yet speak volumes about the damage its publication will cost to the Party.
        With the local election in the metropolitan areas around the corner the Party cannot afford to lose voters and this is why I believe it has been delayed yet again. I am not going to be surprised if we have to wait until the Party loses the next GE and Starmer isn’t its leader any longer to have the Forde Enquiry published.
        However, I still want to see the Forde Enquiry if ever it gets published as it would be interesting to note the language for instance. My academic guess is that the Enquiry will be written in legal parlance rather than plain English, allowing the right of the Party to give their own interpretation to the Enquiry.
        I find difficult to accept that as a QC Martin Forde is going to allow for his integrity to be compromised. However, Evans is paying for the Enquiry and Forde has to satisfy the client too. Hence, the difficulties.

      3. Don’t forget to check out Diaspora and Mastodon, Both are Open Source and Decentralised, there are many alternatives but you have to do a bit of your own research as these are many times niche and others like Gab occupied by the Far Right raping the ‘benefits’ of Free Speech. MeWe looks quite interesting, let us know if there are already any people/groups worth following. I see Wikipedia The Home of The Far Right Editors are saying MeWe is taken over by Conspiracy Theorists, etc, so just explore safely 🙂

    2. As Lennon also sang:

      I’ve had enough of reading things
      By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
      All I want is the truth
      Just give me some truth

  7. I think it WILL come out but be a whitewash.

    However this is COMPLETELY against the Terms of Reference issued
    at the beginning .. which is supposed to investigate “serious concerns”.

    Doubtless they need a few months to cut out the disgraceful
    activities of the Right – and substitute with bland generalities.

    Maybe this is in exchange of reinstatement of whip to Corbyn?

    However that would be to assume that Starmer and Evans possess
    a modicum of political astuteness – a very silly idea of course!

    1. If Corbyn is reinstated the only people who will now benefit are the desperate filthy Right Wing of the party of betrayal!” They know full well Labour’s support has collapsed across this Country. Corbyn must refuse any offer of return he is best placed outside this shitshow.

      1. In the thread prior to the one before this one, Andrew said the following:

        We would be so much better off if our Corbs stayed out of this vile fucking party and started a new movement and party, all of us across this country could make a new party for the workers bloody massive.

        If he goes back we will be set back another 30 years. Labour cannot be trusted again.

        I didn’t see his comment until the following day, but posted the following response anyway:

        And then a bit further down the page, and less than an hour later, Andrew finishes a short post with the following:

        The real question is why Corbyn even wants back in on this nest of Blairite vipers?

        And in another post in the same thread Skelly said the following:

        I really would feel deeply offended if Jeremy goes to That Neo-Labour TORY SCUM Party that did nothing but belittle him, treat him like some kind of disease, etc, etc, etc NO! If Jeremy goes back I would not be able to forgive him!

        And Wobbly finishes a short post by saying the following:

        Corbyn is better off keeping his distance from this bunch.

        And yet all three of them know that if Jeremy DIDN’T want to be reinstated, he would have said so publicly before now. In other words, he DOES, so please have some respect.

      2. And why do you say that the Right Wing ‘know full well Labour’s support has collapsed across this Country’ when the LP have been consistently ahead in the polls for more than six weeks now, and an average of around ten points ahead of the Tories in the last twelve polls?

  8. Must be all that redacting that’s taking so long. It’ll never see the light of day because it will show how bad things were and they don’t want to upset their mates.

  9. Interesting phrasing
    “I wish to place on record that the delay has not been caused by any
    political interference in the drafting of the Report or its recommendations”
    Almost too qualified – it doesn’t say no political interference in the investigation or what evidence they may have found would be included in the draft.
    Weasel words intended to mislead perhaps?

    1. Precisely Iam, was all the evidence available allowed to be considered? Was some evidence withheld from the investigation due to political interference?
      We know that the scope and focus of the Forde Enquiry have been subjected to political interference as for the start its focus was narrow.
      Therefore, the General Secretary not longer needs to interfere with the drafting of the Report. Since no all the evidence hasn’t been made available Forde cannot report on what he hasn’t be able to appraise.

      1. Maria. “Precisely Iam, was all the evidence available allowed to be considered? Was some evidence withheld from the investigation due to political interference”?

        Although Starmer wanted the report to be concluded quickly, it was reported that Martin Forde did not want to do a half baked job and that he would take his time. He asked for anybody with relevant information to make a submission which resulted in so many submissions from ex/members, the date for publication had to be put back, from June 2020 to the autumn. I submitted a detailed account of my personal experience, I know others have submitted more of an overview of the GLU as it was in this period. The submissions were directly to Martin Forde’s office so it is unlikely that any of our reports did not reach his enquiry. It was later reported in the Grun or Indi (can’t remember which), that the GLU were getting twitchy because the panel were holding a much wider investigation and asking awkward questions.

        Added to this, there are five ex staffers who have been named and accused of leaking the origninal report, who are taking legal action – and they are not messing about, they are using Carter Ruck. I’ve not heard if that has been resolved, so it’s fair to say it’s probably current. I’m guessing, but if Forde has uncovered something related to a current court case, it could be that this has a bearing on the publication date.

        Martin Forde is an eminent barrister, who has a reputation to uphold, I can’t see him letting Starmer tarnish it. He produced the Windrush report, so is unlikely to be happy with any watering down of his findings. But that remains to be seen.

    2. Semantics….the tool of the ‘educated’ Establishment.

      As you allude, always read very carefully the phrasing and terminology. These people are very tricky.

  10. Craig Murray…..

    ‘Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day Oh God It Never Ends’

    The doctrine that a judge should suggest to counsel for one party, helpful points to strengthen their case against the other party, is an entirely new one in English law. The United States could have submitted their diplomatic note at any stage, but chose not to do so, in order to see if they could get away with making no commitment as to Assange’s treatment. They only submitted a diplomatic note after they lost the original case. It was not for Baraitser to ask them to do it earlier and the suggestion is a ludicrous bit of special pleading by Burnett.

    This is more than just a procedural point. If the assurances had been submitted to the magistrate’s court, their value could have been objected to by Assange’s defence. The self-canceling conditionalities within the assurances themselves could have been explored, and the United States’ long record of breaking such assurances could have been discussed.

    By introducing them only at the appeal stage, the United States had evaded all scrutiny of their validity.

  11. Jonathan Cook hasn’t posted about the hearing, but he’s linked to Craig’s report on his twitter page, but if you didn’t see it, check out the following article Jonathan posted a couple of weeks ago:

    ‘Rachel Riley libel ruling is the latest judicial attack on political speech;

    In the Julian Assange and Craig Murray cases – and now Rachel Riley’s defamation win – the British judiciary is accumulating more weapons to crush political speech that challenges establishment narratives

    1. Having perused that Jonathan Cook article in its entirety the following observations seem more than obvious:

      It needs categorically stating that anyone in this article is neither stupid or dangerous; neither an establishment troll nor disingenuous disseminator of projective narrative tropes designed to undermine democracy.

      It also equally goes without saying that no one in this article can literally and objectively in any way be considered a litigious coward gaslighting the populace on behalf of the rich and powerful. Indeed, everyone in this article can only ever be considered, in objective terms, model citizens of impeccable and unimpeachable probity.

      Any possible or potential misinterpretation of the literal intent of the above two paragraphs is precisely that: an erroneous and entirely subjective misinterpretation which only someone with malicious intent and of low moral and ethical probity would ever consider to be the case.

  12. When people instruct me to support Starmer to get rid of the \tories, i always remind them that Starmer did not support Coerbyn, his leader in 2016 – indeed the very opposite. The man deserves no support whatsoever.

  13. Just been reading about illuminated manuscripts that were produced by monks in the Middle Ages. Apparently some of those took up to two years to create which might be one possible reason for why the report is taking so long to come out. It’s certainly more believable than Evans explanation

    1. They are perfectionists and, as such, are working away to create a report that is distorted to perfection, a work of art, a masterpiece, which turns reality and the truth completely and utterly.on its head.

      1. Interesting how the delay of this fraud
        “The Forde Report” Superb timing as usual.
        Meanwhile 4.5 Billion has supposedly gone missing! they’d like you to think 4.5 Billion in actual cash has Vanished Disappeared like a weasels in the night.
        These people literally think we are all as dumb as the day we were born!

        My questions are, why haven’t the fraud squad tracked the money through the bank transactions? “unless they gave the money out in wheel barrows?” And why has no labour MP brought any question to parliament? ffs.

        Forde report just another distraction tactic and helping hand for the Tories when they’re deep in the shit..

  14. I can see that large chap from Jurassic park shouting “Forde report!” at the top of his voice

    “Nobody cares”

    And nobody does care. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the British establishment toolbox. Long grass followed by mission creep (to put it politely). By the time it eventually releases, it’ll show how Corbyn patrolled the streets at night with the Blackshirts and how Sir Keith bravely fought them at the barricades.

    I won’t be wasting my time on it.

    Wonder how many the report should have focused on now feel they are laughing?

    1. The individuals on The Forde Inquiry panel should be worrying about their own integrity and honourableness.

      They are more than cogs in a corrupt party machine. Much more.

  15. When the Forde report is released, historians will find it of great interest.

    1. Very very true, Chris Mooney. It will disclose how the neoliberal (pro-crony capitalsim) LabourRight became liars anch heats in defence of the American phase of capitalsim which Ronald Reagen and Mrs Thatcher made hegemonic.

      And the murder of JFK*, the inside job known as “9/11” and the covid narrative lie will each be continuations of the analysis (which might be titled ‘The Decline and Fall of theAmerican Empire”)

      *Please give the Edward Curtin article a read – if only to see how the murdered President Kennedy used exactly the same language and was motivated by exactly the same Peace and Justice as another ‘enemy within’ who, happily, was not assasinated but simply called “an existential threat” to zionists and hard-right neoliberal capitalists (‘moderates’, my arse!) and made unelectable by the synchronised MSM

  16. Whatever happens next, you don’t need the Forde report to justify it, just get on with it
    Hashtag ‘send a glass eye to sleep’

  17. There are major unions, 400,000 members and 10 million supporters waiting for the move against Red Tories
    The country is crying out for leadership, integrity and clear Red Water

  18. Given the police investigation regarding the Tory Parties
    disregard of the COVID Rules – is there not a case for
    the police – or at least legal – involvement in the disgraceful
    activities of Labour Party employees?

    Completely confused though – is the ICO involved or not –
    though I cannot see anything legally wrong with examining
    members emails since the Labour Party promised to
    “Open the books” to the enquiry. .There were no objections
    to this from those now complaining – in fact if the Labour
    Party had refused the request from the Investigators –
    there would have been complaints !! The fact is – they got
    more than they bargained for ..

  19. The delays and shielding suggest the party’s right including the present leadership, were fully onboard and happy with the sabotage? The hundreds of thousands paid out to HQ staffers, using members subs! when advised not to settle, also represent a kick in the teeth to everyone who campaigned.

    I don’t get how the left can ‘stay and fight’ alongside people like that?

    It’s been clear for a long time Labour’s Blairite right hate socialism far more than they do the Tories

  20. It appears (from ME) that Forde is completely changing the original
    Terms of Reference – which is outrageous considering
    what they were asked to investigate.It is worth looking at them
    for there are fairly comprehensive.

    If this is so – it rather challenges the view (from Nemtona?) that
    Forde will not let Starmer tarnish his reputation.

    It is possible that the delay is because Forde is insisting that
    a full investigation is being made with subsequent disclosure
    of bad/criminal activities by Labour Staffers.

    It is certainly correct that a mass of extra evidence was supplied
    to Forde – because this evidence was disclosed on various “Zoom”
    events such as “Not the Forde Enquiry (Parts 1 and 2)” .
    “Labour Briefing” provides info on this.

    Well a person has to have something to cheer them up!


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