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Video: Starmer stammers and chokes on word ‘respect’ during speech

Watch to the end

Labour ‘leader’ Keir Starmer has delivered a vapid, waffling and detail-free speech about Labour values today and his vision for Britain – and (of course) about ‘patriotism’ and (double of course) his past as the Establishment’s Director of Public Prosecutions. No real details or substance, of course, though you’ll struggle to find that mentioned in the collusive centrist media.

But it did contain one amusing and revealing moment when Starmer stammered and stumbled over the word ‘respect’ – and couldn’t get it out without first having a drink of water from a glass on the lectern:

Somehow, it seems unlikely he’d have stumbled over the words ‘contempt’, ‘arrogance’ or betrayal.

Someone who knew about respect was Aretha Franklin. Enjoy:

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    1. Having seen the instruction ‘Watch to the end’ I only started the video with 8 or so seconds to go.

      I wouldn’t want those eight seconds back when drawing my terminal breath, I can tell ya. 😒

      1. He is a truly repulsive fascist. I don’t give a shit about how some fucking don, trot, student or commentator defines it. He’s a nasty bigot who despises working people regardless of race, sex or faction. We are here to serve our masters and slave for the transitional corporations or else we will be visited by the black-uniformed brutes oozing violence and ill intent. He believes that we are a major military power, with a huge armada, lots of planes. We are not although we talk a good fight. Now he wants us to stick our snouts into the Balkans again. That went well.

      2. Geoff Hoon was a chum of the Blair creature. Hoon says the creatures ex flatmate Goldsmith’s legal advice was; Blair’s murderous Iraq invasion was illegal. Hoon wrote; he was told to “BURN” the written evidence. Hoon also confirms the Blair creature in 2002, promised Bush he will use British troop to Invade Iraq. Colin Powell confirmed to Bush Jr that Blair was in the bag.

        There’s much more, but in brief, Geoff Hoon confirmed what can be understood from the EVIDENCE at the Butler, Chillcott… inquiries. The Blair creature & allies are murderous warmongering disgraceful liars with ZERO RESPECT for The Many.

        No wonder Sir Keith Starmer supports fully the warmongering tool.
        Vote for dishonest Starmer and any of his coup gang if you want the world to go from bad to worse.

      3. @signpost

        Just before he died, Colon Powell was awarded a coat of arms by she who anointed Bliar.

        It features swords, stars and an eagle. Apparently due to his family being Scottish.

        Seems an usual gift, no?

      4. Nvla, thanks 4 that. Did not know. Must read up. Have vague memory of him being trinketed…

  1. Sir Keir Starmer backs decision to give Tony Blair a knighthood after 500,000 sign petition against

    Say No More! If he were even a twentieth the politician that Sir Tony was, Starmer would just say nothing on the subject. Truth is, stammer isn’t the sharpest tool in the box.

    During his speech later in the day, Sir Keir was asked whether Boris Johnson should receive a knighthood and he said the Prime Minister had not “earned the right”.

    “No, I am sorry, I don’t think that this Prime Minister has earned the right to have an honour,” Sir Keir said. “I do think Tony Blair has.”

    Tory vaccines minister Maggie Throup (no, it’s not pronounced throw-up) also supported the decision to honour Sir Tony.

    Birds of a feather

    1. Maggie throup?…….ITs not a new variant of covid is it quertboi.Maybe our resident quack. Steve H Hall centrist Dad can make a diagnosis from the Dyson book of fresh air and flog it off as leathel.

      1. Like the wee fella’s gonna show on a thread like this, Joseph?! The single cog in his piss-poor excuse for a brain will be cracking up as I type, IF he’s even got as far as the headline…

        Maybe when everyone’s gone to bed, or when this thread is way down the list and he’s filed some new teet onto that completely detached cog he’ll sneak on to say: ‘But Corbyn…..’

    2. It’s worse than we thought. People have been heard sniffing out on the dark side of Scarborough

      1. Yes….Well….you see… That’s what I mean by ‘patriotism’ you see…fellow friend of israel – sir james savile – brought the nation together….every Saturday evening on the world’s greatest broadcaster, the BBC…

        He wasn’t knighted (like me) for nothing, you know. No sir…. He earned his knighthood by keeping secrets that would’ve seen toerag MPs jailed for the same depraved paedophilia he committed as a thank you and the same paedophilia I and my predecessors turned a blind eye to.

        When I was DPP, I saved at least two toerags from almost certain jail time myself.

        And finally, fellow friend of israel charles lynton also earned his knighthood….He prosecuted wars, and I prosecuted terrorists that probably would have had no cause to be terrorists if it weren’t for Miranda.

    3. Over 600,000 now……Wait for it, here comes Keith’s Chief Turd Polisher…..

  2. I love the caption of the knight hiding behind a glass of?…The Ruddy complexion and the stutter suggest somthing a little the glass.The knight will not find the answer to why hes ridiculed and detested in is own party at the bottom of the glass.,or why he only makes the front page to be laughed at.

  3. The great religions of the world, even the communist manifesto and labour until Sir tony burned clause four were able to get by with a book or two. Compare that to a solicitors office with wall to wall to books of law – it’s because they are looking backwards always not forwards. Sir Tony and Sir Keir share the same rear mirror.

    1. Charming, I agree with your comment but I feel that if you dropped the word mirror and added young between same and rear it would be correct. Miranda, the hero of Victoria public lavatories.

    2. Charming 64the solicitors are trained to look backwards for a precident because basically without a constitution or a “bill of rights” the law is decided by corrupt lawmakers in the house of horrors or on the hoof by a usually depraved character in a wig.Yanks think it’s cute,I think its a obscenity against the people ‘

  4. Please – PLEASE – watch this brilliant video (13mins) posted today on Double Down News, and share it far and wide:

    Friend of Desmond Tutu exposes Dark Side of British Labour Party

    1. Well, well, well…..

      mandelson (friend of israel) – on the telephone, asking favours from convicted pederast esptein – while still incarcerated?!!!!

      Who’da thunkit? 🤔

    2. I don’t know if anyone else has already posted a link to this petition, but here it is anyway, so please sign if you haven’t done so already. More than six hundred thousand have done so already:

      Tony Blair to have his “Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter” rescinded

      And please share!

      1. Alan, those chums love their garters and stockings, oh yeah and they’ve got black rod behind them. The ultimate accolade is of course ‘ The Grand Night of Pederasty’.

      2. Yes, well done.

        I signed it the other day.

        P.S. A bit of role reversal here, I think. Usually it is the ventriloquist, rather than the dummy, that drinks the glass of water.

    3. Andrew Feinstein – thank you. A real tour de force.
      Just compare that with Starmer’s twaddle.

  5. I once spent three hours at a company event where the ‘top table’ comprised Margaret Thatcher, her husband, Dennis, and Barney Hayhoe. In the course of those 3 hours Thatcher knocked-back an entire bottle of Scotch and was making good headway on a second. Hayhoe and Dennis Thatcher seemed not to be drinking any alcohol, just water or tonic. When she died, her Cause of Death was put down as ‘stroke’

    Chances are it was a very pernicious form of ‘malnutrition’ where chronic heavy drinking causes the body to not use thiamine (vitamin b1). If there were any justice in the world, Joseph.

    FWIW – reportedly, ‘early-stage’ dementia has increased exponentially in Britain through the covid months/years already. If you or anyone you love is experiencing this, source some thiamine powder or tablets and take it daily for a few weeks. If memory, recollection, vocabulary, etc., and mood suddenly improves, chances are it was a thiamine inadequacy (not ‘early-stage dementia’), so try to have at least two days a week without drinking alcohol and the central nervous system (on which the thiamine works) will quickly bounce back to robust health.

    1. above was intended as a reply to Josephokeefe’s comment on ruddy-cheeked Sur Keir. Pah!

    2. Querteboi. Well thought post. If a persons consumption of alcohol reaches those levels it is very serious. As an alcoholic I spotted that Thatcher’s drinking was affecting her work early on. Do you recall her behaviour outside central office the night that Redhands won. She was pushed away from the cameras and reptiles by that Northern Irish mate of hers. He shoved her and treated her as an embarrassment. But vit b, potassium, liquids, exercise help but there comes a time when medical care followed by abstinence are the last hope. It is a truly, damaging affliction that affects all of those you love. I have no love for the woman but compared to Starmer she was principled. He is a worm and a pygmy. The hardest but the best thing I ever did was to put the cap back on the bottle.

      1. Well done wobbly – interesting post too! M Thatcher was a woman
        who had hardly any sleep – and she used to boast about it.
        This is not a good way to live if you want a long life ..

  6. The guardian and independent journos will be fawning over this platitudinous guff too.

    Idiots online like to repeat the idea that the ONLY purpose of Labour is to win power, and hold that out-Torying the Tories is the secret elixir to electoral success, as if they’ve stumbled on some special insight rather than the fact they’ve simply surrendered. Imagine believing what you do in power is irrelevant. This is to reduce politics to a meaningless battle of coloured rosettes : red Tory, blue Tory or yellow Tory, pick your least worst option.

    Honestly, would it not be better to lose while staying true to your beliefs and ideals – arguing for real change, than capitulating by adopting policies and faux patriotic flag waving BS because you believe the Sun and Mail readers want to see that? And as 2017 and 40% showed, sans the internal HQ sabotage, the public ARE receptive to radical reform and view a manifesto taking us closer to the superior cleaner, healthier ,more egalitarian Scandinavian social democratic countries, with their much higher life satisfaction index ratings, with enthusiasm.

    The UK should and could be better, empty vessels Starmer and Reeves as servants of the status quo and 1%, have already capitulated.

      1. So much talk of “The Flag” and Patriotism remind me of Britain First and that Patriotism is the Last Refuge of the Scoundrel!

  7. His emphasis on ‘hard work’ is so lame, it’s the same rehashed nation of ‘Strivers and skivers’ bollocks we got from the multi-millionaire trust fund Tories like Osborne and Cameron. The notion there’s an ‘undeserving poor’; people who are poor, not because training courses and new skills training i.e., life chances are limited in the UK, not because night school courses or training simply isn’t available anymore due to massive local council cutbacks. No , it’s due to the fact they must want to sit on their arses according to these out-of-touch London elites and inner circle New Labour HQ people

    The truth is, even the highly motivated and intelligent often get few ‘second chance’ opportunities in Britain , because the courses and resources simply aren’t there. Starmer is just lazily adopting Tory tabloid narratives.

  8. I met a bloke once who told me that he managed to pay for an OU degree. He was loaded I admit.

  9. Like Starmer I lost respect during that nonentity of a speech. vacuous just doesn’t do it justice

  10. I hear he’s giving us a ‘new contract’

    Well keef, like a certain high-profile plaintiff, you’re royally fucked if you think I’m signing up to it.

    Anyone else want a part of keef’s ‘agreement’??

    Didn’t think so.

    PS ch4 news presenter & gary gibbon just now making a joke about ‘respect’ WITHOUT showing the clip of the stuttering twunt.

    I knew standards would slip once Jon snow did the off t’other day…

  11. His delivery is so dull, dry and performative, as if merely going through the motions in a job he clearly hates. Hence the alleged heavy drinking.

    Can you imagine him in a GE campaign up against Johnson’s energy in 2019 or some new Tory leader next time. Labour MPs should be very concerned for their seats. PLucked from backbench obscurity, Corbyn wasn’t a particularly good public speaker either, but he didn’t need to be, because he was totally in tune with the membership. Starmer isn’t, and this public ‘image’ thing is all he’s got.

    Reckon if he’d got a return of the electoral college through at conference, he’d be planning to stand aside for some Blairite alternative now.

  12. Back to Dershowitz – just discovered that the Beeb invited Ian Maxwell onto the Today programme on 31st Dec to protest the innocence of his sister and cast aspersions on the memory of the victims. Mmmm. Any connection with a certain prince and his situation?

    1. Even worse for the Beeb.
      In apiece on the website today Emily Maitlis says “The answers he gave me on camera may have seemed astonishing, jaw-dropping, even, in places. But bizarrely, I had been expecting them. We had talked through the things he wanted to say earlier, so part of my job that day was just to let him speak. To let him explain to the world his own version of events.”
      Part of her job was “just to let him speak”. She’s supposed to be a journalist and ask probing questions not to be a stenographer and let people just say the things they want everyone to hear.

      1. Astonishing stuff, from a supposedly impartial public broadcaster.

        If someone had claimed this, without Maitlis’ confirmation, they’d have been called an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

        The BBC’s impartiality on this and other issues is deeply suspect.

      2. I disagree withy the opinion about Maitlis – surely
        what she was saying was that she decided to give him enough rope
        with the inevitable result.

        The things that Andrew wanted us to hear proved a valuable
        insight into his true character – but he had not the sense to
        realise it!

  13. Insecurity and a lack of prosperity caused for millions by Right Wing Tory and Lib Dem Neo-Liberalism and after Blair, with Starmer now Right Wing Labour is back on board.
    And Respect for the BREXIT result?
    Perhaps Mr S choking on his own hypocracy?
    And as someone else said, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel!
    Right Wing Labour has never been about politicising the masses, this would be dangerous as people would soon realise they don’t need THEM!
    But Right Wing Labour want just enough votes TO TAKE THE POWER FOR THEMSELVES!
    Heard a great speaker on Republicanism today at my union meeting and he was arguing it meant democracy from below with reps being fully accountable and on average workers wage.
    I loved when he said Labour is not a Republican Party or Socialist Party “It is a Loyalist Party.”
    Perhaps we need to get back to such radical ideas including socialist ideals.

    1. Even #FBPE centrist fans of Starmer can’t understand his doubling down on Brexit just as it starts to unravel. He’s gone from an arch-remainiac in 2019; demanding Labour commit to a second referendum before the first had been implemented, to Mr HARD Brexit without so much as pausing, simply because he thinks the ‘red wall’ will instantly love him for it. They won’t andnor will they love Brexit if it hurts.

      Starmer seemingly has no political nous or intellect, he’s always backing the wrong horse at the wrong time. Labour MPs were whipped to support this mess by this dozy git, leaving them unable to criticise any and all resulting problems without their voting records being thrown in their face. Utterly inept is Sir Keir, only good for following orders and getting the establishment off the hook.

      1. I know plenty of hard-nosed FBPE-types and they mostly blame Keir Starmer for Boris Johnson’s Hard Brexit. They’re obviously not as easy to fool as 52.6% of Labour party members who voted for him as leader

  14. Either Respect is physically painful to say for that particular model or someone with a peashooter got a dangle berry and shot it straight into his mouth!
    I think dangle berry, their perception of taste is far superior to that of humans.

    1. I dinno….Maybe someome that the mouthpiece Philips would have a problem with if the singer had been a labour politician? 🤔

  15. One of Mr S’s 10 pledges which he dropped then today said he would honour, was to give a vote to EC migrants.
    I would support this as they pay taxes & contribute but not on the Brexit issue, which is settled.
    Some suggest the Labour Right thus hopes to gerrymander the electorate to have another referendum on the EC with a new inbuilt majority thus slapping the Red Wall again in the face?
    The problem with the EC as well as always supporting capitalism is Neo-Liberalism became enshrined in Maastrict.
    Oh and is interesting, if you make critical comments on the BBC Have Your Say they seem to soon close the comments down and replace the topic?
    See Mr J says we are going to see the latest Covid Crisis through; could be 2m new cases of Omricon in the next 10 days, is this Mr Johnson’s “Let them eat cake!” moment?
    Oh and Starmer today says more school kids should have been vaccinated before Xmas, so why didn’t he say this then rather than now when the horse sadly may have bolted?
    Useless Starmer out of his depth?

  16. Oh and perhaps we need to remember, bourgeois politicians who manage the status quo depend on citizens having short memories.
    But fortunately many of us on the Left don’t have!
    The greatest victory of Neo-Liberalism was to stop the Left from dreaming, we woke up a bit with Corbyn, let’s keep the dream alive!

    1. Bazza

      2017 can’t be erased from history, as much as the PLP right would like it to be.

      They claim Theresa May was unpopular, but that revisionism simply isn’t true; she and the Tories had sky-high ratings going into that election, the polling was the reason they sprung the snap election in the first place. There were no less than 3 terror attacks during the campaign – allowing May to play the national security card – supposedly a personal strength. Many Labour MPs were predicting a complete Labour wipe out….. But fate had other ideas.

      1. Re: RESPECT & CHOKING
        FOREIGN body impairs / blocks CLOGS air flow from upper airway into the trachea ➡️ “chokes”

        “RESPECT” is foreign to Sir Keith Starmer ➡️ he “chokes” even by trying to say it because he always was, and will always be bad, Bad, BAD news for the many.

        Therefore vote tactically. STOP Sir Keith, his “advisors”, controllers eg Mandelson the warmongering creature Blair, other self servers, Establishment tools, & servants of the military industrial complex, liars and devoted enrichers of the one percent vultures. Frustrate the frauds & parasites. VOTE TACTICALLY.

    2. @Bazza

      It’s burning brighter than you might think.

      Poll in the Express (of all places) shows the red wall want either Jeremy Corbyn or Yvette Cooper as leader. Cooper will the right wing choice (her views in immigration are easily found on twitter). Both polled equally.

  17. Launch of Only Stand to Win with Clive Lewis & Jon Cruddas
    Only Stand to Win is a plan to bring Labour into the 21st century with smart, strategic democracy and a plan to win.
    The focus of the campaign is a rule change to extend democracy to local Labour parties. Local parties should be able to decide whether to stand a candidate at the next election – or whether to focus votes and resources to help make Keir Starmer prime minister.

  18. If the campaign just stopped at the end of the sentence “.. extend democracy to local
    Labour parties.” it would be fine! The rest is weird

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