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BBC admits Dershowitz interview re Maxwell conviction inappropriate and misled viewers

Broadcaster says it will investigate ‘how this happened’

The BBC has admitted that its decision to interview Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz – as the first person it went to for analysis – about the conviction of Epstein’s partner Ghislaine Maxwell on five out of six charges relating to sex-trafficking of minors was inappropriate.

In a tweeted statement today, the corporation says Dershowitz was ‘not a suitable person’ and that by presenting him as an ‘impartial analyst’ it misled viewers:

Dershowitz has faced allegations of involvement in Epstein’s crimes and used the interview to claim Maxwell’s conviction discredited Virginia Giuffre and her allegations against Prince Andrew. Giuffre has also made allegations against Dershowitz, which he denies.

The BBC described him simply as a ‘constitutional lawyer’ and did not mention his connection to the case nor the fact that he was Epstein’s lawyer over a long period:

The broadcaster says it will ‘look into how this happened’.

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  1. As always, the BBC – too little, too late.

    If anyone wants to know why Dershowwitz has no integrity, search out the series of videos, where Norman Finkelstein shreds it, live on air.

    He should never be allowed near any microphone, again, let alone, a BBC microphone.

    1. The BBC embarrasses itself with an apology which gets them deeper in trouble, and the Grauniad ditto re Tutu & Palestine.

      2 victories in quick succession against the MSM in quick succession.

  2. I really do hope someone gets sacked at the BBC for this. Someone, somewhere made the decision to get him on air, those responsible should get the sack! A slap on the wrist will not do, Not holding my breath though.

    1. Because of the inherent bias of many who control BBC output, it is not a fit broadcaster to comment with impartiality and fairness on any case involving ZIonists. It will spin, obscure and manipulate to deflect blame or attention.

  3. I suspect that Dershowitz is derwoshits scared that he will be the next one to have his collar felt and he is desperate to get his retaliation in first. Will Maxwell do a deal to get a reduced sentence in exchange for opening the box? I hope so.
    As for the Beeb – we need to know who the “journalist” was who decided to use him (or should I say to let him use the Beeb).

  4. The same Dershowitz who was given space in the media to call Desmond Tutu an anti semite last week.

    1. I’d like to say I’m shocked, shocked I am how remarkable it is that the likes of Dershowitz is given airtime to accuse anyone he sees fit as an anti semite.

      1. He was always welcome on the BBC or Channel 4 News whenever he wanted to call Jeremy Corbyn an anti-semite a few years ago, the snivelling little shit!

  5. Journalists, Media, Instruments of Propoganda. Same old same old (bookmark it for when you have time).

    As a certain owner/operator of a certain site has been known to say “George Orwell said that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. The blog hopes to provide some revolutionary truth to counteract the double-speak that politicians and ‘leaders’ use to try to fool people….”

    I’m just going to get my jab and order a pcr test on ebay to see if I’m ill, then I’ll pop into the cemetry to see if I’m dead yet.

    1. Apparently you get a text message if you are dead. The Chancellor sends a card of Congratulations pointing out how much money your demise saves the Treasury.

    2. Seems anyone who doesn’t agree with the virus scam should be prosecuted acordding to Labour spoksperson Lucy Powel.Show us your papers and thought control central.

    3. quertboi….dont forget about a booster now the hospitals are full of vacinnated victims.?….Sorry again quertboi but theres a waiting list for graves and you might need a covid passport.I have a place in a beautiful setting in St marys leyland Lancashire,but its looking more likley that I am going near a couple of palm 🌴trees one hundred mtrs from the water source borhole….I doubt due to the virus I will ever get the fly fill the plot in leyland and in any case I cant think of a more beautiful setting than overlooking the rice fields and mountains of Cambodia.Happy New year and hopefully things can only get better as our Tony Blair says in 97.?

      1. Is there not a market for burial slots, Jospeh? You should look into it if you’re convinced that you won’t be able to use the one you’ve paid for. (and if it’s a family slot – I bet there are some O’Keefe’s in Leyland who’d be pleased to take it off your hands at whatever amount you paid for it?)

  6. The only United States’ jail inmate never to get a public mugshot. Let that sink in.

    A guilty verdict here was the only possible outcome with Maxwell being absent. Whatever the length of the alleged ‘jail term’, she will remain unseen, at large, mainly due to her pension thieving father’s important legacy re: a string of Zionist, extrajudicial crimes.

    1. Robert Maxwell was an extraordinary spy – for several organisations – in the 1940’s and is credited with being a co-founder of Mossad, hence his status as an Israeli Superhero granted a special burial hours after his mysterious death. Interestingly it was Robert Maxwell who introduced Epstein to his daughter. It’s of course ridiculous to suggest that the money they made came from blackmailing the Great and the Good after videoing them with underage girls. Equally ridiculous is the suggestion that the money came as reward for the Intelligence the G+G provided once entrapped- or that ‘foreign agents’ killed Jeffrey before he could reveal anything – because if that was the case only Ghislaine’s family connection could save her. Or a Pardon.

      1. Update! Tonight the Prosecutor in the imminent trial of the 2 jail guards watching over Epstein on the night he ‘killed himself’ announced they had asked the Judge not to proceed. (The legal process of dropping a case with plenty of evidence is still known affectionally in UK criminal circles as ‘getting a Nolley’). The evidence showed they had falsified the records because they hadn’t seen JE all night; they pleaded GUILTY to the charge some time ago (such is the power of the Nolley!). It is preposterous to suggest some High Political decision lay behind this. Why on Earth would anybody sneak past the internet obsessed guards and kill a helpless prisoner? And the 24 hour surveillance video shows nothing at all; ‘nothing to see, go away’ as we say in the UK. It’s not just an absurd idea that he was murdered is nothing but a conspiracy theory that leads only to social disturbance, which is terrorism really! And Actionable in the Civil Courts too if you happen to have a Bob or two!

  7. “In a police affidavit, a woman who says that she was forced to serve as a “sex slave” for Epstein, according to The New York Daily News, stated under oath that she had “sexual intercourse” with Dershowitz “at least six times” while she was in Epstein’s “servitude.”
    Also “the former Harvard Law School professor added a bizarre new wrinkle to his story, admitting that he had, in fact, received a “massage” at Epstein’s home, according to his statements in an interview with Miami’s WPLG-TV. Dershowitz gave the WPLG interview in April, but the clip went viral this week on Twitter, apparently due to Dershowitz’s claim that “I left my underwear on” during the massage”. There you have it, Alan had his underpants around his ankles when having sex therefore not guilty. You could not make it up.

  8. The beeb getting it wrong about nonsenses…Quelle surprise!

    There is also another pattern evident – which I won’t mention online, but it’s not hard to deduce. 😗🎶🎵🎶

    1. Give us another clue? I agree about the BBC. Some of their ‘mistakes’ they repeat on a daily basis for example ‘the trouble in Ukraine began when Russia seized Crimea in 2014 ‘ rather than the previously accepted year of 1783. One wonders what the British, French and Turkish armies were doing there in the 1850’s fighting Russians! Another error of History I suppose. As for an American paid for and backed Coup d’Etat earlier in 2014 that chucked out the elected pro Russian President of Ukraine – well, I must have imagined that!

      1. In this instance what I’m referring to most certainly doesn’t stand for Freedom Of Information’.

  9. It’s odd that when elderly peaceful protesters about the environment are immediately surrounded by Police and hauled away, many of them to face prison but when a crowd of Bully Boys start chucking Covid test results in bins and shout abuse at the staff there isn’t a policeman in sight all afternoon. Phones must have been down.

  10. The arrogance complacency and conceit is as with all the establishment embedded

  11. Dershowitz admits he’s been accused of sexual abuse. Even though the presenter pointed out the jury had found Maxwell guilty he still seemed hesitant by his reaction to this. In any case someone at the BBC should have immediately stopped the interview.
    Then again maybe his defence of Andrew is what they want the public to concentrate on and not hearing Dershowitz has a vested interest in the court case.

  12. He’s a Twat, perhaps BBC’s apology should read: ‘Last night’s interview with Alan Dershowitz after the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict did not meet the BBC’s editorial standards, as Mr Dershowitz os a Twat and not a suitable person to interview as an impartial analyst, and we did not make the relevant background and his Twatishness clear to our audience.’!

    1. Yet he was already well known as an outrageous figure; only a few days ago he mourned Bishop Tutu by saying he was a repulsive evil anti semite. One can only assume the BBC don’t listen to the news

      1. To be fair The BBC probably shares his views on Bishop Tutu. They are totally bought and paid for by the Criminal Racist Elites/Establishment.
        It is worrying when it affects The Law, the one thing we count on to keep us safe, if we can afford it! It is when Judges refer to daytime Television hosts as Upstanding, not just classist, but corrupt, that means the wealthy, the TV types, etc, etc will more likely be believed vs an “Undeserving Poor” Scumbag like me, or someone Black, Muslim, etc, etc.
        It really worries me that in 2021 we are STILL seeing “Status”, Skin Colour, Race, Religion, etc, in our Courts, we are all Human nothing else, tags are optional, especially in the bloody courts! I wonder if it is time for blind hearings in courts, where with confession booth like stands where defendants and plaintiffs are totally invisible to the Judge and court, and known as Person A, B, C, etc only!
        I bet bottom Dollar we’d see some very different results, a bit like that program The Voice, I think, where the judges only hear the voice.

    2. Yep, Dershowitz is very much much a twat – hopefully justice will finally catch up with him.

    1. Well he sure packed a ‘POW!’ I guess no one not even Mr Loopholes The Blue Keef can wriggle out of Facts, Evidence and Truth. What is worrying there are so many others with 0 doubt of guilt walking about on cases never heard. He did not mention Harman and Hewitt, that is a bit odd.

      Apologies for the MSM links, but it does have links and references. I have 3.

      1. He mentions Liberty and that shower of perverts that it sprang from.

      2. I am convinced some people have Dimension 4 and 5 and the rest of us 3! I am not even sure what is real and what is from my nightmares!

  13. A group of Black women, have been subjected to the most abhorrent racial abuse online. It’s been relentless. It’s been monotonous. Furthermore, it’s been vicious. It’s been racist, nasty abuse.
    What’s been the most shocking, is where this abuse has come from? It’s been coming from the Left. The Left is a place where marginalised communities are supposed to feel safe, even protected. However, “The Left” have aligned themselves with an anti fascist organisation called Resisting Hate. Resisting hate made our details public, and we suspect they are behind our racist abuse via those emails in cooperation with fascists

    This abuse has included lynching pictures, adding our details to Far Right Organisation, Patriotic Alternative. They have gone on to threaten our sick and disabled children by threatening to call social services on us. This is a waste of precious resources which will be better served elsewhere.

    1. Have Hope not Hate, Searchlight or BLM not offered any assistance? The Guardian, SWP, anyone? Take care, stay safe and be careful who you confide in. Notes from the Border might offer decent advice.

      1. Just share it, mate.
        The SWP?
        Hope not hate, are the bigoted SWP.
        None of these people actually care about racism.
        It’s all performative.
        The white solidarity kicks in.

    2. You are right, the left is a place where marginalised communities are supposed to feel safe, even protected. The problem we have is that “The Left” is not necessarily “Left” any more, Blair, Murdoch, Campbell, Mandelson created The People of The SUN and dragged what used to be “Left” way over and beyond Thatcher’s old spot by means of Manufactured Consent.
      The same with the now blurry and vague Class labelling, Working Class can earn more than Doctors. I think it would be best simplifying it all with The PEOPLE who Stand and Fight FOR ALL The PEOPLE vs The Elites and their Serfs and their Serfs who Stand and Fight FOR The Elites, those people sound like the Serfs of The Serfs!
      I know it might be difficult, but did you open a Police File? I really think you should. even if it is just a log and Video/Sound Record the Bastards! Post their Vile Hatred online for all to see! I will share the link! Geezas! I detest Racist Bastards! Get BLM and Antifa on Them! They will soon piss off! When will the struggle end! Are we just a Hateful Racist Species and that is that!? How can we go from The Brixton Riots to relative peace and almost harmony to ‘BAM!’ right back to the 40s 50s!

    3. I note, for the benefit of readers, that Eve Solicitors of Bolton are representing approx. 5 individuals who have come under constant, abusive assault from Tanya/Gatiss et al since late April/May and have been awaiting formal paperwork from the complainant’s Solicitors detailing defamation claims, – whoever these are – since the first week of December.

      Evidently, and given this has been going on for several months, one would have expected some formal correspondence from acting Solicitors, particularly in light of the fact the GoFundMe account has been going for quite a while and achieved its target of £5,000, actually it now stands at £6,000, which, given the complexity of the claim and the fact that a genuine legal case must be assembled, won’t cover much – perhaps 10hrs of work if lucky.

      Now, for the benefit of Readers and transparency, could you advise which Solicitor’s you’ve engaged to push vexatious defamation claims – I understand, not content with attacking Socialist Twitter Accounts, those pushing this GoFundMe Account, have even been having a go at a noted Solicitor, one Mohammed Akunjee (obviously on Twitter), who has now agreed to represent another female who’s fallen victim to the Tanya/Gatiss Mob, he too is awaiting formal, written notice from the complainants Solicitors, which has been threatened but never delivered.

      Again, and given how long this has been going on and the fact that the primary complainants have allegedly dealt with the Police as of 20 May, one does need to enquire where is a Police statement on this issue, what, if any charges have been brought by the Police and CPS and which Magistrates/Crown Court said charges, if any, will be heard?

      I believe the original complaints were made against Twitter Accounts with names such as Monkey & Joker and blossomed from there.

      Do elucidate Different Frank as I, like many others, have been intrigued by this Twitter spat that has got completely out of hand to the detriment of the cohesion of the Left, which now allegedly is full of racists and fascists.

      Readers may also be interested in listening to one of the central players, namely Ms Gatiss. So, and in the interests of balance and transparency may I direct Readers to this interview conducted in early October by a Mr Robert DiBlasio:

      1. Christopher Rogers…..Thanks for the tip off and all I can say is that the advice of “dont feed the trolls” must be adopted on this site otherwise we will be buried in anti socialist attacks and blatent lies by the lunatic fringe of the type like Class war and tim(made up name)scargill who worked against the working-class socialist movment by portraying the vicious yobbo boys element has the socialist movement.They did more damage against us than Thatcher could ever do.Thanks for the warning Christopher.

  14. You can put money on the fact that Prince pervert and the Westminster paedophile ring packed with establishment figures and especially judges and lawyers will never get the punishment they deserve.Uncle tom Watson was on the tail of the beast but quickly ran away when he found out that the establishment was up to their necks in depravity,perverts and murder.Until the Plague of the Royals are removed torture and murder of children in collusion with the establishment will carry on….re kinkora boys home connections,Shankhill butchers,Ian paisley,and cover up of the movment of children from Ulster homes to be playthings of the establishment.Theres a lot to come out and it doesn’t stop on this side of the Atlantic.

  15. Humans are just a Vile Species of Ape, we are incompatible with fellow Humans, unless we drop our shit and start communicating and peacefully break down The Walls of division created by ‘The X-Lateral Commission’!
    We cannot fight the Evil if we are at Evil odds with one another! We need to end any extremist, violent, fundamentalist bullshit if we were to get anywhere fast!
    Of course there is White Privilege, Of course there is Religious and Political Fundamentalism, Of course there is Apartheid/Racial/Cultural Segregation in every Culture on Earth, there are not many Places Truly Multicultural nor many Races that truly see other races as Equals, that seems to be the condition of our Species! Those of us who don’t buy into all that crap must speak peace! We need to be LESS Chimp and MORE Bonobo! The elites are toying us and Dividing us, as soon as they see there is a ‘thing’ ie Corbynism, Brexit, Masks, Vaccines, etc growing, they smash it up with Manufactured Consent sold to Sheeple in MSM and MSSM! We have to cross ALL these divides there are no two people who cannot with hard work learn to work and live together in peace.
    Smash Walls NOT PEOPLE!

  16. Reading the next report, I clicked on this link
    “named as a potential witness in a Labour party cover-up”
    Nothing happened.
    Anyone else having the same problem?

    1. @goldbach

      If you go to the bottom of this blog and do a search on Elaina Cohen it takes you to the Skwawkcox blog with the details. It’s very interesting, a blog I had missed. I read the blog and I don’t know why the Forde report sprang to mind?

      According to Ann Black’s last NEC report, there will be some information/update on the Forde report at the January NEC meeting – I’ll believe it when it happens. But maybe, just maybe Labour is being forced to publish, by the prospect of court action.

      1. Thank you. That is very interesting.
        I assume that, in an employment tribunal, it will not be possible to answer a different question or to say “What’s important is …..” and then go on to talk about something completely different.

  17. Off to bed…ITs not the New year here until Khmer new year,but we think it is anyway showing that we havnt fully assimalated.The grandchildren and us celebrate Christmas and we had a freshly killed turkey cooked in our newly created outside oven..I sincerely wish for you who comment on here all the best for a good and inspiring New year because you wouldn’t comment if you didnt care…Happy new year comrades…!

  18. ‘As part of the elite go down the plug…
    Happy New Year Comrades!
    And in 2022 let us see.
    A New Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.
    To Make History.’

    1. Something must rise this Spring for the Left. It’s all there packed tightly in its roots waiting to burst out. May or even June the pressure will blow. Happy 2022!

    2. With you on that comrade and despite being a international member of a democratic socialist party I would like hundreds of thousands be willing to fund the new party or movment.The time is now or the opportunity will disappear along with the socialist mps in the PLP.

    1. Well I nearly choked on my breakfast when I read that the New year Starts with the establishment lacky Blair has the highest order for chivalry awarded for murdering woman and children in the Middle East
      .Sir Tony Blair….Thats extremely fitting especially has the establishment are awarding glass beads and bangles to the peasantry for the New year.Anyone aceppting this nonsense is bought and paid for and they demean whatever work or service they have performed in the service of Her majestic tallness.Whatever discussion we make this appalling mockery by the establishment is at the heart and soul of all thats rotten and decaying in Britain…….God save the queen?

  19. Happy new year all, and what a start to 2022!

    Bond’s getting a spook bauble! Wonder if that was for helping Brenda with parachuting? I see someone else has mentioned the other B getting a gong. What a B too…

    Possibly the most blatant British brown envelope party yet.

    @Chris Thanks for that. I’m not taking sides. Thanks to the sharing of @feeldalove168, two minutes of searching shows threadapp reader links that are dead and an account recently created, made private and 1 tweet. Anyone with nothing to hide would not have done this. Flags raised and it’s walk away time.

    Stay safe all

  20. The Queen personally making the War Criminal a Knight of the Garter is all you will ever need to know about anything

    1. Doug isnt a garter the Thingy “weirdos wear at the top of the leg…,or maybe that should be addressed to the establishment Troll wee fella” ?

      1. Joseph
        ‘I’ll have your guts for garters’
        Personally I would have the War Criminal ‘strung up by the bollocks’

    2. Doug true, but some fools think she, as the head of the class system, is goodness personified instead of the leader of a family of benefit scroungers on an exclusive job creation scheme.

      1. JackT
        Hard to play the Canny Granny card when it’s socialism for you and yours and Capatalism for the rest of us
        Off with their heads

  21. Just a thought on the discussion of Media bias and the establishment.
    Prince pervert is Struggling with the actions brought against him in the US courts.Whichever way it goes in the USA this family of inbred perverts will go unpunished as the forced rape of exploited young girls from the USA will…….The British taxpayer will fund the lawyers as they do for all the Royals..The fact that your royals will not be accountable for a law of consent in the age of a seventeen year old girl,will probably get Andrew inbred off the hook as far as a custodial sentence goes and the millions in costs will be shouldered by the British per usual
    .No doubt the claim will be “he used is own private money….?and the BBC will have another pervert representing the Royals on how Andrew pervert as done nothing that would be illegal in the UK.?…How many young girls and children have suffered and been murdered by these establishment perverts,because many children have disappeared from around the UK and imported from occupied Ireland for the perversions and playthings of the establishment
    .How many dumped off the yachts into the sea after being used and murdered by?.Maybe a question in parliament?…oh I forgot theyre still on holiday god love em!

    1. Today we are teaching the kids pass the parcel,its my grandaughters birthday and despite these rural kids who have little understanding of western childrens games they very quickly caught on.
      Despite the execution by pol pot of the intelligentsia including school teachers and engineers this little game inspires me that the people will not be intimidated or held back.We are not slaves or bots and I see that in the eyes of the khmer children and my slightly sun 🌞tanned grandchildren.The people of Britain will rise up together and destroy the establishment.We are not robots and we are not slaves,play your little games and strike fear into the population but remember that we spent years fighting in the fields of flanders and N.Afrika and we will not be intimidated or another group of fascists……We can be inspired and we must fight back against the media Narrative and the establishment that choose our politicians.Sometimes a simple childs game can inspire no matter what race religion or belief we are all working-class people and our enemy are the establishment.

      1. Happy & Blessed 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ to u dear Joseph, all your family & friends there & here & ALL SKWAWKBOX.ORG readers & posters and of course the indomitable Steve Walker & helpers
        Happy Birthday to your grand daughter 🎉🎉🎉

        Make a gift to the world by signing this urgent petition:
        Please sign:


  22. Dershowitz is described as a “constitutional lawyer”. That in itself is a very strange choice to make when seeking out an expert to comment on what was clearly a criminal case.

    A cimilnal lawyer might have been more appropriate or better still a criminal lawyer who specialised in child abuse cases. I am sure some of those may exist in the US among a population of over 300 million.

    1. “A cimilnal lawyer might have been more appropriate or better still a criminal lawyer who specialised in child abuse cases.” – We may find out by the end of the year that he is found to be one such.

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