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Rothery finally recognised as Lord Mayor – below councillor who resigned for racist cartoon

Black former Labour councillor abused by party finally sees name on plaque commemorating position as Liverpool’s Lord Mayor

Cllr Anna Rothery by the plaque commemorating her two years as Lord Mayor

Anna Rothery, the independent councillor once favourite to be Labour’s candidate for Liverpool’s executive mayor until she was scandalously sidelined by the party early this year, finally saw her name added to City Hall’s commemorative plaque listing the city’s Lord Mayors last week.

But she was shocked to see her name sit below that of Peter Brennan, the former councillor who resigned as Lord Mayor and from the party after sharing a racist cartoon that showed a black man jumping on a car and a child saying to its mother ‘look at the monkey’. Rothery was sworn in to replace Brennan to serve out the rest of the term before serving another.

Cllr Rothery responded to a Twitter correspondent who questioned why Brennan’s name was still on the list given his abortive term and the scandal surrounding its end and responded that she had written to the city about it:

A close associate of Cllr Rothery told Skwawkbox:

It’s an insult to our black community in Liverpool and nationally and takes us back years in terms of our gains in the equality agenda.

Anna Rothery was a strong favourite to be selected as Labour’s candidate to stand for election as Liverpool’s executive mayor until she was sidelined without explanation – though the party subsequently admitted in court it was because she had spoken out about corruption in the Labour-run council – as Labour scrapped the shortlist and replaced three women with one inexperienced white man and an even more inexperienced black woman who had twice been bankrupt. Joanne Anderson was eventually elected but Labour lost a large portion of its majority.

Rothery later resigned from the Labour party citing its racism toward her, Keir Starmer’s failure to oppose and his war on members. She now sits as an independent councillor and intends to stand as an independent once her term finishes. She and other councillors hounded out of the party were shamefully manoeuvred recently out of any say in the council’s policymaking as Labour tries to weaken their position ahead of the elections.

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    1. Unfortunately such corruption, particularly of values, is not limited to Merseyside. It is endemic within the puerile gang culture across the whole of Party Politics across all parts of the Country and at all levels.

      The means becomes The Ends in itself, with pips on shoulder being the only value in a strict masonic like hierarchy of total control where any ideas from below of actually doing what it says on the tin are ruthlessly extinguished. More often than not via bullying, intimidation, threats of physical violence, character assassination, and, more recently, cancel culture – which is an approach steeped in right wing Randian philosophy.

      There is certainly a Common Purpose at work.

  1. And despite Labour’s obvious stitch-up of Anna Rothery, when she announced that she was suing the Labour Party, the case was rejected and she was ordered to pay £65,000 to cover Labour’s legal costs.

    As even the BBC reported at the time, Labour Lawyers admitted the entire thing was simply a “quintessentially political judgment” (here)

    How can any sincere, honest person not terminate their membership of the Labour party under its present management?

  2. I have terminated my membership of the Labour Party, although my wife is still a Labour Parish councillor (interesting times). I lived & worked for many years in Riverside ward, Liverpool & my son still does. Many of my friends that I still socialise with who are staunch Labour Party supporters are not ‘so much in love’ with Anna Roddery as Skwawky…

    1. MMMmm steve101704, maybe that the Anna Rothery case crystalises the issue (about Labour) too much for some good Labour people to accept and so they try to find reasons not to be ‘impressed’ by her?

      It’s complicated, I know, but the (very topical) words ‘scapegoating’ and ‘psyops’ and ‘show me your papers” won’t leave my mind when I think about my former party (and how it removed Jeremy Corbyn from itself) until Starmer is long-gone from it. ‘Interesting times’ indded.

  3. Interesting times indeed.
    There is so much to be depressed about in Starmer’s Labour Party.
    If we don’t continue to oppose and to fight them (just as they do to us) then they’ve won.
    So – The way forward is clear – Isn’t it ?
    Simples !
    That’s my New Year Resolution

  4. There is also much to celebrate, the Tories are losing the support of some of their key demographics

    New MRP Analysis of Nolan Principles & Westminster Seat Forecast:
    New research and MRP analysis on voting behaviour and standards conducted on behalf of 38 Degrees by Survation in conjunction with Professor Christopher Hanretty of Royal Holloway University has found that the Conservative majority won in 2019 could disappear, should the current voting trend continue.
    The projections result in a hung Parliament, with Labour the largest party by a significant margin.
    ▪ Our new research, using MRP, shows that core Conservative voting groups – older voters and rural constituencies are the most likely of all to be concerned by recent lobbying and lockdown party allegations.
    ▪ As older voters are more likely to vote Conservative, we can see how the impact of accusations of sleaze shifts votes among older voters and order profile constituencies, depriving the Conservatives of many of these otherwise core voters.
    ▪ Vote share projections in the poll show 41% for Labour, 35% for the Conservative Party and 9% for the Lib Dems,
    ▪ MRP analysis from the figures indicate the Conservatives would win 255 seats, – a net loss of 111. Labour would return 309 seats, just 11 short of a majority and with a net gain of 107 seats on 2019 totals. SNP success would cause Conservatives to lose all their seats in Scotland
    ▪ Five Cabinet ministers, including the Prime Minister, could lose their seats. Other Cabinet ministers projected to lose their seats include George Eustice, Simon Hart, Alister Jack and Alok Sharma.
    ▪ Of 40 key Red Wall seats identified and currently held by Tories, only three (Dudley North, Morley & Outwood and Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland) are projected to be held by the Conservatives.

      1. ‘the Conservative majority won in 2019 could disappear’?

        and we never step into the same river twice

      2. and we never step into the same river twice


        And not surprising, with the amount of shite they’re full of….

    1. Steve h”theres so much to celebrate “…Or commiserate if you are a real Labour party member.Perhaps you have been at the jungle juice again at the local shabbeen.You are supposed to assimilate with the locals not go on the piss and join the voodoo cult.and black arts to magjic a Labour PM.
      …And the part time teaching job mr Hall?

      1. Joseph – Unlike you I’m still a member of the Labour Party. Maybe you’d have been happier in the Communist Party

      2. Don’t blame me stevie boy 👦if the pathetic knight of the realm can only manage a handful of a lead when the worst government in living memory,with the UN breathing down the neck of the UK because of adult and child poverty,the cruelty to the disabled,assets finely gone.,and inflation back again and the inevitable unemployment and bankruptcy that the misery of a conservative and unionist party bring down on the working-class….and you think that a five point lead is cause for celebration without even a majority lead?
        Go and soak your head and sober up stevie boy 👦you’re beggining to believe your own lies and propaganda from your media moguls

      3. Joseph – Perhaps you could list all the great victories that Corbyn had against Johnson when the Tories didn’t even have an overall majority instead of an 80 seat majority. Corbyn decisively lost the one poll that really matters. Incidentally the polls were spot on about the actual vote share in their pre-19GE polling. When did Corbyn ever manage to lead Boris in the polls.
        Given what you rightly say about the suffering that the Tories are inflicting on the UK I find it rather strange that you constantly seek to undermine the only credible alternative.
        I want to see the Labour Party’s excellent policies implemented for the benefit of the many. Don’t you?

      4. Steve, Keir has got rid of Corbyn’s policies and replaced them all with useless centrist ones. There can’t be anything “Labour” done by a party pledged to be “pro-business”, to balance the budget in 2 years- which an only be done by imposing crippling Callaghan/Healey type austerity- to be “tougher than the Tories on benefits”, which no Labour government can do without ceasing to BE a Labour government- to be open to bombing Syria & Iran, even though doing those things can only have bloodsoaked & right-wing consequences- and to be officially “Unionist” on N.I., even though there can’t be a Unionist position on N.I. that isn’t right wing.

        It’s all gone, Steve. He’s lowered the party to 1997. And all every young grassroots idealist who was persuaded that politics could matter again has forever departed Labour in despair.

        None of the rightward shifts on policy were needed; none of the return to militarism was needed, as people in the UK aren’t baying for the blood of Syria or Iran; none of the return to austerity was needed.

      5. Unlike you I’m still a member of the Labour Party.

        So? Nowt to beat your chest about. All’s that tells me is that you’re a non-domiciled interloper.

    2. So much to celebrate, the pink Neo-Liberal capitalists are ahead of the blue ones because the blue are imploding but the pink are not winning on ideas.
      Pink in Govt (?) but not in POWER.
      Have been leaked the Pink’s election slogan:
      “What do we want? Crumbs for working people!
      When do we want them? Now!”

      1. Doug – Which of the Labour Party’s current policies do you have a problem with?
        I want to see the Labour Party’s excellent policies implemented for the benefit of the many. Don’t you?

      2. I want to see the Labour Party’s excellent policies implemented for the benefit of the many. Don’t you?

        What excellent policies are these wee fella?

        What excellent policies has keef (NOT Corbyn) brought to the table, hmm?

        You’re the one telling us that keef has stuck to the 2019 manifesto, which was a Corbyn one … But those policies, according to YOU (ad nauseam) were the ones that handed the rags their eighty seat majority, weren’t they, hmmm? 🤔

        You’re not having it both ways so you’d best explain – clearly and concisely – what these so-called excellent policies for the many (domiciled in the UK as you’re NOT) are.

  5. Much to celebrate??? Replacing ONE bunch of gangsters with ANOTHER bunch of gangsters?! Because THAT’s what Stasi Starmer and Evans and Blair and Co ARE!!

    A bunch of democracy-subverting crooks!

    1. Allan – Recent polling indicates that you are part of an ever decreasing minority.

    2. 👏👏👏👏👏 Allan
      I will be putting posters in all my windows if Starmer et al are still leading LP at the next GE the posters will say :-

      Don’t vote Labour
      You’ll get a Tory in disguise

      My husband & I will NOT vote Labour under Starmer & neither will my family & friends I have even convinced my neighbours not to vote for them
      after 50+ years of voting at every GE I will either not vote, spoil my ballot paper or vote Green if they field a candidate.
      I detest Starmer as much as I detest Johnson.

      1. Hilary – Another Tory enabler. You quite happily voted for Blair but you won’t vote for Labour’s current policies which will benefit the many.

      2. No! you are incorrect SteveH if we vote for Starmer then we will be Tory enablers just a different colour.
        are you a clairvoyant how do you know who I voted for in the past???

      3. Hilary – You are of course right, I don’t know how you voted in the past. Are you one of those that joined the Corbyn party.

      4. Hillary – Same with me.
        What’s the difference between the Tories & Right Wing Labour?
        SH what’s your view on having 3 Neo-Liberal Capitalist Parties – Tory, Right Wing Labour, and Lib Dem? Viva choice?
        Do you think that Wolgang Streekt was correct in his analysis that with QE the capitalists are “buying time because they haven’t a clue what to do?”
        Do you think there is a crisis of overproduction and capital has exhausted overseas markets and has to turn internally to take over the public sector (?) plus that Neo-Liberalism’s drive for cheap Labour has painted it into a corner by restricting commodity purchase?
        Citizens which Neo-Liberal capitalist Govt colour wallpaper will you vote for – Blue, Pink, Yellow?
        Then again you could vote for a new transformative Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.
        It’s up to us comrades to get our act together in 2022.
        Solidarity to Socialists!

      5. Bazza – Your question is based on a false premiss. Which of Labour’s current policies is RW and neo-liberal?

      6. Tory enabler?mr Steve aliases H…You are a “arrogant ladder climbing” Labour version of Tory boy and as everybody knows on here that theres no longer any discernable differenc amongst the neo liberal alliance.
        I was just reading recently released documents of the Major government in which a meeting at Downing street Albert Reynolds Teoiseach says to his pal john “Do you think “We” can defeat the IRA militarily?..Dear john replys I don’t think so and I don’t want this to leave this room though “.Reynolds worrys about the step up in rhetoric from Sinn Fein and the morter attacks in Whitehall.from the IRA.They come to the conclusion that a deal must be done whilst Sinn Fein have offered a peace talks?…How many English people would have realised that the leader of Ireland and Her Majestys PM are politicaly as one and brothers in a Neo liberal alliance.Now we have the coming together of i another 💘love in between the neo liberal alliance
        the conservative and unionist party and the Labour party.Well mr Hall you wouldn’t have thought so many years ago that a democratic socialist party Sinn Fein would be the next government in Ireland and I am convinced that after sampling yet another neo liberal government in Britain with a thrown together bunch of parasites like your knight then the British people will force through a democratic socialist the face of threats from the establishment and security services.Threats can work but like in occupied Ireland it can only work if the natives are willing and in Ireland and Britain people are fast becoming disillusioned with neo liberal politics.Like you mr H….” ITs So very very yesterday’s politics “

  6. If the Survation polling that was commissioned by 38 degrees which you cite and celebrate is true, stevieh, and if Survation’s projections are accurate, then Starmer’s Labour would be 6 points ahead of the tories and would be the largest single party in a hung Parliament at the next general election. Starmer would make his minority Labour government the instigators of mandatory ‘vaccination’ and the ‘show me your papers’ authoritarianism that Jeremy Corbyn voted against and called ‘counterproductive’ and ‘divisive’.

    I see nothing to celebrate in that. I’m sure 38 degrees members don’t either. The World Economic Forum and the Trilateral Commission, on the other hand, almost certainly will.

    Thank you for your unintended warning stevieh.

    1. qwertboi – The recent The Times/YouGov poll of 25k voters adds weight to Survation’s analysis above

      “The findings of a constituency-by-constituency poll conducted between December 1 and 21 suggest Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, would win a general election with a 26-seat majority. Johnson would lose his seat of Uxbridge & South Ruislip, the first sitting prime minister to be ejected from parliament.
      Five other cabinet ministers, including Alok Sharma, the Cop26 president, and George Eustice, the environment secretary, would also lose their seats, according to the survey by Focaldata.
      I’m surprised that you hadn’t already seen this trend for yourself. Mind you having said that you are the one who can’t differentiate between a single waving hand and a pair of clapping hands.

      1. The billionaires who own the synchronised MSM can get as much verification/validation/affirmation as they want. The MSM is their prism.

      2. stevieh”Living in denial won’t change the facts….” Indeed! ” War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

      3. qwertboi – There’s none so blinkered as those that refuse to see. You’re a prime example.

      4. We have to shift this mentality of what is legitimate in “liberal democracy”.

        It is precisely liberal democracy that must be dismantled.

        Socialism and communism aren’t extreme positions. Liberalism enforces poverty, maintains white supremacy, which maintains racism and misogyny.

      5. The same old frank – The people of Hong- Kong and Taiwan may beg to differ.

      6. The same old frank – They would claim to be but nobody is, it doesn’t work.

      7. “The findings of a constituency-by-constituency poll conducted between December 1 and 21 suggest Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, would win a general election with a 26-seat majority.
        And then continue with the same old neoliberal policies.
        More privatisation, and more attacks on the disabled.
        Starmer is a proven right wing racist, who only talks about “working” people.

      8. the same old frank – You make lots of empty assertions but you don’t appear to be able to name one of the Labour Party’s current policies which is RW and neo-liberal. Please don’t waste my time and yours with yet more empty rhetoric.

      9. Different Frank – SH shows his political ignorance re the difference between bourgeois socialism (top down, elite central committees, secret police, telling people how to live their lives etc FOR) such as China and North Korea.
        And our left wing democratic socialism – grassroots, bottom up, participatory, democratic, working things out WITH.
        Right Wing Labour Fan out of his depth on here?

      10. Bazza – Instead of attempting to be condescending why don’t you explain how it is going to work then. Where has this model that you are advocating worked?

      11. Hi Hilary, I took that from this , where it says:

        New research and MRP analysis on voting behaviour and standards conducted on behalf of 38 Degrees by Survation in conjunction with Professor Christopher Hanretty of Royal Holloway University has found that the Conservative majority won in 2019 could disappear, should the current voting trend continue. The projections result in a hung Parliament, with Labour the largest party by a significant margin……”

      12. Here’s your evidence.

        The revocation of the commitment to nationalise the energy sector- taking the energy sector out of private, for-profit management is the ONLY position that can be anything other than Tory- is right-wing

        Keir’s declaration that Labour is “pro-business” is right-wing. Being “pro-business” can only mean being Thatcherite.

        The pledge to be tougher than the Tories on benefits claimants is right-wing. It isn’t possible to be tough on benefits claimants and have humane Labour values.

        The pledge to balance the budget in two years is right-wing. It is impossible to balance the budget without reverting to Callaghan/Healey style austerity, and is incompatible with any notion of Labour values.

        The inclusion of construction of more nuclear power plants, a dangerous and outdated energy source, in what is supposed to be the Green New Deal means it is no LONGER the Green New Deal and can only be called right-wing and anti-green.

        The refusal to rule out bombing Iran or Syria is right-wing, as no decent, humane or progressive case for bombing Arab or Muslim countries can ever possibly exist and as every Western military intervention in the Arab/Muslim world in this century has had purely reactionary and devastating results.

        You wanted proof. That is proof.

        There is no such thing as a “progressive” or “social democratic”, let alone socialist way to have any of the above policies.

      13. @Luke

        The people of Hong Kong already know what’s good for them, as they’ve realised that America will fight to the last Hong Kong islander. As for Taiwan, it’s a waiting game. They _will_ rejoin the mainland.

        Don’t be pushing the holier than thou rubbish. Our government evicted the Chagos islands with such ruthlessness that the locals were forced to leave tools and clothing. All for the yanks to have yet another military base (they have nearly 800…)

        I’m sure you can explain how Taiwan and Hong Kong are not a part of mainland China. Maybe you can explain your animosity towards a left leaning county too?

      14. I’m afraid it is you who are living in denial steveHeep.

        Non of the polls you hang your hat on deal with the fact that the current constituency boundaries upon which they are based will be changed as a result of the Boundary Review taking place by the time of the 2024 election. A review which will benefit the Blue Tories rather than the Continuity Tories of your fake hero Mr Starmer of the Trilateral Commission.

        Neither do these polls take into account the very real fact that it takes more Labour Party votes to win a Constituency than it does for the Conservative and Unionist Party.

        Factor in losses in the female vote as a result of Randian and Thatcherite policies dressed up as ‘progressive’ by naive followers of Foucault and Butler pretending to be of the ‘left’ along with the alienation of vast numbers of supporters arising from the war on genuine Labour supporters who support genuine Labour values unlike fakes such as yourself – they lost 5 million votes last time they went down this road – and the stark reality is that you are pissing in your own wind.

        Until these realities are factored in you are selling not just everyone else a pig in a poke which won’t last two seconds when faced with reality but also deluding yourself.

        You are on the wrong side of Karl Rove’s line separating out those of us in the Reality Based Community and those, like Rove who attempt to create their own reality.

        Do you yourself a favour. Stop digging and go count the railings.

      15. Dave – What the polls clearly indicate is that many of those Labour Party voters who abandoned Labour under Corbyn are now returning to Labour.

        Your ‘concerns’ about the boundary changes appear to be misplaced. There will no doubt be many polls comparing the old and the new once the boundaries are finalised but in the meantime here are the current polling results projected onto the provisional boundary changes

        Election Maps UK
        30 Dec 2021
        Current polling projected onto the Provisional 2023 Boundaries*

        LAB: 296 (+101)
        CON: 259 (-119)
        SNP: 55 (+7)
        LDM: 17 (+9)
        PLC: 4 (+2)
        GRN: 1 (=)

        Please feel free to carry on clutching at straws

    2. qwertboi, I doubt very much that 38 degrees commissioned a poll, they do their own polls but aside from that they a crying out for money atm, I donate money monthly and have received loads of emails asking for money, which is so unusual for them. I am a long standing member of 38 degrees & haven’t been informed of what SteveH is claiming and they keep members informed of how money is being spent.
      In all the years of being a member I have never known them to commission a poll, an example of the kind of stuff they do.. they spent money on billboards ‘NHS privatisation’ and put a piece about Johnson in the Washington Post when he was at a summit in USA for if memory serves me Global Warming or something similar as Biden reads the Washington Post & the piece shone a very dim light on Johnson’s credentials, they organise petitions etc etc.
      I may be mistaken about the poll but find it highly unlikely.

      1. SteveH I stand corrected, I honestly thought the polls were actually carried out by 38Degrees, I will have to learn to open my eyes when I get their emails & not make assumptions.
        Thank You! for the information.

      2. Hilary – You’re welcome. They also conduct polls on behalf of LabourList as well as others.

      3. sorry hilary, I tried to respond here, but my post went above yours….. time for me bed maybe

  7. SteveH – Believe that Ed Miliband had a similar lead at the
    same stage of the 2010-2015 period when Cameron was PM.

    At the next election (in 2015) Cameron managed to convert a
    hung parliament to a Tory lead.

    This was partly because of an inherently antisemitic campaign
    against Miliband but mostly because voters could not – by then –
    see the difference between the Labour Party and the Tories ..
    and nor could I when I saw some of the campaigning. Miliband
    a much MUCH more decent man than Starmer – but evidently a weak one
    was not brave enough to stand his ground and stick to what he had
    promised when he campaigned as Labour leader.

    The electorate really do wants a change as has been evident for
    years as the Labour vote has gone down – even in the Blair
    years. In fact the only time it went up was in 2017 when Corbyn
    was in charge. The %age of the electorate who voted Labour
    in 2019 was still larger than under Blair (latter years) and Brown.
    We are still waiting to read the Forde report –
    to see what emerged about the behaviour of some of the right wing
    of the Labour Party in 2017 – but that has been denied us. I wonder why?

    The Labour admin are in complete disarray under Evans and Starmer –
    so goodness knows what sort of Election Campaign they would run. Also
    you can bet your life now Johnson has proved himself a vote loser – he
    will be replaced before the Tories dip their toes in an Election maelstrom ..

    For your information – I am still in the Labour Party – delivering leaflets for
    our decent Councillors and MP. I will not respond to requests for extra money
    from Stasi Central though – preferring to give small amounts towards Court
    Cases for the defence of victimised ex-Labour members. An article in JVL
    asks us who are alarmed by the current Labour to “Stay and Sulk”. Well I am
    among those others who instead of this “Stays and Seethes”.

      1. He very selectively still posts. I miss his presence too. Maybe he can let us know himself?

      2. hilary772013, Very kind of you to ask. I’m ok thanks. Took break from reading & posting… and extending the break. Every now and then, i skim through a few, like now. I’m with you, = return loyalty of Mandelson controlled Starmer.
        Independents need to campaign with focus & dynamism against parasites abusing the Labour name & other assets. Until people see Mandelson controlled Starmer gang as infinitely more deadly than deadly Johnson’s corrupt lot, until then, worthwhile change will never even begin. Mandelson’s Starmer gang have proven beyond doubt that they are dishonest, compulsively cruel, and refuse to speak out in any sustained way re their Tory A side chums’ rampant corruption. The parasites within are very much the same, but a bigger nusiance as they prevent stopping parasites without. The parasites corrupt and abuse the Labour name for their own selfish interests.
        I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and have the best new year ever

      3. signpost not windchimes I’m so glad you’re okay, even scrolled through some older posts but couldn’t see any of yours.
        Hope you had a great Christmas & have a fantastic New Year 2022.
        I miss your posts 🥰
        I haven’t been on here so much so didn’t know if anything had happened to you.

      4. Hilary772013….Windchimes has commented only last week but doesn’t comment as much after a few nasty attacks on him.John Thatcher from Vietnam has disappeared,along with mcniv and RH who was the clone of SH centrist Dad,steve H davidh and not forgetting Mr Steve H Hall.?

      5. @josephokeefe – thanks again joseph. and what about David McNiven, why’s he not around anymore, do you know?

    1. Bazza – You’re right, of course she could stand at the next mayoral election, it would be a fascinating contest.
      Will the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ finally manage to get their act together and energise ‘the left’ vote in what is apparently the most left wing city in the country. Lets establish the actual level of support that you can garner.

  8. Somedays SteveH I think that if you were a rat I’d happilly become a ratcatcher. Maybe out-of-date untested covid vaccines can provide a social beneft after all.

    Which Labour policies are RW? Well, that depends on the focus groups that Starmer will use to dupe us best. 10 pledges: Fool us once, more fool you. Fool us twice, more fool us. Nobody is quite as stupid as Lord Mandelson and Sir Keir are banking on.

    10 Pledges – It doesn’t matter what Starmer says, he will do whatever the World Economic Forum and the capitalist elite instruct him. And you think non-former Labour members don’t see this too? More fool you.

    1. Not trusting Big Pharma…is not a political stance..Just common sense.
      When the vaccinations don’t work and never did why keep emptying the bank to feather the nest of professional confidence tricksters.?

  9. qwertboi – Living in denial won’t change the facts

    Ahahaha! The wacky world of the wee fella, eh?

    Well, wee man, it’s never stopped you from doing both, though, has it, soft ollies? 😏

    Let’s recap shall we….?

    Says keef has stuck to the corbynist 2019 manifesto.

    Describes keef’s policies as ‘excellent’ and: “for the many” (the last time you heard keef say that, anyone?? 🤔 )

    Won’t name a single policy keef has implemented in the twenty months since blagging his way to the leadership (and doing fuck-all since)

    Says the Corbynist 2019 manifesto was the reason the rags were handed an 80 seat majority…

    Says we must all support keef because he’s NOT a tory…

    When asked why, says keef has stuck to the 2019 manifesto….

    …Rinse and repeat. Ad infinitum, ad nauseam
    Yes, it’s everyone else who should: ‘Stop changing facts and living in denial’

    Jesus wept

  10. Sorry, meant to say

    When asked why and HOW (keefs’s NOT tory)…

  11. In mentioning recent polling data (to deflect our righteous indignation from Starmer’s bad leadership and shameless treatement of “the Liverpool Three”) SteveH says “much to celebrate, the Tories are losing the support of some of their key demographics”, HOWEVER, the point has to be made:

    * Starmer’ is causing Labour to lose the support (and confidence) of several of its key demographics, especially

    The ‘lumpen’ workers and non-workers, i.e. the socio economics C2+ and Ds – who previously saw Labour as their only ‘friend’ in the political world;

    Left-leaning members and supporters – the very people (of which there are several hundred thousand) who instantly recognised the 10 Pledges Trick, who notice the RW’s inability to distinguish between a religion (Judaism) and a form of right wing nationalism (Zionism).

    Floating voters and the ‘unpolitical’ who, quite bluntly, are not just not seeing any appeal in Starmer, they are taking a general dislike to the man (and the status-quo conservatism he represents.

    If any of the above is only half as true as I suspect it is – Labour will struggle to match the size of the SNP at Westminster within two General Elections – So, Mr SteveH, don’t gloat, learn to do as you are told and learn some survival skills for the weak and oppressed (or stay living abroad, because life here, in the tory brexit-destroyed UK, is shit and destined to get shitter. (But of course, Starmer knows that and is deliberately facilitating it).

    1. @qwertboi

      I’d say one general election will be enough.

      Ignoring the Trilateral commission association for a moment, it’s clear that Starmers Labour has pivoted to the right. This isn’t going to work as Labour is still trying to run with the soft left let’s not offend anyone habit. Taking the knee for example. This went down like a dog sick sandwich with the folks Labour is now chasing. The only choice is to go further right. Maybe this is why Rachel Reeves is getting more exposure in the press?

      Equally, many right wing folks find themselves in agreement with Corbyn on his lockdown/passport stance. This means yet more churn in the shrinking group Starmer chases.

      Going back to TC link, it is obvious to anyone spending more than five minutes on the TCs history that they specialise in infiltration. It’s worked so well that corporations beneath the Davos set have co-opted the strategy with great success (Greenpeace for example. Their leader is _not_ an environmentalist).

      So, unlike Corbyns Labour which had the good sense to chase the disenfranchised, Starmer has added to it.

      Will they still be blaming Corbyn? Probably. Will the excuse work? No. Except for Luke.

  12. Off topic but no doubt Skwawky will pick up on this later. From the Independent (and in the Guardian, of course):

    David Lammy apologises for nominating Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour leader

    The shadow foreign secretary told an audience of around 300 [at this year’s Limmud festival] that he was “staggered” that individuals with deeply antisemitic views remain in the Labour Party. The remarks were first reported by Jewish News.

    “I’ve met some of these individuals and am frankly staggered some are still in the party. But as a lawyer I understand that people appeal and go to court. There is a process, which can feel slow and tortuous sometimes, but it must be undertaken,” he said…

    He also described his belief in a “rainbow coalition approach to politics”, acknowledging the Jewish community for standing “shoulder to shoulder” with anti-apartheid leaders including Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

    He continued, praising the Jewish community for understanding “the fascism that was at the heart of apartheid and the pernicious evil of discrimination.”

    What an absolute load of cobblers. What a creep!

    1. FWIW – To my mind, David Lammy is ethically worse than any other rabid, capitalism-loving neoliberal that inhabits the parliamentary labour party.

      WHY? He very deliberately and very early-on (Feb 2020) went on zillions of talk programmes, wrote articles for the Daily Mirror, and very consciously aligned himself with misinformation about and promotion of the supposed covid “vaccine”.

      Evil Bastard!

    2. @PW – I wonder what the ‘Limmud festival’ is? A typo/spelling mistake? “LiKKud festival”?

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