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Video: as 1000s died, PM’s press spokeswoman and Rees-Mogg joked about law-breaking Christmas parties

Police must act

Boris Johnson’s callous disregard for those his government’s policies have murdered during the pandemic is well known. That is not limited to Downing Street.

Boris Johnson’s cronies enjoyed a Christmas party at Downing St last year as thousands died – hundreds and more every day – of COVID-19.

And in video clips that have now emerged, Boris Johnson’s press spokeswoman Allegra Stratton – formerly a BBC politics presenter – laughs sheepishly when asked by an adviser, at a mock press conference to practise for the eventuality, about the Tories’ Christmas party last year when social distancing laws were in force and Tory Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg jokes about the ‘two inches’ of social distancing in place at another party and the fact that the police would not be investigating them.

The police must act:

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      1. Oh come on Joseph, catch up. It’s ages since Jeremy stepped down.

    1. You silly, silly little man. Anyone can see, the only person who gets under Johnson’s skin is Blackford. And Starmer will argue about a party everyone knows happened while saying nothing about the NHS privatisation bill. It’s all about deflection with this lot.

  1. This behaviour is a symptom of the sick ideology that we are increasingly forced into aceppting.Draconian laws against the working-class passed on a monthly somtimes weekly basis without any problems with a comotose opposition party.This is the result of a establishment system never truly challanged.IF by sheer chance a real leader comes on the scene he’s swept away by the system and those that follow the socialist revival are basically demonised and stigmatized.Nothing coming from the Mouths of these cheating imposters should be believed especially when its backed by our fearless media who are very much the mouthpiece of the establishment.No constitution No democracy and no freedom thats the result of No Opposition to the status quo. Thank God for Squawkbox and the other left wing sites who are not intimidated into submission…..but for how long before the streets reply because they will.!

    1. It’ was a profound disappointment when Corbyn’s lack of leadership skills became apparent.

      1. Distraction politics from steve h Hall centrist Dad davidh ..a wolf in sheeps clothing doing the propoganda run 🏃….Nothing to see folks here move along move along Steve H Hall at boxcartrend….ouotes “Some people even think I am a establishment troll” .?

      2. Joseph – Who is this ‘Hall’ guy that you’ve got the hots for?

      3. Steve H Hall I tend not to have the “Hots for anyone nowadays mr steve H hall but if I did it would be for the beautiful women of Cambodia or my wife whos a number of years younger than me but hopfuly will receive a pension one day .if we get another government and Opposition party.
        .Old men realise that were theres life theres hope but certainly not for the Labour party that I served in for many years before you parasites conned your way into the leadership.and started a wrecking campaign.
        You should be ashamed of yourself mr Hall centrist Dad.

      4. Joseph – So why do you keep obsessing about some guy called ‘Hall’?

      5. And he learnt pretty fast. No accounting for a thousand arrrogant conceited sharks

      6. Steve H
        You are wrong about Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of leadership skills. He had them in abundance but the majority of the PLP disagreed with his Socialist politics and refused to accept him as leader in defiance of the will of the membership. The PLP launched their despicable coup , made total fools of themselves, exposed their arrogance and contempt for party democracy( they knew better than the 300,000 members who chose Jeremy as leader) and then joined in an unholy alliance with the Tories MSM BBC Southside the Establishment including the Board of Deputies and the Chief Rabbi and various pro Zionist groups such as JML to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and destroy his reputation as a politician and as a man.
        Jeremy Corbyn is a man of steel – a man who refused to be bullied, who stuck to his beliefs and principles throughout and who never once descended into the gutter with his critics but clearly he could not lead those who refused to be led and who were prepared to sink to any level of deceit in order to smear him.

      7. Smartboy – Jeremy hid away for well over a year before the 19GE and lost over 15% of the membership whilst his closest acolytes got on with the job of undermining party democracy.

      8. Reply to Steve H
        Your response about Jeremy hiding away is absurd although given the wall to wall abuse he had to contend with it would have been understandable if he had hidden away.
        Regarding the alleged drop in membership, Corbyn brought approx 400,000 new or returning members to the party and as a result of our subs put the party in a strong financial position – money which has been squandered by the present administration in fighting decent members and refusing to accept legal advice in respect of contesting exstaffers complaints and paying them out an obscene sum of money to prevent court action our lawyers said we would win.
        IF ( which I doubt) membership reduced by 15% from its peak of 550,000 under Jeremy’s stewardship I’m sure Starmer is wishing he could say the same because membership is now back to pre 2015 levels and we are nearly broke.

      9. Smartboy – The drop in membership during JC’s tenure is a matter of public record. I have supplied the evidence on numerous occasions and I can dig it out again if you insist.

  2. They would have been much more than ‘interesting’ if the man asking the questions was an honest, trustworthy and principled socialist speaking “for England’ in a moment of deep social crisis.
    Had Jeremy Corbyn led the opposition to this disgraceful government, with the blood of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable citizens on its hands, this terrible pandemic would have been productive of something the world desperately needs- a society in which every life, however old, however poor, counts and public health is as much importance as the private profits of the spiv class are contemptible.
    Instead we will see Ramsey MacStarmer, eyes brimming with crocodile tears, utterly devoid of credibility on the very issue in question, working on his career and anxious to please his imperialist sponsors.
    Keep the sick bucket handy.

    1. bevin – Perhaps you could remind us of all of the ‘great and memorable victories’ that Corbyn won against Boris when the Tories didn’t even have a majority instead of the 80 seat majority they were gifted at the 19GE.

    2. Corbyn won hearts and minds Mr Hall centrist Dad and probably would have been the best PM for those reasons.The contempt for the working-class is effectively highlighted in this appalling government and by your comments mr professional man “At least we know your gender othwise like the names you use theyre fake “…” O what a tangled web from your Caribbean bolt hole.

      1. Joseph – You can rant all you like (why would you change the habit of a lifetime) but the reality is that only about 33% of C2DE (working class) voters agreed with you whilst 48% of them voted for Boris. For the first time ever more of them voted Tory than voted for Labour.
        Who is this ‘Hall’ guy that you keep obsessing about?

      2. Reply to Steve H
        If you are right and 48% of the working class voted Tory in preference to Jeremy Corbyn then it is a measure of the man- of his integrity decency and dedication to socialist principles – that he still fights for us and highlights the injustices we suffer at every opportunity.

      3. Smartboy – It is disappointing that Jeremy let down all those who supported him by spending the latter half of his tenure as Labour’s leader in hiding.

  3. Steve H Hall…..I would refer you to a interesting and educational article in the morning star by mary Davis titled “Dr constructing categorisation and construction on society and counters the idea that” facts “are the product of human minds!” .Broaden your mind mr Hall and understand that even the experts trip themselves up.on classification and identity.

    1. Joseph – Or we could just treat each other as equals regardless of gender or race.
      Who is Mr. Hall?

  4. I think it’s worth a comment on Tory fibs reporting the Bill going through the Irish republic that will alleviate some of the vicious evictions going on.That makes me draw your attention to the disgusting evictions of Two brothers in a House in W.Lancashire were the two brothers live one with Aspergers and the other brother helping to care for him after their mother and father died.The tenency will not be transfered to the brothers and they are basically being evicted on Boxing day if nobody steps in to stop this fiasco of a Labour council evicting people with disabilities.I have encountered many such actions under a Tory council and as a councillor at the time intervened.but a “Labour” council evicting anyone for a tenancy clause is a disgrace Sign the petition in the Canary and make a better xmass for the family….

    1. I can count on NO hands the number of times keef’s bested de piffle at the despatch box.

      Every time, de piffle has put the soporific sir knight in his place and shown keef to be every bit the hypocrite that the toerags and you, wee fella, are.

      Unless you want to count keef perpetually agreeing with toerag policy as somehow besting Boris?

      And you’re still to provide us with one single policy of keef’s that’s fully separate to any inkling of toerag policy, because there’s not anybody in the country could tell the difference between the pair of them. Ffs nobody knows what keefs policies even are.

      As for the rags and their parties. I expect the plod to do the same as they ways do. Not a fucking jot. The politicians and press are already praising private pike Williamson for admitting his education dept held one.

      1. Toffee – On the contrary, several days ago I provided you all with a long, long list of the scores of current Labour party policies and over the following days I have repeatedly challenged you and others to evidence your ridiculous rants and explain which of these policies are RW Tory policies. I’m still waiting for a cogent response from you or anyone else.
        I’ve provided you with all the information you need so your continuing self declared woeful ignorance is entirely your own doing.

  5. …And lammy (Another worse than useless gobshite) seems to think an apology will be enough.

    Well it won’t. Criminal prosecutions MIST follow, but attitudes like lammy’s has already given the plod and the CPS the shithouse cop-out excuses they’ll have been looking for.

    This 🤬🤬🤬 country. 😠

  6. Oh dear. What a sad life it must be when the only ray of sunshine for someone is to spend hours on this site pouring out anti-Corbyn bile and taunting socialists.
    But, moving on to someone who is of significance, Rees-Mogg has surely incriminated himself here. This is an open goal for Labour. Anything less than a resignation from government would represent a failure by the LP to capitalise on this. Let’s see.
    Mind you, it would help if Starmer had a little voice coaching so that he didn’t sound like a twelve-year-old whinging on.

    1. it would help if Starmer had a little voice coaching so that he didn’t sound like a twelve-year-old whinging on.

      Indeed. That nasal drawl of his irritates me every bit as much as his polygonal, greasy head. I just cannot listen to him properly because of it.

  7. Too good an opportunity to miss, SW? Show how the Tories actually have so little disregard for regular people that they actually have wild orgyistic parties where they don’t socially disttance and actually don’t wear masks. (And I bet they don’t actually take the untested possibly dangerous vaccine jabs) Scoundrells!

    SKWAWKBOX is showing itself to be a ‘useful idiot’, and by being so, validates their “covid narrative” and helps them run-down the NHS, sanction health-care, transfer obscene amounts of money to the already mega-powerful and mega- wealthy, restrict our democratic rights, etc., etc.., and, in short, pull-off a bigger lie, a bigger scam than the nicely labelled and narrated covid ‘pandemic’ 3 Things

    Firstly, the virus that produces covid has a survival rate of at least 99.5% (Of course, those people with comorbidities, with acetylcholine deficiency or inadequacy and those people who are ilmmuno-compromised are, until appropriate healthcare and support is given to them, the victims here – and yes, several hundred thousand of them have unnecessarily died in UK).

    Secondly, Coronavirus is such a virulent danger to us all, that we are (not) climbing over dead bodies to get to a bus stop or tube, carrying smelling salts to protect ourselves from the reek of rotting dead bodies, so numerous that our heroic essential workers cannot cope. “Excess deaths” would, if any of this were true, be high. It isn’t, they’re not.

    There has been NO unusual excess mortality. The press has called 2020 the UK’s “deadliest year since world war two”, but this is misleading because it ignores the massive increase in the population since that time. A more reasonable statistical measure of mortality is Age-Standardised Mortality Rate (ASMR). By this measure, 2020 isn’t even the worst year for mortality since 2000, In fact since 1943 only 9 years have been better than 2020.

    Thirdly – a question – once you verify the truth of the above (and several other things), is it not likely that a much bigger “lie” is being played and that the cover of this lie, a public health emergency caused by a new (novel) coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is enabling the end-stage tories to obliterate our NHS and worse?

    Those of us that dare to call ourselves leftwing should be suspecting – as I do – that the pandemic is actually something else, maybe “life-support” for capitalism, after all the billionaires and elite do not want to see “all that is solid melt into air”, do they?

    1. Bravo quertboi but most people think that this government couldnt possibly plan to kill thousands of people,they dont believe the evidence in front of their eyes..My brothers were murdered by Boris Johnson,Sir keir starmer and the rest of the establishment because they were old and vulnerable and had existing health problems.Dignosed CV 19 death yet my neice whos a senior nurse at end of life care said they died of pneumonia locked i n with other people recently discharged from hospital. No one will thank us for telling the truth and maybe even write us off as cranks and fanatics whilst putting their faith in people that supported the king with no cloths AS scam and believing that Jeremy Corbyn was a racist thug.The evidence is out there and the vacinne might as well be suger water because it doesn’t work against a invented Killer Virus on a par with Ebola and the Black death.if you believe the scum media that crucified Corbyn.Now we’ve another even more leathel killer the Omicron from Hell to explain why we need more bigger and better Vaccines to explain the deaths from the vaccinations.Theres only one winner in this appalling scam and its the government and Big pharma whos xmass celebrations will last for years to come.

      1. Thanks Joseph. I’m sorry about your brother… if it doesn’t upset you too much, read the cribsheet and see how illegal DNRs, stealth rationing on healthcare, enforced eviction from hospital, etc., and other aspects of the ‘Covid Narrative’ all conspired to cause many hundreds of thousands seniors and vulnerable people to die unnecessarily.

    2. qwertboi – Yet more anti-vax quackery from the self proclaimed expert on quackery, I’m sure SKWAWKBOX will be absolutely delighted to hear that you regard him as a “useful idiot”.
      If it quacks like a 🦆, waddles like a 🦆 and looks like a 🦆then it is probably a 🦆

      1. Thank you stevieh. When people like you raise the ‘quackery’ / conspiracy put-down, it tells us that you have no counter-arguement to the accusation made and valuistic ad-hominem is all you’ve got.

        And yes, 30+ years involvement in health and biochemical research gives me you a good nose for quackery, even its more subtle configurations. But to be honest, regarding the covid “narrative” (and the scam it enables), it’s dead easy. ‘TheScience’ ™️ gives them away.

      2. qwertboi – I’m just pointing out that you are proselytising anti-vax bollocks. I note that even you felt compelled to put The Science in single quotes.

      3. and a trademark logo… “TheScience” cited by SAGE and the covidians is often false and inaccurate.

      4. Steve H your flippent comments are basically extremely difficult for me to deal with but you will pay for it one day and your quackery comments from you only bolster the veiw that somthings very sick in Britain and its not the virus thats the main cause its your sick ideology.You insult a person thats clearly trying to help and its up to you if you believe him or not.but leave out the nasty comments.

      5. Joseph – Joseph – “Steve H your flippent comments are basically extremely difficult for me to deal with”

        qwertboi is a public health hazard so I can’t think of one good reason why I should give someone who is proselytising fuckwit anti-vax nonsense that endangers the lives of others deserves any respect whatsoever.

    3. Get ready for the global warming, ice age, climate change hustle. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

    4. Qwertboi – Of course the Tories won’t let a good crisis go to waste but on Covid I think you are seriously deluded and your comments are an insult to the millions who have died globally from it.
      Next you’ll be claiming climate change (also based on global science) is a hoax?
      I worked at a university for 30 years with many fine scientists who would beg to differ with you.
      We all know extreme centrist SH on this left wing website (by supporting moderation he accepts the status quo of extreme Neo-Liberal capitalism) is a tiresome bore but your comments are an embarrassment to the Left as from an initial prognoses you go down the completely wrong road.
      Perhaps those who think Covid is a hoax should volunteer on Covid wards where patients are fighting for their lives and no doubt as such volunteers think they are so certain they wouldn’t have the vaccine and wear masks?
      Perhaps a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing?

  8. According to the BBC Starmer is quoted as saying
    “we don’t need a criminal investigation, we need a Prime Minister who is honest about it.”

  9. Disgusting behaviour by Tories and taking the p out of citizens and what does weak Mr S do?’
    Only calls for Johnson to apologise!
    Johnson should resign!
    2021 – the Year the UK clearly had 3 Neo-Liberal Pro-Capitalist Grovelling parties – Tories, Right Wing Labour, Lib Dem’s and all should be stuffed!
    As a rep from the Covid Bereaved Families said: “These people seem to think they are better than us.”

  10. ” …………. a Prime Minister who is honest about it.”
    ………… and pigs might fly !!

  11. Thousands killed.

    How else would you describe blanket DNR orders for care homes?

    You need to step back a little. That they had a party is irrelevant. And the plod won’t do anything either.

    No, the question is, _why_? Why did they have such a party? Why did Prof. Ferguson (who is still being quoted) go shagging during the lockdown he advocated? Hands Face Back to my place?

    This is a wake up call. This is evidence that the message is nowhere near the actions.

    It’s also interesting to note that whilst the labour party is against voter ID, they are interested in discussing mandatory vaccinations. Both stink, but it is a strange position.

    As for Starmers PMQs, who cares? The only one Boris fears is his Tory replacement, there’s a fridge for everything else. As for the voters, the right thinks Starmers a wet lettuce and he’s crapped all over the left.

    Do centrists do canvassing? I hope so, for their sake and my entertainment.

    1. “Do centrists do canvassing? I hope so, for their sake and my entertainment.”

      Brilliant – worth a ‘like’ on its own!

      The rest deserves more, something that few on here seem willing to give, consideration.

      Elephants in room? We know why the synchronised MSM and billionaires don’t want us to consider this fact, but democratic socialists? They’re letting themselves down when they don’t ‘consider’ the facts. .

      Well said NVLA!

    2. Do centrists do canvassing? I hope so, for their sake and my entertainment.

      It’s two years to the day since illeagle came knocking on my door…How I wish I’d had my phone to hand to record the diminutive wee shite scuttling off down the road after getting a piece of my mind and a few home truths.

      And if she’s reading this…If it WAS you in New Brighton Morrisons last week buying flowers at the self-service tills, count yerself lucky I didn’t fully recognize you or I’d have wanted several explanations.

  12. How many ‘Fixed Penalty Notices’ were issued to people for sunbathing in a park? Too much vitamin D?

    1. Hehe, SR. Yes, vit d is very dangerous. Combine it with zinc and/or selenium and you’ll increase your immune system’s health – and not ‘need’ to take one of the most dangerous vaccines known (but not tested yet) by man*

      *Until 2020, the most dangerous vaccine known to man was the smallpox vaccine. It’s use resulted in 1 death per 1,000,000 (1m) ‘jabs’ and the US Government refused to mandate it for that reason. In 2020, 27 new ‘vaccines’ were released – without any of the 6 – 12 years’ testing that international law mandates. None. According to US VAERS system (about mostly the Pfizer and Astra Z ‘brands’), 1 million jabs result in 437 deaths. Dangerous? Not at all.

      You’re not ‘vaccinated’ until you have two jabs (maybe 3, maybe one every 3 months for the rest of your natural)

      I’ll stick to my 4,000iu Vit D3 and zinc, thank you!

  13. Labour and their London press pals concentrating on this because under Starmer there are no real policy differences any longer.

    Another way to view it: the Tories are safe until the next in terms of their majority – the govt isn’t going to fall – so those wishing to get rid of Johnson should be careful what they wish for. A hard right replacement, someone with a chip on his/her shoulder wanting to prove how hawkish and loyal to the US they are joining bombing some already poverty/covid-stricken country(Iran?) would needless to say be far worse.

    Better clumsy incompetence than vicious malevolence.

    1. Andy – …………and yet despite me spending the last few days asking you to explain which of the scores of current Labour policies are RW Tory policies not one of you has been up to the task.

      1. SteveH-

        The silence on the big issues, and lack of substantial opposition speaks to the fact that they’re just fine with making tweaks to the system rather than any radical changes. On economic matters they are fully onboard with the neoliberal ‘Thatcher settled it’ orthodoxy. On foreign policy they show little interest in offering anything other than familiar US Made in Washington neocon hawkish foreign policy doctrines.

        Labour’s argument now it seems, is simply that they’d be more competent managers of the status quo – a questionable assertion given Starmer’s flip-flopping over lockdowns and the way he and Evans run Labour. Labour’s calls for social media internet censorship and calls for even tougher action over drugs, suggest social policy under any Starmer-led govt would be aimed at trying to win praise from the right-wing tabloids, the Sun and Mail, as per the succession of authoritarian Home Secretaries we endured under Blair.

        Under Starmer, a Labour govt is a poor prospect. One that’ll do more harm than good should they get in, locking Labour out of power for another 20 years after a short, demoralising spell in govt.

      2. Andy – So you still haven’t managed to actually address my question then. Which of the policies are RW Tory ones. I can provide you with a list if you don’t know what they are.

  14. There are more questions than answers that worry me about ‘the’ Xmas Party that happened 355 days ago; why now? I despise Old Etonian Bojo for what he is, what he does & what he represents, but why this MSM expose now, what took so long & who is orchestrating it & why? Who wants rid of Bojo as leader of the Tory Party? Feminists of every political colour want rid & ‘EU Remainers’ will never forgive him for Brexit. Every MSM organisation appears united against the bumbling clown, but why now? The ground is being prepared for …………………..?.

    1. Steve Richards-

      for the hawkish….Jeremy Hunt perhaps?

      You’re correct Steve , the media are generating far too much synthetic anger over this, why now, 12 months on?

      I know some will say ‘ you’re being a conspiracy nut’ but when the highly controlled press pack move against a ‘golden boy’ PM they previously worshipped like this, something is afoot. The Iran deal is on the point of collapse and the establishment probably want to put someone in who’ll be happy to bomb, bomb away i.e., someone a lot more hawkish.

    2. further…

      The leaked video footage of then Downing Street Press Secretary Allegra Stratton (she left in April) is also unusual, as client journalists in the MSM are reluctant to break any stories for fear of falling foul of hierarchy; be it their editors and proprietors (newspapers) or directors (BBC, ITV, Sky , Ch4). This stuff doesn’t happen by chance.

      Definitely a push to remove Johnson from erstwhile supporters, that much is clear it isn’t conjecture. We saw it with the bizarre Dominic Cummings – Laura Kuenssberg interview special on BBC2, in which the sacked Cummings was given a full programme to bitterly opine against Johnson.

      Secretly recorded videos and BBC Sky et al giving broadcast time to critics with no right of reply. It’s getting like it was when the media were trying to push Corbyn out.

      1. Resigned from what,SteveH, Boris Johnson’s press office or as Chair of the Rishi Sunak Fan Club? Yes, I can see how upsetting that must be for you.

      2. qwertboi – Your comment says far more about you than it does about me.
        Why would I be in the least bit upset?

      3. Touche.. but in my defense, m’lord, I avoid the MSM like the plague and as for ‘celebrity culture’ it’s a marker of capitalist corruption. Allegra who? Isn’t she one of the guardnog shills that got gifted to the CIA powers-that-be (and hence promote the covid narrative like OCD misfits) when Alan Rusbridger gave-in to their blackmail?

      4. On Theguardian being permitted to exist only IF it became a mouthpiece for the CIA and p-t-b billionaires, probably about as much as I am on the Murder of JFK, 9/11 and the ‘banking crisis’ crisis being “inside jobs” – read the cribsheet, <i<Part VIII: Deception & Foreknowledge, and see whether you think it migh include the covid ‘pandemic’ too.

  15. More questions than answers………….who authorised & made the video? How & when did it arrive in the hands of ITN? Were there any journalists there; Michael Crick says loads, Lara Kuenessberg says none? Journalists knew & said nothing until now………..Tears for souvenirs. BBC smell blood.. but poor Allegra Stratton? Keep on mocking. We must protect our sources in order to hold politicians to account but not Julian Assange.

    1. SR-

      Probably end up like the mystery around that Matt Hancock ‘gropegate’ video that led to his resignation.

      I’m no fan of Hancock, nor any Tory, but who filmed it and why there was a camera there in his office, and who released it ? Seem far more important issues than the consenting adults extramarital content.

      Many seem remarkably relaxed about the ‘source’ of these videos that drop from nowhere and are never fully explained. The Chris Williamson footage being another example, coming at the height of bogus antisemitism allegations aimed at doing damage and forcing him out. Another example is the footage of Alex Salmond’s lawyer – covertly filmed on the train discussing the case.

      We can only guess at those behind it.

  16. First – I will answer STeveH concerning suspension of
    Jewish members during Corbyn’s time.

    I can remember a couple – Jackie Walker was one and the reason
    for hers came during a Q and A at “Training session” . It was
    something about her ancestors and she phrased it badly as she
    admits – but that is what people do at training sessions as they
    are supposedly an exchange of ideas. She apologised but it
    was no good.

    However can I remember any of JVL Committee being expelled –
    well none whereas if you look at those expelled or put under
    suspension or similar – there are many many.under Starmer. I
    cannot remember anyone ever being disciplined for retrospectively
    disobeying a law.

    Maybe though those affected by retrospective legislation
    are Time Lords in disguise? I remember the 1940s and early
    1950s with the Soviet Union under Stalin and his vicious enforcer
    Beria. Even they did not do that! .. I see another poster also remembers
    them – or has studied the period.

    Second –
    In answer to the questions about the video and its “emergence” at
    this time I will try to answer them one by one. Most/all are just my
    guesses but some have been mentioned by political commentators
    (1) Who authorised & made the video?

    The session was some kind of trial to see who would make the
    best spokesperson in the new and expensive Downing Street suite.
    It was recorded so that it could be judged by whoever chose the
    spokesperson. Possibly there were other videos? This this was
    evidently selected because the infamous Party was mentioned. How
    many people had a “try out”? Unknown to me ..

    (2) Journalists there?

    There might well have been journalists there to help with the
    test – but maybe not all the time.

    (3) Why now? Because the Tory Party has smelled blood – ie
    that Johnson is not so appealing to the voters and particularly
    to the Red Wall areas of the country.

    As stated (I think?) at PMQ – Johnson is well known for his
    hazy recollection of facts and adherence to the truth – also
    for his intellectual laziness .. The many current fiascos (Brexit,
    Afghanistan, COVID ..) could have been predicted and indeed

    1. HFM – Here’s some figures that JF gave out in Feb19.

      “Ahead of the meeting tonight, Formby told MPs that the party received 673 accusations of antisemitism by Labour members between April 2018 and January 2019.

      The email informs Labour MPs that:

      Of those who were party members
      96 members were immediately suspended
      146 received a reminder of conduct
      220 cases did not have sufficient evidence of a breach of party rules to proceed with an investigation
      211 were issued with a Notice of Investigation

      Of the cases who were issued with a Notice of Investigation or suspension, there have been 96 NEC antisemitism disputes panel decisions
      42 members referred to national constitutional committee (NCC)
      16 members issued with a formal NEC warning
      6 members’ cases were referred for further investigation
      25 members issued with ‘reminder of conduct’
      7 members’ cases were closed

      The following 18 NCC decisions have been made
      12 members were expelled
      6 received sanctions

      24 cases currently with the NCC, Labour’s top disciplinary body, are outstanding.”

      These figures obviously don’t include the year following or the period when Corbyn was in office prior to JF’s appointment.

  17. Just watched some clips of PMQs. Starmer blew it (again). He was far too general. The strategy should have been to go after Rees-Mogg and try to get Johnson to distance himself from R-M’s conduct in the clip we have seen. Call for his sacking or resignation.

  18. Perhaps Ms Stratton fell on her sword to save her political masters and mistresses – the Fall Gal in Cheese & Wine Gate?
    As Starmer squeaks – resign to BJ!
    And Right Wing Labour continues to water the last manifesto down, will Right Wing Labour support ending tuition fees, public ownership of Mail,rail, water, public utilities, a new publicly owned pharma, free public transport for under 25s, a Green New Deal, state led public investment etc.
    I very much doubt it, time for left wing democratic socialists to organise!

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