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Tory MP claims Dr Who and Ghostbusters being women drives young men into life of crime (video)

Nick Fletcher lists Ghostbusters among similar causes of crime

Tory MP Nick Fletcher has told a parliamentary gathering that young men are committing crimes because Dr Who, Ghostbusters and other film and TV characters are being played by women.


In fact, so obvious is the link to the Don Valley Conservative MP the he asks ‘is it any wonder?’ that it’s happening:

Not much else needs saying, except to credit journalist Adam Bienkov for the catch.

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  1. I had to look it up. It’s a South Yorkshire ex-coal mining community that was solid Labour until 2019 when this berk won it for the Tories. I guess we’ll now see a competition between new Labour and the Tories for who can produce the most socially conservative candidates in red wall constituencies.

    1. Lundiel
      The people of Don Valley had a choice between a Blue Tory and a Red Tory. They chose the Blue one.
      The seat had been held by arch Blairite Caroline Flint from 1997- she was one of “Blair’s Babes” and as I recall was incensed a short time after her election because in her opinion she wasn’t promoted quickly enough to a front bench position.
      However I don’t think it was her right wing politics that lost her the seat- after all she had been re-elected at every election since 1997 despite them. Her problem was she was a remainer and arrogantly campaigned hard for remain although she represented a leave seat. She felt she knew better than her constituents (just like she knew better than the members during the coup)
      When she lost mostly due to her own arrogance she went on the attack and bitterly blamed Jeremy Corbyn for her defeat. She obviously lacked introspection.
      However the current MP is a clown so if Caroline Flint is chosen as PPC at the next election the Don Valley electorate will have to chose between two Tories – one an idiot and the other a sore loser – some choice eh?

      1. Even though I have no time for Blairites such as Flint, on this occasion she did know better than those constituents who had been conned by the lies of Farage and the other right wing Brexiters.

      2. I don’t want to rake up the Brexit issues again JackT. I was a remainer too but the point I was trying to make was this- if I had been an MP representing a constituency where the vast majority of my constituents were leavers I would not have said in effect “eff you”” to them and then blamed somebody else when they voted me out.

      3. Wonder if flint will still be funded by lobbyists for disability deniers maximus?

      4. Smartboy, the Tories never expected to win in Don Valley so it was a question of filling a candidate, never mind his competence or lack of it.
        What we know about the Tories is that when someone becomes an electoral liability they quickly and efficiently will deal with it.
        My educated guess is that by the next General Election either the Tories are satisfied that Nick Fletcher MP is the best candidate to retain Don Valley ( for all we know he could be a hard working, well liked Constituency MP) or they will made him an offer he can refuse and put as candidate someone of a higher calibre.

  2. The same bloke who made out he’d been busy out and about his constituency on numerous occasions by posting the same photo of himself.

  3. Oh dear gods and fairies! Wait till we tell him Jesus will be a Trans Woman in future copies of the Bibles!
    JFC! The world has gone potty, everyone the ruller of the world, “woke/anti-woke” on steroids and the rest of us wondering WTF next!?
    Can’t we just live and let live!?
    What a backwards evolving species of mostly hateful apes we are, oh shit! He knows we’re apes right?

    1. Well I blame peppa pig for all of this and I don’t like daddy pig especially…I watch this with my grandchildren and wonder is this subversion?.or just a good way of my grandchildren getting a veiw of western culture in a relaxed amusing way and somthing thats typically British which is better than the American slop…..but they watch that as well as the Khmertv..I never got the chance as a father to do this because I was out working before the dawn and rarely returned before our kids went to bed….all typically commuter belt life in a sick society even in the seventys

      1. The comments section closed on the independent press investigation into the Canary and Squawkbox,but I must say that the extended report by the Jewish editor of the canary and the history behind the attack is well worth a read….the time difference were I am for going “off message”

      2. Yes, I agree, I think the name Peppa Pig is quite sadistic, is her Brother called Salty Pig and the baby called Crackling Pig, Stuffed Daddy and Mummy Pig in Blankets. Something sinister about that name, I think it’s implications are as far reaching as the state of the World. 😉

  4. If his logic were correct, there would have been a tsunami of crime by women for centuries. Unless, of course, his assumption is that women don’t need to play significant social roles in order to feel valued and fulfilled. His sub-GCSE thinking would make a cow blush. Is there any evidence of a connection between a rise in offending among young men and women characters in films of tv shows? Isn’t there, rather, a huge body of evidence that offending is associated with poverty, poor opportunities, lack of educational attainment, mental health problems, alienation? What is truly dismaying that such a lump of ignorance and prejudice could have been elected by anyone, let alone people in a constituency where there was once a strong radical tradition. An exemplification of Eugene Debs’s observation that in periods of social turbulence, people lose the road map and ideas become hopelessly confused. We have been living through such a period since the mid-1970s when the leaders of Labour failed to fulfil the promise of 1974 to shift “wealth and power to working people and their families” and instead fell on their knees before the IMF, slashed the social wage and imposed pay restraint on the poorest workers. If one person is to blame for the debacle we have undergone since then, it is Jim Callaghan who appeared on tv in October 1978 and refused to call an election because he wanted to hold onto power. Then came the S**’s “winter of discontent” and an election on a plate for the grocer’s daughter. It’s the old story: either we have economic democracy or we have barbarism. The most recent example of the latter is migrants drowning in the Channel when it would be very easy to put boats in the water to ensure their rescue. Simple inhumanity, but the profits keep rolling in and the billionaires keep jaunting to space.

  5. Unfortunately the way constituency boundaries are drawn up means social conservatives will always have the edge in elections. Most people live in and around cities yet the key marginals are majority social conservative. That is what’s behind Starmer’s turn around on just about everything. He believes he has to out conservative conservatives. We the majority, need to be represented fairly.

    1. Nah, Starmer’s turnaround is to prevent a Labour government this decade, while still looking like he’s trying to win (which would work if it wasn’t for the Tories being so hopelessly incompetent, so openly corrupt and so blatantly cruel and stupid).

      1. I’m not going to say I’ll put money on it as I’ve got none, but I will put 10 pebbles on Blue Keef taking Office next term, however we vote. That however says nothing for possitive change over the next decades, it will take several decades before we get anything remotely FOR The PEOPLE, in Parliament, well past my sell by date!
        For many of us TORYDOM will outrule our days, be that Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative TORIES or Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour TORIES.
        Hold on tight it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  6. Didn’t an Anglican Priest type person attribute the floods to gay marriage, same sort of ideology I guess.
    It’s quite worrying to think they really believe themselves or the voices.
    I just keep thinking of that poem, First they came for………., ironically also by a priest type person!

  7. Blimey It’s a fair cop Gov right enough.

    But it were that Dr Who what made me done it.

  8. No, no, no, Mr Fletcher has got it wrong.
    The increase in crimes committed by young men over the past two years coincides exactly with the time he has been an MP.

  9. Perhaps ‘Thick Nick’ (?) and Peppa the Pig PM (?) are massive distractions to the Tories Social Care Poll Tax on Homeowners (a modest home pays as much as millionaires) and the Tories cruelty re desperate migrants risking their lives crossing the North Sea as exposed by the recent tragedy.
    And Right Wing Labour has NO ideas on either.
    (1) Have a 10% tax on the rich and a financial transaction tax to make social care free and to give a substantial pay rise to care workers.
    (2) Re migrants have a rational asylum process, could open a temporary embassy on site in Calais and have the democratic control of Labour supply taking the workers we need under socialist planning.
    And Channel crossings have happened before (see Robert Winder, Bloody Foreigners: ‘The Story of Immigration Into Britain.’
    In the 13th Century thousands of Huguenots fled religious persecution in Paris in flimsy boats across the Channel, but they were Protestants and were met by welcoming committees and fundraising for them and they did generally well.
    I don’t agree with the radical liberalism and laissez faire of open borders but with socialist planning and the democratic control of Labour supply we could take control of the situation.
    And a talk by the Chief Medical Officer on Health Needs in 2040 pointed out there will be a crisis then in Western Europe with simply not enough young people to care for older citizens so it would be wise to Act on migration positively now and we should encourage migrants to join trade unions, after all what are refugees and asylum seekers but unorganised workers.
    Can’t help thinking if Nye Bevan had still been around perhaps he would said of Patel (whose job seems to be to out UKIP, UKIP): If she has no ideas then she is too stupid to be Home Secretary. (?)

  10. Frank Dallas he say:-
    “We have been living through such a period since the mid-1970s when the leaders of
    Labour failed to fulfil the promise of 1974 to shift “wealth and power to working people
    and their families” and instead fell on their knees before the IMF, slashed the social
    wage and imposed pay restraint on the poorest workers.
    If one person is to blame for the debacle we have undergone since then, it is
    Jim Callaghan who appeared on tv in October 1978 and refused to call an
    election because he wanted to hold onto power”.

    No matter what you think about Callaghans poor decision in Autumn 1978
    it was Tony Barber who was MOST responsible for the whole 1970s debacle.
    The Tories ruled from June 1970 to Feb 1974 –
    and the Labour Party from Feb 1974 to May 1979
    so roughly half and half between 1970 and 1979.

    I dont know how the Tories continually gets away with the fact that the
    Labour Party were responsible for the inflation and Industrial Strife of the
    1970s when the Tories were in charge for the first half of it, It was Tory
    Tony Barber who introduced the disastrous budget -which led to the
    “Barber boom” and together with the oil crisis to a rate of
    inflation of 25% – and Industrial unrest. However the Labour Party
    was blamed for the whole thing!

    Sorry for this diversion – I agree in principle with the rest of the post.
    The wealthy part of the world could solve this refugee crisis – just
    as they did in1956 with the Hungarian refugees. .It is easier now to
    treat the refugees as scapegoats – the difference
    is that the Hungarian Refugees fed into the Cold War rhetoric

    1. Holbyfmmw….I actually quite enjoyed the planned power cuts and no Tv 📺or anything else..except it was a very romantic time in the candlelight and I tryed my best like many of us young men to boost the population of Britain,but we did manage a son to add to the family and decided that the Torys were to blame for the population increase.

  11. Off topic I know, but this is just in……I think it may be the ‘Peppa The Pig Bounce Effect.’

    Knutton (Newcastle-under-Lyme) by-election result:

    CON: 51.1% (+25.8)
    LAB: 48.9% (-25.8)

    Conservative GAIN from Labour.

    Chgs. w/ 2018
    10:56 pm · 25 Nov 2021

    1. Newcastle-under-Lyme. The former fiefdom of John Golding and his wife Lyne.

      No real change in political terms there then.

  12. Thanks for heads-up on bi-election results.
    I’ve been looking them up and they are not
    good for Labour ..

    I wold guess – and I may be wrong – that a Party
    does not do well in Elections without the help
    of the door knockers and the leaflet posters and
    the Labour Party members are in mutiny.

    There are a few exceptions – where the Party members
    and the candidates are playing a waiting game ..

    Roll on that day when the interloper is kicked out ..

  13. The Peppa Pig saga is just another example of the media slapping a dead cat on the table to divert attention away from the fact that the head of the CBI at the same event had openly declared Capitalism does not work.

    You can’t have the plebian masses facing headlines along the lines of “Capitalist denounces Capitalism.’ Far better to control the narrative with all this Peppa Pig nonsense. Which has the added advantage of tapping into and fuelling the simplistic irrational tribalist purity spiral narratives.

    Narratives which are good for business as Jonathan Cook has recently reminded us.

  14. Another example of Max Headroom’s advance in the polls. Only this time it’s a real poll. Don’t ask why this is happening, please.

    Bar Pool (Nuneaton & Bedworth) by-election result:

    CON: 55.3% (+14.4)
    LAB: 23.4% (-26.7)
    GRN: 21.3% (+12.2)

    Conservative GAIN from Labour.

    Chgs. w/ 2018
    11:11 pm · 25 Nov 2021

    1. Yes quite – there were several bi-elections and the
      results were mostly very bad for Labour ..

      The answer for the MSM is that Starmer should be
      “less woke”..

      Who are they kidding?

  15. On a previous matter
    Vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted
    Skwawkbox and The Canary must now go for John Mann and others

    1. Yep, and I will willingly contribute to the cause too. This has to stop once and for all.

  16. On a serious note, a 12 year old girl was murdered by four teenage boys in Liverpool last night.

    Forget Dr who and James bond, there’s no excuse for the scum that commit such acts.

    If there’s any justice, these rats shouldnt be sent to a secure unit so they can play on Xbox all day and go on day trips to the seaside; they should be taken to boxing clubs up & down the nation to be used as punchbags for kids looking to learn a noble art.

    And if they don’t like it, their parents ought to be made to watch their darling little bastards get the absolute fuck beaten outta them.


    1. Toffee
      The parents will be asked to donate the bairns organs, if they go ahead then a number of people will live where before they would have died
      Some only a few months old

  17. The organs of the little bastards responsible ought to be hacked off with a rusty fucking breadknife, and fed to mangy stray mutts.

    Fucking scum of the earth, they are. No doubt the bleeding hearts will defend the vermin. They can fuck off as well.

  18. Re Calais as well as an embassy also have staff offering jobs (after security checks).
    37,000 have tried to cross this year and with 1m vacancies if they were passed we could have easily accommodated them.
    It would help to have rational socialist planning with clear rules so everyone understands them around the world.
    Germany initially charged in letting thousands of migrants in which was warning to the heart but this caused a rush and chaos and Germany soon had to close its borders and restrict numbers and tragically it led to the rise of their far right, so as socialists we need to think things through.
    The Tories got in because they took up their threat UKIP’s policy and that’s why political lightweight Patel is there, to try to out UKIP, UKIP.
    So with the democratic control of Labour supply we have the socialist head and heart in harmony.

    1. We need more casual labour to keep the gig economy going. Why educate & train British people when employers can cherry pick cheap labour from all over the world.

  19. Nobody needs role models. we can think for ourselves. What’s all the fuss about role models?

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