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Starmer’s Labour forced to apologise for asking dead Tory MP’s family to vote Labour in by-election

‘This is Starmer’s ‘slick and professional’ outfit – and they want us to trust them with our data!’

Late Tory MP James Brokenshire

Keir Starmer’s Labour has been forced to issue a public apology to the family of late Tory MP James Brokenshire after the party send them an appeal to vote Labour in the by-election triggered by his death from lung cancer, causing them ‘deep upset’. The Tories had a majority of 19,000 in the seat at the last election.

Labour said it ‘sincerely apologise[d] for any distress’.

A Labour source told Skwawkbox:

This is just an absolutely appalling ****-up, how much effort does it take not to send election leaflets to a family called Brokenshire? It’s not as if he was called Smith or something. This is Starmer’s and Evans’s ‘slick and professional’ outfit, they couldn’t organise a ****-up in a brewery – and they want us to trust them with our data!

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  1. Brokenshire. Was given the poison Chalice of N.Ireland and having to appease and collaberate with the DUP couldnt have helped his undiagnosed cancer….and !coincidently neither did it help No Mowlem in being the strength behind the peace deal.Their has been a price to pay for the economic black i hole,of the six paritioned counties of Ulster.

    1. Since those six counties make up only two-thirds of the historic Irish province of Ulster, we should call them “Ulst”.

      1. Ken one day the historic Ulster will be united with the other three counties in a truly united Ireland..With a democratic socialist government Sinn the helm who wish all the people of Ireland including our unionist cousins sharing in the second wealthiest country in Europe.

  2. Was this an oversight, Labour genuinely no realising that it was the family of the former Tory MP? Or was it an honest believe that Starmer’s Labour Party is more Tory than the Conservative Party? Therefore, the believe that the family of a deceased former Conservative MP could be persuade to vote Labour under Starmer’s leadership?
    Somehow, I believe Starmer and Evans are so deluded as to believe they are going to appeal to Tory voters now that Sunak has effectively position the Tories to the left of Labour under Starmer.

    1. There is no way in my opinion Maria that Starmer no matter how deluded could reasonably believe that a recently widowed woman who was married to a prominent Tory would vote against her late husband’s party in the by election caused by his death.
      The campaign literature was sent to Mr Brokenshire’s family due to sheer incompetence. This incompetence is from the top down – Starmer couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery.
      I would add that if the Starmer regime spent less time trawling member’s old social media posts for evidence of “Antisemitism” (the code word for Socialism and Non Zionism) and used the time to campaign effectively this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

  3. Speaking of trusting Labour party cowboy outfit with our data, it is now over three weeks since members, non members, registered supporters and potentially the wider public were notified that their data has been subject of a ransomware attack. Since that email, there has been no more information from Labour or any of the regulatory bodies who are investigating.

    A FoI to the ICO indicates they know who the third party is, but because of they are investigating this matter, they cannot publish their information. Sounds familiar.

    Evans and Starmer say the Forde report can’t be published, because of an investigation by the ICO into data breaches. It seems everything stops with the ICO.

    Then this came to light.

    1. “The review identified gaps in the ICO’s Political Activities Policy…”

      Say no more. Nuff said!

      Even a state-funded regulator idoesn’t need to be fit for purpose in Mrs T’s neoliberal sweet shop for crony, corrupt, closed shop capitalism.

      Thanks nemtona.

    2. Nemtona
      You dont need to be a conspiracy theorist to join the dots, doesn’t matter who we vote for, the same fuckers get in
      These people all piss in the same pot, what happened to JC also happened to Bernie Sanders twice
      All I can say is THEY have bankrupted and corrupted everything they touch so in the not to distant future THEY the let them eat cakes, will lose their heads or find themselves trying to walk with a pitchfork up their arse

  4. But I thought ICO had denied they were investigating anything
    which impinges on Forde ..

    So is LOTO et al saying that this latest Data breach affects Forde?

    1. Seems he is – ‘any port’ in a storm. The reprobate LOTO will believe anything that suits his purpose.

  5. Not to defend the turd, but if a political party cannot ask relatives of a now deceased political opponent to vote for it, then the world is in a bigger mess than I thought.

  6. I am very sorry that the late Mr Brokenshire’s family were hurt and upset in this way.
    This incident highlights the arrogance and incompetence at the heart of Starmers Labour and of course exposes the cover up of that arrogance and incompetence by the MSM and the PLP- imagine what it would have been like if Jeremy had been leader when this disgraceful incident happened.
    It would have been on the front page of every newspaper, the headlines on BBC news and probably a hot topic on their current affairs programmes with all and sundry being invited to express their disgust .The PLP would have been queueing up to express sympathy to the Brokenshire family and publicly expressing their dismay that Jeremy let this happen.
    However because this reflects so badly on Starmer and his regime there is total silence from the PLP, the BBC and the MSM. Why does this not surprise me?

    1. That’s true. Even the neoliberal news channels would focus on it instead of the completely fictitious covid ‘plandemic’ which actually loweed the 2020 s total death rate (in Europe, UK and USA anyway).

      Surely, smartboy, asking the relatives of a former parliamentary opponent for their votes cannot be wrong? Only DM curtain-twitchers would argue it is, I believe.

    2. Qwertboi
      The By- election was caused by the death of James Brokenshire . I don’t think it was ” wrong” for his family to receive campaign communications from Labour but it was tactless and inconsiderate in my opinion and probably caused them a lot of avoidable upset at a time when they are grieving the death of someone they loved. I think Labours by election literature would have been better unsent at this time.

      1. You’re more confused than smart, it would appear – either the act is ‘tactless and inconsiderate,’ and therefore wrong, or it isn’t – qwertboi is the only other commentator here who’s got his priorities in gear on this one.

    3. Smartboy, I just did a search and the Mail and the Express (and the Belfast Telegraph) did in fact cover it. But THAT appears to be IT. Needless to say though – as you say – had it happened when Jeremy was leader it would have been headline news all across the MSM, along with mountainloads of outrage and condemnation.

  7. Starmer plumbs new depths today:

    “When business profits, we all do”

    He’ll be quoting Gordon Gekko next : The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. … Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

    Starmer’s like some out-and-out rabid Thatcherite, who’s escaped from the 1980s. For starters, the drive to increase profit year-on-year often incentivizes the very worst anti-consumer behaviour by CEOs. The privatised utility monopolies certainly ‘profited’ along with boardroom fat cats, but are terrible for consumers.

    But more importantly, there’s a Tory party to make those arguments in favour of the current market model; you’d expect such sweeping, unqualified assertions from the Tory right, perhaps? But not from the Labour leadership. What is Starmer even doing in the Labour party if he doesn’t get the fundamentals of being on the political left? Labour’s role is to regulate capitalism not to unreservedly cheerlead.

    1. Spot on Andy. Can anybody tell me why he was even allowed to be a Labour member when he is a member of Trilateral Commission?

  8. Off Topic:
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  9. HolbyFanFw

    Labour appear to be using the ICO as the reason not to publish the Forde Report. There may or may not be an ICO investigation, as it’s very unclear.

    The ICO are using their investigation into the Labour data breach as the reason not to let us know who the third party that has been subjected to a ransomware attack.

    It seems a very convenient symbiotic relationship. Three excerpts.

    “Last year, I wrote about the fact that Councillor Alex Ganotis, Labour leader of Stockport Council is also a group manager at the Information Commissioner’s Office. After an FOI request, the ICO admitted that he managed the teams responsible for complaints about political parties and local councils. At the time, I argued that this was an unacceptable conflict of interest, and something had to be done about it” ………..

    “The rest of the FOI request suggests a continuing unwillingness to face the issue of political involvement. Including Cllr Ganotis, eight staff members have made declarations of involvement in political activities, but the ICO refused to tell me who the other seven are, or what they do, claiming that the data is sensitive personal data. This is true, but it is not automatically a barrier to disclosure”.

    “Every time the Commissioner acts or doesn’t act on a political issue, do we always need to ask: who was involved? What bias, conscious or unconscious, did they bring to bear? What other interests do they serve? In a world dominated by fake news and internet froth, the ICO’s independence and objectivity should be their highest priority. It isn’t”.

    1. Nemtona –


      It’s become deeply enmeshed in the leadership’s warped factionalism, clearly. It looks like standard disciplinary procedure is being supplanted. You can wager were the alleged HQ saboteurs linked to the left there would be no hesitation or shielding going on. They’d be thrown to the wolves without delay.

      Starmer criticises Tory cronyism, but it looks like pure hypocrisy with the missing Forde Report hanging over the party like a bad smell.

  10. Just came across the following in my inbox a bit earlier from FAN (Fluoride Action Network):

    ‘Nature Publishes Fluoridation Article’

    One of the world’s most important scientific journals has published a special news feature on water fluoridation….. The piece, entitled “The Fluoride Wars Rage On,” has been published by the United Kingdom-based journal right as the nation faces the significant threat of a fluoridation mandate. It lays the truth bare for the scientific community, revealing that:

    “Yet research over the past 50 years has sown a seed of doubt. Rates of tooth decay in some high-income countries with no fluoridation have declined at a pace similar to that seen in fluoridated US communities. And an increasing number of studies are indicating that fluoride…might be a developmental neurotoxin, even at the level that the US Public Health Service has declared optimal for fluoridation…Some toxicologists and epidemiologists are now questioning whether even low doses of fluoride can have systemic effects, including causing a dip in IQ in children who were exposed to it in utero. The first indications of this came from studies that compared unfluoridated villages and communities with fluoridated ones…followed by better-controlled studies that measured fluoride in individuals. In the United States, each new study was met with extreme criticism, ridicule and anger that, at times, threatened the careers of those involved.”

    It also accurately communicates the toll fluoridation has on the very population it is intended to benefit; those with limited financial means:

    “…toxicologists worry about any impact of fluoridated water on IQ, especially in populations that are already vulnerable because of exposure to high rates of air pollution and elevated poverty rates, for example. And even if such populations are aware of the potential risks of fluoridation, they are least likely to be able to afford bottled water to use when formula-feeding infants, for instance.”

    Please share far and wide. Thanks

    PS There’s a link to the Nature piece at the end of the article. And regarding what it says about bottled water (above), I happened to come across an article earlier about how some bottled water companies do in fact add fluoride to their water!

    1. Thank you for highlighting this Allan Howard. I believe the new threat of enforced fluoridation of public water supplies (and bottled water) is a litmus test by the corporates aand oligarchic forces of capitalism (esp big pharma, which could be bankrupted by iodine, the real target of water fluoridation) to see if they can get away with it. Too much democracy is a major problem for the trilateral billionaires (although SAGE and the MSM can counter democratic societies use of ‘good science’ and responsible consumerism) – and of course parasitic politicians like Johnson, Starmer, Sturgeon, etc. would never challenge their corporate paymasters on this, a mere matter of human health. The benefits to them are as much about affirmation of their power as about the toxicology of water and its effects on human health and intelligence.

    2. I think I am right in saying that there is a link between social class and tooth decay.
      I also think that they have tooth brushing in Scottish schools.

      I do believe that we can deal with the problem WITHOUT putting fluoride in water.

  11. Apart from qwertboi, his ‘Liker’ and myself, everyone seems content to descend into an undemocratic, irrational, curtain-twitching nightmare in which one stops leafletting in case of offending relatives assumed to be politically at one with recently deceased politicians, without comment.

    1. I too cannot understand the handwringing on this issue. Heaven knows I don’t want to defend Starmer, but why are we so worried about the sensibilities of one family of a deceased Tory MP who served under Cameron, May and Johnson. Governments who are responsible for the deaths of many many people due to austerity, depriving disabled people of their benefits, and last but certainly not least the horrendous death toll due to the mishandling of Covid and the raiding of taxpayers’ money to siphon to their mates during a pandemic. What am I missing here?

      1. I suppose Julia there is no point in saying we are different if we are going to adopt the same callous disregard for the feelings and well being other people as the Tories. We are better than that. That’s what separates Socialists from the Tories and Starmers Labour.

  12. Richard comaish…..A timely reminder from Richard that we are discussing one of the most wicked and Evil government the Conservative and unionist party and little sympathy has been shown to murdered relatives when they were gunned down by death squads whilst Brokenshire colluded on behalf of this government …or his pal Mr nice “Amiss that again colluded in the murder of the elderly in care homes and again the cruelty handed out everyday to desperate people on so called benifits,the vulnerable and disabled and last but not least those shivering elderly who cannot afford to eat or heat in their short time with us on this earth scraping a existence cold and lonely and all down to people like Brokenshire and mr nice” Amiss RIP..spare the tears and see the real victims of the conservative and unionist party and the right wing Labour party that colluded with them.

  13. Putting placemen into every position of influence is pretty basic stuff, what links them is less clear, the funny handshake brigade, eugenics or the old school tie, bottom line is 99% of us are not inside the tent
    Regulation, transparency, imprisonment and bankruptcy are the democratic weapons of choice
    Before the next GE give them warning to clean up or get out, daylight is the greatest disinfectant
    I refuse to believe most folk with more than half a brain vote for the kleptocracy

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