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Tory councillor apologises for mock-up image of Corbyn laying wreath for Liverpool suicide bomber

Tory insults Corbyn, the left and a whole city in one go, then claims he received death threats for it

Tory councillor Paul Nickersen has deleted and apologised for a tweet mocked up to show former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn laying a wreath at the vehicle burning after a suicide bomb attack on Liverpool Women’s Hospital, saying it was a ‘prank gone wrong’.

Nickersen went on to claim he had received death threats after posting the image. Mhmm.

The East Riding councillor was heavily criticised for his ‘prank’, with Hull and West Hessle MP Emma writing:

Using a horrific terrorist incident to have a go at a politician he doesn’t like is a new low.

More pithily, one Liverpool Labour figure told Skwawkbox:

He’s managed to disrespect a whole city as well as Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left. The thing is, I had to look him up to make sure he was a Tory and not yet another Labour right non-entity thinking he was clever.

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    1. Jeremy wouldn’t allow it, but imagine if we played their game and got a squad of army veterans to escort him into parliament because of threats incited (imaginary or otherwise) by that image.

  1. Paul Nickersen? I’ve seen that name before some time ago. I’ll have to dig around and see what he was involved in.

    1. Ah yes. Some time ago he got into a spat with another Tory councillor and ended up being suspended.

  2. To be fair, when the Corbyn witchhunt was in full hysterical pelt, something like this could have been on the front page of the Sun.

  3. At a time when tensions are high to make Corbyn a Target for Hate is not only extremely stupid but is incitement to hatred and if I was Corbyn I would not take it on the chin but pursue this right wing criminal and take it to the top of law enforcement.and dont turn the other cheek for all our sakes.The right wing Tory or Labour think its open season on socialism and socialists are fair game. Fight back..!

    1. Reply to JOseph O’Keefe
      You saw what happened to Claudia Webb . Do you really believe that if Jeremy went to the “top of Law enforcement” he would get any sort of satisfaction or redress?
      Given that the Tory has deleted the vile message and apologised for it what do you think would happen to him if Jeremy went to the “top of law enforcement”. Precisely nothing. Jeremy on the other hand would be portrayed as petty and vindictive by the BBC Tories MSM PLP and the Establishment for not accepting a “genuine apology” from a person who made a “bad decision” an “error of judgement” which he “genuinely regrets”. Taking legal action against this moron would just cause Jeremy more trouble , more vilification , more demonisation.
      I am glad Jeremy is the type of man who has always been able to rise above the hate campaign so relentlessly waged against him even though I know from your Numerous previous postings that you condemn him for it.
      Regarding it being open season on the Left I am well aware of it and also the anti Corbyn /anti left propaganda posted on this site on a daily basis by fake Socialists. Thats why I post the refuting comments as frequently as I can.

      1. I can see smarty boy youre off on one against me.You should take care to read what I said and remember that you don’t always have to go to court to fight back against fascism.Now you and White flag man can continue with your comments against me,and I will just carry on repeating the same position because thats what I do and no apologies to trolls like youve become increasingly because of a minor disagreement on Trans issues youve been attacking for a few months now…Grow up little boy 👦and stop being a nuisance poster like you were with windchimes.You are embarrassing yourself and adding nothing with your trolling me.Had a bad day I presume being the reason for your childish attacks….And now youve woken up Alan with all your noise..Its you proping up the Labour right wing matey not me.Dont use silly lies about my socialism because you cant stop feeding the infesting in the Labour party.

      2. Joseph As usual you haven’t addressed the issues but have resorted to insults and name calling. If you are the genuine Socialist you claim to be then shame on you

  4. I have always thought that Corbyn was vulnerable and exposed. Remember white-an man who diverted his attack to a London mosque where he killed a worshiper who was leaving after a service (and then was saved by the imam).

  5. Just looked at Paul Nickersen’s twitter. The poor man is the only victim in this. Firstly, his twitter account was compromised, someone else sent the offending tweet. Secondly Paul has since received death threats and thirdly, he’s “not the one who made antisemitic comments, stirred up hatred and laid wreaths for terrorists”.

  6. Christ, what’s next? Someone photoshopping Thatcher and Reagan laying wreaths at the graves of Mujahideen ‘freedom fighters’?

    Oh, apologies. It doesn’t really work that, does it? Thatcher and Reagan DID actually fund and support that brand of Islamic terror with our public cash.

    I’ll get my coat. Cheers.

    1. Wirral In It Together
      That’s exactly what you do, add in the Queen shaking hands and sharing a joke with Martin McGuiness
      You hit them twice as hard
      Propaganda works by repetition until it becomes received wisdom
      If I was in charge I would be getting it out their that only the Queen could have kept the firm afloat this long, they are finished when everybody’s favourite canny granny passes
      Repeat ad nauseum

      1. Tony, Guess what organization Brzezinski started with David Rockefeller ?

        Trilateral Commission…..And guess which Labour Leader is a member of said organization, along with Mandelson, David Miliband and the ex Mr Epstein

  7. And their successors are funding, arming and training Al Qaeda in Syria today while Israel’s field hospitals in the Golan heights treat ISIS casualties flown in on contractor helicopters…….but Corbyn’s the bad guy.

  8. On another matter
    Those who have had Covid19 have 75 times more protection than those who have been vaccinated
    Fuck me pink when will this corruption end

    1. I hadn’t seen that. What I’d seen was that vaccination gives a degree of protection for a number of months but that this will wane, whereas having had the infection leads to the production of memory T-cells which would give a long-lasting degree of protection. Have you got a link to the article you have seen?

  9. Just came across this nasty, malevolent piece by Ian Austin in the Sun from January this year:

    ‘IAN AUSTIN Could Congress attack happen in Britain? It could with our Leftie mob’

    The good sense of the British ­people kept Corbyn out of power, but look at the way the hard left set up Momentum to strengthen their grip on the Labour Party. And look how the mob on social media target anyone who dares to challenge them.

    Would a hard-left government not have changed the rules to stay in power?

    Would the hard-line Stalinists they work with have accepted an election defeat?

    And in the following passage ‘John McDonnell’ is highlighted, leading the reader to believe that it links to an article in which JM was ‘backing violent protests in London’, but it didn’t link to anything of the sort:

    And ask yourself whether there is much difference between Trump inciting his supporters in Washington and John McDonnell backing violent protests in London?

    And in another Sun article that I came across from November 2016 it says the following:

    He also defended jailed student Ed Woollard at another rally in 2011 even though he hurled a fire extinguisher from the roof receiving a 32-month jail term saying he had been “victimised” by education cuts.

    JM did NOT defend him, and THAT is just another Sun falsehood. Here’s what he actually said (from an article in the Mirror):

    He said: “He got a three year sentence and to be frank it was too much.
    “It didn’t hurt anyone… It was wrong, it shouldn’t have happened, but the sentence was too much.”
    Mr McDonnell insisted he could only back protests if they were ‘non-violent’.

    PS As for Jeremy pursuing ‘this right wing criminal’ and taking ‘it to the top of law enforcement’ etc as Mr Okeefe would have him do, given that he’s apologised, JC would no doubt be smeared and vilified for being vindictive if he did so.

    1. So what white flag man Allan Howard…..Did a apology ever stop the fascists because thats what the Torys have always been and now the Labour party.Hate crimes if reported properly with witness evidence can be stopped even in this type of failing democracy.The police force have to act…even if mr Corbyn doesnt get a result….but its a fifty \fifty on the lowest tort at the very least “causing alarm and distress” .Socialists are the favourite target and if we waive the white flag then nothing ever can progress,we in fact go backwards if we retreat mr Howard……Hows the book going Alan ladd?

  10. What a disgusting, filthy piece of excrement this man is. Let us not dignify him/it with further time and comment.

  11. I’d put money on the “death threats” coming from the same imaginary place as Angela Eagle’s broken windows.

    1. …which was the imaginative, toxic mind of hater Imran Ahmed, before he dumped the Eagle busted flush and moved on to become the self-styled CEO of the “Campaign for the Countering of Digital Hatred”. He’s been pro-actively revving it all up into a 21st Century growth industry. Watch out the FTSE 500.

  12. W.R.T. The data breach.
    The “third party” was a company called Blackbaud. They are based in Charleston South Carolina. Their C.E.O. is called Michael P. Gianoni (so many of them seem to like using an initial don’t they?). I don’t know if the term “insider trading” means something different in the US from what we understand in the UK, but there are references to “insider trading” in some of the reports on-line about the company.

    1. That was the data breach last year. It is unknown whether the same company was involved this time. The rumour on twitter was that Evan’s wife’s company was involved (the campaign company).

    2. Blackbaud data breach – The Labour Party

      You may have heard that one of our suppliers, Blackbaud, has suffered a data breach. The Labour Party takes its responsibilities regarding data security very seriously and this notice is intended to provide further information about this situation.
      What happened:
      Blackbaud have notified the Labour Party that they have been the victim of a sophisticated ransomware attack, which occurred sometime between February and May this year. During this time, a backup file containing personal information was stolen by a cybercriminal. It is important to immediately note that no sensitive information, such as bank account information, passwords or usernames, was taken. Blackbaud have also confirmed that they have paid the ransom demanded by the cybercriminal and have received assurances that the data was destroyed as a result.
      Blackbaud have confirmed to us that the following personal data was affected:

      Email addresses
      Telephone numbers
      Amounts donated to the Labour Party

      We have been assured by Blackbaud that their security experts have fully investigated the attack and are in constant contact with the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) about the situation.
      Actions the Labour Party has taken
      The Labour Party has launched its own investigation and is working closely with Blackbaud, as well as our Governance, Legal, Data Protection and IT teams to gather more information about the breach. We will take any measures necessary to protect your data and are working to contact individuals we know have been impacted as soon as we can. In line with our data protection obligations, we have also notified the ICO about this breach.

      What you need to do
      While there is no action you need to take at this time, if you do become aware of any suspicious activity or suspected identity theft, you should notify the proper law enforcement authorities.
      If you have any questions in relation to this notice, you can call 0345 092 2299.
      We very much regret the concern or inconvenience caused as a result of this news. We will be in direct contact with individuals specifically impacted by the breach in the coming days.

    3. Uncharacteristically, it would seem that JVL has taken the statement on the LP website regarding last year’s data breach to refer to the most recent one. Probably because the statement on the website is undated. Seems to me that you are probably right. If the current breach had been an attack on Balckbaud there would have been no reason to be coy about naming the “third party”.

      1. Quite true – the statement on the Web site is NOT distinguished from the new one
        – it occurred ” sometime between February and May this year. ”
        It just says “Blackbaud” and that Labour are taking it seriously …. no sensitive
        information .. no bank details etc etc ..Blackbaud has paid ransom demanded ..
        everything destroyed by cyber-criminals

        So how would anyone realise that this was an old data breach and not the new one?
        Come to think of it – did we ever here about the Blackbaud data breach..

      2. goldbach – The above document was actually published on 6th Aug 2020

    1. Thank you for this article but I was so sickened by it that I could not finish it.

      “Shimon Peres – as comrades in the international struggle for equality, peace and freedom.”

      He was the head of Israel’s nuclear weapons programme!

  13. This is a fine example of how the vicious campaign against the left has turned the truth on its head. The question is will the truth ever be known? Hopefully, there is enough evidence available for historians of the future to get things right; but look at the Spanish revolution, 1936. There is still an utterly false view of the events accepted very widely because of the press distortions of the time. That image of Corbyn is also an image of all those who voted for him: 12.8 million in 2017. 12.8 million terrorists. If you believe in equality, worker’s rights, climate justice, peace, you’re a terrorist. So much for democracy. We are on our way to fascism and will be there soon unless there is a grassroots revolt.

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