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Household energy price increases massively outstrip Johnson’s 12% promise

Responses to Twitter post show increases far above Tories’ ‘cap’

The real-life scale horror of Boris Johnson’s fake claim to have capped household energy price rises at 12% – already a shattering blow to struggling families – has been revealed in the responses to a question posted on Twitter by a left activist.

The @ToryFibs account highlighted Johnson’s ‘cap’ and asked readers to provide details of their bills if their increases had exceeded Johnson’s promise:

The details that came in showed that Johnson was understating the rise in home energy prices by around half, or even more – and some of the comments showed the hardships that people were already facing before the new rises:

Some respondents even reported that their bills had doubled or worse.

Johnson spouts one thing in a Tory conference speech, secure in the knowledge that he’s very unlikely to face any challenge from the so-called ‘mainstream’ media over it. But the reality is yet more enormous hardships – and the bill increases come just as millions are also facing the Tories’ needless and cruel £20 a week cut in Universal Credit to add to their suffering.

This is going to be a winter of horror for vast numbers of our people – and the ‘leader’ of the ‘opposition’ has betrayed his promise to renationalise energy firms to avoid such scenes under a Labour government.

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  1. I can foresee this winter being a genuine winter of discontent!

    (People used to talk of 1979 as being “winter of discontent” but I was around at the time and it really only affected a part of London. It was perfectly okay for around 95% of the UK population. But everything was London-centric back then.)

    When will people say “no more”?

    1. Richard….no one in the Labour party will forget 1979because we have fought her offspring for years and years inside the Labour party and now outside the Labour party….IF you stay too long you can be infected and the cure is not always possible.

    2. Just refuse to pay it and if millions did the same the power companies will have to give in. By paying for it you agreeing to the price hike and every time the power companies do it, you are giving them more encouragement to do it again and again. If your company says they will take you to court, tell them fine you will change supplier. They will bottle it. Demand to know how much their share holders are getting, they will not tell you but keep demanding. If power companies are in such a bad state they would not be paying them but of course we know they are raking the profits.

      1. Darren sharocks….Nobody will forget 1979 and the biggest organised mugging in history started by Thatcher and the conservative and unionist party.Nobody offered you the going rate for the companys they stole to form monopolies with most of them inherited government legal powers themselves like the train companies..I have lost count the amount of times I have been removed from public property by the enforcers of these parasites.Unfortunately the days of protest are over with all three main parties having sold out to the inheritors of the Thatcher revolution and backed by the nieve public who vote for them to rob,mug and assault us if we fight back.You are correct to say withold your money,it even wakes up the zombie Labour party.

      2. Brilliant apart from the little point of many low paid or disabled and elderly people use pre payment meters we don’t get nice little bills we either pay what is demanded or we don’t get heat and light. So this whole don’t pay they will give in is moot it’s great if you can afford to play games but I assure you disabled people can’t play games. Either I pay or my health and my family suffers you think I want to pay the robbing gits. I use a certain French company so I am paying the pensions of French people with my gas and Electric all because some Bitch years ago thought it was a great wheeze to start to sell off all the assists of the country and fools ever since then keep on voting for the same scum despite every vote ending up hurting them.

        Now we have Labour a party until Starmer come along I supported and believed in. They walked away from true Labours ideology thank god my parents are gone I can’t begin to realise there horror at what Labour has become and so called Socialists MP’s are scared timid useless idiots to scared to say bugger all. of use. But happy to keep on taking the salary!

        Winter of discontent? Ha! I give you a country of lament…

    3. I was a student in London at the end of the ’70s and I realise today, the lack of impact of the “Winter of Discontent”. I do, however, remember the huge pile of rubbish in Leicester Square, which was regularly reported on by the MSM at the time, when they conveniently “forgot” that it was there because Tory-controlled Westminster City Council decided to dump it there, all in order to confirm a false media narrative and con the gullible.
      What a country!

  2. And whilst you are shivering in the winter of Horror for the elderly and vulnerable Barry Gardner the blairite lawyer is quaffing drinks at the Tory 1922commitee shindig in Manchester.Careful what you wish for because the Labour party are on the edge.and pannick voting without proper research could land you with another religious fanatic.and another Blairite just because he talks the talk.How many more times do you get ripped off by Labour lawyers before the penny drops?

  3. If Corbyn was PM, the billionaire-owned press headlines would be screaming for his head on a plate. But “Boris” is their clownish buddy, so it’s A-OK and carry on as normal 😉 👌

    1. Yep, the game is truly rigged in the UK in favour of one side.

      The catalogue of failure: from Covid deaths, NHS waiting lists; to the cost of living crisis/ petrol shortages, to empty shop shelves, would all be itemised on the tabloid front pages daily, as if unprecedented, were Jeremy Corbyn PM.

      The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and Nick Robinson would be producing breathless, apoplectic reports, on how the country was going to hell in a Brexit handcart. Bad elements within the PLP(you know the names) would have either replaced Corbyn or brought his govt down by now.

      It’s why we need proportional representation. A left-wing Labour party, if you can ever get one again, simply won’t be allowed to operate. Hope Scotland gets her independence too, to show another way of operating is possible.

      1. Talking of BBC and Laura Kuensberg, Evolve Politics report that “ Laura Kuenssberg ‘had a dance-off and rap battle with Michael Gove during 2am Tory Conference karaoke jolly”. Yeah the so called non biased BBC, or according to right wingers the leftist BBC. The Conservative Party and BBC have become one entity with not even space for a cigarette paper between them.

    1. …Recently, Starmer has been chuntering about ‘Blair’s Legacy’, and how we should ‘grasp it’…

      To be fair George, Bliar helped remove an awful lot of Iraqis from taxation.

  4. Blair was a very talanted man that could have easily chosen the conservative party especially as Labour was out of power more than in government. His, father was a Tory and I am still puzzled as to why he chose Labour and not the conservative party.Surely Cherie booth didnt choose his politics as well as everything else.including his religion and the Mini property empire in Kensington.I presume that it will remain one of life’s mysterys unless of course he got in with a bad bunch inside the Labour party.Maybe the power behind the throne was the motivated Lancashire lass from working-class blackpudding land Bury.thanks again George peel for the info.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong. Memory doesn’t always serve these days.
      I seem to recall watching a programme about Blair (maybe the one called The Blair Rich Project) in one part of which someone he had been at school with was interviewed. The fellow reported a conversation where Blair had said that he was giving up the idea of becoming a pop star and was thinking of going into politics. The fellow had said that he hadn’t realised that Blair was interested in politics and wondered which party he would get involved with. Blair had responded that he hadn’t decide yet, he wasn’t sure where the best opportunities lay.
      Does anyone else recall the programme?
      Is my recollection of the interview correct?

    2. A piece in the The Guardian today (I know, I know, a shadow of its former self but steel myself for the couple of their contributors) about Cherie Blair/Booth’s involvement in the current NS0 scandal. Quite a piece of work she is and I think you could perhaps be right.

  5. 1) I can’t believe I’m doing this, but it’s not Johnsons fault directly…yes, yes an oaf but he doesn’t control energy prices globally. His blame lies in the scrapping of UK infrastructure (£30 million was the cost to save it)

    2) A large portion of this problem is Russia bad! They have a new pipeline, which is better for supply, environment and profits. But they can’t run it because the EU are being dicks. For the record, they have more gas than we’ll ever need. So it’s politics slowing the supply.

    3) A lot of stored gas is owned by profiteers. Spot price for gas today is about $2000, last week it was $1000 and that was a record. This is compounded by the cold Spring of 2021 and gas used wasn’t replaced well enough.

    4) Question is why is this happening? Apparently global energy doesn’t like quick changes to demand (this we are aware of to some degree with petrol at the moment). But, the cynic in me says cutting the gas during winter gets rid of useless eaters. A phenomenon we have seen in the last year with nursing homes…

    1. Incisive as always, nvla. Re-assuring to see that some on the left can still think incisively and scientifically. The covid-narrative lie is, I know you know, a massive “conditioning” agent for all this.

      1. @Qwertboi

        Thank you for the compliment. Being honest, I’m just parroting from elsewhere on the web. Rational thinking is the only way out of everything, but bread and circuses…

      2. qwertboi…..solidarity….The covid narrative finaly cliped our wings when our return flight to paris was cancelled.IT forcibly removed the ability to fly home or in our case France being the final resting place for carol and me.Little did we know that we would settle and assimilate.into Cambodia.Many expats elderly as well are trapped here with almost no longer any interest in flying them back to dear old blighty.The only embassy being proactive France offered flights to us but we declined despite our car rotting away outside the farmhouse and our possessions inside for nearly 2 years now..WE believe that the covid narrative and their draconian covid passport has given us a new life and a reason for optimism.So thanks Bozzo and the knight for everything including your draconian measures that make Britain unsafe for oldys and just about eveyone else.whos got a brain and a mouth 👄

      3. @ Joseph okeefe, so you and Carol remained in Cambodia throughout the p’demic and still? A part of me wishes that my life had presented similar option(s), it must be nice to live somewhere where the rw is not using the pretence of biosecurity as a population centrol mechanism over a disease that is not even as virulent as a bad year’s regular flu (which since 1964 has included various strains of coronavirus every year. (99.8pc – that’s the CV2 survival rate since deaths were first assigned to coronavirus/covid)

    2. Yes, the Useless Eater Cull is on unless nature rides to the rescue with a mild winter. The UC £20 cut, the gas price rises, etc, etc. Not to mention a possible wave of vaccine side-effects following roll-out of “booster” shots (don’t rule it out), etc, etc.

      Speaking of which, to cap it all, we find that vaccine/zero-covid cheerleader and ubiquitous media presence Devi Sridhar is one of this year’s World Economic Foundation Young Global Leaders inductees.

      If anyone’s been hanging on this woman’s every word and (like someone I know) making irreversible life choices cos they quite fancy her (the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down), then wise up and resist the WEF’s freely-admitted Great Reset/new normal objectives while you still can.

      1. Didn’t really want to post this. But because others have led this morning;

        We’re in a financial depression. Coincidentally since lockdown…see US REPO market data from march 2019. They are _not_ going to tell you this. But look around globally. The evidence is there.

        The CDC has announced “humanitarian zones” (plain English, detention centres). A paragraph from the report;

        The shielding approach is an ambitious undertaking, which may prove effective in preventing COVID-19 infection among high-risk populations if well managed. While the premise is based on mitigation strategies used in the United Kingdom,24,25 there is no empirical evidence whether this approach will increase, decrease or have no effect on morbidity and mortality during the COVID-19 epidemic in various humanitarian settings.

        You’ll note where they copied it from. Australia is already constructing them (but the Aussies have gone clothes off crazy…)

        I do hope I’m wrong, but everything is pointing to something akin to the bloody hunger games. The only good thing is they are like camp 70s Bond villains. Still dangerous though.

        (To wrap. You aren’t going to wake people up. Nobody likes to be told they are a fool. There’s the issue of everyone for themselves. It’s survival, but dangerous too. Take camps with hundreds held by a few guards. They could easily over power them, but they don’t. Lone wolf is stupidity and reinforces the guards power.)

        Stay safe, all of you.

      2. You aren’t going to wake people up. Nobody likes to be told they are a fool.

        Ain’t that the truth! But it will/could be the reason human civilization takes a 500-year leap backwards…

    3. Any manufacturer will tell you that the price they get for their product bears very little relationship to the price the consumer pays. The Tories ARE therefore directly responsible for the high prices if not the increases. If we still had nationalised utilities, electricity and gas for example could be sold for the price it costs to obtain and distribute and not the price after the Tories middle men had taken their cut.

      1. Sorry Jack, but that’s baloney.

        Utilities do not extract gas from sources they provide it to consumers. They are the middle man. The Tories have nothing to do with the market, well almost nothing. They don’t set the price, that’s for sure.

        The reality is the EU has ended up with the Ukraine after America abandoned it (and they deserve the mess too!) EU wants Russia to send gas through Nord Stream. Gazprom/Russia has problems with Ukraine stealing supplies and larger political issues. They’ll supply the minimum contract amount and no more. They want the gas going to the customer, not the thief. For the record, Gazprom will supply you 1000cbm for approximately £220 via contract. More gas will arrive once Nord Stream 2 goes online. A lot more. Meanwhile, all the gas from the North sea is going to Europe because it’s now worth $2000+ and no one is going ignore profit like that. Until the EU stop being dicks, it’ll continue.

        For once, the Tory shites are blame free.

        The only part you’d be proven correctly on with privatisation is the infrastructure. £30 million was the cost, and I don’t blame Centrica for closing it down. The loss of storage and immediately handling will be felt. And the Tories are guilty for this crime.

        Be very aware that if the Russians get fed up enough, and they are getting extremely close, they will abandon supplies to the West and concentrate on Asia.

        Oh, and I’ve just remembered. The Asians, especially China are buying fuels for top $$$. They believe America will go under soon and the dollar will no longer be worth anything much. So they are burning it up on things they need. Better to pay $2k+ than be stuck with a pile of worthless money.

        I don’t believe the west has anyone near capable (or able to do anything if they are) to stop the impending shit storm.

        Stay safe

      2. NVLA You appear to forget that we have our own utilities, almost 50,% of our gas for example comes from the North Sea. Apart from that you don’t seem to understand what Nationalisation means. Any energy bought from abroad could be bought by us, i.e. the government and not by privatised utilities who hike up the prices to make their profits.

  6. And apparently the private utilities made £80b profit last year to reward their shareholders.
    Corbyn’s Labour were correct to offer democratic public ownership (with communities having a say) but will Starmer’s Right wing Labour have the political bottle to keep this policy?

    1. Starmer doesn’t have the ability to contemplate public ownership let alone have the determination to see it through.

      The club Starmer hails from believes that it should have “earned” £120 billion.

      The man exists to extend inequality.

  7. Does anyone think fake socialist multi-millionaires’ Starmer and Reeves are the solution?

    They’d both run a mile from anything that looks like re-nationalisation, or even heavy price controls, believing the markets to be near god-like. For a major gas producing country. The UK getting into such a mess is absurd. In Europe, the UK is only second behind Norway, We have over seven trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of proven gas reserves. We have very low storage capacity however, and what is produced is sold into the European energy pool where wholesale prices are rocketing.

  8. If only the so called free press would come out in support of the people who buy their papers and pay their tv license I don’t think the government would get away with this.
    My advice is stop buying them even for a short period maybe for a week or so and we might get some decent journalism. Just buy the Morning Star.🇵🇸🇨🇺✊

  9. Latest Westminster voting intention (5-6 Oct)

    Con: 39% (n/c from 28-29 Sep)
    Lab: 31% (n/c)
    Lib Dem: 9% (+1)
    Green: 9% (n/c)
    SNP: 6% (+1)
    Reform UK: 4% (n/c)
    Plaid Cymru 1%

    No wonder Johnson looked like he hadn’t a care in the world. This is disastrous for Starmer post conference.

    The guardian is trying to prop Starmer up today, by citing some meaningless poll in which Sky News took a group of people and had them watch snippets from both leaders’ speeches – Starmer’s ultra long, tedious speech, condensed into snippets apparently was slightly better received.

    He’s ‘Keeping his eye on the object[ive]” alright. If the ‘objective’ is to cripple Labour as a viable vehicle for meaningful change.

    1. If he were less of a good man, that ‘f***ing anti-semite’ J Corbyn would make lots of noise about this court case and the young Isreali’s request for political assylum here. I respect him for not, though.

  10. And they’re complaining about Insulate Britain.

    …Give it a few weeks until the cold sets in, another wave of covid, and another toerag balls-up…

    1. Toffee – Not your favourite reporter but on this occasion she has a point. It looks like the NHS is in for a rough ride.
      Javis said “Hospital managers who fail to clear mounting NHS backlogs will be sacked under government plans for reform,” the Times was briefed, with him “preparing new powers to seize control of poorly performing hospitals”.
      That means the return of perverse incentives to cut waiting lists by rushing through ingrown toenail procedures ahead of complex, urgent cases. Forget care: in fear of the axe, only numbers will matter to NHS bosses. We’ve been here before: remember the Mid Staffs hospital scandal?
      Here we go again, a regime of terror-and-targets, where top-down bullying gets passed down the line.

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