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Yet another Met officer – a parliamentary protection officer – accused of rape

Yet another serving Metropolitan Police officer has been charged with rape, just days after Wayne Couzens was imprisoned for his whole life for the rape and murder of Sarah Everard.

48-year-old David Carrick has been charged in connection with an offence committed in Hertfordshire. Carrick was serving on the Diplomatic and Parliamentary Protection Command.

Politicians – including Keir Starmer – rushed to defend Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick after Couzen’s sentencing, despite widespread outrage at the lack of assurance of measures taken to prevent a recurrence.

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  1. The Met needs a BIG brush. Sir Robert Mark did a good job back in 1974 when he got rid of over 500 bent CID, including the Godfathers. But he got to do that only because of a leg up from Roy Jenkins and was later rescued by Callaghan, in other words it needs powerful political principle and pressure from the inside to get anywhere with Britain’s fossilised authoritarian and reactionary institutions. …Not a lot of that around these days!

      1. And no doubt many others escaped. The cull of ‘bent coppers’ was fairly effective but it did inevitably concentrate on cash bribery of a relatively low value. Even the Dirty Squad didn’t get high rewards. The fact most cops were from the working class, fair game! But it was one of the very few attempts in many years to at least have a go at institutional corruption.

  2. Of course, the 1974 situation was pre-Thatcher, whose reconstruction/remodeling of the body politic made a repeat of it impossible.

    We need a paradigm change, and Labour under Starmer is not up to that job either.

  3. I can’t begin to put into words how FUCKING ANGRY I am to learn ANOTHER WOMAN has been raped by a FUCKING SERVING MALE POLICE OFFICER.

    All rapists deserve to have their penises amputated, to be left with a stump to piss out.

    Violence against women and girls is despicable!

    The sexism that women go through EVERY FUCKING DAY is despicable!

    Misogyny is despicable!

    It is about time men stood up and recognise this is a virus afflicting men which needs to be eradicated!

    Also, all cops are bastards.

  4. No they are not Richard!

    I remember being with a group of
    women who were bemoaning their menfolk with the
    exception of ONE who disagreed. The others
    looked surprised and she indicated “perhaps hers is OK?”

    Oddly enough she then went on to say “and police
    are the worst – MINE was a policeman” and then
    pointed to scars indicating what he had don to her. She
    then said “I think hers was too?” – pointing to another
    young woman.

    So it was no great surprise to me – what happened ..

  5. There is a constant MSM narrative to say all men are bad. Mothers obviously don’t do a very good job bringing up their sons.

      1. Richard it is a sexist trope, thank you for recognising it. Despite mothers been in charge of educating their son in how to behave (this is why mothers get blame for the sin of their sons) women themselves are under the influence of the Patriarchy and educate their sons to look women as inferior. Mothers themselves pay to much attention to their husbands opinions. Children copy what they see.
        OMG I was taken aback when a colleague at work, phoned her husband to consult him (he was on a business trip) if she could buy a new washing machine because the one at home had broken down and she didn’t believe it was worth repairing it. She was apologising to him that the washing machine has broken.
        This was an intelligent woman with a good salary that could afford to buy a new washing machine, but somehow felt the need to phone the husband, ask permission and apologise.

    1. There is not a constant msm narrative saying all men are bad!

      There are good men and bad men, likewise there are good women and bad women.

  6. Richard, what is it that mothers get the blame for their sons sins but, no the fathers? Could it not be that sons are replicating the attitudes/behaviour they are seeing in their fathers? How differently their fathers treat the women in the family from the men.

    1. I completely agree with you Maria.

      It does start at an early age with boys being set bad examples.

      There are words of a song by Lowkey that always come to mind:

      “So think about this when you dis’ her.
      That’s somebody’s daughter, somebody’s mother, somebody’s sister.”

      1. Any other lyrics you would like to select from ‘Rap’ genre?

    2. Speak for your own family Maria. My mum ruled the roost. No debate about it.

    1. Can’t get it toffee. I would have to join some bollocking thing. I’m sure that it wasn’t a message of support for Officer Dick, the electricians friend.

    2. The Toffee (597), Thank you for providing link to those documents. I wouldn’t have believed so many police had committed criminal acts! It’s disgusting how many get off with such a lenient punishment! All of them deserve custodial sentences for abusing public trust!

  7. As I keep reminding people… We need protecting from the plod; not them to be armed.

    I used to frequently email radio merseyside phone on with instances of crimes committed by serving plod, but the old-bill-ophile host, (Roger Philips)wouldn’t read them out… Probably because I used to keep reminding him he wouldn’t have a word said against former merseyside chief plod, and Hillsborough ‘veteran’, bettison…. Who also allowed. drug taking coppers to keep their jobs rather than dismiss and prosecute them.

    Also, why are there no screams from former chief cuntstubbles for the death penalty when members of the public are murdered by their minions?

    Joe public’s at least 50 times more likely to die at the hands of a copper than a copper is at the hands of Joe public.

    1. After that brilliant post, Toffee, I will sign in to that site and read the info.

  8. Working class boys are the perpetual victims of society but portrayed in bourgeois literature as the villains. Cannon fodder to serve king; country & empire, today I watch in horror as BBC soaps again perpetuate the myth that working class boys are either gangsters or thugs.Sexist tropes be damned, people are twisted out of shape by society’s pliers.

  9. ‘The Patriarchy’, what an interesting term invented by failed bourgeois Sociology students alleging that mechanisms in society favour men, but ignoring the class struggle.I was brought up by my grandmother as I seldom saw my father, too busy being the main bread winner. Mum also had numerous jobs closer to home. Society is not organised for the benefit of working class men! Most die early as manual labour will kill you.

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