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Starmer’s ‘beauty of work’ was a nazi propaganda slogan

During his conference speech today – summarised by one wag as ‘spend 17 years getting ready for work and learning to follow the rules, then the rest of your life working and following the rules’ – Kei Starmer quoted ‘the beauty of work’ as a driving force for what passes for his ‘vision’s the UK.

Starmer attributed his idea to Auden – but in fact the ‘beauty of work’, ‘Schönheit der Arbeit’, was the slogan of a propaganda department of the nazi regime from 1934 to 1945:

Along with its sister organisation Strength through Joy, which promoted large families to secure ‘Aryan’ domination, SdA aimed to keep the population in what its rulers considered their place.

Not ideas you’d hope to find in the head of a Labour leader. But then Keir Starmer is neither Labour nor a leader, not in any meaningful sense of those words at least.

And with his speech today carefully stage-managed to hide the sparse attendance and the audience literally policed by the Met’s armed response unit to suppress dissent, the source of those ideas might well have approved.

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  1. Google doesn’t seem to link ‘beauty of work’ to WH Auden from what I can see

    1. It’s translated as the “Beauty of Labour”
      “the Nazis set up three organisations that would manage German workers”
      One of them was:-
      “Beauty of Labour. The job of this organisation was to help Germans see that work was good, and that everyone who could work should. It also encouraged factory owners to improve conditions for workers.”

      1. Sorry, that’s a link for the N*zi version. I couldn’t find a link to Auden either.

      2. It’s not. Arbeit just means work. ‘Labour’ is an interpretation but there’s no distinction in German

      3. He was probably sending out a signal to Nazis and fascists everywhere that you are welcome to come and join the party, just in case they didn’t get the message during the past fifteen months or so!

    1. Indeed oh dear

      I seem to remember a certain previous party LEADER being called a “f***ing nazi, antisemite and racist” when he commented on a mural that wasn’t even about what the racist gobshites and hypocrites decreed it was.

      Keefs a nazi.

      Kraft durch Freude – die fahne hoch!!

      1. Toffee – Oh dearie, dearie me.

        It was kind of you to confirm my point with your post. 😏

      2. What point? As is your modus, you didn’t make any point at all, you just tutted, you colossally tedious onanist.

      3. Toffee
        Who nose what the muriel was about until Berger got hold of it

    2. Stevieh: “Oh dear!”

      I feel your pain stevieh. It’s not every day a person discovers that his hero is actually a scoundrel.

      1. qwertboi – You’ve obviously misunderstood where my comment was directed. I’m quite happy with Keir’s performance today and conference in general.

      2. I’m quite happy with Keir’s performance today and conference in general.

        Yes, we get it. You’re easily pleasured by all things keef.

        But what was undoubtedly an unhealthy *ahem* ‘workout’ for you, was a protracted, attritional ordeal for many more people – who probably wished (or rather would’ve preferred) they were at a close friend’s funeral service.

      3. Toffee – Your personal habits are your own business. Attempting to project them onto others won’t reduce the shame you feel.

      4. Same tired, old, abused default tactics.

        Boring twunt. And not hard to discern where you get it from.


      5. Toffee – You’re the one with the problem, I’m quite content with my life, are you.

    1. Fear, Wirral. Don’t forget the fear. People spend decades, volunteering are in fear of suspension. Unbelievable! These are very dark days, are we ready for worse?

  2. Some will dismiss this as a trivial error. And it probably is…

    But how many tut-tutting tabloid headlines and how many howls of outage from the usual suspects, were this Corbyn’s conference speech faux pas?

    1. When Anna Dyer was shut down during her conference speech a few days ago I posted the following comment – see below. Incredibly they’ve now gone full Nurembourg rally on the delegates backed up by thug enforcers with Starmer positioned as the Führer!

      “In 2005 82yr old Walter Wolfgang was ruffed up and ejected from conference for shouting “rubbish” at Jack Straw – at least the media were wiling to cover it in those days.
      We’ve now had Anna Dyer and countless Walter Wolfgang-type incidents during conference and in its run-up, not least the recent expulsion of JVL’s Leah Levane.
      Not a word from the media on this and – indicative of disillusionment with the Press – no one is surprised!
      The drift towards fascism continues.”

      1. The fascists reared their malevolent heads around six years ago Bernie. And when you have a totally corrupt media – as we DO and have done for decades – who smear and vilify politicians so as to subvert democracy, then we are well and truly living in a fascist state, only most people don’t know it.

  3. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the reason Starmer is not worried about chucking out so many members is because he’s been asurrred that with the backing of the security forces and the tacit support of the msm and because bojo is so bloody incompetent that he must be removed.
    Keef will be ushered into no 10 whenever the next election is called.

      1. To be honest, I look at the UK and the obstacles ahead: Brexit’s consequences, Covid, Scotland’s likely independence, and pity whoever is in power. Why would anyone want the job?

        Starmer’s a problem for the left currently, but his failure to inspire anyone and the deeper Westminster political malaise is the establishment’s problem. More than one way to skin a cat.

      2. Well you’re royally fucked if you think he can beat de piffle politically.

        How desperate you are that you’d accept your idol getting power by default.

        Not that either scenario’s ever happening anyway, so put your maggot away.

      1. George The most prevalent reason given by ex-Labour voters for voting Tory was Jeremy Corbyn.

      2. George – It’s an encumbrance that won’t be there at the next GE.

      3. SteveH – It depends on the poll. Ask people what their main priorities were in 2019 and it’s getting Brexit done, by a mile.

        Ask a load of leading questions about antisemitism – then ask what was their main reason for not voting Labour and they’ll say Jeremy Corbyn. Don’t you understand how manipulation works and how you can get contradictory results to suit those who commissioned the poll.

        You keep saying 2019 was about Corbyn. But Corbyn did well in 2017 when the public had ample time to form an opinion of him. If 2019 was purely about Corbyn , why did The Independent Group- Change UK and the Lib Dems and Swinson get trounced? Surely using your logic centrists should have done well?

        Labour got defeated in pro-Brexit constituencies. In heavily Remain London their vote held up well. Proving IT WAS ALL about BREXIT.

      4. Andy – I’m not the one having to make up excuses, I can just point to the polls.

      5. Yes, it will be there.

        Your turn for a hypothetical statement.

      6. SteveH
        GE19 was Temporary Embarrassment’s loss, only politician who single handedly managed to lose a GE before he was elected leader
        Now thats a special talent

      7. @George

        That’s easy. Alarmingly very easy. Postal votes.

        I first noticed shenanigans with the Scottish referendum. It’s well documented, with statements made to police with some examples.

        The 2019 election also had anomalies. For example, Laura K knowing the postal votes before the day.

        Moving outward, it seems many western countries have had similar experiences. Some more overt than others (the European referendum ran repeatedly until the result they wanted came in).

      8. “Don’t you understand how manipulation works and how you can get contradictory results to suit those who commissioned the poll.”
        As a gaslighter, he understands perfectly.

      9. George The most prevalent reason given by ex-Labour voters for voting Tory was Jeremy Corbyn.

        I’ve seen no proof of that. Not from anyone I’ve spoken to, nor the majority of the public interviewed on tv

        When the TV has done vox pops, brexit has generally been the prevailing issue.

        However, when the so-called pundits and the reporters get their say (far more often and with far more emphasis on their own words rather than the plebs they’ve interviewed) they’ll push the Corbyn dissatisfaction line (As is the rags and the stammerites’ will, or no more ‘exclusives’)

        Sometimes they’ll get lucky and interview a few gammons in a centrist remainer MPs constituency, but otherwise it’s Brexit – it was even shouted at keef during his dirge today.

      10. *Yawn*

        So what’s the wee fellas dead clever and relevant answer??

        Only to provide yet another opinion poll, rather than the actual voices of real people seen giving their reasons on TV – as I was talking about

        Have another go…and then another. .

    1. I don’t think you are right Derek. Yes Starmer will be backed by the MSM and the men in grey suits and of course Johnson is an incompetent clown but it won’t be enough in my opinion to get a Labour government into Downing Street. Starmer has alienated many groups of people( Muslims, Arabs, Socialists, (Socialist) Jews, BAME, Irish, Kashmiri, Labour Youth, Liverpudlians etc) and expelled many more so who is left to vote and/or campaign for him? The Blairite Dinosaurs? Can’t see them pulling many votes.

      1. So what , in your opinion, is needed by Labour, to ensure they get voted into power ?

      2. Smartboy – How many were suspended and/or expelled during Corbyn’s tenure?

    2. Anything is better than Johnson !!
      He needs ousting now, by fair means or foul.

      1. Peter Berry, I disagree Johnson is a demagogue and I don’t like him, I wouldn’t vote for Johnson. But, I wouldn’t vote for Starmer either as he is a fascist and so would many other people. As Smartboy says Starmer has managed to rub a lot of people the wrong way.
        Hence, since you are advocating ousting Johnson by fair means or foul, what about ousting Starmer? As socialist we need to oust Starmer more than we need to oust Johnson. Don’t you think so?

    3. Yes, a very good point. Fits well with the, time to give someone else a bash syndrome.

    4. Derek Wolland, I don’t think so, many socialist would rather vote for a right winger than for a fascist. It is the only reason Macron won France’s Presidency in 2017 by a high margin.
      Supporters of Jean Claude Melenchon (communist) lend their votes to Macron in order to ensure that Marine le Pen didn’t win France’s Presidency.
      Many former Labour voters in the red wall, than vote Tory in 2019 because of Starmer’s constructive ambiguity over Brexit, would rather vote Tory than Labour under the leadership of Starmer. What Starmer is offering to them is fascism and like the French working class in 2017 rather a liberal than a fascist.

  4. Perhaps the education system enables a Wheat & a Chaff based on elaborate memory tests (with the kids of the rich having an advantage) and the Wheat get the interesting better jobs with millions left in dull but essential jobs.
    And you are free on holidays, evenings or days (if night shifts) and possibly weekends – won by unions.
    But the professionals have autonomy.
    Perhaps we should campaign for well paid 4 day weeks to free citizens to follow their interests.
    And earlier retirement.
    We can only get this under a left wing democratic socialist society.
    Perhaps we should scrap exams, millions feel failures, have continuous assessment & have education which promotes critical thinking and creativity.
    The Right have no vision and ideas.
    The Are All Platitudes and No Changing Lives!
    Under Right Wing Labour then the Tories between 2008-14 with trillions of QE the poor gained £10 a week and the top 10% of the rich £1,000 per week, that’s £3,000 for the poor in those years and £350,000 for the rich.
    Right Wing Labour/Tory Levelling Up?
    Come on BAFWU as Starmer militarises Labour Conference we need a new socialist party!

  5. The Red Flag is to be replaced with a new specially commissioned conference anthem titled “Starmer, Evans über alles’

    Singing, with right hand held flat to chest, is compulsory for all delegates. Failure to comply will result in immediate expulsion from the main hall and suspension.


      1. Save it for Labour members. For they aren’t feeling sad, they’re feeling utterly bereft; robbed of all hope by this authoritarian, neoliberal crew who’ve stolen their Labour party.

      2. Andy – The vast majority of those in the conference hall were both happy and enthusiastic.

      3. SteveH – Do you understand just how concerned parties are with optics these days, and how delegates have been carefully vetted for anti-Starmer views? If it were like true conferences of old, he’d have got a bruising reception alright. But many have left the party too.

        The level of control has been ZANU Labour-esque. The right can’t handle debate or criticism. They want followers not partners. Hence the applause. But for what? What substance?

        Boris Johnson will get similar applause at his conference, so what?

    1. Theres somthing deeply worrying about this type of adulation from the peasentry that our knight and his court demand.ITS appalling to think that people are bussed in to provide it..I thought that Maria provided a extremely worrying example from her memorys and family memorys of Francos Spain.IN a real democracy,not a kingdom with Lords,barons and knights of the realm and a monarch appointed by God who also dictates the kingdoms religion and again appointed by God one would expect that the security services would want to have a good look at just whats going on in a Labour party whos leader is a clear and present danger to the ruler of that kingdom.He may have a Title but representing who?..Somtimes those looking from outside the kingdom can have a better view in the deterioration of the kingdom and in my veiw its becoming a monster of your own creation.Has it sunk in yet just how dangerous the situation is when the knight and his henchman need a armed police force to intimidate the members.?I used to think of the neo liberal alliance,but now I am beginning to think that yes we’ve got real fascists in control of the Labour party and eying up drowning street in “This green and pleasant land”

  6. Considering the conference is where you find the delegates whom actually do the work on the ground (well those that were actually allowed in) for Labour during elections there was very little for representatives to actually take back to their constituency. In order to win an election you need people to actually vote. Very little substance in his speech if you strip it back as to how peoples lives would change for the better. Expect low turnouts at next election unless their are some dramatic changes. You have to give people a reason to vote Labour.

    1. Heart12 – I suggest you educate yourself and read the many fine speeches that were made at this conference by Keir Starmer’s team

      1. I heard many fine speeches, but none – none whatsoever from anyone from Starmer’s team.

        Mainly from young people who were dismayed at what’s happened to The Labour Party, over the past twenty months.

        They’re all on YouTube, if you care to look.

        Or you could watch the conversation between Ken Loach and Joe Attard, on Socialist Telly. Excellent!

      2. If you seriously think speeches are going to make the slightest bit of difference you really do have an insultingly low and paternalistic opinion of the populace..

        A sufficient number of voters to make a significant difference are more interested in actions rather than fine words. Elections are won by on the ground campaigning and, as the last local elections demonstrated, the policy of attacking anyone and everyone in both the Party and the wider Movement who does not conform to a status quo narrative has resulted in an increasing hemorrhaging of sufficient boots on the ground to do the business with the inevitable loss of Council seats.

        That will continue to get worse given the current war on anyone in the Party who does not conform to the narrative of a failed status quo. It has always been the political left who have done all the campaigning donkey work even when it has benefited the careerist sectarian entryists on the political right in the Party. Those days are over as not only active members but the wider support base downs tools and votes with their feet.

        The electoral arithmetic was difficult enough and the vote against PR has made that more difficult. Hazel Grove CLP have produced significant research to demonstrate:

        1. That it takes more votes to elect a (right now, nominal) Labour MP than it does to elect a Tory one.

        2. The coming electoral boundary changes will further advantage the Tory representation in Parliament.

        3. States which operate a first Past the Post electoral voting system – most notably the UK and USA – are vastly more unequal societies on every metric than those with PR systems.

        Starmer, and those who cheerlead for him, are going nowhere no matter how bad the Tories get. Johnson will be ditched at some stage – like Thatcher was and while ever the the present sectarians you support, steveH, remain at the LP helm there exists zero chance of gaining sufficient seats to ever form a Government in any election which has not been gerrymandered.

      3. Dave – Getting your excuses in early I see.
        “there exists zero chance of gaining sufficient seats to ever form a Government in any election which has not been gerrymandered.

      4. Hark you – the temerity of you telling others they should educate themselves…

        Oh, talking of education, how’s the…errr…‘teaching ‘ going, wee man? I’m amazed the kids have learned anything from you, given that you’re on here all hours of the day & night in defence of your idol.

      5. Toffee – I’m not starting until after half-term and then only part-time plus we are currently isolating. It’s touching that you are so concerned. (Don’t worry I’ll still have plenty of time to wind you up).😘

      6. STeveH – iI by “Starmers team ” you mean the Shadow Cabinet – there were some good policy points from them so why didnt Starmer build on these?

        Instead we heard the dead hand of Corporate UK on them plus an attempt to stifle the better ones.

        The mans clueless – not fit to run a bun stall. Doesn’t he realise that it is these left wingers
        who are responsible for tramping up freezing paths to knock on doors ..

        He is by no means a ‘tomorrow man” he is locked in the past for life will NEVER be as it was.

      7. Steve H…You wernt there and neither was I.You were topping up your drinks in your Caribbean bolt hole whilst I was fishing and swimming in the sea in a deserted island short of tourists …You only know what HQ pay you for and that is plain and very simple propoganda from the neo liberal Labour party….hows the job hunting Steve H Hall?..and don’t forget the mosquito nets dengue fever and malaria are on the increase because of the virus being exploited by your lot.

      8. My concern is for the children and the unwitting, impending grotesque misfortune to become them from someone who will poison their mind and corrupt their childhoods; not the deliverer of their pestilence.

        …Or rather it would be.

        Your manifest and lamentable lack of basic grammatical and arithmetic skills lead me to conclude that you’re full of shit, and this is another of your Mitty-esque fantasies.

        As for winding me up… Yet further evidence your yet another shithouse snowflake.

        And you proclamation WILL return to haunt you on each and every future occasion you complain of me trolling you, or your pathetic complaints of my choice of vernacular in response to your overt and frequently self-confessed ‘wind-ups’


      9. Toffee – and yet you’re the one that follows me around like a needy stray.

      10. Says the bollockite who freely confesses on multiple occasions to going out of his way to get a rise out of me.

        In the exact same fashion as the filthy nonce that blames the child for their own sexual abuse…


      11. Toffee – Your response says so much about you but nothing about me. As I’ve pointed out before, you are the one that follows me around like a stray dog looking for attention. I feel sorry for you.

      12. Wrong.

        My response says more about you than you’ll ever realise

        Now I’m off to bed.

      13. Steve H….many fine speeches educate yourself?You have morphed into a fascist Steve H whilst you were congratulating yourself on the completion of the coup against Socialists and the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn..I am sure that those that actually did make fine speeches will be down for expulsion or re education at the pleasure of the junta.Unbelievable Steve its only a couple of years ago that you were shoulder to shoulder with Palestinian rights and now look at what you work for now and realise you have unleashed a powerful Monster.onto the political stage.

    2. Heart12, you have put forward an accurate assessment of the shitshow aka tory labour conferences and many people would agree with you.

  7. I’m surprised he didn’t get to change ‘keep the red flag flying here’ to the ‘horst wessel’.

    1. From the general demeanor and behaviour of his front bench, perhaps it ought to be the ‘horst weasel” song…..

  8. The first thing that came to mind, seeing all the red cards being held up was “Show racism the Red Card.”

    As a response to the con artist MR keir “erik armrest” starmer it was appropriate and it disgusts me to my core for him to use such vile expressions!

  9. “Shouting slogans or changing lives” – another insulting phrase.

    It was shouting the slogan “get brexit done” that won boris “blowjob” johnson GE2019!

  10. Changing lives …In the exact same way that the toerags ‘change lives’.

    …And for the exact same people. 😒

  11. The only difference between con artist MR keir “erik armrest” starmer and compulsive liar boris “blowjob’ johnson is one has a haircut and the other has never met s comb!

    1. Spot-on. Make particular note of point #10

      Keef simply cannot hope to even dream of competing with de piffle in a mud-slinging takedown match.

      Johnson’d leave stammer with his kecks around his ankles, crying for his mam – because no matter how ‘toff’ Johnson is, he’s infinitely more ‘streetwise’ than stammer would ever be, even after a century in the business.

      1. Example: I can’t recall stammer scraping at least one win over de piffle in PMQ’S he’s drawn a few at best, but never come away with the bragging rights.

    2. Yep, that AAV piece is excellent. Well worth a read.

      I think he enjoys this time of year above all.

      1. AAV seldom misses the opportunity for a bit of rhetoric, he’s in his element at this time of year.

  12. It’s no longer a party, it’s an outfit.

    Wait until you see their new uniforms, David Evans loves his, allegedly. Their new election campaign slogan : “VOTE FOR US ,.. or else”

    1. “It’s no longer a party, it’s an outfit.” A Spiv’s outfit – no better than the scamartists that phone your landline to tell you your (non-existent) Amazon Prime account needs your attention.

      1. qwertboi- –

        And hard to criticise.

        The guardian seemingly only allows red Tories, actual Tories and #FBPE anti-Brexit fanatics to comment on anything these days. All the people I liked and knew by name have either been banned for minor infractions or left due to weird arbitrary censorship practices.

        The Independent’s comment system is broken, probably deliberately because there is no way it’s meant to function like that by design.

        The Telegraph has gone subscriber only comments – bizarrely, before that they had the most tolerant comment system – some abused it however.

        LabourList cowardly shut their comments.

        Twitter employs weird algorithms that seemingly discriminate against left-wing accounts.

        Don’t know about facebook because I don’t use it.

        Literally, we are a country where free speech and debate is ending, drip by oppressive drip. You have to wonder who the hell it is trying to shutter debate and crush dissent like this?

  13. Since 2010 democracy has gone out the window,
    Coalition, Scottish and Brexit referendum, 2017 betrayal of Labour
    What we have is a political Ponzi Scheme
    So at some stage it all collapses, all we have to do is make sure it never happens again

    1. The thing I don’t get why Labour’s right think they have some electoral magic formula? What’s the basis for that claim?

      They revere Blair, but Blair, who I can’t stand now btw; back in 1994-1997 was a uniquely charismatic, uniquely gifted politician. He pushed third-wayism(aka. triangulation) when nobody here knew what it was. And to be fair , as Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis on pointed out last night, he was honest in that New Labour intention – that’s what he said he would do; namely, trying to emulate Bill Clinton’s success in the US. Starmer by contrast, simply chose to lie to the membership to win their votes.

      The PLP RW simply can’t pull that New Labour trick again either and Starmer is just a rather dull salesman flogging a threadbare policy platform. If the Socialist Campaign Group resigned en masse as urged by some RW PLP people, the rump of Starmer’s Labour would face a Clegg type reckoning in 2015. After getting too close to the Tories in coalition they went from 62 seats in 2010 down to just 8. Nobody likes left-wing parties pushing rightwards.

  14. Another three word slogan that is meaningless. Mandelson woz ‘ere.
    We now have inane slogans, £1000 suits and copious quantities of hair gel – a sure fire winner if ever there was one.

    1. ‘Scraping the barrel’

      Presenter Robert Peston was asking, on Twitter, for three words that sum up Starmer’s speech and they’ll do fine.

      1. My comment was in reference to the opening video on this thread.

  15. Oh for God’s sake “The Left is alive and kicking and winning some resolutions” says naive Left Wing Labour MP (Morning Star) maintaining the delusion of the Left in Labour.
    No you foolish man the Right Wing Barbarians are in total control and these resolutions will be simply ignored.
    They just need the Labour grassroots activists labour power in being seen leafleting and canvassing, telephoning etc for them but definitely not being heard!
    The simple fact is that the Left in Labour when they had the power were crap and the Right Wing Barbarians are ruthless, they are good, but like the rich and powerful, not good enough.
    And in Right Wing Labour in England’s case, the fate that befell Labour in Scotland is just around the corner.
    Labour members should perhaps withdraw their Labour or better leave.
    But perhaps some critical socialist thinkers may have noticed a Teutonic shift with the disaffiliation of BAFWU from Labour (they were one of the Founding Fathers) and perhaps it is brilliant that this small diverse working class trade union (with poorly paid workers who serve us all) could set the ball rolling for a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party (these ‘Invisible workers’ are not invisible to us).
    If they could set up a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Co-ordinating Committee we could be on our way.
    Could ask for a rep from expelled JVL members and a rep from every region of those who have left Labour plus the FBU may affiliate?
    And perhaps LRC could be invited (initially as observers?) and the small Breakthrough Socialist party?
    We only have one life and should have the courage to go for it.
    Remember the dream we had with Corbyn we could keep those ideas alive!

    1. Bazza – A SCG leadership challenge remains the best hope.

      Lloyd Russell-Moyle pointed out there are 36 of them and they only need four more(for 20%). They can probably get a candidate in the mix too. Starmer would be toast with the membership; in fact I don’t even think he’d contest it due to shame over his broken 10 Pledges. Look how defensive he was on Andrew Marr.

      If the PLP wakes up and realises just how vulnerable Starmer is, this liar can be booted. The unions are leaving conference furious with the attempt to bounce them into ending OMOV, they must be proactive and ask pro-union MPs to consider a challenge. Starmer is courting corporate donors that’s not good for the unions and his pledge to them about repealing anti-trade union laws – which remain the toughest in Europe.

      The sooner the better.

      1. I doubt that there will be a challenge for the leadership this side of a GE. The RW aren’t that daft and ‘the left’ don’t have the numbers. Even if they did manage to scrape together enough votes for a challenge they don’t really have a credible candidate to put forward and my guess is that they’d lose anyway.

      2. I doubt that there will be a challenge for the leadership this side of a GE

        THIS side of a GE? Well, at least we get an idea of what’s going on in your word mond, then.

        So, even you reckon keef’ll stand down after losing the next GE; with the rags maintaining a healthy majority?

        Like f**k he will, parasitic bastard’ll hang on for dear life, and you’ll pathetically try to legitimise it by saying Corbyn got to fight two elections as well, because you’re a desperate little shitehawk with no sense of context.

      3. Andy you mention LIoyd Russell moyle the mp whos socialist principles are solid…one of the few voices of reason in amongst a gutless bunch.I canvassed with LIoyd and the momentum activists too boost his chances of taking the Brighton tory seat and we won and humiliated the smug tory mp..I would trust LIoyds judgment so he better get a move on with Trickett before the knight or Evans have them fit up and removed from the Labour party.Realistically some of the socialist group will not make a move and finding four more mps will be a minor miracle,but I do believe in miracles so go for it ….when ?

  16. Decided to watch the “speech”. Quite excruciating. He is such a poor speaker.

  17. A bit of topic:

    I noticed in the speech from the con artist MR keir “erik armrest” starmer he used the phrase “we have an ageing population,” that is said quite often by mps of all party colours and it really pisses me off. Everybody (lucky enough to do so) will get older – it is a fact of life.

    There is a documentary i would recommend available on the bbc iplayer website (of you can find it anywhere else, do so) called “On Call to a Nation.” It is a documentary “about doctors, and the NHS as they see it” and in this documentary they also talk about an ageing population. But what is really noteworthy is that it was first broadcast in 1958 to celebrate the first decade of our fantastic NHS.

  18. Good reading in RT north of Ireland shortage of clowns and describes Bozzo as eminently qualified and also shows a caption of HOC that there are even more eminently qualified people.Maybe posters might like to recommend even more “eminently qualified people” who are looking for a good job,excluding me of course being as I am retired and enjoying it and I have a allergic reaction to make up,and many other modern day cosmetics 💄.?

  19. Asked about what he intends to do about violence against women following the Sarah everard murderer being up for sentence stammer said: “The first thing I want to say is…. I was director of public prosecutions”

    No message of condolence to Sarah’s family or mention that the murdering bastard ought to be swinging from a stout hemp rope.

    (My own opinion, I mean keef said nothing about the guilt of the rat bastard and the abject failure of the old bill to have prevented the pervert in the first place)

    Asked if Cressida Dick should go? Well, no prizes for his answer….Yep he’s worked with dick, so in essence, no. Because she’s a great cooper, according to keef.

    He’ll be dressing the plod in brown if he had his way…


    The essential point for each sister and brother:
    work is one thing, employment another;
    a slave is a worker but her work is all pain
    work is unpleasant for another’s rich gain;
    free people who work do so together
    then work is unleashed from the capitalist’s tether.
    Employment is ugly
    employment is rank
    its purpose is dosh in the employer’s bank,
    employment is nasty
    employment is vile
    it’s aim is to raise the rich bastard’s pile
    employment is servile
    employment is base
    its flag is a boot on the soft human face;
    Now Starmer rehearses the Nazi’s sick phrases
    it’s not work he means
    but employment he praises
    by which we’re demeaned so the rich can rise higher
    and freedom is thrown on the funeral pyre.

  21. Fucking Ada… Now keefs on the been…and it’s all “Me, me, me, myself, and I.”

    Anyone’d think it was steven gerrard being interviewed ffs.

    God, but stammers a drip.

  22. ” I think most people don’t want nationalised energy, especially in the middle of a crisis”

    No. That’s why something like 70-odd percent want renationalisation ffs.

    What a dolt. Just go away keef. You are neither use nor ornament.

  23. See the Tories are to give £500m to Councils to be given to the poor to help with utility and food costs.
    So after furlough ends, rules on no evictions end, and £80 a month is taken from Universal Credit you may get £6.40 a month!
    Let me remind you from the trillions pumped into the economy via QE the poor got £10 a week and the rich £1,000 a week so over this period the poor got in total £3,000 and the rich £350,000 (Harvey, NLR, Jul/Aug 21, page 73.)
    So the poor could buy a few groceries and the rich a villa in Spain!
    Right Wing Labour and Tory Levelling Up!
    Of course Starmer is trying to demonstrate to the rich and powerful that his Labour is absolutely NO threat to their wealth and power and all he asks for in return is crumbs for diverse working people.
    The Labour Party I am afraid is finished and it was the Right Wot done it!

  24. ‘British Jobs For British Workers’ an NF/BNP slogan used by Gordon Brown at his first conference speech as leader.

    His speech was so appalling that it gained the praise of Norman Tebbitt.

    1. Quite right too, why educate people or provide training for a workforce when you can get cheaper labour from overseas? Globalism, the ultimate win win ideology for employers to get cheap labour. The ‘gig’ economy & subsequent low wages are an attractive proposition for Blairites.

  25. Sir Keir Starmer has shown himself to be a fascistic Tory., as any analysis of his recent speeches will show. Although actions can speak louder than words & his suspensions & expulsions from the Labour Party of any members who may criticise or disagree with him demonstrate his authoritarian fascistic tendencies, his speeches show his complete contempt for freedom of speech & a democracy, in which healthy debate & exchange of ideas has a beauty beyond his comprehension..This is a politician who seeks to gain power by hook or by crook.

    Sir Keir publicly stated that winning was everything & he was not a loser; that statement alone I believe qualifies him as exactly that, ‘an unprincipled loser’, without morals nor integrity. He promises to unite the Party & then states that he will not if it stops him winning. The man has an ego problem. He despises Socialism but promises to adopt Socialist values until they are no longer of any use, preferring instead right wing ideologies. Like USA we live in a One Party State. .

    1. Comparisons with his namesake
      Methinks not
      Comparisons with Baby Trump
      Both Liars and Charlatans
      Needs to stand for the Leaderdhip again
      Would he have your money on him

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