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Exclusive: Labour councillor threatened with expulsion – for speaking to group organising to stay IN party

Labour now expects left-wingers to check every member of large audiences in case any ‘undesirables’ are attending

Skwawkbox reported earlier this week that the Labour party had threatened Pamela Fitzpatrick – a Labour councillor in Harrow and the party’s 2019 general election candidate for Harrow East – with expulsion from the party for giving an interview to the Socialist Appeal group’s newspaper. Socialist Appeal was later ‘proscribed’ as part of the Starmer regime’s war on left members and Fitzpatrick is facing retrospective punishment for doing something that was entirely allowed at the time.

But the party has added further ‘grounds’ for expelling her: she participated in an event by Don’t Leave, Organise (DLO), a group encouraging left-wing Labour members to stay in the party and fight the Tories.

A new letter from the party adds to the ‘charges’ against Fitzpatrick that she spoke at an April 2020 DLO event that more than 600 people attended – and that the audience included expelled former Labour members. Fitzpatrick commented indirectly on her Facebook page:

So Labour has not only decided it can punish people for events to which the party had no objection at the time, but also that any left-winger attending any event not only has to know and be able to recognise every person considered ‘undesirable’ by Starmer’s Stalinist regime and thoroughly check those attending in case anyone the likes of Starmer and Evans consider undesirable is participating.

Keir Starmer’s imitation-Labour has become a joke – and a very sick one. The suffering millions in this country have been robbed of a functioning opposition and fobbed off with a malignant farce instead.

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  1. – “further ‘grounds’ for expelling her: she participated in an event by Don’t Leave, Organise (DLO), a group encouraging left-wing Labour members to stay in the party and fight the Tories.”

    Should be more than enough for anyone to understand the parasites’ plan… but i won’t hold my breath.

    📍They came. They saw. They infested easily and conquered because those who should have known better, refused to listen, refused to learn and by REPEATED actions and REPEATED inactions, ENABLED the parasites.

    They said OPENLY what they would do. They are doing as they said.

    1. Dianne Abbott said “the party is united”. That cringing pathetic line has been blowing about LONG b4 i even imagined joining a political party.

      Wonder if Jeremy agrees “the party is unified”?

      Wonder if he’ll repeat the same actions and inactions as before, then blame the media?

      Check Pamela’s language. Last bit: exposing even HERSELF despite being at the sharp end of Starmer’s regime, BELIEVIENG that a win with a tattered abused Labour label slapped on, benefits us.

      One needs no complicated definitions and fancy academic detached theories theories to grasp the bleeding obvious.

    2. Good point how I missed it I don’t know. In their eagerness to expel the left they’ve actually admitted it’s precisely what they’re doing.
      To think it was only yesterday a spokesperson denied this these accusations by saying they are only carrying out Starmers promise to rid the party of anti semites. Which in a way admits they only see left wingers as AS.

      1. Yes, socialists are seen as Antisemites because we support the human rights of all people irrespective of race religion sexual orientation etc. Most of us rightly deplore the human rights abuses inflicted on Palestinians by Israel and Israel’s hugely disproportionate responses to Palestinian violence, protests etc. However this is interpreted and portrayed as antisemitism by the various pro Israeli pressure groups inside and outside the party.
        The main reason Jeremy Corbyn was targeted by them was because he has adopted a pro Palestinian position all his political life. Therefore they saw him as a threat to Israeli interests if he ever became Prime Minister and as a result they set out to destroy him, aided and abetted by the MSM Southside etc. They nearly succeeded but people are now beginning to see the reason for the campaign of hatred directed at Jeremy was simply to ensure that Israeli interests were protected. The continued expulsion of Socialists from the party is designed to achieve the same outcome.

      2. typical of SIR starmer’s chums in their own Tory party; without warning they’ve announced their heartless LONG HELD intention to pulldown the “GRAVES” of seventy two dead, that is Grenfel Tower.
        They who have had ZERO justice.

        This is a wicked attempt to wipe the evil done to them and flog the land to TORY CHUMS. That was ALWAYS the Blue Tory intention which will not bother Tory SIR starmer user of the Labour Party.

        Right here right now in this country BASIC justice denied the most vulnerable.

        WHO speaks for them in ANY SUSTAINED WAY

    3. Steven, The quote in your article is from Pamela’s TWITTER feed, not from her Facebook page.

    4. So what exactly did they say signpost? Did they give details of what they planned to do? If so, what did they say precisely?

      As readers will no doubt have noticed. signpost has repeated these things literally hundreds and hundreds of times, and does so on practically a daily basis, and more often than not repeats them AGAIN in several posts or more in the same thread, as he’s done in this one.

      Signpost is a paid shill who’s objective is to have readers believe that the left are responsible for everything the Blairites do. In a post further down the page he asserts that Margaret Hodge should have been suspended and then expelled, and ditto for Mandelson, Blair, Ummuna, Berger etc, and does so knowing that had Jeremy and Co done so, all hell would have broken loose, just as it did when the LP said they were going to take disciplinary action against Hodge. When 75% of the PLP are hostile to you – along with the Jewish newspapers and the BoD and JLM and CAA etc, AND the MSM who gives them a ‘voice’ AND conspires with them all, then there is absolutely nothing you can do. This is how Hodge ‘reacted’ at the time::

      ‘THEY’RE COMING FOR ME’ Margaret Hodge compares Corbyn’s Labour to the Nazis and says party probe reminded her ‘what it felt like to be a Jew in Germany in the 30s’

      Dame Margaret Hodge has likened a Labour Party disciplinary investigation into her conduct to the persecution faced by Jews in Nazi Germany.

      In an explosive intervention the veteran Labour MP, 73, said she felt scared when she found out Labour’s disciplinary team was investigating her for confronting Mr Corbyn over anti-Semitism last month.

      She said it reminded her of “what it felt like to be a Jew in Germany in the 30s.”

      NB As Hitler and Goebbels were well aware, the bigger the lies the more effective they are!

      1. PS In the Sun’s headline they’ve got the bit about ‘they’re coming for me’ in quotation marks (and capital letters, for the obvious reason!), but in the article Hodge doesn’t say any such thing, and they obviously knew that very, very few of their readers would notice the fact that it wasn’t. No doubt the fascists at the Sun threw that in as it alludes to the ‘First they came for…. then they came for’ etc.

      2. She meant to say,
        ” I know how it must be like to be a child in care, in Islington”.

  2. This is the final straw for me, that’s my membership card ripped up. I joined the Party as a Corbyn supporter and what he stood for. Since that time I have remained a member to try and fight the injustices from within , to no avail. The present hierarchy are determined to rip the soul out of what should be a socialist movement. They are so determined that they are prepared to destroy, what once was a great movement, to get their wishes
    We should be 20 points ahead of this lying, inept, corrupt Government instead we are 20 points behind, that tells you where we stand, a laughing stock. I will rejoin when the Party starts following Socialist principles
    What other party would accept a loss of 120,000 members in such a short time. We should have all remained within the Party and fought against this cancer that is present within its ranks today. If this purge continues, I might have to consider the Greens!!

    1. Mike Craig “This is the final straw for me, that’s my membership card ripped up”

      Exactly what Starmer and Evans are trying to achieve?

      1. I understand that, but having given them two years to change spots, and the loss of 120,000 likewise members, there comes a time when you have to jump from a rudderless ship before it runs aground! I would have been betraying my principles by backing a weak opposition, a mirror image of the Conservatives!

      2. Mike Craig, that THE key CHOICE of those with MORE than enough close knowledge of Mandelson, Straw, Campbellend, TWatson, Hodge, Cooper, Johnson Berger Blair & Starmer… except the CHOICE and MATURITY to face REALITY.

        But you Mike, to your credit r prepared to observe facts and do something different. Not what i would do but u APPEAR to want to do something different. I say APPEAR, because i still detect something i observed REPEATEDLY from Jeremy and his circle and in my “Left” CLP groups from day one!!! People r SHACKLED … hands, feet and minds with weird dreams of “converting” entrenched adults with firm AIMS OPPOSITE to ours. They also hope the limpest threats will PERSUADE Mandelson, Starmer etc to act differently. Those who our lot STILL believe can be useful leaders, are STILL prepared to give them even MORE years to “change spots”🦠🦠🦠

        In fact, i’ve not expressed it b4, but i BELIEVE, the internal report was sat on with the hope that it could be a backroom bargaining tool. Same re: the leak of the list of the parasites grouped according by enmity to Jeremy. Same re the 2017 near GE win. My belief is Jeremy and his circle and supporters ALL naively thought – that will bring them around!!! Remember Jeremy calling TWatson his friend on Conference stage??? TWatson was smirking in a deeply sinister mocking half singing way “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”. It was chilling to me, but Jeremy was non the wiser. He babbled nonsense that TWatson was his good friend and he had given him some tubers or bulbs recently.
        Even after Jeremy stood down, he recommended his ARCH underminer a peerage on top of disrespecting the members wish to disband the Dep Leader post because of it being abused to wreck us.

        QUESTION Craig – on what was your expectation they would change spots based

      3. windchime – “disrespecting the members wish to disband the Dep Leader post because of it being abused to wreck us.”

        Karie Murphy tried that one, I don’t recall it being a very popular move.

      4. It was popular and TOTALLY the realistic sensible and DOABLE action. Jeremy sabotaged it. Save an OPEN saboteur and called us the members “F*****G AMATEURS”.

      5. windchimes – Karie Murphy and her naive cohorts may have thought it a wonderfully whizzy idea but most just saw it as an assault on the democracy of the party. Just like we saw the attempts to bully JC out of office as a challenge to members’ democratic rights. Murphy should have been sacked for bringing the party into disrepute instead she was moved sideways to f’ up the GE campaign..

      6. It is because of what you say Qwertboi that I haven’t resigned from the party yet. I don’t know if I am right or wrong but for now I have retained my membership though it sticks in my throat to give this shower my money.
        Regarding this latest fiasco Starmer and the other wooden tops are making us a complete laughing stock with their control freakery. Sadly though their craziness is likely to result in the election of successive Tory governments right up to the 2030s

      7. Mike Craig… addict will never break the addiction ,they have to accept the addiction and avoid the supplier until then its just a downward spiral of the dealer getting a good living and the addiction increasingly more destructive…Remove the money and the supplier disappears.

      8. @Mike Craig

        Kudos! They need you more than you need them.

        Whatever your stance on Brexit, take a close look at the Greens behaviour over the last decade or so. Beware of Trojan horses.

        (Slightly off topic, German Greens are the biggest agitators of military intervention…)


        I’m sure there’s some clever line out there about being grateful for what you have instead of what you want.

        Labour is going to find this out. The similarities between Starmers Labour and Kinnock/Bliar are too close for comfort. But we’ve seen it before. Only a sucker will fall for it this time. The staff are on strike, councillors are either abandoning the party/job or are being manipulated into toeing the line or else. Higher up, we have WTF and zero policies (the piecemeal shown so far doesn’t inspire in the slightest).

        Canvassing is going to be a hoot also. For those who bother. Will you be trudging the streets, listening to folks like me point out how you’ve been messing up? All for Starmers Labour too🤢

      9. Nvla, – “But we’ve seen it before.” ✅

        “Only a sucker will fall for it this time.”✅

        Those who will “be trudging the streets”, licking a stamp, joining their phone-banks, posting even one leaflet, ARE “suckers” and block their OWN eyes, though THEY like “we’ve seen it before.”.

        U could not make it up

  3. They’re worse than we think: Labour right councillors putting pressure on tenants to sell their land-rights to billionaire-backing development companies and now, a party councillor threatened with expulsion for trying to persuade angry members to stay in Labour.

    He’s not the leader of our party; he’s its destroyer. Fight back – before it’s too late.

    1. ITs already gone,you’re just staying till the show ends and the audience leaves..A addict neads to understand that they are addicted..qwerboi stop feeding the supplier

  4. What an unworkable position the party has manoeuvred itself in to.
    There’s been jokes on social media suggesting similar scenarios like they are now threatening Pamela with.
    I suspect they know it’s against human rights to punish members retrospectively and are now trying to find another excuse to expel her.
    It’s going to be interesting to know how Pamela’s solicitors will react to this new scrapping the barrel by Starmers crew.
    Where’s MSM who should be covering these laughable outrageous situations. Then again it appears the only reason why MSM aren’t covering this is Starmer gets an easy ride from them. On the other hand if it was another former leader you’d have the usual suspects from the party running to a compliant media.

  5. The Labour right have the view that “only when the undesirables are out of the party will we be electable”.
    This view, of course, is childish in the extreme, pandering as it does to the idea that the electorate are an unsophisticated mass who can be expected to fall for such a position.
    The problem in British politics today is that the falsity of that position has been seen through, hence the Corbyn Surge of 2017.
    We are, above all involved in a battle of ideas.
    We have the ideas. Our opponents have none.
    In every circumstance we should challenge them on that field.
    And we must be as devious as they are when the situation demands it !

    1. Ludus, I’m not sure if deviousness is a tactic I would use to defeat the antiSocialists. I would prefer to say that the left should be intelligent and resolute. We have allowed into the Labour Party those who seek to destroy it as a Socialist Party, I am referring to the LFoI and the JLM. Starmer cannot be a Socialist and a Zionist at the same time. The two belief systems are incompatible. Starmer knows this, therefore expect the description ‘Socialist’ to disappear from LP membership card.

      1. Jack. Being devious means not being deceived by the tactics of the right and not being naive in the face of them.
        They count on us playing the game according to their rules, which means predictable, from their point of view.
        That is what I mean.
        I should have said “devious”, meaning more agile.

      2. Ludus57, the DIRECT understanding of “devious” includes:

        tactics to achieve goals
        scheming deceitful
        dishonest sly
        treacherous tricky
        underhand calculating
        wily artful
        crafty cunning
        double-dealing underhanded
        designing dishonorableUS
        dishonourableUK disreputable
        duplicitous fraudulent
        guileful immoral
        unethical unprincipled
        unscrupulous cheating
        conniving crooked
        dirty dubious
        Janus-faced unfair
        sneaking sneaky
        surreptitious two-faced
        two-timing unsporting
        unsportsmanlike furtive
        secret secretive
        back-alley below the belt
        clandestine cloak-and-dagger
        covert dodgy
        hidden hole-and-corner
        hugger-mugger indirect
        shady shrouded
        veiled backstairs
        beguiling bent
        cagey cagy
        conspiratorial cute
        evasive fishy
        foxy insidious
        low-down murky
        shrewd slick
        snide snidey
        subtle insincere
        shonky slim
        errant erring
        gimmicky Machiavellian📚📚📚

        We “the Left” have been our own worst enemies by many ways. Example: being unwittingly “devious”; fixated on complicated and indirect “tactics” and totally + feverishly dancing to parasitic tunes, but calling that dancing; “clever”, “strategy” & “catching flies with honey”… for at least “THIRTY YEARS”🔻

        Note too, a poster stating EXACTLY that my “Left” CLP controllers’ mantra is “Convert them” etc. The poster stated he gave them ‘two years to CHANGE THEIR SPOTS🔻

        Observer same attitude in Pamela Fitzpatrick’s words. Despite another poster confirming how dreadfully she and her son has been treated for YEARS; by some strange logic, her language suggest that she associates SIR starmer & Evans’ success, as our success. Same re: Dianne Abbott rabbiting on that “the party is unified despite what the media says”🔻

        That is evidence of what i’ve been trying to say. NOTHING has been learnt. DECENT people r STILL prepared to empower the most indecent people. ILLOGICAL+++

        They have EMPOWERED the parasites, sincerely believing parasites wouldn’t do as parasites have always done, PLUS said they hope to do as they’ve always done🔻

        ALSO – parasites KNOW we r not a-S etc. They also KNOW Jeremy had victory in his hands. That’s why, taking no chances, they used belt + braces, tried NEW lies, until they realised they need not have worked so hard when Jeremy, his circle & supporters even on, could not take a gigantic mountain of sewage as a hint + Mandelson, Blair, Starmer, Arsetair Campbellend, Hodge Coyle & cabal🔻

        Jeremy sacrificed his own DOCUMENTED long held beliefs, DENIED the youth a justification of those beliefs, … and if that was not bad enough, he abused his rare visitation from foggy high mountains hidden behind the thickest clouds, to voice the laughable script of his and our open enemies “CONSTRUCTIVE AMBIGUITY”. Why not sounds like the excrement of the “smart” “educated” set, who r happy to call the electorate and our Heartlands “stupid”, “uneducated” and “racists”🔻

        That’s what you get when people surround themselves with those who instead of eg referring to bloodthirsty occupiers, land-stealers, racist and murderers etc as they are, they prefer throwing about terms which have significance only amongst themselves🔻

        QUESTION – If academic definition of X or Y held any power in the minds of the GENERAL electorate, why would the likes of Starmer, Rayner, Mandelson, Blair etc proclaim loudly and proudly that they are firm tools of X or Y

        Basic straightforward logic. Not complicated. Not devious. Fundamental COMMON SENSE🔻🔻🔻

    2. Ludus57, Ummuna, Smeethe, TWatson, Berger were all as devious as Mandelson, Starmer, Brown, Charity plundering parasite Miliband … how r they doing with the electorate??? Put that suggestion 2 b “devious” in the garbage as “making offers they can’t refuse” even “yachts”, we’re myst b like “the Mafia”, we r a “football team”, we don’t air our disagreements in public, we need to play “dirty”, “good cop bad cop” etc etc etc.

      Ludus57 all of those r only myths accepted as givens. They r offered with the best SINCERE intentions, including most of those who supported the bonanza of appeasements and the abandonment of THOUSANDS including like Chris Williamson was. Some STILL fail to se that was not only unnecessary and unwise, but indecent as well. Completely INTEGRITY free. The incoherence of those who choose to believe otherwise is a startling eye opener to me.

      EVERYONE of those need a good PURE PAUSE and reflection. Do something COMPLETELY different for three or four months. No reading! No nothing!! I say no reading, because most people gravitate to what they have always read, and with which they ALWAYS agreed. Thereby REJECTING opportunities to have a NEW perspective!!!

      Note the confident but embarrassing suggestion of someone who spouted complete dross, that saying Jeremy appeared elsewhere, draws people away from despite 1️⃣ – Endless citations of facetwitting, BBC, guardian and others WITH LINKS. And 2️⃣ – Jeremy and MOST of his circle & SCG have failed to share their views on the most hospitable Such are the obstacles to progress embodied in one pop-upper. Imagine the dreadful effects of MORE necessary defeats, caused by just one like that in each “Left” CLP group throughout the country??? TRAGIC.

      We need to be clear and frank with those types. If they leave then that’s a PROFOUND blessing, because their attitudes helped put Starmer in place. What we see now could NEVER have happened without their immature fantasies. We will make ZERO progress with them determined to spout such bunker sewage.

      When Hodge told Jeremy he was an “F*****G a-S; suspending her immediately and then expelling her, did not need “deviousness”. It demanded straight forward common sense as would have been done in any other work environment. GROSS INSUBORDINATION plus bringing the party into disrepute, by Hodge boasting about her despicable behaviour on the media.

      Same re Mandelson, Blair, Ummuna, Berger etc. They would have been dismissed by any organisation led in a grown up REALISTIC way.

    1. That REVERSAL was ONLY achieved, because the YOUTH WING stood up, spoke up and defended themselves as EXPERIENCED ADULTS FAILED to do for FOUR WHOLE years PLUS a fifth🟥

      They prove they CHOOSE not to learn. They have NO PLACE in TRUE Labour doing as it should🟥

      It is with great anxiety and regret, that one who offers tremendous amounts of what’s needed has entered the swamp of doom-mongers, whiners about externalities especially the media.

      WARNING: u know who u r. U won without their dismal pathetic hiding and whining. FREE yourself from their damp. We are neither a social group, academic talking shop, nor creche for adults who CHOOSE to crave Mandelson, Campbellend, TWatson, Blair, Hodge, Evans & SIR starmer yet REFUSED to defend THOUSANDS including friends of over FORTY years🟥

      That is WILFUL deceit + backroom dealing. Backroom deals are unethical and indecent as anyone outside the backroom are taken for granted. ANYTHING based on lies and deceit is bound to produce more lies and deceits. Moreover that sucks memory bandwidth by needing to keep track of the last lies. Note Malcolm Coleman’s ridiculous rigmarole of farcical contradictions re: abandoning an elderly man on a toilet floor at the mercy of thugs. Once exposed, they were in a quandary. The team could not stuck to the first lie. PLUS the lies were so ridiculous, they exposed the low opinion the parasites have of reasoning and alertness amongst us.

      Our YOUTH WING is demonstrating what is possible. Next step: we must be frank and clear to any who show the slightest hint of not realising another way is EASILY possible. They will ALWAYS be those who have been soaked through and through with defeatism and tired excuses. That type will NEVER learn. Worse yet, having them anywhere near the controls… the ENGINE of change, is an OBVIOUS repetition of avoidable disasters.

      They must be thanked and invited to take their shocking incoherent shallow & often nonexistent understanding of decency, integrity, friendship, solidarity, comradely, kindness and gentleness elsewhere… PREFERABLY to those they LAVISHED their “kinder and gentler politics”. If they infected them with defeatism and victimhood, it would make our task easier.

      By the way, we do NOT need “spiritual leaders”. We are not some sick cult. And in any case we don’t need ANY of those who HANDED control to Mandelson, Evans, Blair & SIR starmer. They offer neither leadership nor the spirit we need.

      They offer MUCH WORSE than that. They REMAIN desperate
      D E S PE R A T E to be in an embrace with “them”. “THEM” being the most dishonest, heartless DEADLY money worshiping WAR-MONGERS alive today.

      What sort of person would CORRUPT others, especially more youth by encouraging us to “unify with” SIR starmer & Evans
      ⁉️🟨⁉️🟨⁉️ 🟨

      If they CHOOSE not to demonstrate at Conference that they are prepared to use the GREAT power and support they have against OPEN LIARS & WARMONGERS, then they would be proving once again that they are TRAGIC distractions. We need to return the “loyalty” of Mandelson & SIR starmer, CONCENTRATED and MULTIPLIED.

      There is no time to spare🔴🔴🔴

    2. Starmer and Evans may finally have been forced to realise they’ve gone too far. They have two choices now: bring their ludicrously overextended war against the Left to a quick end- possibly by, as a first step, admitting they were wrong ever to accuse Jewish party members of AS- and finally start working for unity and victory; or prepare themselves for the solid general election defeat which is the only possible result of their current “strategy”.

      1. The right of Labour deserves no unity, loyalty or communality.

        The only thing they deserve, is contempt. As illustrated by their actions.

      2. Exactly what they want! Keep the Tories in forever,take their wages and have none of the stress of being in power,the right in Labour are Tories with Tory values and are more than happy to be exactly where they are taking the bungs from Israel.
        If that isn’t the case, why is Starmer still leader? 20 points behind the worst PM in history? Would Corbyn still be leader with that record?

      3. SteveH: That is my point, SteveH. Starmer and Evans have spent their entire tenure in their jobs demanding unquestioning, absolute, silent, essentially robotic loyalty from left-wingers, while refusing to stop using false and totally unfounded accusations of “AS”- including accusations against people who are Jewish and therefore can’t BE anti-Semites, since no one can be bigoted against their own identity and ethnicity, and since no one outside anyone’s identity/ethnicity/religion can legitimately be ordered to support an already-concluded nationalist movement that claims to at in their identity’s name- have essentially barred all left-wingers from being selected as Labour candidates- even you, SteveH, would have to admit there’s no real difference between a “Labour moderate” and a Tory- and have made the vast majority of socialists feel completely unwelcome in the party,

        How can you think it could ever have been legitimate for Keir and Evans to demand all and impose all this and EXPECT the left wing to be ok with it?

        Why SHOULD the Left of the party have to accept a situation in which, by 2023, if they were to campaign and vote for Labour, they’d likely to be forced to support a party that has lowered itself to Blair’s policies on all issues, including foreign policy and war, and done so in an era when none of Blair’s domestic policies could possibly make any difference in anyone’s lives? And how does Keir win if, as seems likely, he drives everyone who supports Corbyn-era policies- none of which were wrong or unpopular- stays away from the polls in utter despair?

        Why not admit that it’s time for Keir to be the leader he PLEDGED to be- the one who would back inclusive democratic unity, who wouldn’t scrap Corbyn’s policies and who would enhance rather than crushing internal party democracy?

        Can you not at least admit, SteveH, that the polls prove that Keir has done Labour nothing but damage by refusing to be that leader and by, instead following Mandelson’s advice to drag the party back to the 1997 policies in an era where the polls prove nobody WANTS those policies back?

        It’s up to Keir to be the uniter- and he can only unite the party if he ends his stupid, pointless indefensible battle to drive all Corbyn supporters out of the party once and for all, unless they recant those policies as if they were medieval heresies.

  6. Re Mike Craig: ‘but having given them two years to change spots, …’. They won’t change spots; they have to be opposed. Stay a member and oppose.

  7. Excuse me but I’m not an ‘undesirable’; I’m a ‘deplorable’.

    1. Steve Richards, I’m happy to be grouped with the “undesirables” and “basket of deplorables” as Hillary Clinton described the voters. When i read the pulped crap of those who insult the electorate calling them “stupid” & “racist” & “uneducated”, i think PLEASE i want to be those they insult.

      May we never be CURSED with such a perverted idea of “virtuous”. Absolutely disgusting attitudes. A polite creche for us yet happy to insult the voters EVEN our own Heartlands. They refuse to accept truths of our own yet r happy to malign “the many”.

      I would never vote to keep ANY like that in ANY party i’m in. They demonstrate what’s wrong about politics in general and amongst the elite / metropolitan / clique who hog control of the “Left” IN PARTICULAR.

    2. And I’m an honourable bad jew
      Safest country in Europe for the Jewish Community thanks to people like Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party

  8. Wait until Starmer and Evans realise who I have as a friend on my list of ‘phone contactacts. They could be well up the creek without the proverbial.

    Although we’ve not texted recently, even after I was driven out of the party for being an undesirable, we did see each other regulary and I even went to a couple of new years eve parties at their home.

    Could be a bit awks if I was to say who it is.

    Just sayin’

      1. There’s a really bad stink in here, I can’t decide if it’s the stench of trolls. Or just the usual suspects bullshit.

      2. Nemtona – Just to be on the safe side you should check that you haven’t had an accident.

      3. Accidents are unforeseeable occurrences. Trolls turning up are as predictable as it’s possible to get.

        There’s never a Billy goat when you need one.

    1. If you can’t say who it is, don’t bring it up! How is this person/entity a threat to Keith? Is it Nemesis herself?

      1. I personally have no problem with cross dressing in the Labour party if that what the knight and his south Croydon click get up to,in fact I am told old mates from S.Croydon that its been going on for years.I am more concerned about the political cross dressing that enabled the knight to steal the leadership Actually Evens looks quite cute in a frock.,I wonder if Steve H Hall centrist Dad as a link he could give us to the Broad church brigade Parties?.regards and solidarity comrades..!

  9. As a former comrade of Pam’s when i was a member of West Harrow CLP Headstone South Ward I can vouch for the fact that she has been for several years a very conscientious and hard working local councillor and socialist. She is not afraid of asking questions of the Labour Party and is therefore branded as hard left by the nutters on the right of the Party.

    She was suspended a few years back following an entirely fabricated allegation that she had been anti-Semitic towards another member. After several weeks she was reinstated when it was found that there were no grounds to the allegation. Shortly before that he son Tom -who was then around 20 was expelled from the Party for speaking at a meeting of a group that the Party disapproved of although it had not been proscribed by Labour. To say Labour has been out to get Pam for a long time is in my opinion an understatement.

    Where as I have always respected and admired Pam I am afraid that I disagree with her view that the Labour Party can be salvaged. Labour is a spent force having won only 7 Gen Elections in 120 years (3 with majorities under 6) & its organisation is irredeemably perverse especially when you consider how for the past 20 years its (former) paid officers have made up an astonishing 49% of the PLP and the Party’s constitution is either ignored of made up by the senior executives as they go along. The Party is a sham and the only future for ordinary people lies outside of it.

    I wish Pam well in her struggle but it is only a distraction. The Lab right may want to get all of the lefties out but they will discover that it is nothing without them and lab will never find itself in power again.

  10. Don’t vote and stay or home. Or the pub. Or anything, except voting.

    1. Nvla, do u think the parasites in and out of Labour will don sackcloth & ashes and gnash their teeth and weep for half of a second

      1. No.

        They’ll double down until nothing remains.

      2. GMB has accepted “assurances” from parasites that EIGHTY staff will not be forced out, but accept “voluntary redundancies”.
        The FIFTY NINE seats Mandelson, Arsetair Campbellend, Weapons of Mass Destruction Blair Iraq, Hodge & SIR starmer BOASTED OPENLY that they “worked night and day” to lose, ➡️ £18,297.43 x 59 = £1,079,548.37
        “STATE short money”💰

        Funders have REFUSED to cover. Why❔
        OBVIOUS. SIR Remain Dip Stick Starmer’s tooling no longer needed. Funders don’t fail to learn as much as the “Left”. They’ve seen the DESPERATION of our high command to appease, despite kicks in the teeth over and over for FIVE YEARS and counting…💰

        GMB too have learnt nothing. As soon as Conference is done, COMPULSORY redundancies will commence. Our lot are slow to learn. In fact so slow; they r as useless as immobile💰

        A thought which occurred ages ago, returned yesterday. As children we listened attentively to Little Red Riding Hood. The youngest child, will tell any adult the moral of that story.
        ADULTS need study it. THAT and some of should be their only reading for the rest of 2021💰

        McCluskey’s lame threat months ago, as i predicted on AGES ago, amounted to a paltry £150,000 slash of stale piss. Four hundred and twenty one staff, three hundred and sixty seven full time, some of whom will be implicated in the disgraceful behaviour in the internal report, are reaping what they have helped to sow. Just as well they have the GMB, Len McCluskey, and Mandelson, Evans Hodge Blair Starmer brand of “loyalty” & “unity”.
        Fantastically fitting. No ? ? ❔

    1. Because they realised they can’t actually get away with rewarding the failed henchman of an unjustified plot to smear a left-wing Labour MP into giving up her seat so a hardline- and therefore inevitably corrupt and useless- Blairite candidate could be imposed to replace her in a by-election.

      It’s doesn’t vindicate Keir in any way at all.

  11. Momentum says in their e-mail to me “We need to build a socialist movement in Labour and beyond Labour….They are calling for a move to defeat the Labour first motion to dismantle the Gaza government.which would mean all-out war in Palestine and drag the middle East and a large part of Asia into a war.against the Zionist regime in Israel.Whats significant in the email is the determination to succeed and fight back.Has I always thought Momentum can and will if expelled form a new socialist working class party..Theres still the fly in the ointment of jon lansman and his weakened grip on momentum.

  12. Temporary Embarrassment to a real life socialist
    Heads I win Tails your party is fucked

    1. Doug its all getting a bit racy for me following the life and times of a leader of the Labour party and knight of the realm.,who’d a thought and all we need is Nemtona who has opened a can of blab and its game set and match..We must be told..!just whats been going on and especially of his activities at the parties as nemtona as alleged.

      1. Joseph
        To say its unsustainable gets you a 1st Class Honours Degree in the bleedin obvious
        The only thing we never know is what bursts the bubble
        My preference is to bankrupt the fuckers if nothing is done at conference

  13. I left Labour 10 seconds after the Neo-Liberal promoting Trilateral Commission member Mr Starmer was elected, after I had been in Labour for 40 years (Mr S I think has been in Labour less than 10 years?) and I supported Jeremy Corbyn from the start cos he agreed with us genuine socialists!
    With the Labour Right I think I saw what was coming as the Neo-Liberal capitalist Lump of Wood Starmer tries to demonstrate to the rich and powerful that his Labour is absolutely NO threat to their wealth & power and all they ask for in return is crumbs for diverse working people!
    I respect the genuine socialists who have decided to stay and fight in Labour (although they are funding the Right to crush them with their subs).
    And in fact I love them but perhaps the 500,000 genuine socialists in the UK (mainly in Labour) and those now out like me can co-exist?
    Of course the rest of the Left in Labour (although they will not like it) may be forced out and may end up joining us and becoming the new many.
    Perhaps we need a Left Wing Democratic Socialist List for the next GE (crowd funded) where such Socialists by area (and sectarian Left parities & vanguardist factions not allowed) choose a left wing democratic socialist fighter in each constituency to stand against the Tory, Lib Dem, & Right Wing Labour MPs but NOT against Left Wing Labour candidates (if they survive the Right Wing Labour purge).
    And perhaps Left Wing Labour activists should withdraw their labour from helping the Labour Right MPs & just help Labour Left candidates.
    We just need critical thinking, imagination and political courage.
    Solidarity to the genuine socialists on here and equally to socialist readers.

    1. “We just need critical thinking, imagination and political courage” and a hell of a lot more support than CW.

    2. While we still can, i respect accepted definitions of “corrupt” and “institutionally corrupt”. Charles Mountbatten’s minion offered significant help to a very monied Saudi Arabian donor to get British Citizenship AND a Knighthood‼️‼️‼️ “HAPPY TO HELP”.

      That’s the way they roll. Betty in the many council palaces, have brought up ALL her sprogs disgustingly badly. Corrupt scroungers. They go out of their way to befriend cross-continental child traffickers and abusers like Jeffrey Epstein.

      While she and Charlie LOVE hob-knobbing (sic) with filthy rich head & hand choppers, public floggers, fermenters of pilots to fly into tall buildings (and short ones too, like the Pentagon).

      That’s Betty and her children. Gloved hand for “the many”, but flesh to fresh with despots. That’s the story of the Filthy Establishment.

  14. Errr – about being devious – this means not letting your left hand know
    what your right hand is doing. Above all – never never never show your hand.

    My policy regarding the Labour party – don’t leave but organise and if this means being devious – so be it. Sometimes that is the only way to treat bullies who are everywhere unfortunately. as you all know

    I have met many – eg a known senior management bully at my workplace (in Education) who made everyone miserable and sometimes ill through stress was also extremely lazy. It was a hard job making sure the students were OK and keeping other senior management informed of problems with this guy. I used to spend ages working out how to
    do this without directly criticising him – I found swimming best to get my best ideas! Now this
    might seem cowardly but we did get rid eventually and he was promoted to somewhere
    he could do least harm to both students and other staff. of course this is unjust but maybe
    at some stage Karma will catch up?

    Whatever the case – the disastrous LP leadership seems to be getting through
    to some in the Labour Party. For example see Neil Kinnock on Labour List and his remark
    on “reduce to six pledges”.

    His speech is treated with hilarity here – in that little policy has been evident but note that
    Kinnock is referring to the original ten pledges made by Starmer – making this a particular emphasis! He then pointedly ignores the fact that these have been ditched by Starmer and replaced by god knows what.

    I think we have to read between the lines here .. for Kinnock also mentions
    Momentum .. a quite weird speech but who cares if its does the job?
    Kinnock is a politician and must see the damage that is being done and the fact that
    Starmer hasn’t a clue about political strategy . What would be best would be for Starmer to resign and be bunged upwards to the House of Lords where he could do least damage. I know this will not be popular here for Kinnock is unpopular. It is also unjust but that’s life.

    The question remains – who will replace him? Someone mentioned Barry Gardner and I
    agree. He has made mistakes but admitted them and learned from them. Unfortunately his somewhat discursive and slow manner of speaking has resulted in sneers from the MSM in
    spite of the fact that his speeches have both content and logic. He is also – mostly honest even if he is not as left wing as some would like.

    I cannot see Gardner spouting nonsense about agile methods without understanding what they are. A read of the lengthy wiki on the subject can mostly be skipped to its conclusion
    that it is doubtful if these methods have an advantage over traditional ones but the
    time taken for staff to re-learn them – make them not worth while .

    Sorry this is so long – I have had several tries at posting and not succeeded. I post
    on a light hearted site concerned with Soaps and I think I needed to use the
    same name here as I use there.. grrrr – we will see ..

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