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Exclusive: interview with Breakthrough party’s first councillor as Sam Cooper resigns from Labour (video)

The Breakthrough party now has its first councillor, after Keighley’s Sam Cooper – councillor for Woodhouse and Hainworth – resigned from Labour to join Breakthrough because of her disgust with Keir Starmer’s conduct as Labour leader

Breakthrough is a new democratic socialist party which aims to fill the political space created by Labour’s lurch to the right under Keir Starmer’s leadership. In a statement on her move, Ms Cooper said:

Under the new leadership, the Labour Party has turned its back on the people I was elected to represent and I can no longer look them in the eye while remaining in the Party. “There are some truly good people in Labour and those people will always have my respect. But as a primary school teacher and mother of two young children, I can’t watch the Party walk back on its support for the trade unions, on its proud and unwavering support for the most vulnerable groups in our society, at the same time keeping MPs who ally themselves with those who make the world more dangerous for people I love. As a teacher, I asked my party for solidarity during the pandemic, in a time when our union had never needed support more. I didn’t get it.

Ms Cooper spoke exclusively to Skwawkbox about the reasons for her decision to resign, about the new leadership’s distaste for unions and working-class people, about the need for a community-based movement – and about what she feels are the prospects in the UK’s political landscape for new left parties:

Welcoming Ms Cooper to the Party, Breakthrough leader Alex Mays said:

Samantha embodies everything Breakthrough stands for – she’s unashamedly socialist, incredibly passionate about her local community, and wants to fight for a better and fairer society.

Her support for campaigns around free school meals and Black Lives Matter, as well as her tireless community work for the people of Keighley, is a testament to that. As our first ever councillor, she will have a big responsibility in setting out what Breakthrough can do at a local level and I’m looking forward to seeing that in action. This a proud moment for our party and hopefully Samantha will be the first of many Breakthrough councillors! Samantha grew up on naval bases mostly on the South Coast before her father left the Navy and settled in Shipley.

My Mum used to leaflet for the Labour Party as a child with my Grandad. He was a miner, and a conscripted soldier. Old school Labour Party! I used to dream of becoming a Labour MP and taking his photo with me to

I joined Labour because I believed that they had the backs of people like the miners and the unions. My Grandad made sure I joined the union when I got into teaching. ‘Stick with your union and they’ll see you
right,’ he would say.

“What I took from that was solidarity and always looking to see who needed a hand up. I used to feel confident that Labour left no one behind. Labour supporters in Keighley are brilliant but since the change
of leadership, the Party has turned its back on them.

I’ve joined Breakthrough to fight for the radical policies that so many of the people in Keighley and the rest of the country so desperately need. That means fighting for secure jobs that pay decent wages, affordable homes, good schools and a properly funded public health and social care system.

Breakthrough is a democratic socialist party founded earlier this year that says it is working with other progressive parties to break the two-party stranglehold on power and to give voters a real choice.

The Party plans to stand candidates in parliamentary and local government elections to challenge the political status quo and, in
particular, the Labour Party’s abandonment of many of its core voters, especially the under 40s.

Earlier this year, Labour signalled its lack of interest in community-based activism when it shut down its community organising unit and laid off its team in the middle of the pandemic.

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  1. like Aspire Party defeating Mandelson’s Starmer in Tower Hamlets by-election on Thursday, here again a new parry crushes the Mandelson advised Starmer outfit.

    1. Yes – brilliant!

      Bur remember, Aspire is (wiki says) a “minor political party in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets formed by the former mayor Lutfur Rahman and councillors elected as members of his party, Tower Hamlets First. After Tower Hamlets First was removed from the register of political parties following voting fraud and malpractice, its councillors formed the Tower Hamlets Independent Group (THIG).[1][2] After some defections, the remaining Tower Hamlets Independent Group councillors later registered formally as a political party in January 2018.[3] Most of its elected members were former Labour Party members, with a few exceptions. It was the largest political opposition on Tower Hamlets Council prior to the 2018 May elections.”

      I am very pleased that “Aspire stood in the by-election to the Weavers ward of Tower Hamlets, with candidate Kabir Ahmed winning with 47%,” but we need a national initiative – not hundreds of instances of localised success.

      If the SCG isn’t trying to co-ordinate democratic socialist members and former members of Labour, maybe we need to do it ourselves, and could learn a lot from Alex Mays; Breakthrough initiative – feeding it from within Sir Keir’s anti-Labour maybe?

      1. Yes qwertboi, i’m aware of Aspire’s founder’s doings. My highlighting their win was to help erase myths of needing media support etc, which u may realise i find tiresome, especially as evidence to the contrary are abundant.

        We need to ask HOW they were able to win??? They to my knowledge had no focus on niche bunker TV stations or social media as a be all and end all. I bet they were going OUT to the general public. Also they left and acted, they were not waiting for others to do that for them. I bet they never scream at new members to form a new party which self confessed old experienced members or non members or ship jumpers failed to do. Have you noticed, those are the angriest types. If people wish to form a new party good luck to them. If they leave and form one then BRILLIANT. They show something that we need desperately – COURAGE OF CONVICTIONS rather than pathetic whining cant dos buts buts buts dont dont dont.

        Ny citing the successes of Aspire etc does not mean that i feel that is my choice. I’ve been plain early o’clock. We must return ASAP in FULL concentrated strength MULTIPLIED, the ‘loyalty’ and ‘unity’ of Mandekson’s Evans, Starmer & cabal. But with stealth. I glimpsed someone saying today that they hope they could stimulate their expulsion in some way. WHY??? Such comes from understandable frustrations. BUT, that has been our problem. Lots of rash… impulsive purely emotional responses to the parasites. There is either extreme keeping heads down, the most convoluted deliberations of STILL hoping to convert the parasites or entice them to leave, then flaming anger. Understandable but short of thought. I notice people prioritise getting some strange satisfaction from shallow response to the parasites, like sticking one’s tongue out then running away. People seem genuinely powerless. Yet quite odd, they seem content entertaining types who reinforce their sense of helplessness by hammering and screaming more helplessness in. I have NEVER seen that behaviour before. That’s one HUGE bonus from getting involved. Now i understand why things have been as they are. External forces worshiped as omnipotent. Then LITERALLY worshiping them with the most valuable sacrifices including THOUSANDS of members and their own beliefs. Then blame the general public for rightly concluding / asking – WHAT OTHER LONG HELD BELIEFS and WHO ELSE would be sacrificed⁉️⁉️⁉️

        “Smart” people are too “Smart” to see that… and sooo “virtuous” and “educated” they call the general public “racist” and “stupid” and “uneducated”. Strange virtue.

        Which reminds me, i heard Ken Loach speak for a good half hour yesterday. He was absolutely excellent of course. Quite disappointing that it took his expulsion to appear from a long silence in & absence from the GENERAL WIDEST public. Bet like so many, he was trying to “keep head down”. That NEVER works in public life when you threaten the status quo. Our vision must be PRESENTED with SUSTAINED dynamism to the WIDEST public.

        If we are are always around those who agree with us, then we are TOO OFTEN in the wrong place. Basic logic. That’s why i was stunned when i think two strange people popped up with the most embarrassingly ridiculous idea that we should not listen to the mainstream media. Mary Whitehouse unwitting arrogance. Part of the same package of disdain for the general public, PLUS ignorant of the obvious that Jeremy and many of our “Left” big wigs have NEVER to my knowledge appeared on I wish those embarrassments will take their complaints directly to Jeremy, McCluskey George Galloway and Ken Loach. From the very first time i heard Ken Loach when he spoke up to confront media attacks four years ago, i thought, we need him speaking up at least WEEKLY!!! But as ever, he too suffers from the cosy seeking disease of pop up then vanish!!! Though he is elderly, so could be excused. But we should not wait until the last minute to defend ourselves then weirdos shriek you see what happens when u speak up!!! QUESTIONS – HOW could such utter nonsense prevail … even be encouraged by not calling it out??? What effect does that have on future behaviour of unassertive younger members??? Are such attitudes ingredients of success???

        ANYWAY – i just heard, approx 16:14hrs a UN spokesperson saying that the Taliban gave assurances in Doha🔥

        This is the first i’ve heard of CONFIRMATIONS of any such meetings of the USA, UK, UN doing deals with the Taliban this year🔥

        The spokesman then lambasted the Taliban’s record and their current behaviour going house to house etc now, as if this very day C17 were not taking off and dropping to their deaths, desperate people who were clinging on🔥

        Yet this very morning we hear and can see online news photos of the CONTINUING ‘exit’ of USA & UK military and embassy personnel commenced on the weekend as authorised by PRESIDENT BIDEN. Meanwhile the firmer USA UK planted governor fled a few days ago in a helicopter with four cars STUFFED full of CASH. He had to leave even more cash behind🔥

        It is obvious that giving warning to the USA UK cultivated Mujahideen now morphed into the Taliban (students), PLUS a sudden exit, was GUARANTEED to ignite the present horrors. DELIBERATE in my opinion🔥

        It seems clear to me that these actions of Biden, PREDICTABLE and PREDICTED right here on IMMEDIATELY after he took office, continue to unfold. First the connivance with occupiers to bomb the long suffering Palestinians, now this🔥

        This is a deliberate attempt to inflame an excuse to resume endless bombings of Afghanistan to feed the military industrial complex🔥

        About a week and a half ago, it was surprising to hear ONE media report that Blair was “NO LONGER going to return to politics”. It struck me, it was not made explicit before that the creature was on a plot to return. Of course it was obvious but not explicit🔥

        Very similar to when the creature’s backroom campaign to become the FIRST EU President with enhanced powers (including to command an army). Only then we heard explicit that secret plots had been abandoned. Still, that announcement was curiously striking, as if something else was afoot🔥

        THIS is what was afoot. You see, Ex Presidents and PM’s are briefed as a “courtesy” on diverse matters including state security and international shenanigans. In my opinion the Blair war criminal, anxious with its GUILT re the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 (i think) and the ongoing CATASTROPHE that is its Iraq, the Blair creature put that announcement out to SHEILD it from obvious questions. The media would have been inviting their usual infestation of choice, and declining would have raised uncomfortable questions🔥

        The fact is, the Blair creature is desperate… DESPERATE D E S P E R A T E to be worshiped in the limelight, but has finally realised that a few people realise that it must NEVER be enabled to commit more Thatcherite crimes. And so we must SUSTAIN a light on its war crimes and lies. We must be determined to keep its legacy as OVER A MILLION BLAIR enabled KILLINGS IN IRAQ just to keep a SECRET promise to George Bush🔥

        The BLAIR creature is only PAUSING its greedy glossy SELF ENGORGED political ambitions until impending military horrors calm down🔥

        I hope i’m wrong but as stated on, USA’s Blair – Biden is doing as predictable, without the 24 hr media attacks… notably from the BBC and Guardian … for the “smart” “educated” people… expect FULL ON BOMBING of Afghanistan within hours if not days🔥
        As soon as UK & USA personnel have left the Afghans behind Biden will rain bloodshed as of old. At least one plane full of UK personnel have already returned here. I’m unsure as to how many Afghans fell from the UK crafts to their dreadful deaths🔥

        ALL is money and power. That is all. The military industrial complex is getting its reward for funding the same old same old Biden. Only the “smart” set failed to see that. Lives do not matter. Nor women’s welfare. If they did then surely Biden would be bombing his chums in Saudi Arabia and even in Singapore where they still flog women in public on a regular basis🔥

        The worst thing “the many” can do ANYWHERE is entrust their hopes in people who think them “stupid”. Those condescending people as as blind as they were born. They read and read but learn nothing. They gorge on BBC TV ‘news’ then parrot that utter garbage. They are forever busy thinking they know strategy, which is nothing more than embarrassing limp ideas of how not to upset those they feel are immovable and “clever”. Those people are a burden . Their long record of over thirty years proves that. They are the type who could never imagine the OBVIOUS products of enabling Biden and Starmer. We are living the tragedy. They repeat their errors. Akin to the saying; they look away from their mirrors and promptly forget what they look like. Even more accurate, like dogs returning to their own vomit🔥

        That’s how the status quo keeps turning and “the many” pay the price. That’s the tragedy. Ditto ANYWHERE where people suffer; NEVER put your trust in ANYONE who exclude you with their backroom deals🔥

        NEVER give a single millilitre of respect to ANYONE who even thinks you are uneducated, never mind say it and write it. Tell them, yes, you are happy not to be as educated as Biden, Blair Johnson or Starmer…

        We are not a cosy creche or bunker. Those unable to read honest CONSTRUCTIVE opinions for CHANGE, then scroll past. My thoughts are NEVER meant for you. Your type caused this mess. The Bidens, Blairs Johnsons Hodges Starmers Evans of this world could NEVER do their evils without “smart” “educated” people EXACTLY like you.


  2. All these different bloody Parties! We can’t WIN this BATTLE, if everyone runs in opposite directions! We NEED UNITY and We NEED SOLIDARITY!
    We do not need 5/6/7+++ Socialist Parties WE NEED ONE!
    ONE PARTY, can have many different views and opinions and still remain ONE FACTION! How can we entice serious Socialist MPs, Counsellors, SLPs etc to ‘Jump Ship’ when we’re mucking about forming a new Party every time Someone LEAVES!
    We can’t BEAT Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES OR Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES like this, UNITE NOW or Perish!
    May I suggest someone starts talking sweet with UNITE and we plan forming The UNITED SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY/MOVEMENT, and all these Little Parties and The Socialist Party UNITE under that one umbrella! So long as it Accepts Centre Left Democratic Socialism as the Bare Bones, obviously all the rest, but the bare bones they’re is Welcome!
    So long as we NEVER make the mistake of allowing a POLAR OPPOSITE FACTION anywhere near us again, most certainly NOT Thatcher’s Neoliberal TORIES!

    1. Oh, these sockpuppets are getting desperate now aren’t they now that more and more X-Labour members see this stay and fight mantra as just a trap to ensure continued funding for the scum and the legitimacy of membership numbers.

      OK, I will come back if finally one of you stay and fight lot explain one simple question you all avoid that says everything to me! ‘How are you going to remove 95% of backroom party workers that are employed and you have NO power of hire and fire over?’

      Oh, that’s right YOU CAN’T so I suggest you STFU about this stay and fight. Because all you do is support the same scum that has turned Labour from a socialist party to a right-wing cult and is rapidly sheading support and MP’s as people finally see it’s just a tory-lite BS zombie party with a red rosette that relies on people keep on voting for a name.

      Even if magically you manage to remove all the right-wing Tory-lite cult MP’s that you have 0% chance of ever doing BTW! You still will be left with a hostile party that will be briefing against you and just a repeat of the 1017 & 21019 elections with the same level of hate from the party and press as well no thanks.

      Why the living hell whould we want to repeat the same mistakes again and again expecting a different outcome that is the definition of sodding madness! So no I will not be giving scumbags money, my support or even vote until there is a socialist ONLY party to support.

      Labour party is NOT socialist FFS it’s not even left-wing anymore and these so-called Socialist MP’s are usless. They just want to hide, make a few comments and then silence… I demand more than silence! While the membership is attacked, while JC is kicked out, while the entire party is taken over by the right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0 Blairite ideology. We all deserve more than sodding silence, acceptance and timid cowardice.

      If that is socialism to you then it’s not what I was taught by my socialist parents and grandparents. That all voted Labour their entire lives and were members! I despise what these assholes have done to the once great Labour party and are so glad they are gone so they don’t have to see this ultimate betrayal

      So NO I WILL NOT STAY, I won’t give money or support to sodding Torys! If this new party starts generating and expanding then I may well join but Labour? Nope, you walked away from my ideology, don’t ask me to change and vote and or support scumbags because I won’t!

      1. WOW! DisabledGrandad, you have your knickers in a right twist! You have somehow warped everything I said into both agreeing with me and fighting with because of it! Go and get a cup of Tea and relax a bit!
        Fascinating that you and used to have many good conversations 2015 to 2020, well I guess time changes everything.
        I am sorry that you get so upset every so often when I post, but I can assure you I will never ask you to Join a Party Most Certainly not one that is TORY OCCUPIED!
        Democratic Socialism is Centre Left and yes there is a VAST difference between Purist/Fundamentalist Socialism, which I too would be much happier to support, but sadly Britain has become Anti-Socialist like the USA is Anti-Communist/Socialist and we need a stepping stone into Government. The only stepping stone is Democratic Socialism and look how much the Bastards fought against that!
        What I suggest A LOT, is that We VOTE OUT the Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES and VOTE IN the Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, AT THE BALLOT, NOT JOIN THE PARTY. I sure bloody WOULD NOT, NOT UNTIL THE PARASITE TORIES ARE OUT!
        So SUGGESTING that standing on the field and screaming Charge, and Everyone Scarpers in a Different Directions, Instead of directly at ‘The Enemy’ is a Bad Idea is profoundly upsetting you? Is it not a better idea to form ONE Party with One strategy against ‘The Enemy’ and Fight as One!?
        “‘How are you going to remove 95% of backroom party workers that are employed and you have NO power of hire and fire over?’”
        Firstly they will have no MP to work for, hence like any other business that has shrunk and changed hands, they will be thanked for their time. The few remaining will be minimal, then we need to start De-Toryfying The Unions! And no it wont happen overnight, but I am sure a lot will, once we are Rid of the Parasite TORIES!
        “I suggest you STFU”
        NOT EVER PET! I will NEVER Shut The Fuck Up and for NO FUCKER!
        Now I am sorry, but I don’t have The Energy for this shit, Jesus Fucking Christ, go and get some cucumbers on your eyes or something, FFS!
        Hope you feel better soon!

    2. skellyknelly – “We NEED UNITY”
      Wasn’t there a party called Left Unity, what happened to them?

      1. Yes, WE do indeed need Unity, but never with you and your PARASITE TORY PARTY!
        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour TORY Party were the reason why Left Unity was formed, because of you TORY PARASITES!
        I would suspect like Ken Loach they rejoined Labour when it was The UK Labour Party and got booted when it returned to Thatcherite Neolabour TORIES, as for now you’ll have to search it like a big boy!

      2. Hey, Steve- wasn’t there a party called Labour, and what happened to THAT? Oh, right, Keir’s still slowly murdering it.

  3. DESPITE CONSTANT sabotage against Labour “night and day” by Mandelson Evans Hodge Blair Starmer & cabal, yet ANOTHER seat TRUE Labour held, has just been lost by Mandelson advised Starmer🛑

    Peter Mandelson advised Starmer beaten THRASHED run out of town on Thursday night BY a NEW PARTY🛑

    Aspire Party BRAND NEW, won safe Labour seat – Tower Hamlets Weavers Ward by-election with 46.2% vote share, i.e. 1204 votes out of 2607 cast. 28% turnout. FORTY SIX point two percent🛑 How much did strategist Mandelson advised Starmer get⁉️⁉️⁉️

    Once again oh so “brilliant”, “clever”, “smart” Mandelson ‘advised’ SIR Keith Starmer have been crushed. CRUSHED🛑

    1. Fantastic News, but like ALL Spoilt Brat Rich Kids, who don’t get their way, if/when Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour/Conservative Party TORIES are threatened in any way the Little Apples’ of their Big Daddy’ The Elites, Establishment, The Machine will come out like a “raging bull” with the full force of every Spin, Scam, Smear Lie, MSM, Pollsters, MSSM, Intelligence Agency, Voters Commission, Troll Armies, etc, etc and make it ALL right again!

    2. It’s been suggested by a number of people that the Tower Hamlets disaster is the reason Starmer purged Ken Loach- he sacrificed an innocent person just to get some misdirection.

  4. This is about The Above Austin Tweet, I understand SB not allowing Comments on News regarding that TWUNT’!
    “Should get a Job” made me think though about 2019 especially when The Red Wall struck out at us instead of remain United, not just the Red Wall but a Massive chunk of Labour. We’d see TORY Clichés like ‘should get a job’, etc Classic The Sun Talk and from the Remainers we had The Classic Guardian Talk!
    Blair in bed with Murdoch and The Sun dragging the once Centre Left Voters DEEP into Torydom and Mandelson/Campbell in bed with the Guardians/New Statesman/Spectator, dragging the once Centre Left Voters DEEP into Torydom, with a plumb in their mouth!
    None of them stupid, but all of them Conned, Grifted and Scammed!
    Who knows perhaps all this “magic” from Starmer will snap them out of their Slumber, if it hasn’t started already!

  5. “Labour Breakthrough” Love It!

    I might be (just about) managing to not leave Sir Keir’s anti-Labour party (yet), so if I -or any the hundreds of former members of my CLP – even have a fleeting thought about Alex Mays’ wonderful Breakthrough initiative, I might be setting myself up for Sir Keir’s Fat Controller to auto-expel me for maybe contributing to the existence of an electoral opponent

    Respect to Samantha Cooper. Her statement says what hundreds of thousands of us feel.

    1. Quertboi….You are giving me a guilt trip when I call for members to leave the Labour party.I see myself in a crowd in New York shouting “jump jump” whilst you desperately cling to the balcony,hanging on just incase she comes back? Go on comrade jump its lonely being a ghost.regards comrade!

    2. Sigh so you whould rather support and legitimise the same people you claim to hate? Wierd!

      You give them money, you give them legitimacy with membership numbers that they wave around to convince fools that the entire ideology isn’t Tory as it is now.

      So nope I won’t vote for a zombie party with a red rosette just because I alwase did. I will instead give my energy, money and vote for socialism not Tory-lite new Labour 2.0 BS the old Labour party is dead, The right wing cancer killed the body it just hasn’t stopped twitching just yet. But judging by the stink it won’t be to much longer before it falls apart!

      So thanks for trying to get us to stay and support this cult I decline went through Blair once that was enought certainly don’t need son of sodding Blair thanks.

      As above I will keep on asking the same question you want me to stay answer this simple question?

      How are you going to remove 95% of staff that supports this cult that are employed and we as members have nothing no control over in any shape or form?

      Until you do that and oh get rid of 99% of the MP’s and magically replace them all you will just repeat 2017 & 2019 elections with all the same stupid BS again.

      If you want to keep on fantasying that’s fine it won’t ever change but carry on just don’t ask others to do the same. You are either delusional or worse a sock puppet for this cult to stop members leaving.

      1. Grey Swans, i don’t speak for Breakthrough, but i suspect, judging from their ability to score a win so swiftly, they have attended to a ‘basic’ ie attitude, ingrained beliefs. As u can see, as i have seen even here on people r extremely and bewilderingly resistant to change. I scanned just above one such asking for others to explain why he should remain? I suspect Breakthrough organiser is trying to avoid delivering the “Tutonic” response – Not you to that individual. It takes a lot of telling as last year or year before i said “Not You” and scroll past etc several times, but they remain impenetrable. It may sound harsh but SOME people find it quite difficult to change sincerely held beliefs in myths. Conservative, without realising it.

        It is a harsh catch all, but even though when i post, it is an expression of views for a wider readership not a clique, it is quite tiresome to see demands for repeating failed pathetic attitudes. Worse yet “experienced” people asking the young to justify their views and more ridiculously asking the young to do what they the angry shriekers failed to do in all their many DECADES. Breakthrough i guess is attempting to avoid those drains of time and spirit eg people who want to hear nice limp useless compliments or whining about externalities.

        Breakthrough’s is a crude method, but they are just trying to save bandwidth. Even Ken Loach, as impressive +++ as he was last night, though he was rightly robust in his condemnation of Starmer, he did not condemn Starmer’s collaborators ie Mandelson, the War Criminal Blair, Hodge and Campbell in particular. I sensed he did not seem prepared to highlight the one way slanted altar of the “Broad Church” causing the parasites gobbling up all the sacrifices and offering none.

        Having said so, Ken was otherwise superbly almost comprehensive, so easy to miss something when there is so much that needs saying. I’v not been able to hear him if he turned up today as i’v been busy, BUT i suspect he did the usual “Left” disappearing act, to some clique which already agrees with us.

        When EVEN the exceptional Ken does that, were it my new party, i would never discriminate crudely like breakthrough, BUT i’d certainly vet RIGOROUSLY+++ We don’t all have to be in a political party to get a Socialist party into government. In fact we can all see from the last four years; that is counter intuitively counter productive. Too much of a rabble / unfocused talking shop and more people to whine with good intentions at externalities. Defeatism in bulk rather than a lean determined team of people with conviction.

        There are very visible indicators / symptoms of potential drains to bandwidth and spirits. At least one poster today displays a few of those symptoms above which no progressive group would want in their team. Fine for a casual impromptu social group, but a burden when things need getting done.

        Stick with your convictions and give your all to your Grey Swans!!! All success!!! We share the same aims i feel. But we must allow others to do as they see fit unless we are prepared to do as others demand of us.

  6. Worth looking at the morning star editorial on ken loach,also final week of unite election and comments from editor regarding were Labour and the unions are now under Starmer.Austins not worth a comment but always happy to see red tory tribute act given a thrashing…..well done ✔

  7. austin… Birth parents didn’t wanna know.

    Don’t like it, milord? Tough shit. I don’t like you.

  8. Perhaps we need co-operation and in the GE a Left Wing Democratic Socialist List of one candidate in each CLP but not standing against what the 50 or so Left Wing Labour MPs (that is if they survive the Right Wing Labour attacks?).
    I have sent for more info on Breakthrough, it is good that it seems to be happening from below but as I say we need to link up on a National scale too.
    Solidarity With Socialists!

    1. That is a hopeful, I share Bazza, If we vote all the Neolabour Party TORIES OUT and ALL The UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates IN as a united collective, with only one thing in mind and that is to get ALL the Parasites OUT! Even as a small Party with a few One Footers, like RLB, Dawn, etc, dependent on how deep that bloody foot is of course, and adding the seats we’ll take back from The Conservative Tories, the Neolabour Party TORY seats we give to the Conservative TORIES would be and are FAR MORE Dangerous than the Conservative TORIES, because they are Preventing The PEOPLE from having an OPPOSITION to this Disastrous Government, The PEOPLE will stand a better chance with a Smaller but CONFIDENTLY OPPOSITION Party, than Starmer/Evans’ Typically TORY Culture of Fear! They are Robbing The PEOPLE of Democratic Socialist “The Left” Representation, They Robbed The PEOPLE of GE2017 AND GE2019, They PREVENT/ED The PEOPLE from seeing The End of 42 Years of Thatcherite Neoliberal Conservative/Neolabour Party TORY HELL, they will continue Sabotaging, Conniving, Smearing, Backstabbing, Destroying the chances of a Socialist Government, for as long as we allow their presence, because they work for the same Elites/Establishment as their Contemporaries and Colleagues The Conservative Party TORIES, their AIM to keep Socialists out of Nr 10, their weapon, Tri/Bo/Unilateral Commission, Smear, Spin Lies, MSM, MSSM, etc!
      The only Place we can change that Indefinitely, Tactically, Well Planned and as a Collective is at the Ballot Box. BUT then we also need to see the Ballot Boxes secured between the Poll Station and Counting Centre between 22:00 and up to 22:30ish! The bastards must have no chance!
      With a reduced BUT Parasite Free Party we WILL have an OPPOSITION and with busting our body parts until the next GE to ensure EVERY Seat is covered with a DESCENT Candidate and Strong involvement in The Community, The People will have FINALLY Their Party Back and The PEOPLE will have their Government in situ! as it SHOULD BE!

  9. Faux ‘hardcase’ ian austin (he who loves confrontation and thinks it’s patriotic for britain to go to war – but wouldnt go himself, or send his own offspring) should go to a job centre around here and tell people to get a job.

    In fact, he should lead by example and join g4s as a security goon at a jobcentre around here… See how long he’d remain conscious for if he took that attitude with the ‘punters’ , the fucking divvy.

    Not that that’d be a REAL job. Not one involving manual labour, which would probably crucify that gobshite after five minutes, of his workmates hadn’t flattened him by then.

    1. Ian Austin and John Woodcock being elevated to the HoL for ‘service to the Tory party’, still rankles. Totally unjustified and without merit.

      Given up hope too for Starmer’s Pledge 8, which commits him to, ‘Abolish the House of Lords – replace it with an elected chamber of regions and nations.’ … Yet another hollow pledge from a hollow man.

      1. Lords should be replaced by a Decentralised Parliamentary Commission who are interactive and in good communication with The Electorate, they must lay out all the beans on every MP! People must know from their information sharing EXACTLY who they are voting for and who every Group/Body within each Party are and what their Values are and also perhaps deal with Racism accusations, taking it out of the Party’s Hands altogether as an Independent and Decentralised Commission for a Fair and Just Solution!

      2. skellyknelly. Starmer’s faction hold the likes of Lords’ Austin, Woodcock and Mann in high regard for their attacks on Corbyn and the left. And as we know the ‘Dark Lord’ Mandelson is Starmer’s key adviser.

        Absolutely no chance of Starmer abolishing or even reforming the HoL. Labour will continue to used the partially hereditary, wholly unelected second chamber as a nice cushy retirement home for RW friends and allies.

    2. He’s the sort who relies on People Flattening him! I wonder how many People carry a GBH’s thanks to his Motor Mouth, going off on one! Not agreeing with Violence but some have aggressive, violence inducing in their mouths!

  10. As the Breakthrough party states it is for people aged under 40, could Corbynite socialist Labour councillors aged from 50, leave Labour party membership, after helping me to start the Over 50s party (policies ages 1 to 100) that has added to updated 2017 Jeremy Corbyn’s lost election manifesto, Grey Vote / 1950s to 1980s born pension
    policies, please?

    Breakthrough party founder Alex Mays is a member of Grey Swans pension group, but has never helped people aged over 50, yet Over 50s party is for every age, but unique in UK history in unravelling the increasing discrimination against women aged over 50, from all parties, no matter the politics.

    Contact me through website over50sparty org uk

  11. As Ms Cooper was elected by her constituents as a Labour councillor when is she going to do the honourable thing and resign so that the voters can decide whether or not they want a ‘Breakthrough’ councillor representing them.

    1. Maybe I’ll write to her and suggest she does that ………………… the day after a certain contributor makes a positive comment.

      1. goldbach – If she has any integrity then she won’t need to be prompted by you.

      2. SteveH davidh SH it is unclear if u made the same request of Ummuna, Smeeth, Ellman, Berger⁉️⁉️⁉️ i may have missed it.

      3. windchime – I have no idea. However I do know that you won’t find any posts from me expressing support for the likes of Berger and her ‘Tinge’ collogues.

    2. SteveH. We were told by the Independent Group aka. Change UK, that their mandates were votes for them personally, and not the Labour party and its manifesto, the policies of which, they were elected to implement.

      Chuka and co completely rejected the idea of calling by-elections to seek a new mandate, and Starmer’s faction in the PLP said nothing on the subject about them needing to.

      1. Andy – So what?
        Non of the above changes the fact that she is behaving dishonourably, she should resign and let the voters decide whether they still want to support her or not. If Ms Cooper is doing a great job and has lots of personal support then she should walk it.

      2. Andy, I think the question is “Should the left be uniquely principled?”
        My view is that, given that the scheisters on the right will do whatever they can to advance their agenda, the left should take the gloves off and let them have a similar dose. So – no resignation, just like the Tinge Party.

      3. ” she is behaving dishonourably, she should resign and let the voters decide whether they still want to support her or not”

        Blaming the victims again stevieh. Did you not read her statement?

      4. qwertboi – Is there a reason you haven’t quoted the section of her statement that you believe excuses her from facing her electorate?
        Perhaps the reason she won’t do the honourable thing after betraying her electorate is that she knows that most only voted for her because she stood as a Labour Party candidate.

      5. “Under the new leadership, the Labour Party has turned its back on the people I was elected to represent and I can no longer look them in the eye while remaining in the Party.”

      6. goldbach – Then she should resign and stand on her new platform. Let the voters decide whether they still want her as their councillor.

      7. She just defected yesterday, Steve. You don’t know yet that she WON’T resign. Since hardly any Labour voters support Keir’s abandonment of socialism, OR his unjustified expulsion of Ken Loach-something any genuine socialist would condemn, I assume you’d agree- it goes without saying that she’d win a by-election, especially if Keir insists on imposing the nomination of a quasi-Tory like all the nominations he imposed for the local elections and Holyrood to stand against her.

        Will you defend Keir when he demands that all socialist families turn over their first-born male children to be stoned to death?

      8. SteveH: She hasn’t betrayed anyone yet. She was elected when Labour was still socialist. Now that Labour isn’t socialist anymore, she’s betrayed nothing, because the 6th May results prove the voters don’t SUPPORT Keir’s abandonment of socialism.

    3. You know she’d win, Steve, since most of the Labour base are horrified with what Keir’s done to the party. BTW, did you ever demand that the Change UK(CUK) clique stand down and fight THEIR constituencies as CUK candidates?

      1. kenburch – She obviously doesn’t share your confidence.
        I’ve no idea, but I do know that you won’t find any comments from me supporting Berger and her ilk.

      2. You weren’t demanding that THEY immediately resign and fight by-elections as CUK candidates- and you should have been, because it’s clear that, unlike Sam Cooper, any of them would have gone down to overwhelming defeat if they’d DARED to do it. There’s no reason you should be singling Sam Cooper out on this.

      3. She just defected yesterday. You can’t ASSUME she won’t resign and you can’t assume she’d go down in flames if she did- look what just happened in Tower Hamlets. And seriously, Steve, are you really going to argue that EVERY currently elected Labour politician has an obligation to stand by Keir no matter who he purges and no matter how many more of the last pathetic shards of socialism he gets rid of?

        And tell me this would you agree that it will be unforgiveable if he lowers Labour to the 1997 policies again and that he’ll have no right to ask anyone who votes Labour now to keep doing so if he DOES do that?

  12. Yes elected as a Labour councillor but few MPs crossing the floor have ever stood down so why should Sam?
    Should use the remaining years she was elected for to promote this new real democratic socialist party.
    I looked at Breakthrough and they seem fine.
    I liked 8/10 of their initial policies but am not sure about PR and Universal Basic Income but they are just starting out.
    Is £2 unwaged and £20 waged to join.
    In all seats (apart from say where there are genuine socialist Labour MPs – about 50) we need to get all genuine left wing democratic socialists together in a blended meeting (in person when possible but with an on-line presence too for those who can’t make it in person) and all those interested in standing speak and we pick the best socialist fighter.
    But this all depends on one factor – The Holy Grail of Socialism – HONESTY – I can see the vanguardists TOP DOWN,A LEFT WING DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM FOR, circulating when we need a grassroots bottom up one WITH.
    We shouldn’t be worried about starting small, that’s how Labour started when it was half decent but even then it is suggested it was set up to counter the radical trade unions and to police the then working class.
    As the soul fans say – keep the faith, perhaps the first rumblings are stirring.
    Solidarity to all the genuine socialists who want to transform the world on here and similar readers!

  13. It’s Keir’s fault that all the socialists are abandoning it. No one else’s. Unlike Corbyn, Keir drives people away just for disagreeing with him, and the polls prove the voters aren’t buying what Keir’s selling.

    Unless you actually are being paid to carry Keir’s water here, what have you GOT to be loyal to?

    You know his war against the Left is unjustified.
    You know he had no reason to drive Corbyn or Ken Loach away.
    You know nothing he’s doing is working or ever will work.

    Keir’s turning Labour into a party of the right and he doesn’t deserve your loyalty for doing that.

    1. “The voters arnt buying what keirs selling” very true ken burch but whats he actually selling?and who owns his stall?….I don’t actually know what he stands for other than being a self proclaimed Zionist and a convert to morosi conservative Judaism…Hes ruthless like the Taliban,but the Taliban have the people with them keir starmer the knight from Surrey has no one but like pol pot here in Cambodia he started to turn on his own people with a vengeance and destroyed himself and his party the khmer rouge.From my observations the Taliban will survive and thrive,having the people with them,What will happen to the Labour party when an insane ideology grips the democratic socialist Labour party and the membership are seen as the enemy?

  14. Red Tories and centrists are the democratic equivalent of a death wish cult, stuck in no man’s land
    They lose votes by the millions and bankrupt their parties in the process, war criminal was a lucky lucky bar steward when you look at the opposition
    Then you have to explain how the man who saved the world (banks) lost to Diddy David posh pratt Cameron, how do they explain that
    So wtf are we waiting for, get the challenge in

    1. Doug, though i focus on what we the TRUE Labour “Left” need to change, similar deficiencies exist in eg Gordon Brown. He was gullible ie tricked by Mandelson & the Iraq War Criminal Blair ( that MUST be repeated)… anyway Brown was also “advised” by Mandelson who ridiculed him in public to the TV cameras. I saw that, so must have been away from home. Brown often remained under the influence of Svengali Mandelson, (except re escaping from Blair’s desperation to yoke us under the Euro.) Blair’s Euro craving was solely for personal gain. The creature hoped to be rewarded with being made the first EU President with extended powers – particularly Commander in Chief of a MILITARY force.

      ps. note very well the language from some they ooze their enchantment with the MYTH of Mandelson “smartness” “cleverness” etc. they are OBSESSED with what they call “smartness”. Hard facts right under their noses of the spent corrupt sneeze encrusted Tories were rejected by the public using what power they felt they had.

      Note well so much MSM spin is parroted by the “educated” “clever” people. Word for word EXACTLY as they’ve heard a man in a suit say on BBC ‘NEW’ programs.

      That type are ALWAYS behind the curve. They give the most superficial descriptions of what has already happened. As if that were not enough, we are treated to never ending timorous obsession on what the FEEL our enemies might do. EVERYTHING they present is based on a fixation on their idea of how the MSM or Right Wing might react. They even suggest we must choose our leaders like that, with ZERO recognition still that the members voted for Jeremy by increasing margins DESPITE their obsessions. AND, even with the near invisibility and silence of ALL our big wigs, because the offer was as TRIUMPHANT Left Labour offered GE 17 was an extremely near thing. I am convinced that a PROMPT expulsion of the likes of Hodge, Berger, Ummuna, Mandelson, Blair, Campbell, Straw, BOTH Phillips ie the THUG Phillips and the sad EHRC man and the rest of them; PLUS SUSTAINED presentation of our KEY aims with CONFIDENCE. We would have won 2017.

      Even with the areas for change i try to keep hi lighted, the Cameron gift of the Referendum, was one of several MIRACULOUS gifts to Jeremy. He as ever was on the correct side, in tune with “the many”. Once again WHITE FLAGGER SHAGGING dominated, when the parasites plot was PLAIN. If even people were blind to the plot, what greater hint was there of the creatures pushing it⁉️⁉️⁉️

      But as stated above the self proclaimed “smart” “educated” non “racist” misguided wonky “virtuous” could not see basics. They were busy absorbing the tripe of the BBC NEWS, Guardian & Independent, Times, Telegraph etc. No hint is big enough for them.

      Look at the worship of Hilary and Biden??? Read my posts when Biden assumed office. I posted on; prepare for the RETURN of back to back wars invasions and bombings. PREDICTABLE and PREDICTED. I’m no smarter than anyone else. The predictable can be easily predicted by observing widely ESPECIALLY those who hold opposite views and THINKING INDEPENDENTLY.

      A bonus is to listen carefully to those some regularly and eagerly call “stupid” and “uneducated”. Though i’m supposed to be well educated, the most brilliant analyses and basic wisdom i’ve heard are from the much derided general public. WHY? I suspect those who spend sufficient time with their own thoughts, listening WIDELY and reflecting, eg tree surgeons, janitors, hairdressers, are more perceptive than the “smart” set.

      But guess what, some will NEVER learn. Sadly the many pay the sharp price.

      Jeremy should have focused on QUALITY not quantity … especially in the PLP. There are more than enough DECENT QUALITY who could have promptly replaced those who should have been expelled. They would have had time to develop. THAT would have been true “bottom up” “grass roots” which certain people blather on about with no belief in it. They WORSHIP Mandelson Blair et al. Through thought free habit over decades; the LOSS of Scotland, decreasing vote share, the Iraq invasion, NOTHING wakes them up and they call the public “stupid”.

      Thousands of people risk their lives to come across the Mediterranean. That HARD FACT that they could not just waltz in to the UK but preferred to be here, STILL has not stirred the slightest doubt in some that their Remain fetish was just main stream MSM vomit.

      I’ve been thinking too, compare the near silence re the ongoing horror of Grenfell, injustices to the poor, especially non White people, Windrush or eg the banditry of SERCO, Radnox, G4S etc… compare that silence with the ENERGY and output of those who feel themselves virtuous joined in with Blair, Campbellend, Mandelson, Hodge, Coyle with their REMAIN campaign. How much have you heard ANY of the “virtuous” even mention these BASIC scandals which exploit the many⁉️⁉️⁉️

      The answer to that question will help explain why i give my opinions clearly. The many pay the price of repeated failed habits.

      I welcome any challenge. If i can be proven wrong with facts and logic, then BRILLIANT. We don’t have to be the one to say what’s correct but we must be prepared to find what’s correct from any source.

      And to Aspire, Galloway, Breakthrough or which ever new parties WIN, BRILLIANT well done!!! The IMMEDIATE crisis calls for the defeat of the parasites by ANY LEGAL MEANS. The crisis also calls for a TOTAL rejection of all DEFEATIST, helplessness shriekers, long in the tooth members and ex members screaming at others to do what they failed to do. They are ridiculous and pathetic. But more seriously they are burdens. They drain time and energy.

      Quality not quantity. We have the proof that a large army well equipped led incompetently is easily defeated. Courage of convictions, be they right or wrong, will almost always CRUSH academic theories, spin, and shiny equipment. It is not “smart” to fail to learn and change. “Education” is useless if after THIRTY years one ends up worse than one was FOUR years before.


  15. Funny thing…when 30 right-wing “Labour” MPs abandoned their party in the early Eighties to form the so-called SDP, at least 85% of them NEVER stood down and fought their constituencies in by-elections as SDP candidates- it’s fair to ask if SteveH was demanding that THEY do so, back in the day. If they shouldn’t have had to, why should Cooper? If none of the CUKs had do so to, why should Cooper?

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