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Labour members and exiles protest tomorrow against ‘corruption of democracy’ in south-west Labour

Members and ‘exiles’ accuse staff of corrupting party democracy and persecuting left-wing members

Labour members and former members are staging a protest outside the party’s south-west regional office tomorrow, 25 June, at 11am. Three of those who will be taking part told Sunday’s ‘Not the Andrew Marr Show’ of their experiences and why they think the protest is needed:

The announcement for the protest reads:


Since November 2020 Bristol North West CLP has been paralysed by Labour Party bureaucrats in South West Region. They have

• Indefinitely suspended the party’s chair and secretary on spurious grounds.
• Overruled elected officers when trying to organise meetings.
• Blocked branch members from selecting candidates, resulting in the loss of three council seats in the constituency and, with it, control of Bristol City Council.
• Across the region suspended 20 officers (out of around 70 nationally) simply for allowing their members to debate issues that are important to them.

Esther Giles, Bristol North West’s suspended secretary says:

“On top of all this, the bureaucrats took control of our annual general meeting and the ballot for the election of our officers. Our local party democracy has been totally removed from us. And similar things are happening in the party across the county. THE TIME HAS COME TO MAKE A STAND.”

Join the protest on Friday 25 June from 11am at Labour’s South West Regional Office HQ Unit B, Bradley Pavilions, Pear Tree Road, Bristol, BS32 0BQ.

Bring posters — we have placards in A2 size.

Note that the Regional Office is in Pear Tree Court, which is a little shopping precinct. It’s in the far corner, next to a diner called “Vee’s Kitchen”, which has excellent all-day food (you will be able to get breakfast/coffee/tea etc. and we’ve told them to expect us!)

You will hear speakers from SW CLPs and solidarity statements from comrades who can’t make it. We will make a montage of photos of placard-bearer- so please bring your placard and be ready to tell your story!


Prof Harriet Bradley- Labour and the Local Elections in Bristol
Phil Pope- the Bristol West Experience
Hedley Bashforth- what happened in Lockleaze
Matt Turner- What happened to the Bristol NW EC

Others to be announced shortly

What has been happening in Labour in the south-west is a distillation of the situation across the country and should be of interest to all members as well as to those who follow the party’s slide since Keir Starmer won last year’s leadership election on ten false promises.

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    1. “Corruption of democracy” in South West Labour. Yes. And also in South East, North West, North East, ALL of the Midlands East to West, ALL of the country North to South, infiltrated, infected, parasitised, abused and exploited to destroy not just democracy but ALL that is of positive value to “the many”.

      Devastatingly sad to see how easily Sir Rodney Starmer and his gang of titled and entitled ANTI-the Many, outwit those they have always outwitted. “The Many” pay the price. Not the comfortable careerist who see politics as a “career” as SteveH davidH SH posted with superior confidence some months ago on They do as they’ve always done.

      Overwhelming evidence shows they are VERY accustomed to breaking and enforcing any rule as suits “them” and their efficient status quo revolving door politics.

    2. And for some reason, even though he blew two easily winnable elections, even though, by the time he stood down in ’92, he’d removed every vestige of socialism from the Labour manifesto and reduced the party to nothing but “social democracy”- a term which hasn’t meant anything at all since Olaf Palme died-Kinnock is Starmer’s role model.

  1. “And you end in the grotesque chaos of a Labour Party – a Labour Party – hiring taxis to scuttle round the South West handing out dismissal notices to their own workers…”

  2. I know Starmer looks a gormless individual but he must have some saving graces, I just can’t find any. George Galloway had it about right when he said… ‘I bet HE tucks his shirt into his underpants’.

      1. lundiel – “He’s handed the Labour party over to Blairites.”
        That was his obviously predictable, predicted plot. Obvious by their needing no need to keep it secret from us. Sadly, “the many” US have been at the mercy of our own.
        Crushingly sad.

    1. Harry Law – “but he must have some saving graces”.

      Harry u may think so. 99.97% of all humans do. Considering SIR Rodney Keith Starmer’s DPP part in depriving the victims of justice re: Jimmy Saville, Hillsborough, Postmasters IT Scandal, Morgan found with an axe in hus head, Stephen Lawrence, John Charles de Menezes, the jury is out.

      Even with diligent searching, people will be unable to find even one saving half grace. Have the bankers paid any price? Royal Bank Of Scotland etc? The big six or seven accounting forms eg PWC? Asset stripper of the 100 year old BHS – SIR PHILLIP GREEN?

      ALL outsource bandits eg CARILLON, or SERCO … fined but nowhere appropriately enough. G4S, TalkTalk (under Dido Harding), … EVERY SINGLE poor victim of the state eg the deaths in police custody, Windrush… and of course Julian Assange, 99% of the MPs’ Expenses Scandal crooks (in my opinion) … you name it, every single case in which Sir Rodney Keith Captain Hindsight Starmer was involved, the grossly guilty have in the main escaped justice.

      Sir Keith Starmer’s collaborations in the litany of injustices to the many committed by the few including the Establishment, has been and continues to be conclusive evidence, that Keith keeps any “saving grace” he may have easily and totally hidden.

      As posted here months ago – Sir Rodney Keith Starmer is “a nowhere-man”, with a sordid plan to please his controllers.

      Their plan? Labour must go “nowhere” near its ASSUMED founding purpose.
      Not a hint. Not a tiny step. Not the slightest sound within a gnat’s crotchet of Labour’s founding ideals… on second thought,
      not within a gnat’s hemidemisemiquaver,
      let alone crotchet.

      1. You forgot damien grope and Michael Green/Seb Fox/ grant shapps or whatever his name is this week.

    2. I know Starmer looks a gormless individual but

      Whaddaya mean, ‘looks???

      1. I’m fairly sure Blair cut Starmer’s gorm off himself.

  3. When I say Starmer looks gormless, I mean ‘Our Eli’ gormless who appeared with Jimmy James years ago, his famous line was ‘are you putting it around that I’m barmy? To which James replied ‘why are you trying to keep it a secret?

      1. The horrible lying wretch got the treatment she deserved. I am not a fan of Galloway, and his anti woke crap he has been treating us to recently makes me sick. makes me sick, but I hope he does very well in this campaign.

      2. I completely agree. He’s showed himself up for becoming a born again social conservative but her attack which proved to be without any foundation was typical of MSM and it makes me very happy when they get their comeuppance.

      3. I’ve very little time for gallway, but I seem to remember a certain angela illeagle feeling ‘intimidated by homopohbic slurs’ a few years back…Again, without any substantiation, and supposedly at a meeting she wasnt even in attendance at!

        That got a decent socialist labour man of many many years standing (Paul Davis) suspended from the party, even though he challenged his accusers to a lie detector test which they cravenly refused.

        Wonder what shrieking siobhan mcdonut has/had to say about that?

        Friday 25 June 2021 / 5:20 PM Keir Starmer
        The abuse Kim Leadbeater has faced is disgraceful – Keir Starmer
        Keir Starmer MP, Leader of the Labour Party, responding to footage of Kim Leadbeater facing abuse in Batley and Spen, said:

        “The abuse Kim Leadbeater has faced is disgraceful.

        “George Galloway’s poisonous politics have no place in our country.

        “The best way people can counter it is by voting for Labour and Kim next Thursday.”

      5. lundiel
        What does GG say at the end
        ‘Sorry I can’t ‘ then what

  4. Keir Stalin and Erdogan Evans? I was in Labour in the late 1970’s and we would debate with the Right then all go in the bar and have a drink. But I don’t know if it’s just me but I find the current Labour Right generally abnoxious? I left 10 seconds after Neo-Liberal Trilateral Commission member and political lightweight Mr S became Leader. I think I knew what was coming as Starmer’s Right Wing Labour tries to show the rich and powerful that it is absolutely no threat to their power and all they ask for in return is crumbs for working people plus of course cushy & well rewarded careers for themselves? Diverse working people deserve better!

    1. They are not in any sense Labour people Bazza. As I have argued before, they would have been the left of the Tory party in pre Thatcher days. Once her arrival on the scene removed the Tory party as a vehicle for their ambitions, and having failed with the SDP/ LibDems parasitizing the LP was all that was left to them.

  5. Good luck with your protest tomorrow.

    As an aside, Centrist Dad hails from Bristol. £5 says he won’t be showing solidarity.

  6. ‘Johnson Variant’

    “AN ENTIRE school in North Yorkshire has closed following a Covid outbreak.
    Sherburn High School, in Sherburn in Elmet, said it was being closed temporarily.
    It said in a joint statement with North Yorkshire County Councl: “Due to an increase in positive coronavirus cases in both students and members of staff, and in order to prioritise both the quality of education as well as the health and wellbeing of staff and students, the STAR Multi Academy Trust has made the difficult decision to close the school temporarily.

    1. SH davidH SteveH – “Johnson Variant’” plotted by Mandelson, endorsed by Blair, spun by Campbell, spread by Hodge, Blunkett, Margaret Beckett, Berger, Cooper Harman, Ashworth, Akehurst, Adonis, Smeeth, Ellman … the lot of your lot SH.

      “AN ENTIRE school in North Yorkohire has closed following a Covid outbreak.”

      “AN ENTIRE” country is being plundered by the “Johnson Variant” made by Mandelson, Bliar’s & Starmer’s sabotage labs for plots and coups.

  7. …….. ” I find the current Labour Right generally abnoxious” ……..
    Bazza – You’re not alone.
    These people are the lowest of the low …
    – Parasites on the body of the Labour Party.
    – Liars, careerists, low-lifes …… We all get the picture.
    – Exploiters of Jewish people, who have been used ruthlessly to smear the left in the Party.
    Fight the bastards –
    We stand in solidarity with you.

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