Labour in high court on Thursday over bogus antisemitism suspensions

The High Court in London

The Labour party is in the High Court again on Thursday to defend its disciplinary process against a claim by a group of members, Labour Activists For Justice (LA4J) and two other members supported by the Left Legal Fighting Fund. The complainants allege that the process is unfair and therefore in breach of the party’s contract with the membership. Labour had told those affected that the EHRC’s findings did not apply to them.

The party is pursuing this case and spending their members’ money doing so, despite the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) finding the disciplinary process unfair in their report published last October and Labour’s claim that it was taking urgent steps to implement the report’s recommendations in full – and despite the party’s well-attested financial problems.

The claimants asked the party, in the light of the EHRC report, to stop disciplinary action against them until a new procedure is in place, but Labour refused. The Claimants, who include three Jews, were all accused of antisemitic conduct and are seeking to be tried by a
fair process. All vociferously deny the party’s allegations.

At a case management hearing in the High Court in February – which Labour lost – it was revealed that the party was using a secret – unpublished – code to judge antisemitism complaints. Around a month later Labour published it on its website.

Publication of the code makes it much easier for any accused person to render a defence and the members of the group whose cases were still in process sent in new defences, of which the results are not yet known.

Those who had already been sanctioned included Diana Neslen, an 81-year-old Orthodox synagogue member. Neslen and others ask if they could reopen their cases. Labour refused.

Neslen said:

Not only is it bad enough that the party used a secret Code of Conduct to judge us, but in my case this was compounded by their refusal to consider the defence I mounted, once I knew about the code they used.

Then there is the scandal of the two hundred or so members, thirty or more of them Jews, who have already been judged and sanctioned. Will they get their cases reviewed? An accusation of antisemitism is a terrible thing to bear, and I hope, if we win, that the Party will have to reopen all the cases they
have sanctioned since 2018.’

The group also claims that the party’s confidentiality requirement – accused members may not tell anyone other than their GP or the Samaritans about Labour’s charges against them or even that the case exists, on pain of further disciplinary action – is draconian and unfair. The party denies this, citing as evidence that the claimants were able to go to lawyers to get advice. The group says it did so mindful of the risk of Labour taking the threatened further action against its members.

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    1. Problems don’t just disappear. They must be addressed frequently and clearly. If affordable, fight in court. It may take longer than necessary because even those who fight don’t seem to understand how VITAL it is to keep issues alive in the GENERAL public. It is difficult for private citizens with few supporters, that is understandable. Public figures on the other hand have a duty to “THE MANY” they represent. Over half a MILLION have been smeared by association. It cannot be right to have left it to small fry to defend themselves.

    2. I hereby concur with your sentiments!!
      I too was suspended!
      For what I do not know!
      Even after all my investigations I’m still in the dark, along with all the other mushrooms!
      I can only surmise it had something to do with the Deputy Leader at that time!!
      Voicing my opinion on his behaviour towards Jeremy, along with the hullabaloo of JC being Anti-Semite being put about by the MSM Media along with those on the Right Wing!!
      Then putting up with the conditions of getting my status back as a member of the Labour Party and my CLP, who did little to make a case for my reinstatement!
      If they did, I wasn’t told!!
      Whatever, it stinks to high heaven!!
      I wish those like myself all the very best in the High Court!!!

  1. Nothing could illustrate the nature of Woodentop Starmer’s LP than hoping the reactionary nature of the judicial system in England will defend them from their own members. They are morally bankrupt, and at the rate the are going, soon to be financially bankrupt too.

    1. They are like the Metropolitan Police “institutionally racist” as McPherson said. He spoke truth to power!!!
      The Police like the Establishment they serve, are both Institutionally racist and sexist = “Institutionally Corrupt” +++

      Cressida Dick is unfit for any public office in my opinion.

      1. Exactly lundiel. Monday 14 June – SIR Rodney Starmer said the time has to come when Pitchfork MUST be freed.

        QUESTION to SIR Rodney. Will the time come when Julian Assange MUST be freed ??? ❔❔❔ ❓❓❓

      2. lundiel “Good piece on Daniel Morgan case.”

        That piece was absolutely frightening and it shows that proper investigative journalism no longer exists in the mainstream.

  2. The pure dangerous wickedness of those who exploited tragedy just to “sabotage” a TRUE Labour victory, is way past any red line of any person wanting society to progress.

    Those who suspended, expelled and caused such distress to ALL people, is unforgivable. Starmer’s gang is the definition of anti-Semitic. Note how they maligned Ed Miliband and attack others of faith and none.

    At conference years ago Blair hissed at Walter Wolfgang -that he was lucky to be here! While brutes roughed up an elderly man. They also roughed up one who dared to point out that Walter was an elderly man who should not be dragged about so thuggishly. That’s the behaviour and atmosphere of the Blair, Straw, Blunkett et al Tory regime.


    1. Thanks for the reminder singpost, Walter Wolfgang was a Socialist Jew and a survivor of the holocaust.. Would the actions against him at Labour Conference qualify to regard Blair and his chums as anit-semites?
      I wonder it we could report Blair for anti-Semitism, come on I am sure we still have the videos. Perhaps Howard Beckett can look into it?

      1. The disgraceful way Walter Wolfgang was treated foretold the future. For challenging Jack Straw’s lies over Iraq during the LP conference, he was forcibly ejected and unbelievably he was detained under anti-terrorism laws. Yet another ignominious episode in the behaviour of the right wing of the Labour Party. The state of the Labour Party today is the result of Walter’s warnings not being taken seriously enough.

    2. …”those who exploited tragedy just to “sabotage” a TRUE Labour victory, ARE way past any red line of any person” apologies💐💐💐

      1. singpost in reply to your questions
        1- I did campaign for Jeremy straight away in 2015 and only voted for him, didn’t use my STV vote.
        2- It isn’t true that Luke Akehurst supports Steve Turner. Akehurst migh want us to believe that he supports Steve but he doesn’t.
        3- I have always support Jeremy from the very beginning. Did you?
        4- I have never liked Starmer and considered a mistake that Corbyn readmitted him to shadow cabinet in September 2016.
        5- I believe I have already reply but again I did support Corbyn.
        6-No I have never supported Starmer. At times I have wishes that JC didn’t try to compromise with his detractor so much. In my opinion JC should have withdraw the Labour whip from the likes of Hogdes, Phillips, Umuna, Coyle instead of placating them. But so have you singpost like me you have been critical of Corbyn’s strategy too.
        I am sure you can find my posting in this site, so look for them. I believe they would provide plenty of evidence of my sincerity and pragmatism.

      2. Maria Vazquez, Jeremy thought he was being “pragmatic” too.

        The questions are specific and numbered.
        You have not answered each of them.

        I supported Jeremy in full as soon as became aware of him at his FIRST leadership election. Never heard of him before. I must have. SEVERAL presenters say he was always on their programs.

        There are several posts urging … begging Jeremy to stop the chronic appeasements.

        Refusing to tell someone that their boat has leaks is NOT support. I also posted that Jeremy should have reversed his decision to stand down because i was unaware of any suitable replacement then. He was pressured into stepping down by those he regarded as friends. John McDonnell behind the scenes and IN FRONT for maximum pressure, by gave the dire interview saying same to Alastair Campbell on GQ! Join the dots. Was McDonnell being “pragmatic” too? As if that was not treacherous enough he said it during his SEVERAL radio interviews.

        You speak with authority on Luke Akehurst’s mind… hmmm… Though he said he supports Turner, he does not mean it ? ? ? He may be a liar in your opinion but even liars say truths when it suits them. The plain simple fact of Hodge and Watson are taking TIME and EFFORT to attack Howard Beckett should give you a hint to join the dots.

        Why do you think Hodge Watson Akehurst have not wasted time and energy attacking YOUR Turner Graham Coyne ? ? ?

        To whom do the establishment cronies SIR Rodney Starmer Evans Mandelson give their support ? ? ? The inspiring and energising Howard Beckett ? ? ?


      3. ps. “Support Jeremy BUT X” where X, Y, Z are OTHER candidates.
        Eg you posted several times these recent weeks that you “are DISPOSED to Howard Beckett BUT you are supporting Turner.

      4. Maria Vazquez,
        🅰️- At Sir Starmer’s FIRST COUP within Jeremy’s first TWELVE months❓Did you campaign for Jeremy and no other❓ Who else did you support❓
🅱️- For whom did you campaign at Sir Starmer’s second coup❓
 – Did you at any time post that “you were disposed to Jeremy BUT …” you would vote for someone else❓
C- “You like Jeremy BUT” you think any of the other candidates were better at that time / for now etc❓

        I have ONLY supported Jeremy throughout his tenure. I have always posted that Jeremy should have stood up to his enemies including those he said were “friends” like Tom Watson. It was crystal clear that the appeasements including sacrificing his long held Euro Sceptic beliefs, was wrong. It took the heartlands support for granted. The list is long.

        But as you mention it, you were behind the curve. You jumped on the MSM propelled bandwagon. Even seeing your fellow passengers Tom Watson, Cooper, Ummuna, Owen Smith, Eagle, Lansmann, McDonnell, Blair, Mandelson, Hodge, Adonis, Streeting, Straw, Berger, Theresa May and numerous Tories in their own party … STILL you stayed in the wagon with people who have NEVER even bothered to hide their open hostility to those who want a Socialist society to benefit the many.

  3. I told my whole CLP about Labour accusing me of Antisemitism in fact i have told friends and family how the right in the Labour Party have weaponised Antisemitism to remove working class voices from British politics it is obvious the current leadership are a bunch of corporate and establishment stooges. I am busting for them to throw me out but it seems they need my subs more than they need to make a moral stand all be it their morals are completely made up nonsense. I think it tells everyone all they need to know about the current leadership and its shadow cabinet they all need to go asap or Labour will be a reserve party for the establishment and politics will be a double headed coind heads the people lose and tails the establishment wins.

    1. I am busting for them to throw me out but it seems they need my subs more than they need to make a moral stand all be it their morals are completely made up nonsense.

      Will always be like that undr stammerist/bliarite ‘labour’

      You’re nothing but a milch cow to them. You are there simply to pay their totally unnecessary legal bills, and a dwindling amount of ‘loyal’ staffers. Your views are of NO concern to them.

      You pay them, and they tell you what’s best for you. ‘Twas ever thus.

      Break the cycle. Withdraw support. Financial first. Then electoral.

  4. What is even worse the accused cannot confront their accusers as confidentiality is applied to protect the accusers. Therefore, accusations can be made with an assurance of impunity as the accused cannot file a counter complaint.
    I hope that they win their cases, for their shakes and ours.
    What I don’t understand is why Beckett is not taking an injunction against the Labour Party and stop the Party for wasting our levies in this disgusting way.
    After all if he is planning to take Boris Johnson to face a British Court of Justice and he is committed to fight Starmer, this is his chance surely?
    Come on Howard, put your money when your mouth is and take an injunction against the Labour Party.

      1. Lundiel, because it is Howard Beckett that is taking about taking Court action against Boris Johnson and talking about taking Starmer on all the time. It is part of his campaign pitch.
        I would like to see less talk from Beckett and more action.
        Unite members died on Grenfell fire about 4 years ago, what is it that Beckett hasn’t taken legal action against Kensington & Chelsea Local Authority? We have evidence that the residents warned of the dangers of the risk of the building catching fire and the Conservative group ignored their concerns.
        We have evidence that the companies that produced the cladding were promoting it as safe when we have the evidence in the form of 72 that their product wasn’t safe.
        Why Beckett isn’t prepared to take a case to Court for corporative manslaughter against these companies? Against the Tories that control Kensington & Chelsea?
        Beckett just keep talking about it on each anniversary but no doing anything at all despite been in charge of Unite legal services, it is just talk.
        Since Beckett isn’t doing what he could do to get justice for the 72 working class people that died in Grenfell 4 years ago either because he can’t or he want take the case to the Courts, why should I believe that he is going to do deliver on what he is promising now?

      2. Lundiel, I have been a member of the labour party for nearly 30 years. In that time I have witnessed how the labour party has sided with a right wing version of Islam, rather than supporting secular Muslims.
        Most of the Labour Party (no Corbyn and most of the SCG) is willing to stay silent with regards to the constant violation of Human Rights by South Arabia and Iran.
        To say that the posting above is proof that Steve Turner is an Islamophobe is clutching at straws. To me is proof that Steve is able to call a spade a spade. At no point is he saying that Israel isn’t violating Human Rights is he?

      3. “To me is proof that Steve is able to call a spade a spade. At no point is he saying that Israel isn’t violating Human Rights is he?”
        Steve Turner, assistant general secretary of the Unite trade union, said it was wrong that Corbyn-backing campaigners had protested against the Israeli government and Donald Trump but not against Islamist terrorism and oppressive regimes in the Middle East.
        He’s just repeating a right wing trope. The left is virulently anti Saudi and their hangers on. Turner didn’t get anywhere talking to the football lads association, they had more chance of converting him, than he them.

    1. Maria Vazquez,
      1️⃣- Did you support Jeremy from the get go❓
      2️⃣- Did you campaign for Jeremy as you do for Luke Akehurst’s Turner❓
      3️⃣- Did you support Jeremy when struggling for nominations❓
4️⃣- Did you support Jeremy DURING his FIRST Leadership bid❓
5️⃣- Who did you support❓
      6️⃣- At Sir Starmer’s FIRST COUP within Jeremy’s first TWELVE months❓Did you support Jeremy❓ Whom did you support❓
7️⃣- Whom did you support at Sir Starmer’s second coup❓
8️⃣- Did you at any time post that “you were disposed to Jeremy BUT …”❓
      9️⃣- “You like Jeremy BUT” X , Y , Z BUT❓

      Many (except jpenney of course) on wonder why you are afraid to answer the specific questions above . . .
      ?👁‍🗨❔ ?👁‍🗨❔ ?👁‍🗨❔

      1. Singpost, I have answer your question, but in case they haven’t been posted. I have supported Jeremy always from day one. Like you I wish that Corbyn was less accommodating with those that didn’t want to be accommodated but were finding always fault with him, because they wanted to get ride of him.
        I have never supported Starmer and always stood firm by JC side.
        Instead of innuendo signpost why you don’t find my post and quote me directly?
        What happen? Can you not stomach that I was right on no supporting the People’s Vote despite wanting to remain and what I predicted has come to pass?
        Scared that I would be right again and Beckett will not win the position of Unite General Secretary?

      2. Maria Vazquez, i am asking questions you could have easily answered several days ago. You haven’t eg For whom did you campaign at the Sir Starmer’s first and second coups. The question is not “whom did you NOT support” ie Sir Rodney Starmer. For whom did you campaign as u r doing now feverishly supporting Turner❓

        Also, again out of the blue, you mention “People’s Vote”. Have i ever had any exchange with you about the so called “People’s Vote”❓ VERY odd. THAT is what i call “diversionary”. But more seriously as i replied earlier it is dishonest. A new reader would:

        1- assume i supported Remain and the ridiculous and ridiculously named “People’s Vote”. I did not. From the outset my posts were clear. Pushing the first REMAIN stance and all the following related ploys were meant to put Jeremy in a corner because they knew he would appease them. That would obviously hand our election to Cumming’s Johnson. I was pleading even here on that we realise the ploy. The very day of the election, i was BEGGING including here on for the heartlands to forgive us. I cannot recall any of that from you. You dismally FAILED to see that from the get go as Steve Walker, others and i predicted. So Maria Vazquez you did NOT get that correct as you now claim. You Maria supported REMAIN, predicting doom and gloom and fear as you always do. You spin it as pragmatic. You mention your 30 year membership. You were therefore part of thirty years of consistent failure of the “Left”. You are attempting the same with Turner.

        2- A new reader would also assume we had previous exchanges on that.
        3- Only a handful of posters use that typical SteveH davidH SH diversion.

        My questions are specific, clear and numbered for further clarity.

        For more clarity still which candidates did you support and campaign for as u r doing now for Turner? At the two Sir Starmer coups which candidates Cooper? Owen Smith, Eagle, Harman ???

        Did you say “i could live with” any or all of the three???

        I certainly only supported Jeremy.

    2. Plenty of whataboutery from you along with acting as though Beckett is a one man Union re legal action and complaints about your levies when action is taken. All adds up to spamming.

  5. ‘Wasting our levies’

    Key word being ‘our’. In this case, meaning ‘your’. (I’m not an LP member)

    Meaning you have a vested interest.

    But you have no interest in beckett bcoming leader of Unite over Turner, it would seem.

    So that begs the questions: ‘WHY should it be down to Beckett to apply for an injunction’ and ‘Where’s Turner’s injunction?

    1. Toffe,
      1-Beckett is the one always talking about taking cases to Court, no Turner
      2-Unite is the biggest Labour Party donor so Unite has a legitimate concern to seek that the money we donate to the Party isn’t wasted.
      3-Beckett is the head of Unite Legal Services..
      Thus, if he cannot deliver on taking an injunction against the Labour Party wasting our money, when he is the person in charge, why should I believe anything Beckett promises?

      1. 1-Beckett is the one always talking about taking cases to Court, no Turner

        Regardless, an injustice is an injustice. Turner’s acquiescence could easily be interpreted as agreeing with the labour party.

        2-Unite is the biggest Labour Party donor so Unite has a legitimate concern to seek that the money we donate to the Party isn’t wasted.

        Again, Turner’s acquiescence on the matter would indicate he’s satisfied the party are doing the correct thing with his/yours/the union’s money. Unless you know different – In which case WHY aren’t you calling Turner to do what you think Beckett ought to do for him?

        3-Beckett is the head of Unite Legal Services..
        Thus, if he cannot deliver on taking an injunction against the Labour Party wasting our money, when he is the person in charge, why should I believe anything Beckett promises?

        Why should you believe Turner, when he’s obviously unconcerned to the point of keeping schtum; nevermind not making any noises about withdrawal of funding?

        Could it be Turner’s happy with the status quo? Certainly seems like it. Keith’d like that, wouldn’t he? You seem to think Beckett has unilateral authority. to do so; I don’t know if he has…But I DO know Turner’s said diddly-squat about it.

        …And is the choice of the centrist. Notice any sort of pattern forming?

  6. The class action based on the internal report has gone quiet, that has the potential to bankrupt the party and I would hope the individuals responsible 👍
    Anyone know whats occurring with that case

    1. I agree with you Doug, both Turner and Beckett are very clear that they will not be prepared to bank role the Labour Party.
      What surprises me is, why Beckett as the man in charge of Unite Legal Services can take legal action to prevent the labour Party wasting Unite donations on defending cases the Party would most likely lose. I would argue that Unite as the biggest Party donor has a legitimate concern in ensuring our donations aren’t wasted.

  7. This latest attack on grassroots members I believe stems from the fact that Labour has a Zionist leader and despite being a lawyer presses on just as the Israelis do when attacking Palestinians. Blaming the accused for the blatant inhumanity of theirs and Starmerfuhrers actions. WAKEY WAKEY! Rise and shine

    1. Now boys and girls Maria is not SH or centrest dad and has a point to make.about a Lawyer Howard Beckett.I doubt Beckett being a shrewd businessman would waste his personal money on the High court.Beckett will be concentrating on the suspension and after a deal is reached,he will be readmitted to the Labour party and will concentrate on Westminster politics after the landslide victory for the working-class Steve Turner the unite General Secretary.

  8. …The party is pursuing this case and spending their members’ money doing so…

    Return and vote…LOL

    I hope Labour loses spectacularly.

  9. How can a Jew be anti-semitic? or am I missing something?
    Is this dissonance unique to the Labour Party?

    1. SM, without doubt, there are Jews who are anti-Semitic but you will find them in in the Zionist right wing trying to conflate Zionism with Judaism. To them, Zionism is much more important than Judaism, therefore they condemn anti-Zionist Jews.

  10. It’s good to be reminded what happened to Walter Wolfgang – A courageous and honest Jewish Socialist during the Blair years.
    Like Starmer …. Blair’s leadership relied on bullying, patronage, threats and bribery to underpin it.
    I was a Labour member and a leading lay activist in MSF at the time.
    [ MSF was one of the unions that merged to eventually form Unite ].
    I never bought into the Blair project …… It was always poison.
    Because I held an influential position in the union, I was targeted for my left principles:

    – I was summoned to Head Office for an ear-hole-bashing from the General Secretary (Roger Lyons – a shallow character – in Blair’s pocket)
    – I was accused of being an “oppositionist”, of “letting my region down”, of “disadvantaging my region” of MSF.
    – I was told that I was doing my region (and myself) no favours.
    – I was told how much better it could be for me personally if I came on board the New Labour project.
    When I reported the conversation to my regional council, I was harangued for reporting a confidential meeting !!!

    Next – I was cornered one-to-one with one of the union’s regional officers.
    I was told that my reporting of the meeting with the GS had not been well-received, and, if I didn’t mend my ways, they would run a candidate against me to remove me from my position.
    I sent the message back : “I don’t know who “THEY” are, But tell “THEM” – Go and fuck themselves”.
    They never found a candidate in 10 years.

    Next – I was visited in my home alone by one of the union’s “heavies”.
    He repeated all the crap about being an “oppositionist” and how I was not doing my region or myself any favours.
    His next trick was worthy of an oscar …… He told me that, if I played my cards more intelligently, there was a trade union delegation to Cuba the following year – and I could be on it.
    They’d obviously done their homework. It was well-known that I was (and still am) a member of Cuba Solidarity.
    The clever bastards !!
    Needless to say – I did visit Cuba, but I paid my own fare and expenses.
    Shortly afterwards, I left the Labour Party, and only rejoined at the end of the Milliband era.

    So much for the principles of Right-Wing-Labour.
    Everyone has to be bought-and-paid-for.
    If they can’t buy you, they bully and threaten.
    Stand up against them – Call them out – They are worse than the Tories.

    1. Johnsco1, thank you for proving that some of us are not for sale. Also that when you stand firm by your principles others around you respect you.
      I believe this was the reason why they couldn’t find candidate to run against you for 10 years.

  11. The latest ruse from US intelligence. COVID came from a Wuhan laboritry after all.
    No doubt the AWL will soon be jumping to it.
    Oh! They already have.

  12. Just found an interesting quote in the Guardian when looking for something else: “Labour’s membership has also fallen from some 400,000 to around 260,000 which means individual donations and membership fees have shrunk.” SteveH will be shocked and amazed by this as he’s always telling us Labour has more members than in 2019.

    1. Don’t mean to burst your bubble lundiel – But you might wanna chack that article again

      Julian Glover
      Mon 22 Jul 2002 08.58 EDT

      That’s not to say the wee fella’s still clinging to his fantasy that they’re queueing around the block, almost fighting with each other, to join stammerite labour. Poor, deluded fabtasist that he is.

  13. lundiel – The article you refer to was published on “Mon 22 Jul 2002 08.58 EDT” you numpty. 🙄

    1. SteveH, davidH, little SH, it obviously shows that, Mandelson’s Blair, Brown and ALL the others caused a dramatic wiping out of membership.

      Then came Jeremy who inspired and energised over half million to join‼️ Dramatically reversing Mandelson’s led decimation.
      Jeremy attracted the largest membership to ANY political party in Europe‼️

      Neither lundiel nor you SteveH / davidH et al are “numpty”. We slip. You more than most here. Slips can be easy corrected. However having been enabled to deceive the membership Sir Rodney Keith is a catastrophe. Difficult problem to fix SIR RODNEY STARMER. Sir Rodney said on Monday that the time must come to free Pitchfork. I’ve not heard him say the same re Julian Assange. You ? ? ?

      Sir Rodney Starmer like the rest of the establishment cannot be corrected like a minor slip.
      They must be prosecuted in court ASAP, fined millions and jailed for 70 years.

      1. windchimes – To the best of my knowledge it still is the largest political party in Europe, have you any credible evidence to the contrary

      2. Members attracted by Jeremy. Declining by the day since your Sir Rodney Starmer … as you pretend to be ignorant. ☢️🧿☢️🧿☢️🧿

      3. windchimes – The number of members also declined during Jeremy’s tenure to a low point of about 440k before the 19GE, After Jeremy stepped down the membership rose to c554k on 20/01/21

      4. The reduction from a high point was due to the Remain plot MR REMAIN – Sir Rodney Starmer pushed including at Conference. Like all the people Jeremy called friends, they stitched him up.

        The slight bloating started when Jeremy announced he was standing down. That led to Right Wing entryist parasites. Remarkably again i heard and read msgs from, those i believe are genuine Jeremy supporters, showing positive excitement of the increasing numbers. I wanted membership frozen. We knew what we had but yet again my lot was TOTALLY fixated on some fizz rather than the predictable **** . What’s even more weird she the “knife Jeremy in the front” thuggish bragger Ms Jessica Phillips MP and her gang of brutes were OPENLY bragging that they were getting entryist to influence the vote. Yet STILL members of my lot were celebrating the sudden bloated numbers. I have an idea why that was. ⭕️🛡⭕️🛡⭕️🛡

      5. windchimes – “The slight bloating”

        You sound like a failed weight watcher. Most people would regard a 25% increase as being quite a substantial one.

      6. Tory and other establishment infiltrators to corrupt the vote. As usual m, u know that full well SteveH davidH SH.

      7. windchimes – If you can’t persuade your fellow self appointed guardians of the left to sign up for a vote then what does that say for the famed solidarity of the left.

  14. I just want to say that the Party’s “confidentiality requirement” is, simultaneously, an affront to any sense of justice, designed to protect false accusers from due and proper scrutiny rather than the feelings of the accused, and a a crude and tasteless joke totally worthy of contempt.
    It was clearly designed – like the whole process – to further and promote sectarian advantage in favour of the right.
    If the left of the party seeks to reassert itself, it really needs to overcome its strong streak of naivety in its dealings with the right.

    1. Ludus57 – This process was put in place by Jennie Formby during JC’s tenure. JF was showing off in Feb19 about how she’d streamlined the process to make it more efficient.

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