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With the nominations phase of the Unite general secretary election over, left favourite Howard Beckett’s campaign is about to go into overdrive for the remainder of the campaign – and the recent media attempts to smear or sideline him show how worried the Establishment is about it.

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  1. I urge EVERYONE with a vote, to give that vote to HOWARD BECKETT only.

    Do NOT use second options. That opens a back door to a less suitable candidate and potentially as re SIR Rodney Starmer, an abominably destructive one.

    Vote for the best option for change. Vote for Howard Beckett!!!


    1. windchime – There are no second options it is a FPTP vote, which is why it would be lunacy for HB to stand and split the left’s vote.

      1. thanks SteveH. Paul Smith i’m not a Unite member so was taking precautions. It must be remembered for future elections. We the “Left” are starved for choice. We must therefore not settle for abominable options eg as happened re Sir Rodney Keith Starmer who is as predictable and predicted are serving his one percent masters and mistresses to CRUSH us once and for all.

    2. Singpost, this election is not run under STV but rather First past the post. Unite members only have one vote and it appears that Beckett our of the three left candidates is the one with the less nominations and the less weight in terms of branches that have nominated him.
      Beckett should do the decent thing and stand down.
      I don’t know if you are a member of Unite and with a vote, I am and intend to vote. My preferred candidate isn’t Beckett and on the results so far Steve Turner is the left candidate with both more nominations and weight. I will support Turner for staying on the race and would urge Beckett to do the decent thing and to stand down.
      If Beckett doesn’t stand down Graham with more nominations and weight that Beckett isn’t going to stand down either, why should see?
      Result welcome Gerald Coyne as the next General Secretary of Unite. If this is what you want, carry on supporting Beckett.

      1. Thanks Maria, i’m not a Unite member. I’m very concerned and puzzled as to why the members appear to be repeating the last dreadfully costly error of failing to value someone like Beckett willing to confront the status quo merchants head on.

        If their reasoning is again to pander to the media, it will fail again. I hope Howard Beckett campaigns as hard as possible ALL over the country, in person and on radio EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR and most importantly OUTSIDE his usual audience. NOT Twitting to those with whom he already agrees.

        If, Maria, his prospects do not improve, then of course Unite members may have no choice to unite behind the least dreadful option. There is still time to chose the best ie Howard Beckett.

        I’ve certainly not heard any of the candidates on the radio. I would Beckett STRONGLY to contact Iain Dale TODAY and he will get a platform on LBC. He should also contact Mike Graham and Mark Dolan on Talkradio and appear on both programs as much as possible.

        Of course he should also appear on in print and audio interview or otherwise.

        The failure to appear on illustrates one of our KEY attitudes. The instinct to not reach outwards from familiar bunkers is a REAL big CHRONIC problem. That MUST change. is here. Why do we not see the presence of our leaders here at least weekly❓
        Why not ❓❓
        WHY ❓ ❓ ❓

      2. Maria – “As St Bernard said on the 12thC it is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar.”

        1️⃣ How many “flies” did FIVE years of FLOODS of honey catch❔

        2️⃣ When you catch flies , what do you do with them? Dispose or indulge with more honey?

        3️⃣ And why not change, to focus on attracting helpful bees instead of flies which love filth in general and Margaret Thatcher’s excrement in particular?


  2. thanks SteveH. I do not share your support for the Tory entryist parasites, BUT, what ever your purpose, you certainly use your considerable staffing to provide useful information from time to time.
    For that i’m grateful.

    We should be grateful for small mercies yet not repeatedly settle for them.


  3. I think Len will tell Beckett it’s over today, it seems like he’s been given a chance to prove he’s the front left runner but Twitter & SB do not equal Unite members votes.

    They have to respect the mandate that Steve Turner was given by the United Left hustings, even though they may not like it.

  4. Howard should hang on in there. See how the Right and social Democrats are desperate for him to withdraw & perhaps less than half of branches nominated? The actual grassroots will have their say when it gets to the ballot. My branch was 18 for HB, 3 for ST, 1 for SG and 0 for Right Wing Mr C and 4 or 5 pro-Beckett had given their apologies. So perhaps Feck It, Vote Beckett!

    1. Bazza how old are you to still believing in fairy tales? How long is going to take you to accept that out of the three left candidates Beckett has the less nominations?
      Back in 2016 less that 5% of Unite’s members bothered to vote. They were three candidates Gerar Coyle, Len McCluskey and Ian Allinson (on the left of McCluskey) that came third on the race and nearly cost Len his position as Unite GS as Coyne managed to get shy of 6K from McCluskey when Allison got over 15K.
      Where you a member of Unite on 2016? If you were and voted for Allinson, how long it takes you to learn a lesson?

      1. Beckett is the ONLY Left Wing candidate, so who is believing in the real fairy tales? The other three are fake Socialists. And as a Unite member I can speak from first hand knowledge of dealing with them.

        Stop bullshitting people.

  5. Remember this people. If Turner wins Unite. Starmer will have the support of the three biggest unions: GMB, Unison and Unite and nothing will shift him or the direction of travel.
    They may be good or bad depending if you wish to split Labour for good.

    1. lundiel, sadly then Starmer, Evans & co, the tools of the Establishment will have unhindered ability to purge the “Left” and crush hope for a generation.


      1. Sorry singpost but you are talking nonsense here. The work of Turner as the Chair of the People’s Campaign against Austerity was crucial in promoting Corbyn as the candidate to elect for leader in 2015.
        Please watch this video of an interview of Steve Turner. Tell me when Turner isn’t critical of Starmer.
        The question to answer is who would you rather have as a General Secretary of Unite: Turner or Coyle if the reply is Coyle then carry on encouraging Beckett to stand and fight. If the reply is Turner Beckett needs to stand down and support Turner as he promised he would do if Turner won the Unite Left hustings.

    2. Lundiel Starmer, would not have Turner’s support unless he changes track. Please watch video below.
      The mayority of Unite members haven’t all t he sudden turn right wingers. We don’t know from where Beckett come from, what was he doing 10 years ago. We know from where Turner comes from, keeping the line and fighting to improve workers terms and conditions for the last 40 years.
      Please, Unite membership has spoken and Beckett needs to stand down in order to avoid Coyne becoming the next GS.

      1. yes Indeed, Maria. This interview in the Morning Star with Steve Turner does rather discredit Skwawkbox’s months long campaign to discredit him, and smear this long-time militant trades unionist as a puppet of the Right.

        It is only because that persistent troll, SteveH, supplied the actual nomination figures for the four candidates that most of us know Beckett is NOT the Left candidate likely to win, and indeed is likely to split the Left vote, and let Coyne in !

        Poor, biased, journalism by Skwawkbox.

  6. But I heard Steve speak.
    Twice and was not sure.
    Ignore the bourgeois socialists.
    I’m voting for Howard in the class war.
    Next time need a socialist grassroots activist.
    But I have bigger fish to fry.

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