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Labour loses another council as Tories and Greens collaborate to topple council leader

Labour has lost control of Lancaster City council this evening, after the Tories and the Greens entered into an unholy alliance to seize the council’s leadership and install Caroline Jackson:

For the Greens to collaborate with the enemies of the environment is a scandal – but Keir Starmer’s shame is even greater in driving Labour to such depths that the blue-green move was even possible.

Before this month’s elections, Labour did not have an outright majority but led the council in coalition.

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    1. Note well, just last week or two i posted an HAZARD warning re the Greens. Yes, ALL that leads to the crushing of Starmer and his kind eg Mandelson Bliar Hodge Straw etc is the ONLY way i see to rid us of the parasites.

      HOWEVER just as per BIDEN of whom i also posted at his replacement to Trump, EXPECT a return to more non stop invasions and wars. Alas it came even sooner than expected.

      SIMILARLY i posted about the Green Limp Dim Tory alliance in the London Assembly. Again YES, anything that puts pressure on the likes of Khan IS a good thing. To establish a Socialist government in ENGLAND is a WORK IN PROGRESS. I say England because it may be more easily achieved in Wales or Scotland.

      ANYWAY until the “Left” grasp these obvious truths that the Greens and eg Khan are not what they hope they are, then we are doomed.

      Where is the blind frenzy we saw against Trump, towards Biden. From the get go Biden endorsed the bombings of the oppressed and occupied by the oppressor and occupier.

      Thus i believe the work in progress must start with doing everything to make every parasite in Labour lose office. However we must never feel that the likes of the Greens or Limp Dims are any endpoint.

      Be ahead of the curve. As a general rule almost anything or policy endorsed or promoted by the BBC, Independent and Guardian’s political content ie political editorials, should be read with interest yes, then we must do the opposite. Choose the opposite.

      1. Another curious High Court judgement ruling that the government can continue to hide from the public, the amount of money spent on useless PPE to three curious outfits.

        Even in a state of utter legal decay, this judgement sinks to another low.

        WHY must the government, any government be allowed to keep secret the MILLIONS of public money handed to chums⁉️⁉️⁉️

      2. ALSO Biden the one whom with eyes wide shut so many thought was worth more than FOUR years without overt and FULL BOMBING of defenceless people… THAT Biden has just said he “supports a ceasefire”. Note well, quite distinct from DEMANDING a ceasefire.

        What use failing to demand what does not exist, but supporting that which he has failed to request❓❓❓

  1. I was in a coalition of Labour and libdem in Surrey.Power corrupts and our pact which I opposed from day one was a disaster with the public unable to spot the difference between Labour led council in Surrey and a Tory council.The greens are just the same and will follow the power and control and settle for a few menial chairmanships at the expense of the long term future for the greens.

    1. Yep, the Greens across Europe have a long track record of going into unscrupulous coalitions with the Right (as they have in Austria with the Far Right Chancellor and his party !) when it will secure their leading politicians with those ministerial perks. See this recent Morning Star article on the German Greens:

      The Greens are ideologically attuned to endless Austerity because of their ‘nil growth’ agenda . They think this will save the planet – but unfortunately without a socialist redistribution of wealth , ie, the expropriation of the superrich, and a planned global socialist economy , all that the Green’s superficial enthusiasm for endless Austerity does is leave the superrich to continue to squander the earth’s resources – whilst the rest of us suffer. There are deluded socialists in the various Green Parties who think the Green parties are socialist. They simply are not – their policies out of office are a disjointed rag bag of policies to appeal to every wing of the liberal middle classes – but when in office they are just career politicians – doing dodgy deals with the Right. The Greens in reality are just ‘neoliberals on bicycles’.

      Sadly, as happened in the UK before the 2015 ‘Corbyn Surge’ in Labour, the utter political bankruptcy of Starmerite Labour will seduce another wave of naive Left-wingers out of bankrupt Labour, into their ranks.

      1. See this article on the disgraceful Austrian Green Party coalition with the racist, Far Right, Peoples Party :,elections%20last%20September%2C%20while%20the%20conservatives%20won%2037%25.

        In return for some marginal Green policies , the Austrian Greens are supporting a Party implementing a whole raft of racist policies against minorities. The Austrian Peoples Party, are basically neo-Nazis in suits , pretending to be democrats.

    2. Yes joseph, anyone can see where Nick Clegg is now ensconced in the lap of BILLIONAIRES. Despite that, enough of the well meaning “Left” NEVER seem to learn.

  2. The Greens, themselves are a very strange coalition – witness their split on IHRA.

    1. That was mostly Neoliberal Tory Zionist Lucas, I am sue there are more in their ranks, goddmaned Tories!

    2. ‘strange coalition’, very true goldbach. They encompass both pro-capitalist neoliberal wings and radical anti-capitalist eco-socialists – Exactly like the opportunistic pathogens that ‘manage’ the SNP and instinctively play dirty power-politics games against (for example) Alex Salmond

  3. If ever there was a stronger argument against The Neolabour Tory Party that NO! Actually! Not any Labour Party is better than any other Party, this is it!
    Those People are NOT “Labour” They are Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories and they are so bad that the Greens went into Coalition with The Conservative Tories to GET THEM OUT!

  4. The Libdems and Greens here are doing Labour a favour.

    The MSM might not want want to admit that Starmer is de-naturing Labour – . by degrading it into something indistinguishable from pro-status-quo Tories – but the yellow/green “opportunistic” take over of Lancaster City Council happens because For-the-Many-not-the-Few-Labour and its marvellous Red-Green radicalism is no more.

    Starmer suspended Corbyn and Labour suspended socialism to embrace middle-england’s non-existent centrism and POSOKIFY itself. Another Starmer-win for the billionaires?

  5. There is were people need to think hard about GE2024 Do we want to eradicate Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tory PLP or support them in the hopes they might come to their senses! Will Biden, Macron, Blair come to their senses!? NO! Only way is to vote them out, by Voting Green/LibDem we will just end up with a situation were they will have an easier tome of taking the GE, we need to vote for their strongest opponent, to ensure taking their seat.

    1. Totally agree skellynelly. Sadly enough of the “Left” can’t seem to see that. Think of it, despite the experience of FIFTY YEARS, those who from CLOSE up have seen what you recognise STILL live in the hope that Labour with Tories controlling it is somehow a less worse option than Tories in their own party.

      It is beyond comprehension except for ATTITUDE, FOGGY mantras of pursuing some Nirvana without pursuing the basic achievable things. I agree with you, first basic achievable – VOTE OUT EVERY SINGLE PARASITE within the Labour Party to reestablish it as THE TRUE Labour Party. BUT we must have no fantasies that The Greens or Limp Dims are anything other than as joseph and jpenney point out.

      It is the only way to end the seamless flow from Tory A to Tory B and back again. It is the only way to show the parasites that they will not have our support. They cannot get away with their sabotage from 2015 – 19 to date. It is GROSSLY DISGRACEFUL and a continued betrayal for anyone to even hint that those coup organisers should get any support in anyway from us.

      Those who say we should support Starmer & co, are part of the enduring problem. They have fine words but their actions and INACTION and over decades PROTECT the Status Quo.

      1. It’s Zombified-MSMism! 🙂
        Most people are so conditioned by what their TVs and Paper says and whatever Data Alexa, Siri, Android, Cortana, etc, etc, etc, harvested 24/7 and spewed back at them in form of sales and state propaganda. Independent thinking is dead! We really could do with one Compulsory Subject on EVERY Child’s Curriculum! How to Think! Not to be mistaken with What to Think, quite the opposite!
        If we don’t we will soon lose that ability, as almost every question/argument/debate is now answered by a device in our hand and not our brain, Children need to learn the entire thing from connecting synapses to all known biases and how to avoid them by knowing them!
        Then again I guess The Elites/Establishment/Machine/1% already know this, how else will they feed us their Fake, Fluffed Up, Candid Version of History at School!
        I wonder how many Parents send their kids back to school, armed with the Facts of the Conveniently Hidden Monsters under History’s Bed!?
        Not many I guess!
        Perhaps independent thinking goes against parenting conveniences and principles also!?

  6. The socialist party despite having a good following make little impact in general elections,thats why The knight might just force our shy socialist group to form a group outside the Labour party and immediately gain a massive following of near a hundred thousand ex members and real socialists that left the Labour party many years ago under Blair.The unions might also be persuaded because theres no longer any excuse for proping up ☝ Zombie Labour party and a treacherous Zionist leader.

  7. It is normal for the Greens to ally with the right wing in Europe in “Jamaica” coalitions. They allied with the Lib Dems when Labour had a socialist leadership and radical policies, even standing down in favour of Luciana Berger.
    The are the Jekyll and Hydes of politics. They can seem nice untill they get near power.
    In Germany the US has transferred its support from the CDU to a green led coalitio seen as a more reliable ally in the new cold war.

    1. “when Labour had a socialist leadership and radical policies” Sarcasm?

  8. The so-called ‘Green Party’ is not what it seems. It has other agendas that have nothing to do with climate change eg alliance with Scots Nats. A Party of the bourgeoisie that refuses to accept the ‘class struggle’ & criticise globalisation & Blairism (too close to home). Socialism is an alien concept.for the comfortable middle classes who despise the ‘deplorables’.

  9. Don’t see why you claim the greens working with the Tories is a scandal.

    Their mask slipped during Brexit. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve long had the suspicion that they are simply LibDems with a penchant for more ecological behaviour.

    They are like any other political party. They want the average persons vote, but they don’t care about the average person in the slightest.

    @Steve Richards, you seem to have them weighed up fairly accurately

    1. And you too NVLA. The puzzle is why so many of the “Left” fail to see that? It may be due to being easily hypnotised by what the FEEL is virtuous. The irony too is that they are caught hook line and sinker by the SAME MSM propaganda they despise. Think “Carbon Credits”, Think comparative silence re the injustice to Windrush while spending MILLIONS and YEARS to overturn the EU Ref.

      Think of the pernicious injustices in the legal system right here against those without much money. Yet relative SILENCE from the Greens, Limp Dims AND our “Left” MPs.

      Similarly there are a multitude of other parties which mean well. How many times have they seen it necessary to speak to the wide general public? SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT the general public. It is as good as speaking to those with whom one already agrees + fodder for the political bubble and ammunition for the status quo.

      The details necessary for change cannot be done in little titbits. The results are clear to all willing to see.

    2. ie you too have “@Steve Richards, you seem to have them weighed up fairly accurately”.

      SUPER accurately.

    3. Never forget, there are plenty of green fascists who support eugenics along with conservation and climate change (David Attenborough).

      1. exactly lundiel. yet some keep their eyes wide and sincerely shut.

  10. So let me get this right a bunch of Green Counsellors joined with the Torys? Like WTF was told how ethical greens are this shows they are just as bad as the Torys and only care about results, not ethics.

    I did think about the green party because of their disabled policies but too many other problematic views and policies for me to sign up with them.

    This sort of BS shows I was correct.

  11. We have been out canvassing in Batley so far we have posted 12 thousand leaflets to vote anybody but labour so i do hope Labour lose that seat we have another 20 thousand more to do and by talking to the Batley people they are seriously pissed of with Starmer and his useless parasites

      1. Thanks for them kind words SteveH I did’t know you new my middle name but you are free to join us in Batley just ask for the IDIOT PLEASE

      2. ITs Brians choice who he leaflets you dummy,and anyone but Labour seems a good sensible democratic choice Steve H..erm centrist Dad..!

      3. Joseph – I never said that he wasn’t free to distribute leaflets, I simply expressed my view that he’s an idiot.

    1. Brilliant BRIAN61🔺🔺🔺

      Ps i heard an Tory this morning, think it was Ian Austin, say that the protestors were “siding with the Palestinians” or “taking one side”… approximately that. Unsurprisingly the presenter did not ask – Are you not taking a side yourself?

      Also, surely if there are two sides – Oppressed and Oppressor, Occupied and Occupier, Dispossessed and cruel heartless thieves no matter what they are named, surely one need not be a saint to side with the dispossessed, the abused (DAILY), the imprisoned and bombed, no? The presenter failed to ask that too.

      The bloodshed that the new office of BIDEN allowed is NOT a “conflict” between the Palestinians and Israeli people. The “many” people are pawns in a geopolitical decision. If there were Chileans and Spanish people there or Welsh and Romanian it would be the same. Arm and fund a minority over an majority. It is the strategy the British Establishment deployed all over the parts of the world with resources and strategic positions. Note the straight line borders on the continent of Africa, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Asia eg Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc Add to that eg Iraq, SEPARATE, inflame and exploit differences then install a minority group over a majority eg the Baath Party of Saddam, the imperialist ensured that it remained an enduring interest of the minority that they remain powerful at any cost to the majority.

      WE and our past colony are THE powers. Though a monster has been created … a Frankenstein, should we shut the tap of BILLIONS of dollars and ARMS, the overt bloodiest calamity would end almost overnight.

      The effectively defenceless Palestinians are at the mercy of people desensitised to allow the gross blatant injustice. It is obviously a crime against humanity but acres of effective silence eg the four years before this latest onslaught of bloodshed and destruction by the occupiers, made it even more possible.

      Injustices, abuse humiliation were taking place throughout the period of Trump. They were not dramatic but noise was made about names words meanings and which expert believes is the accurate description of occupation. In other words sincere people treating as priority the academic rather than the daily injustices to which every decent person everywhere could relate.

      Add to that the confrontation averse who despite conclusive evidence to the contrary believe that disagreements are better left unsaid or ambiguous… and they will disappear by some unknown magic.

      The result is that each time the occupiers decide to torture, murder and wreck some more, the myth prevails that it is a conflict between people about religion.

      The same is as per Northern Ireland. Religion the most potent of explosives are ignited to unleash the destruction that further enriches and empowers the few. That few re Palestine having been wiped off the map, includes the few in Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and other neighbouring countries who hob nob with the queen. Note the silence from her of sympathy compared to publicised messages to other places. Do the lives of the Palestinians not matter to the happy and glorious queen?

      These are only my thoughts of someone born yesterday … after older people decided that Palestine does NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST.

      1. I also notice that silly old George Galloway is standing. He lost my resect with his adoption of social conservatism but he should be able to take enough votes to ensure NuLabour doesn’t win.

    1. Puke? I nearly choked on my cuppa cos I laughed so hard.

      Boris is now a bag of custard from now on.

      Isn’t it a pity Boris can’t fuck women unlike everything else he is involved with?

    1. The turd signed up to the IHRA and cant say anything bad about the Israelis or he will be classed as a A/S unlike JC who was on the front line giving speeches against Israel Starmer has no morals

    2. Excellent article lundiel, the up-shot of which will persuade most Labour members that Sir Keir’s statements and actions are very deliberate and atrociously one-sided.

      The article reminds me of all the reasons why t I am not Charlie Hebdo, and that the Hebdo episode was reduce by the CIA (or others on the far-right) to a battle in their culture war.

      1. To realise how large the schism is between Sir Keir and most members consider the fact that “BRITISH trade unions expressed solidarity with Palestinians staging a historic general strike today, which saw shops shut across Gaza, the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Israel”, as reported in the people’s press Morning Star.

        Sir Keir’s billionaire sympathies amount to more than economics.

  12. Somthing of poetic justice for the medieval knight that Lancaster the centre of one of the most horrific witchunts in England of the 1600s.Should reject the knight and his misfits after one the most cruel and disgusting witchunts of a political party in modern times.,the AS scam that could be likened to the Sink or swim either way the victims were dammed by a witchfinder Court of no return the undemocratic Labour party under the medieval knight.

    1. Joseph – Using a process that was put in place by Labour’s previous administration. At the beginning of 2019 Jennie was openly boasting about how much more ‘efficient’ she’d made the process of expelling people

      1. Stevie H So you admit that its been a Witchunt against innocent members and that AS scam was a pack of lies from start till it finishes along with the Labour party.I remember the farce under Corbyn,but this nasty piece of work the knight has used it to dismantle the heart and soul of the democratic socialist Labour party for a shop soiled imitation that shames everyone including you Steve Hall centrist Dad.

      2. Joseph – Where did I say that. I don’t claim to have an insight into the veracity of the various claims and counter claims. I don’t know any members personally who have been expelled for anti-Semitism or anything else..
        Have you read this article by Barry Gardner “here’s a message of solidarity to my parliamentary comrades: shut the fuck up!

  13. I read the article.
    Gardner made one typographical error that wasn’t spotted.
    He wrote, in relation to “in fighting” a comment about the left attacking Starmer when he, clearly, meant to refer to Starmer attacking the left.

  14. goldbach – In the context of Barry’s article you are obviously part of the problem. But I suspect you already knew that.

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