‘Centrist’ hack claims ‘Kill the Bill’ is about ‘murdering police’ to attack left Labour MP

Rentoul plumbs new depths and suggests that wherever his head has been the last few months, the sun hasn’t been shining

‘Centrist’ pro-Starmer hack John Rentoul has plumbed new depths – and ‘that’s saying summat’, as a Yorkshireman might put it.

Yorkshire left Labour MP Jon Trickett published a list of ways that Labour could appeal to voters – as opposed to Keir Starmer’s disastrous lack of opposition – in the wake of a disastrous by-election and unfolding local election results. There’s not much for anyone with brain cells to argue with – Trickett simply listed all the areas the Tories have failed, abused or even killed people:

But Rentoul took exception to this simple message – and apparently couldn’t think of anything better to attack than Trickett’s use of the ‘Kill the Bill’ protest slogan. The hack decided that it is about ‘murdering police officers’:

As even idiots must be aware after prolonged and high-profile protests, ‘Kill the Bill’ refers to the Tories’ racist and anti-democratic ‘Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill‘, which aims to criminalise protests as well as the whole way of life of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) people, by classifying them as a public nuisance punishable by ten years in prison.

Surely only the wilfully idiotic or someone who has spent most of this year with their head firmly inserted where the sun don’t shine – perhaps the nether regions of a certain Labour non-leader – could think it means murdering police officers.

Yet John Rentoul went there. Desperation is the mother of strange decisions.

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  1. Skwawky, you appear to be attached to this ‘Centrist’ term. Rentoul is by no means in the centre, he is a right wing Blairite wrecker.

    1. Absolutely Agree Jack if ever there was such a thing as a “Centrist” it would Democratic Socialists and indeed the same for “Liberal” from Neoliberalism.
      My belief is that Thatcher/Reagan revived Neoliberalism to confuse. We know Neoliberalism is Conservativism sugar-coated with lies/pretence. Their confusing term, like Centrism, could apply to Centre Left and Right. Exactly what they wanted hence apart from a few Eloquence and Other Minor Differences The USA have Two Equally Evil Neoliberal Right Wing Conservative Parties. Te People have NO CHOICE
      That is were Thatcher’s Boy Blair armed with “Centrism” came in, but he could not quite push the agenda on a then mainly “Socialist”ish Nation as well as Clinton could a nation petrified of the big bad C and the big bad S.
      So the Spin Meisters Blair/Campbell/Mandelson decided that if you can’t make the mountain….. So Blair sold his Soul to Murdoch and they created The People of The Sun and Campbell/Mandelson The People of The Sun in Lambskin/The Guardian and others, Spin by Spin they dragged Centre Left Socialistish Voters all the way to the very spot where Thatcher sat! These “Centrists”, but now actually Tories, then saw Jeremy Corbyn and the Democratic Socialists as Far Left, from their new MSM created perspective.

      Now we have Two Parties:
      The Ever Stubborn Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party = 5/10% PLP FOR The PEOPLE!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories = 90/95% PLP FOR Themselves and The Establishment! PURE TORY!

      Even during Jeremy’s Leadership it was:
      Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party = 20% PLP
      Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories = 80% PLP
      No wonder they Connived and Sabotaged GE2017 and GE2019 from tight under our noses!

  2. It’s the same with the bill to protect soldiers from prosecution. If you oppose it, you hate the army rather than actually opposing the decriminalising of torture and execution.

  3. ..the decriminalising of torture and execution.”
    Plus, incidentally, turning every soldier into an accomplice and legitimising their targetting. It is not Trickett but Rentoul who is setting up soldiers for killers.

  4. Recently, I was given to exasperation when a colleague assumed much the same, but Rentoul is a serving MP, a serving Labour MP. What an absolute tool!

    What on earth does he think he’s there to do?

    1. Rentoul is what passes for the chief political correspondent at the Independent Martin.

      1. Thank you, John. Politely corrected. Thank christ I’m not a serving MP.
        I hope the point still stands, shame I can’t go back and amend.

    2. John Rentoul is a columnist for The Independent! He has never been an MP!

  5. TBH I am very surprised that it took them this long!
    I remember thinking ‘ugh! gods and fairies the bastard MSM and that slogan, they will rip the life out of it’! I wonder what took them so long, I say it again, since 2015 Britain may no longer laugh at/call Americans stupid! We just stay quiet, our people dove beyond the abyss of International stupidity!

  6. Och, look – Rentoul is in a premature dotage. He’s regressed, to dribbling over his Twitter account.

    Let’s show some compassion, for the wee man.

  7. Perhaps someone should tell Rentoul, no one has ever been flogged by the parliamentery whip

    1. Looks very much like Luntzspeak to me. Exactly the same Characteristics and Purpose!

      1. Frank Luntz who wrote the ‘Zionist bible of myths and answers’ and is often the BBC ‘go to man’ for political punditry.

      2. Yup Jack, the infamous “Global Language Dictionary” which I dubbed Luntzspeak seems appropriate for our ‘1984’ times.
        He was also the man who landed the never before heard of David Cameron into the “Hot Seat” and was Oxford Contemporary of Johnson and Gove!

  8. And just so he (John Rentoul) knows, “#Kill the Kier Leadership” would not be about murdering hardly-elected Labour leaders – just ‘suspending’ one of them, and a particularly bad and divisive one at that.

    Sir Keir Rodney Starmer should take his Henry Jackson Society and his trilateral billionaires and his likud-supporting multi-millionaires bckers and please join the Conservative party. Please.

  9. Yes, of course Rentoul believed that John Trickett posted a list of alternative measures on twitter including a 15% rise for nurses and a halt to the selling off of the NHS AND also included a call to all left-wingers to murder police officers. Yes, of course you did John, and obviously you contacted the police immediately to notify them, yes?!

  10. So a stooge hack for the cult of new Labour 2.0 takes exception to good advice coming from a socialist. I really have to ask how these people on the right-wing can claim they are Labour supporters Too?

    No, you can’t be Tory-lite Labour you either believe in socialism (Labour) believe in the centre (Lib Dem) or the Left (Labour) this I am Ather and Martha as they used to say is what this cult of new Labour 2.0 really is! It’s a hot mess that the people of this country have rejected already!

    Just rehashing it won’t get anywhere yet these fools continue to peddle BS then wonder why know one believes them or will vote for them..

  11. Just an aside. 🙂 46 mugs voted for Jayda Frantsen, in her bid to unseat Nicola Sturgeon from her Glasgow Southside Seat.

    Shocked and stunned that she got so many.

  12. Appalling rubbish on the news. If Labour want to win anything again they need to stop attacking Corbyn and explain what they’re going to do to make people’s lives better. Unbelievable arrogance from the likes of Mandleson.

  13. The thing is the vast majority of Members left and we did not vanish as they wished, we are fighting from the outside in and they can not touch us, they hate that! Starmer and his Starmerstruppen created a culture of Fear Him the architect of Julian Assanges’ Arrest the numerous threats of 10 year prison sentences, Racist Remarks about BLM, Racist Alliance with Apartheid Zionist Israel, Racist Ignorance of Severe Black, Muslim, etc Racism in Labour, numerous threats at membership, etc. Simply put he is a Tory, as far as I am concerned a far more Dangerous Tory than Bojo the inbred Oger!
    “If Labour want to win anything again they need to”rid the Party of every single Conniving, Lying, Sabotaging etc Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory Parasite, so that we can start again with a Small Party For THE PEOPLE a Massive Rejuvenated Membership, renewed with hope, Decontaminated Unions and CLPs, Counsellors and Candidates for EVERY Seat working our butts of in our communities harder than the useless Con Tory MP, like Laura P and Laura S they can be the model of how it should be done. I don’t think they’ll stop even if the lose their status’ today.

      1. Yes, absolutely Brilliant that was, Jack, The 3 Colonial Supremacist Stooges UK, USA and Israel are so deeply embroiled in their own Propaganda and Mightier than Though Bravado. Looking for War with Russia, China, France, Iran and every bugger in between. That they themselves have not yet realised that they are not quite the supreme Trio that they used to be! They protect Terrorists in ME and Bomb Civilians like no other terrorists ever did before! Lock up Innocent Journalists!
        UK has 9/10 Poorest areas in Northern Europe and 1 and not just 1, but THE Number 1 Richest Area in Northern Europe! So that woman would see the President of “backward” Azerbaijan as below her in Supremacy terms, but as he displayed he is so much her superior that it’s not even funny, well it is really!
        The world is connected now, but the 3 Stooges remained stuck in the dark ages! Russia, China and Iran realised some time ago that they are as powerful if not more powerful!
        That REALLY is one of the most important reasons why we so desperately needed a Democratic Socialist Government, to remove our Stooge status and start creating Peace and good working and rebuilding relationships with The ME, Iran, Russia and China, I am petrified every time Bojo the Inbred sends another Ship out to face them or the DamBuster Squadron to bomb Syria/Iraq, for what possible reason!? Daesh are retreating, Syria is having their first GE in years, so what possible reasons are there!? Absolutely Maddening and Frightening!
        How did it become so free and easy to just fly into another nation and bomb the shit out of their civilians, The 3 Stooges make Hitler and Mussolini Blush!
        They will be stopped, I worry about how and where they will be stopped! I remember as a child reading WW1 & WW2, thinking to myself thank goodness that is done and dusted, at least we won’t see any of that in my lifetime and beyond, we learnt from that we will be peaceful beings now DUHH!!! I was a bit Hippyish at that time 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. ………….& the 4th Estate? Richard Sharp (not Sean Bean), ex- Goldman Sachs, ex-J.P.Morgan donated £400k to the Tory Party to ensure his position as Chairman of the BBC. The BBC still claims to be free; fair & independent as they continually defend the indefensible providing the cement that holds Neo-Liberal Fascism together.;

  14. Expect nothing better from the media. Chomsky’s Propaganda Model is as valid as ever. We will never have free circulation of evidence-based journalism while the system is in hock to the rich, and it will be so long as they exist. Objective reporting, the moral duty to get the facts to people, requires equality. Ditch the rich, respect the rest.

  15. The BBC is a major part of the solution on so many levels, in the right hands
    If it didn’t exist someone would invent it

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