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Bath and Bristol Community becomes first branch to nominate Beckett for Unite

‘And we’re off’ – nomination suggests opponents’ smears have failed to land

On the first day of the nominations process, Unite general secretary candidate Howard Beckett has already received his first branch nomination in the contest to succeed Len McCluskey at the head of the union – and it’s a particularly significant one.

Beckett has been nominated by Bath and Bristol Unite Community branch, with the branch thanked publicly by the candidate minutes ago on social media:

The nomination has particular resonance because Beckett’s opponents had been spreading a smear that he planned to disband Community, Unite’ unique section that gives unwaged people the opportunity to join – an outright lie, as Beckett helped set up Community and was already talking long before the campaign began about his plans to expand it and build it up.

Beckett also debunked the smear live on Socialist Telly in a landmark, no-holds-barred interview last week – and in a specially recorded video for Skwawkbox:

With Beckett’s first nomination coming from a big Community branch, it seems the smear by his opponents has failed to land – and, unsurprisingly, that Community members were always too smart to fall for it.

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  1. Good on the comrades in the southwest. I really hope this gentleman wins.

    We need a strong socialist to get behind that might kick up a stink with this cult of new Labour 2.0 that has taken over Labour. There BS needs exposing and calling out ,with a strong socialist as this gent incharge of Unite we might finally get that!!!

    1. Absolutely !!

      I’ve done my history search on HB. Yes, he may have money but so did Tony Benn. JC is asset rich. All were/ are solid signposts and never sold their morals to the capitalist money grubbing elites. All held their ground and stood shoulder to shoulder for the waged AND unwaged.

      Keep going HB, keep holding those to account and those who are incompetent empty vessels (KS) . You get my vote.

      1. The message the people attacking Howard Beckett are sending is that in 2021, No “Working Class” individual will go to Uni, Make a Success of themself, buy their own property or any others as investment, so that only “Upper Classes” can scoop those up for a song and rent out crookedly and unfairly to “The Working Class” and “Working Class”/Socialist will be rigorously checked for any Contraband Finances, Further Education, Business Ownership and Property Ownership because of course we Socialists in 2021 must still live in the Middle Ages and all be Paupers, work in Sweatshops, etc, etc, etc!
        WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE they are Fundamentalist Communists/Socialists, that is not going to work!
        We need a gradual transition over many years and for that we need our Democratic Socialist stepping stone from there we move with modern times not go back to the day and age of Marx and Engels!
        I bet most of the people who write for the Communist Blogs/Publications who attacked Jeremy, is Attacking Howard, are living at home with mum and dad in the gated estate on the hill with a view, all in University and will all get the key’s to their own property on graduation from mummy/daddy!
        Howard’s Parents had to work and save very hard to get him to Uni!
        We need to recognise the failures of Communism throughout the years not Incubate them!

    1. Mmmm! Cheap Shots and Cheap Tricks don’t phase me, Dearest.
      What seems to be your bother, Oh wisest of all “Communist Comrades”!?

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