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Beckett unveils workers’ rights package – showing importance of action both in and outside Parliament

13-point manifesto for workers published

Unite general secretary candidate Howard Beckett has published his 13-point manifesto for workers’ rights, ranging from a shorter working week to overturning the Tories’ repressive anti-union laws.

Beckett announced the launch in a tweet outlining ten of his pledges, but the full list of thirteen measures on pay, worker protections, collective action and legislation can be seen in a campaign graphic:

The list underlines Beckett’s status as the only candidate intending to use the union’s resources for both workplace/industrial action and parliamentary influence – and illustrates why it’s so important to maintain and increase both.

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    I hope that Howard has made arrangement to securely observe, and some “Forensic” Tech Guys who can detect and dodgy moves by Civica Election Services (CES), votes and counting, no good us seeing a blatantly and obvious far more popular candidate lose to the blatantly obvious least popular candidate as though by magic!

    FOR Civica Election Services (CES)
    See Reddit Meme and Post! ALL one big dodgy Toryfied Org, Check them out on Company House BETA! Get’s a bit Rabbit Holey with Micro Org in Micro Org in Micro Org in Micro Org in Micro Org!

    1. Thank You StevieH for reminding me how similar & united in purpose & ideologies MSM is on both sides of the Atlantic. How ‘the deplorables’ are despised, represented & marginalised (even in adverts) by the ‘Woke Culture’ of the elites who must always shine their liberal credentials & wear them on their sleeve.
      From Fox News; CNN, BBC, Sky TV to the Washington Post & the Guardian, all journalists have the same message, only with different faces. The ‘One Party State’ who serve the same masters; Corporate Media serving Corporate Business. Diversity of opinion is the not allowed… platform. Starmer & Biden are well protected from challengers like Jeremy Corbyn & Bernie Sanders as the State of Israel continues its ethnic cleansing of Palestine, safe in the knowledge that any dissenting voice will be ridiculed & cauterised. .

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