Video: “Right now I can’t even say to black people, ‘come and join the Labour party'”

Labour Black Socialists interview’s damning conclusion over the failure of Starmer’s Labour to represent the interests of people of colour

Shaka Anderson told the programme that he thought Labour might come after him for his comments but was still ignoring his complaint about racism

The Labour party’s failure to represent the interests of black people is so severe that black Labour activist Shaka Anderson told Labour Black Socialists not only that he wouldn’t feel he could stand for election on a Labour ticket – but also that he couldn’t even tell black people to join the party.

The damning interview was streamed last night on Socialist Telly. Watch the whole programme on YouTube below – and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to make sure you see the channel’s new output:

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  1. How can it be safe for a Socialist of any race to join the Labour Party when there is a bunch of racists at the top running it?

    1. “……..a bunch of racists at the top running it?”
      “……..a bunch of *anti-socialist, anti-leftist* racists at the top running it?”
      I hope you approve of my addition 🙂

    2. Yes absolutely Jack, but it’s more than that. Let’s not just make this a private celebration (a rejoicing) of Sir Keir Starmer’s inadvertent racism That would just be a bunch of democratic socialists meeting in an echo chamber and having a bit of a simcha, a private celebration of the absolute moral decrepitude of KeirStarmer and his resultant rottenness.

      Let’s instead rise above that instinct and see the real issue for what it is.

      It’s about us and our party. Top-Down versus Bottom-Up. A ‘corbyn project’ movement of a ‘Many’ coming together and imposing the rudiments of a democratic organisation so they can work together, collaborate and achieve their objectives or a Top-Down hierarchy, where the party leaders and managers give us our opinions after they consult the Oracle of trilateral billionaires and subject their forensic analysis to a forest of focus groups and then, onc e a General Election is called, triangulate themselves into Downing Street.

      So, when a black socialist activist tells us that he can’t conscientiously stand on a Labour ticket and that he can’t even ask family and friends to vote Labour is this just because Keir Rodney Starmer and cohorts are inadvertently racist and fail to promote black interests and equality, or might it be because the very nature of a Top-Down Labour party is wrong and destructive? It denies itself the promise of participative activism and will never be a movement of the Many.

      New party anyone?

      1. Qwertboi. I agree, but their racism is not inadvertant, it’s deliberate and planned.

      2. Oooop: Lesson – NEVER try to use html code when you write a post quicky. sorry for out of control bolding.

      3. This party is in it’s death throw. Soon we shall have the rictus grin of a corpse pleading for your Labour (sic) and your money. There can only be socialists of all types. Am I a mixed race, elderly disabled socialist? No I am a socialist, it’s all embracing fact. Either or. Fucking hell; socialist lawyers, socialist teachers, socialist soldiers? Someone tell me what is going on. The party is over. We are in a totalitarian state and no one cares. Am I going to wait for a Labour socialist government but in the mean time I have to phone my doctor for a home visit. I’ll take whichever materialises soonest. In the mean time comrades let’s try and build some hope and for that we shall need to be resistant and single minded. It’s a struggle isn’t it. Regards ☮️

      4. We are currently The Peterloo, Cable Street, Suffragettes, etc, etc, etc, of our time.
        Let’s imagine their particles are floating about and watching us!
        What they must think!
        What The Fuck Must They Think!
        I feel pretty much pathetic right now, how about the rest of you!

      5. Or a well organised UK Labour Party Voters’ Coup [let’s get in their gutter for a bit!], to vote EVERY Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORY OUT and EVERY UK Labour Party MP/Candidate IN!
        Taking into consideration the many Exiled Independents who will be warmly welcomed back to their Home The UK Labour Party once ALL The Neolabour TORY Parasites are voted out by us OR at least the Majority making them no more then 30/20%, we will soon detect and boot them when they try on their shenanigans!
        We will be a smaller Party, but with already established and Largest Membership, BECKETT Union Support, Networks and Candidates rearing to go at the following GE.
        Our Smaller Fully Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party of even the smallest number will be the one and only voice for The People in The House of Commons, and what a voice that will be! Like thunder through the halls!
        I used to be the first to advocate a new Party, but considering the Deep Roots that UK Labour already has, we just need to tend to the stump, of our Party. Which The Neolabour Tories Chopped off, with blunt Axes, to replace it with an ice cold steel block! Before you know it The UK Labour Party will be Towering over the Squirming Neolabour Party Tories in their Ice Cold Steel Block, in our Giant Shadow! The Neolabour Tories will be a mere memory, a Mistake in the Evolution of The UK Labour Party, a Parasite infection and we found the Cure.
        But it is in our hands and we have to work together and accept the pain and suffering which would probably be no different to the pain and suffering that the Neolabour Party Tories will inflict on the People, many will argue the opposite, but worshipping a Neoliberal Corporate Brand “Labour”,on an Ice Cold Steel Block, will only give you “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!”

    3. Let me stop you your quote can be shortened to >>The Labour party’s failure to represent the interests of ANYONE.

      Who is not a cultist member of the new Labour 2.0 Tory-lite right-wing and join the party?

      FFS why should anyone be a member I left when he becomes the grand leader you could see that the Labour party of socialism was finished.

      Socialism has no place in the Labour party currently and probably never again! The faster you realise that and either split or start a true socialist only party the better. This stay and fight is wasting your talent and time for nothing.

      1. One thing is for sure DisabledGrandad there is no -lite of ANY KIND in Thatcher’s Neoliberalism.
        The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party are as Pure Tory as the “Lady” Herself.
        Any counterargument is instantly crushed and ended with “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!” As we are all aware that is not the only lead balloon in their Party Pack!

  2. HEAR! HEAR!
    How can we possibly expect black people or any other minorities to be even remotely interested in “The Labour Party” when for 5 years all we heard was Antisemitism 24/7, Non Stop and Sudden Silence when Corbyn steps down!? Was that Ant-Corbynism or Antisemitism!?
    AND we see Diane receiving REAL Racism, of the worst kind and MORE ABUSE than all other MPs put together, we see our Black, Muslim, Traveller, Asian, Arab, etc MPs and Members suffering abuse daily and The Labour Party still haven’t dealt with ANY OF IT!
    The EHRC is COMPLETELY blanking it ‘I wonder why’!
    The Labour Party under the Occupation of The Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories is a White Nationalist Party PRETENDING to be “Left Leaning” “Socialists”,(isn’t that what the Nationalist Socialists did in Germany)!?
    Whatever The Neolabour Party Tories are it is not Left and it is not Socialist, but it is indeed full of White Racists Inside and Outside!

    1. Bravo! Some people must choose to miss your essential points. Well done Skelly. ☮️

      1. Your Compliment is greatly appreciated and I Thank You AlexanderScottish! ☮️
        One day THE PEOPLE shall Govern!

  3. Its not a race issue,but its become more of a problem for recommending that the working-class vote Labour when your former party has been infiltrated top to bottom feeders.

    1. It is a Race issue, because our former party has been infiltrated top to bottom feeders. Britain has a profound Race issue and now that we are being confronted about it we are on the defensive and feel victimised. It is Empathy, The Human Race is loosing Empathy, is it over exposure to hate, crime, killing, etc, etc, that is making immune to the reality of that being fellow humans,not just pictures?

      1. There is a fiction which lies at the heart of any conversation in the left and that is we are always out manoeuvred by the right and
        a group calling itself centrist. Maybe they are the party. Monolithic red taper, staunch haters of the left, racists of a new order, boot-lickers and media darlings, second and third rate Court jesters, are they some of these Centrists? What on earth are r/w then? Lastly, why did they join a party that used to have clause 4, printed on the back of it’s card Ok that happened years ago. I’ve heard Labour talking heads, chortling away with a scribbler or TV mouthpiece or rolling their eyes in unison, (sic), whenever something or someone else’s alternative ideas are mentioned. The Left complain about a hostile media, however it was ever the. Yes Redhands did a deal with the devil, and yes, there were wins but now we are busted. How can a Socialist say, hand on heart, that we will save the working class through having a huge slate of socialism on the benches. Loyal members have seen the rug pulled from beneath them or it’s corners turned up to brush the dirt under. This country is falling apart. There were huge demos this w/e and their was a no show from the brown-noses. They were there but they were behind the lines waiting for tip offs about burnin n looting tonight. Skwakies and Steve I wish you well. I shall see you all at the great lock-in in the sky. I always keep a packed bag handy because we don’t know where we’ll be sent for the next lock-in. Volunteers only and you will receive a yellow jacket. I’m wheeling off, getting ready for my last picket. Regards ☮️

      2. Alexander, are you okay, I am a bit concerned about that message, you seem pretty certain of your end approaching today! What is up!? Will you let us know you’re okay and I am being too literal, Please?

  4. Keir Starmer said he supports Zionism “without qualification”. Now that both human rights organisations B’Tselem and Human Rights Watch have joined the UN Commission for West Asia the ESCWA in a report by Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley condemning Israel for the crime of Apartheid, does that not make Starmer a supporter of Apartheid?

    1. Follow the link if you want to read the full report.

      A major new report by Human Rights Watch has concluded that Israel is presiding over a system of apartheid in the Palestinian Territories which amount to “crimes against humanity”.
      The controversial 213-page document, produced over two years and titled A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution, accuses Israel of methodically privileging Jewish Israelis and oppressing Palestinians, often with inhuman acts and violence.

      1. And under the IHRA guidelines and examples, it is impossible to post that link without risking suspension or expulsion from the Labour Party. Keir has essentially made it obligatory to be “Zionist”-a term which is now completely indistinguishable from being a Likudnik or pro-West Bank Settler.

        Time to admit the AS Smear was never justified and needs to be brought to an end, SteveH. It was NEVER about opposing anti-Jewish bigotry-something every single person on the Left has always opposed, including Corbyn, as even you would have to concede.

        All it was ever about was making Labour into a party where no Corbyn supporters were allowed, and therefore no vestiges of socialism are allowed.

        That’s also the only possible explanation for Starmer’s insistence on abolishing internal party democracy and making Labour an organisation in which all power is top-down, even though a top-down party can never be genuinely socialist in any sense.

        And all of this has Labour now ELEVEN points behind the Tories in a situation where an opposition party facing a government dominated by this level of incompetence and arrogance and corruption should be able to count on having a massive lead in the polls.

      2. kenburch – “And under the IHRA guidelines and examples, it is impossible to post that link without risking suspension or expulsion from the Labour Party”

        Really??? Would it also be ‘risky’ for me to say Benjamin Netanyahu is a odious individual who is a stain on international peace or for me to say that the actions of the Israeli government go against several UN resolutions and are inhumane, unjust and completely and utterly despicable’.

      3. Thank you for the link. You’re not going through a Damascene change, are you Mr H? ☮️ Has the thought of Priti and Max Headroom dancing the tango to”Ode to Joy,” while Gaza and Syria are bombed, too much. Remember “Bad finger,”? Come and join us and keep us company.” Pip, Pip.

      1. Jack T, you can’t possibly mean Potty mouth, Stiletto and Potato head, surely?

  5. “………..until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, everywhere is war” Bob Marley. If you identify yourself as a skin colour you are the problem. See me see my colour is racism, but now Beyonce et al promote their skin colour as superior; makes KKK right..

    1. I dream of a world completely void of labels, any label on a person belongs in two places only, Your GP Office and Authorities Identification records, behind closed doors.We are all one thing Humans, we should respect one another Equally regardless of Gender, Race, Age, or any other label we have slapped on each other through the ages! Just Human!
      If anyone has never watched this, it is just simply the most important Documentary ever made! I find myself coming back to it regularly when I feel all hope is lost, it reconnects me makes me dream how wonderful life will be with No Borders, No Capital, No Wars, No Militaries, Just Humans coexisting, moving freely and always welcomed as an Equal a Brother/Sister!

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